The motor for an electric screwdriver

One of the most necessary and popular home electric tools is an electric screwdriver. It is a reliable, compact and practical unit with which you can drill holes in different materials, as well as to screw in or out screws, self-tapping screws. In today’s busy life, the engine of an electric screwdriver is subjected to considerable loads, and therefore the first risk of failure, and at the most inopportune moment.

Breakage occurs regardless of the manufacturer of the tool, its price or model. Technique tends to wear out, so should closely monitor the state of the equipment and identify the motor failure of an electric screwdriver in time. You can quickly replace a damaged part and continue working without breaking the schedule for a long time.

What you can do with your own hands from an electric screwdriver

The entire range of screwdrivers is divided into models mains and cordless. Both the first and the second type of products operates with electrical energy. This is what makes the motor rotate. Only the electric motor itself in network devices is designed for an AC voltage of 220 V. And for battery-powered appliances, it is a DC voltage of varying magnitudes. Say, for example, 12 V, 14.4 V.

These design features, as well as technical characteristics are important. It depends on them, what you can assemble homemade with an electric screwdriver. All household appliances and power tools work on electricity. The work is performed by electric motors of different design and power. They are powered by alternating or direct current.

And because it is quite realistic on the basis of an electric screwdriver or from some of its parts with their own hands to collect such technical devices:

IMPORTANT! If the percussion type model is powerful, you can make a rammer for concrete from it, using a special attachment. To implement each option, you need time. It will be different. And you also need to be prepared for the additional costs. By the way, they are insignificant. In some cases there will be no costs at all.

Making a motor from an electric screwdriver

Good homemade motors for boats are obtained on the basis of cordless screwdrivers. Optimal looks the use of the device, which has a battery voltage of 12V. To such an electric motor it will be possible to connect a car battery with a capacity of 45-55 Ah. The improvement will consist of several steps.

Lifting mechanism

The propeller of an electric motor for a boat, made by your own hands, must move not only in the horizontal plane, but have a certain immersion limit and lift completely out of the water. The simplest design will be a system of clamps, to which the engine is mounted. It is rigidly attached to the transom with a steel frame and plate. Clamps are equipped with rings, through which the tube will pass. A steel wire or rod shaft will run inside. Suitably dimensioned bearings are pressed inside the tube to ensure easy sliding.

Gearbox and propeller

The electric screwdriver is capable of developing high revolutions, which is required for drilling. Homemade electric motor for the boat does not need such high revolutions, so a reducer is installed to reduce them. The most suitable option is to connect the gearbox from an angle grinder. In the chuck of an electric screwdriver, it is enough to clamp the top of the shaft to ensure a secure connection.

DIY Powerful Electric screwdriver | N20 Gear Motor

The propeller can be a propeller from a car pump or computer cooler. But such an electric motor, made by your own hands, can not provide the necessary speed to the boat. You can make the propeller from a piece of stainless steel 2.5-3.0 mm thick.

  • To begin with, you need to cut a square billet 30×30 cm in size.
  • In the center, mark out a square with a side length of 5 cm. Draw diagonal lines through the corners. This will be followed by a kerf to the small square.
  • Each petal should be rounded off and rotated along its axis by 30 degrees.
  • In the central part there is a hole for attaching it to the gearbox.
  • It remains to connect everything securely and test the resulting boat motor with your own hands.

How to make a boat motor from an electric screwdriver

The motor is based on the gearbox from a broken angle grinder. It must be removed and lightened by cutting off the excess part of the cast body. The impeller is cut off from the motor’s anchor. Then you need to dismantle its core with a winding, leaving only the shaft.

The armature shaft is extended with a rod of the same diameter. It is important to weld them as evenly as possible. The length of the long shaft must be long enough to comfortably reach the electric screwdriver clamped on it after submerging the gearbox under water sitting on the boat.

Then using the pipe you make a cowl 3-5 cm shorter than the shaft. A washer and eyelets are welded to it from one side. The bearing is pressed on the other side and the end face is welded with an ordinary washer of suitable diameter.

Screw the shaft with the guard to the gearbox. Then a feather is cut from sheet steel. It is welded to the casing behind the gearbox.

Next, you need to take a pipe of a larger diameter than that used for the housing and cut off a piece of 20-25 cm from it. It is put on the shell.

Then a mount is made for the electric screwdriver. It is necessary to cut the ring from a pipe of a little less diameter than its body behind the chuck. It is cut and eyes are welded on the edges to create a clamp that can be tightened with a bolt and nut. Two bars are bent out of the strip and welded to the clamp and to the shell. The resulting mount allows you to fix the electric screwdriver with a shaft clamped in the chuck.

To attach the motor to the boat, the inner part from the box rail must be welded to the tube sliding on the shroud. The second part of it is screwed to the plank. Subsequently, the board will be attached to the boat.

To prevent the tube with the boat mount from slipping, you need to make stoppers for it. It is aligned, and a wire is welded to the plank on both sides.

Then it remains to make a propeller from sheet steel and paint the entire structure. After it dries, the board with the rail is screwed to the boat, and the motor itself with an electric screwdriver is mounted on it.

Making the mount and installing it on the boat

To install a homemade motor on the inflatable boat, you will have to make a special mount. The following option is possible: a ring is used, to which the belt is attached. To connect the product to the transom it is acceptable to use an old unnecessary meat grinder. To do this, the bottom part is cut out in it, and a hole, 12 mm in diameter, is drilled in the transverse plane. You will also need a stud with a diameter of 12 mm and a length of 100 mm. Flatten one side and drill a hole with a diameter of 6 mm. An M6 bolt is inserted into this hole, and then the lug of the weed whacker is secured to this bolt with a nut.

A self-made device is installed on the watercraft in this order:

motor, electric, screwdriver, make
  • The boat is attached to the transom of the boat with the help of a stud and a nut.
  • After that, the motor is mounted and fixed with the appropriate connection. Then check how the motor turns to one side and to the other.

Anglers are the kind of people who are always inventing something. Many fishermen just like this process, and other fishermen just do it, because they do not have extra money to buy a new boat motor. There is another category of people who can buy both a boat and a boat motor at once.

motor, electric, screwdriver, make

The installation of a home-made motor is not an easy procedure that requires certain skills, and to make such a fairly simple device can not everyone. First, you need to have a desire, and secondly, there must be conditions for making it. In addition, it should be remembered that everything should be done firmly and reliably, as the water does not forgive mistakes. If the cylinders are damaged, the result of fishing can be unpredictable. Count on long transitions on reservoirs should not be counted on, since the homemade design. not entirely reliable design. Despite this, a homemade boat motor is able to greatly facilitate the life of the fisherman.

Electric screwdriver motor what can be done

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Let’s talk about the main components of the tool.

Without a doubt, the most necessary, popular and often used tool in everyday life is an electric screwdriver. This is a very reliable, but at the same time convenient and not a big tool, thanks to which you will perform a number of household works. For example, unscrewing or screwing screws, self-drilling screws and drilling small holes. That is why we often use an electric screwdriver in our daily lives, and because of our intensive use we subject the tool to considerably high loads, the main load being on the motor. It is the motor of an electric screwdriver 18V suffers most in terms of active use of it, so the risk of failure is the first, and, of course, this will happen at the most inopportune moment. And break down the motor of a cordless electric screwdriver risks in any model, regardless of its price. You must understand that any technique can wear out, so you need to monitor its condition and in time to replace the HRS-550 electric screwdriver motor that fails.

There are several causes of electric screwdriver motor failure:

  • Engine brushes. It’s easy to check whether the brushes are out of order. To do this, you need to disconnect it using the button and connect a multimeter to its wires. An indication that the brushes are worn out will be a lack of low resistance. So the brushes of the electric screwdriver just need to be changed. To do this, let’s separate the back cover of the motor from the electric screwdriver body. There are models where you can easily replace the brushes without disassembling the motor.
  • Anchor. If during the work of an electric screwdriver you began to pay attention to an extraneous whistling or squeaking, this means that the motor armature bushings are worn out. It is possible to add a little more life and life to the HRS-550 Cordless Electric Screwdriver motor by putting a drop of oil on the bushings and turning the motor on. But remember, this is not for a long time, and the motor still has to be replaced.
  • Physical damage or problems with the sprocket. In the first case a complete replacement, in the second you can remove and replace only one gear.

Buy a motor with a gear or change it by yourself?

when buying a motor for an electric screwdriver to decide for yourself to take it already with a gear or buy without it, and reposition from an old. Of course this way you can save some money, but you should understand that removing the gear with an electric screwdriver is quite difficult, which is done without a special puller is almost unrealistic. So you have a choice, and how to dispose of them can only decide you, from our side we sell and with a finished gear and without it.

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❗ Unfortunately, it is not possible to select the motor for an electric screwdriver by brand/model in the case of a Chinese tool. For this you will need to disassemble the electric screwdriver to measure all the dimensions of the motor and already with their help pick up. Read more in the video. ▶️ How to choose a motor on Chinese electric screwdriver?

Manufacturing of a garden shredder

Garden shredder for grass and thin twigs (less than 1 cm thick) can be made on the basis of a network drill-electric screwdriver.

We recommend that you choose models with more than 0.5 kW output.

  • Choose a suitable container, such as a zinc cask;
  • in the center of the bottom drill a hole under the shaft, which will fix a knife or several blades;
  • make a wooden or metal frame to install the container or put it on the edge of the table;
  • to the frame or the bottom of the digester attach the electric screwdriver drill, which is equipped with knives;
  • install the on/off button;
  • make a slot in the side of the vessel. cut a rectangle in front of the bottom 10 by 20 cm;
  • make a hose from tin to throw out the shredded plants;
  • attach it to the container;
  • check the operation of the machine.

The blades are best made of hacksaw blades. Install them with the sharpened side down. It is possible to make several variants of blades for different herbs. If you make to the drill screwdriver attachment in the form of blades, then the grass can simply be shredded in a bucket or other suitable container.


Invaluable help in the household will be a simple winch, made on the basis of an old electric screwdriver. The winch motor can be made from an electric screwdriver battery with your own hands at home. A strong rope is attached to the body of the tool, for lifting weights.

As you can see, a lot of different devices can be made from an electric screwdriver. So if you are a jack of all trades, you should definitely try to build something.

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