Grand Lawn Trimmer Boat Engine Screw-on (For converting a lawn trimmer into a boat engine)

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Nozzle-oar on the boat motor Grand. Reliable and functional attachment for converting your grass trimmer into a boat motor.

By bolting the motor to the Grand’s propeller shaft drive, your regular boat becomes a powerboat.

The unit consists of a base that houses the throttle and control handle, the boat mounting system, and the propeller itself.

Grand paddle-adapter is combined with various brands of brushcutters, turning the usual trimmer for lawn care into a full-fledged boat motor.

The small dimensions of this product are perfect for shallow water.

This product comes without a motor!

Rumble control with speed lock

Universality (fits almost all brushcutters (lawnmowers), which are presented in the Ukrainian market)


The center distance between the gear mounting bolts is 70 mm

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In our store you can buy expendable materials for boat motors, such as: oils, lubricants, foot paddles, and many others.

Benefits and features of converting a grass trimmer into a boat motor

Using a lawn trimmer that you have in your household has a number of advantages. First, the boat owner will not overpay for an expensive motor, bought in a store. Secondly, the motor for the boat from the brushcutter consumes much less fuel than specialized boat engines. Third, a lawn mower motor has an order of magnitude smaller dimensions than a store-bought boat motor. There are a number of other factors that force fishermen to use a grass trimmer instead of a boat motor.

  • high reliability of modern trimmer engines;
  • complete tightness inside the hull;
  • The presence of all the elements necessary to control the homemade engine;
  • the presence of a built-in tank.

Thanks to all these factors, a boat motor from a brushcutter is the most popular among enthusiasts.

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In the process of recycling an engine from a lawnmower into a boat motor, it is extremely important to take into account that this power unit was produced for other purposes. Engines on trimmers operate at low torques, but, at rather high revolutions. In the case of a specialized boat engine, the opposite is true. In this regard, to remake the motor from a trimmer for grass will need to prepare drawings, equipment and follow a certain order of action.

Despite some difficulties in the alteration, it is in the trimmer there are all the parts necessary for making a boat motor. a built-in starter and gas lever, a rod with a rigid shaft and a semi-transparent fuel tank.

Where to buy an inexpensive lawn mower paddle boat attachment?

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The boat attachment is very easy to handle. It does not take much space, as it folds in half. According to the type of control it is a tiller mechanism. Its 3 metal blades turn at high speed, allowing you to move quickly on the water.

The iron propeller is 190 mm in diameter, and the side gas handle is 54 cm long. You can study in more detail the technical characteristics of the boat paddle attachment on the website of Technostroy.

La boat screw on a lawnmower- paddle, is attached to the engine from the grass trimmer, lawnmower.Boat bait, lightweight and easy to handle it any beginner, with the transportation of boat bait, or as it is also called: leg, oar, boat motor, etc. With the ease of folding into two, which is good not take up much space when you need more to put in the car boat, tent, fishing rods a couple of your friends, you know it well when you go fishing with friends. Grass trimmer has a higher blade speed, allowing you to move on the water at higher speed, which will allow you to find a fishing spot and start fishing faster.

Boat screw (attachment on brushcutter, lawnmower, grass trimmer) Chovnovovy Vint attachment on

A reliable and functional attachment for converting your grass trimmer into a boat motor. Enough to replace the nozzle paddle bar in trimmers 340, 430, 520 to transform them into a boat motor with a capacity of 2-3 liters.с. Propeller, throttle grip, control handle and boat mount included.Metal screw Specifications and Description Country of Origin Poland Type of Parts Shaft Purpose tool lawn mower / grass trimmer Type of tool drive Engine, Electric Hidden Specifications Outboard on brushcutter outboard boat handlebar with propeller, 9T, D-28 mm. Allows you to turn your brushcutter into an outboard boat motor. Helm extension cord with boat handlebar and propeller, 9T, D-28mm Description Helm extension cord for gasoline power tillers “boat propeller”, “outboard engine foot”, “outboard engine”, “brushcutter paddle” or “outboard boat handlebar” fits most Russian and Chinese-made gasoline power tillers. This attachment can easily handle a light boat or rubber inflatable boat, even in case of strong currents on the pond. Thanks to the universal clips of the mounts, our motor scooter you can easily install on any boat and adjust it just right for your transport. another big advantage is that our motor mount has a metal screw, not a plastic one, which gives the advantage in terms of construction reliability and durability.

boat outboard made from a weed whacker

Inner diameter of the clutch plate. 78 mm. Fixing bolt distance. 70 mm.

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How to make a boat motor with your own hands from a grass trimmer?

To create a boat motor from a lawnmower will suit a tool with a straight rod. If your weed trimmer’s boom is curved, you’ll need to work on improving it.

Remodeling takes place according to the following algorithm:

  • Remove the standard nut (item 2 in the drawing below) first. Do not throw it away or lose it, as you cannot replace the original parts with the standard nuts.
  • Unscrew the rest of the fasteners, pull out the deadwood and the flexible shaft (figures 8 and 9 in the drawing).
  • Find a new duralumin rod with a slightly smaller inside diameter. Carefully place the bronze sleeve (on the drawing).
  • Cut the tread (part 0) to the required size and insert it into the shaft.
  • If the outside diameter of the shaft is too large for the motor hole, counterbore it.
  • Use the original nut to fasten the propeller.
  • The shaft is attached to the motor by means of adapters. There are no universal drawings for this part, because different models of trimmers have their own design features. You can have this part made in a lathe or make it yourself from plywood. Four screws are used to fasten the arm.

If you can not buy a ready-made set for modification, which was mentioned earlier, you can take the handle from a sports bike.

You can also make the screw yourself from a piece of duralumin using the drawing below:

Pitch is the distance from the blade to the horizontal surface. Use pliers to adjust the angle of inclination. For this purpose, the workpiece is preheated.

Use only high-quality fuel and lubricants to fuel the motor from the grass trimmer to the boat. Dilute gasoline with oil in the appropriate proportion. The first 10 kilometers do not subject the engine to high loads. it will be the run-in period. Depending on the capacity of the engine, a boat with such a motor can reach a speed of 5 to 8 km/h.

Below is a video that demonstrates the work of such a unit:

Paddle attachment. GRUNFELD 62AOB1 boat motor. general characteristics

Paddle attachment. GRUNFELD 62AOB1 boat motor attaches to the base motor from a lawn mower or gasoline grass trimmer. This attachment has a simplified control model, when transporting the attachment its movement does not cause noticeable inconvenience due to the compact overall design. The unit is easily folded in half, which creates additional convenience when moving a large amount of cargo in the car. a tent, a boat and fishing accessories. Grass trimmer has a higher rotation speed of the blade, which allows the fisherman to move on the water with more comfort. Rumpel control with speed lock allows you to quickly and conveniently adjust the speed of travel. The engine shutoff button is located near the throttle handle.

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Paddle attachment. GRUNFELD 62AOB1 boat motor is easily and quickly attached to the engine from a gasoline grasshopper. This compact, durable and unusually lightweight attachment will allow you to greatly accelerate your movement on the lake or river in search of a good place to fish. Grass trimmer has a higher rotation speed of the blades than a standard motor. this will give you the ability to move through the water faster.


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