How to make a belt for a grass trimmer

Mothballs can be converted to a power drill, which will also be used as an ice drill if necessary. The result is faster and less labor-intensive construction work. With a power drill, excavations are made for fence posts, pile foundations, and for the erection of other structures.

Sew a shoulder strap / harness for a bag with their own hands

Both electric and gasoline grass trimmers are converted for this purpose.

Making a snowmobile for kids

Grass trimmer can also be converted into a snowmobile. The process consists in installing the engine on a construction equipped with skis. Because of the insufficient power of motors available on brushcutters, independent machines can only carry a relatively small weight. Also it moves on relatively flat terrain. Such homemade device will serve as an interesting and useful toy for children.

Movement of the snowmobile is carried out by means of a screw or chain gear.

The clips below show some possible options for homemade machinery:

Homemade craftsmen have come up with many different ways to adapt a motor from a grass trimmer on a snowmobile. Here the limitations are related to personal imagination and the available list of unnecessary devices and equipment that can be used to create homemade snowmobiles.

Double shoulder belt for all FS STIHL brushcutter

Ergonomic, lightweight and handy. Simply put on. The unit is quickly and easily removed from the belt. Immediately ready for use again. Significantly saves effort when mowing and chopping. As a dop. equipment. Adjustable cinch and tool pouch.

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First you have to dismantle the bar. In a conventional chain saw to do this, it is sufficient to disconnect from the upper and lower gear.

If the grasshopper is equipped with a detachable two-piece cutter bar, it’s even easier. Only the middle coupling needs to be removed and the halves apart.

If the grasshopper has been in operation, you may notice wear from the alignment bushings when inspecting the shaft, or the shafts in the case of the split boom. These are the places that need to be lubricated.

A small amount of grease should be squeezed onto a rag or fingers and work the shaft without skipping. It is applied in a thin layer, but everywhere. You must pay special attention to the splines, because they are under the most strain, especially when the blade of the brushcutter hits rocks or other objects.

The lubricated shaft is inserted back into the tripod with gentle cranking. That way, some of the excess grease stays on the centering bushes, where it is supposed to be. Rotating will also help the splines get into their seats on the gears.

If you are servicing a straight mower with a non-disassembled boom, it is simply reattached to the gears. With a two-piece boom, the short shafts are inserted into their respective halves. After that, the boom parts are centrally aligned. If their splines are not caught, you can simply twist the lower gear by hand. Then clamp the docked boom back together with a coupling.

If the lawnmower is used infrequently, this boom should be serviced every season. The CVT lubricant used can withstand high temperatures and does not drip oil for long hours of use. The same compound can also be used for lubricating gears. It can be pressed into them with a syringe if the tube has no spout. The frequency of lubricating the gearboxes is higher than the shaft. It is generally recommended by the manufacturers every 5 hours.


First you need to disassemble the shaft. In a conventional chainsaw, you just need to disconnect it from the top and bottom gearbox to do this.

shoulder, belt, brushcutter

If the grasshopper has a collapsible, two-piece boom, it’s even easier. Requires only removing the coupling in the center and separating the halves.

If the grasshopper has been in operation, you may notice wear from the alignment bushings when you examine the shaft or shafts in the case of a collapsible boom. That’s where the grease needs to go.

Squeeze a small amount of grease onto a cloth or your fingers and work the shaft without skipping. It is applied in a thin layer, but everywhere. You should pay special attention to the splines, because they are under the highest load, especially when the grasshopper blade hits rocks or other objects.

The lubricated shaft is inserted back into the tripod with slight twisting. This ensures that some of the excess grease stays on the centering bushes where it needs to be. Rotating also helps the splines get into their proper seating locations on the gearboxes.

If you service a straight mower with a non-disassembled boom, simply put it back on the gearboxes. In the case of a two-piece boom, the short shafts are inserted into each half. Then the shaft halves are docked together in the center. If their splines don’t get in, you can just twist the bottom gearbox by hand. The docked boom is then clamped back together with a coupling.

If the mower is used infrequently, this maintenance of the boom should be done every season. The grease used for joints can withstand high temperatures well, so you can avoid oil drips when working with a grasshopper for a long time. The same compound can also be used to lubricate gears. It can be squeezed into them with a syringe, if the tube does not have a spout. The frequency of lubrication of gearboxes is higher than that of shafts. Usually manufacturers recommend to do this every 5 hours.

How to remove nasal hairs

Nose hairs are removed with a special rotary nozzle. Before use, nasal wings are flushed from the inside and all mucous secretions are removed.

It should be borne in mind that the procedure is not carried out during a runny nose or in the period of exacerbation of allergic reactions.

Experts do not recommend removing nasal hairs, but sometimes aesthetics requires it. You don’t have to try to work the entire nostril cavity, just the hairs that are visible.

The grass trimmer is fitted with a round nozzle, its use is safe for the nose and mucous. Insert the nozzles into the nostril about 5-10 mm, rotate and remove. The whole procedure takes no more than 5 seconds.

How to start and adjust the engine of a gasoline grass trimmer?

Consider starting the engine lawnmower (benzotrimmer) on the example of Dolmar MS3340

To start a cold engine is necessary:

Turn on the ignition with the switch on the handle

2.Move the air choke at the rear of the air cleaner body to the closed position

Pump up the fuel with 5-8 presses on the silicone button on the bottom of the carburetor

Slightly (about ten centimeters) pull the starter cord until it begins to resist

After that, make 1-4 jerks until the engine is running

6.After about 10 seconds after starting the engine, return the choke shutter to its original position

Attention! When starting the engine, the elbow must not rest on the air filter housing.

There are two adjusting screws on the carburettor housing. Initially in the trimmer they are set by the manufacturer in the position optimal for the operation of the engine. The first one (on the photo below) is designed to regulate fuel supply. To touch it independently is strongly not recommended.

The second screw (photo below) is for adjusting the idle speed. You may experiment with it in case of emergency

PS Photos on how to put on the Dolmar and Kawashima 2-shoulder belt correctly

EUROTEC RX27 petrol grass trimmer

Engine capacity: 51,7 cm3 Power: 2,7 kW Fuel tank capacity: 1 l Fuel type: AI 92/95 Speed of rotation: up to 9000 rpm Boom length: 155 cm Weight: 7,5 kg Professional balancing: yes

How to put on your brushcutter correctly

REDVERG 5014460 shoulder strap for hanging the grass trimmer. With hip protection. Bought for Champion grass trimmer

A short video on mowing with a gasoline tractor / chainsaw by example: how to put the belt on, how to balance the.

Top mounted electric grass trimmer (STIGA)

With such a grass trimmer, you can successfully fight weeds and mow everything, up to the quinoa, burdocks and bushes. The line output is semi-automatic or manual, and the diameter of the line is 1.6 to 2.4 mm.

The undoubted advantage of this category of trimmers is that now you can safely mow wet grass, without fear of moisture on the electric motor. However, under no circumstances should you mow when it is raining!

Cordless grass trimmers also are quiet, easy to start and stop, you can move freely on the lawn, but the disadvantages are low cutting power, high weight (up to 4.5 kg) and short work time without recharging. from 15 to 30 minutes. That is why they are not yet widely used.

Gasoline grass trimmers have found widespread use due to their autonomy, high power, and performance. These are the devices most often used by professionals in their work.

When using a gasoline trimmer (gasoline mower) does not need to worry about the presence of the mains socket and the quality of mains voltage, fear accidentally cut the cable-extender or crush them plantings.

shoulder, belt, brushcutter

According to the layout, lawnmowers (however, this is partly true for electric trimmers as well) differ from each other:

  • power and type of engine (two-stroke or four-stroke);
  • the shape of the boom (straight or angled, solid or split);
  • the shape of the control handles (D, J, or T-shaped);
  • cutting tool (trimmer head, circular blade).

Grass trimmers with a four-stroke engine benefit from the fact that gasoline and oil are poured into the engine as in a car. separately. No need for a two-stroke fuel mix of petrol and oil.

Electric grass trimmer: how to choose the right one?

the grass trimmer is the only correct solution for mowing grass in places that are difficult for wheel mowers, such as around bushes, trees, along paths, fences and walls.

Diagram of the electric grass trimmer device.

grass trimmers are of 2 types: gasoline and electric. In this article we will try to describe the main points that you need to know when choosing an electric trimmer for grass.

grass trimmers with an electric motor are almost silent, start with a simple push of a button and do not pollute the environment. However, it is more difficult to cut thick weed stems and even thick grass. In addition, its motor needs power, which is most often supplied by a long mains cable, restricting the freedom of action of the mower and threatening to get under the knife. Trimmers with built-in battery do not need constant communication with the outside world, but they can cut the grass for 20-30 minutes per day at most. All other time is spent recharging their low-powered, heavy and very capricious in operation and storage batteries.

Electric trimmers handle type

Electric grass trimmer handle design.

When choosing a grass trimmer bush trimmer, keep in mind that they come with:

D-shaped handle is convenient if the amount of work is small, but requires great maneuverability (for example, for processing bushes, trees, paths and hedges). For this purpose, the best trimmer line is. If you have to tame long-abandoned lush bushes, pay close attention to models with a D-handle, an additional J-handle and the ability to install a knife. J-shaped handle prevents the operator from getting too close to the bevel gear. The J-handle should be attached when the grass trimmer is equipped with a grass knife. For easier work, you’ll need a shoulder strap.

T-handle is suitable for open field work, while the movement you make will be similar to that of a scythe. These grass trimmers are designed for big jobs in large open spaces. powerful grass trimmers can be equipped with a three-blade blade that can handle branches up to 15 mm in diameter. When working with such a trimmer, it is important that it be equipped with a harness for a tight fit to the body. Remember: the more powerful the grass trimmer is, the more work it can do.

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