TOP-20 rating of the best trimmers for grass 2022: an overview of the best gasoline, electric and battery models

The best trimmers for grass for grass are a review and rating of models. Varieties, key features, pros and cons of. What to look for when choosing a gasoline, electrical or battery trimmer for grass.

A trimmer for grass will help to quickly remove grass, trim the lawn, remove weeds.

Garden equipment of this type is an indispensable assistant in a personal plot.

What modifications of trimmers exist on the market, what to pay attention to when choosing which models are the best today, we will consider in this review.

Tribes of trimmers for grass

There are electric, gasoline and battery trimmers for grass for grass. The former have a fuel tank, which increases the weight of the structure. These are the most powerful tools in comparison with other types. Are characterized by increased power and high performance, used for work in any conditions, but have a high noise level.

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Electric suggests that the unit works for electricity, so there should be a socket nearby. This species differs in noiselessness and slight weight. Attractive and that it does not produce harmful gases in the atmosphere, does not violate the ecology. Not recommended for use in precipitation or with an increased level of air humidity.

Battery batteries operate. Relevant for hard.To.Reach areas where you can not use electricity. The tool has not a very powerful motor, which is why it is difficult for them to work in too large or complex areas. The battery reserve is enough for an average of a quarter of an hour.

How to choose an electric trimmer for grass for grass

Electric trimmers for grass are compact, easy to use, environmentally friendly. Do not give harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Due to their slight weight, it is convenient to use older people and women. In terms of power, these models lose with gasoline, but they do not work very noisy and fully cope with the needs of a small household. The radius of the action of network trimmers is limited to the length of the cable. This is their main drawback.

When choosing an electric trimmer for herbs for mowing grass, several points should be taken into account.

The head of the cutting mechanism should be standard and suitable for different diameters of the fishing line. If it breaks, you can easily replace with the same. The head with automatic fishing line is preferable. She will let her go as it is being developed.

The handle should be able to adjust in height and inclination so that you can fit it under the growth of the operator.

If the engine is located in the upper part, you need to pay attention to the type of shaft, which transfers torque to the head. The shaft is inside the bar and can be flexible or tough. A flexible steel cable is used on low.Power devices with a fishing line or a plastic knife. The hard shaft is stronger, better withstands the load, it can be used with any type of knives.

The belt is needed for trimmers with the upper engine. With it, hands remain free and get tired less, vibration decreases. The belt should be wide and durable so as not to cut the shoulder, and be adjusted along the length. Light models with a lower engine can be used without a belt.

The network cord on electric trimmers is too short. Therefore, for work, you need an extension cord with a length of 15-20 m, depending on the needs. The cable should have a thick rubber braid, and the fork should be tightly fixed in the outlet.

In the summer house, a light network model Bosch Easygrasscut 23 will come in handy. A trimmer for grass works with a fishing line with a diameter of 1.6 mm, which is served in a semi.Automatic way. Each click on the start button. An additional handle is adjustable to the growth of the operator.

To care for a small lawn and flower beds near the house, an electric trimmer for a grass with a capacity of 500-1000 watts is suitable. The length of the network cord can be increased by carrying.

Top 16 of the best electric trimmers for grass: rating 2021-2022 and which model to choose for a summer residence

Electric trimmer for grass is the best tool for leaving the lawn and weed removal on the site.

If there is electricity in the country, this type of tool will become the most suitable, because it does not need to be filled with gasoline or regularly put a device for recharging.

Choose an inexpensive, but reliable and functional electric trimmer for the grass will help the rating of the best devices, compiled on the basis of reviews of owners and advice of experts.

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TOP-16 rating of the best electric trimmers 2021-2022

The location of the price
TOP-6 of the best electric trimmers at the price, quality and reliability for 2021-2022
one Krüger ETK-2000 Find out the price
2 Huter Get-1200SL Find out the price
3 GreenWorks 1301807 GST1246 Find out the price
4 Denzel TE-1400 (96612) Find out the price
5 Hyundai GC 1400 Find out the price
6 Makita UR3501 Find out the price
TOP-5 of the best battery electric trimmers
one Bosch Easygrasscut 18-26 Find out the price
2 Huter Get-18-2LI Find out the price
3 BlackDecker ST1823 Find out the price
4 GreenWorks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC Find out the price
5 Bosch Easygrasscut 18-230 Find out the price
TOP-5 of the best wired electric trimmers
one Makita UR3000 Find out the price
2 HUTER GET-1000S Find out the price
3 Denzel TE-1200 (96611) Find out the price
4 Bosch Easygrasscut 26 Find out the price
5 Stavr TE-1700R Find out the price

How to choose an electric trimmer for grass for grass?

To choose a suitable electric trimmer for grass, which will successfully cope with all tasks, you should pay attention to the basic technical characteristics:

  • Power. The basic selection criterion for an electric trimmer for grass. The simplest household models have a capacity of up to 500 watts. They are suitable for cutting small areas of grass and removing small weeds. Medium.Power devices (up to 1000 W) will successfully cope with large lawns and weeds with thick stems. But the most popular are trimmers for grass for 1 kW. These are universal devices that remove grass of any height and density, and can work with a knife and a fishing line.
  • Type of cutting element. If a trimmer for grass is planned to use often, it is better to immediately buy a universal model that works with a cutting disk and a fishing line.
  • Type of bar. They are straight and curved. The first type is more durable and successfully copes with increased loads. Curved rods allow you to pump the grass even in uneven and inclined areas. Rods differ in the material of manufacture. In budget models they are plastic, and in the most expensive. Metal. But the most universal trimmers for grass with aluminum bar are considered, since this material is the easiest and most durable.

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You should also pay attention to the type of pen.

It is desirable that it be telescopic and its height can be adjusted under the growth of the user.

TOP-6 of the best electric trimmers at the price, quality and reliability for 2021-2022

To use an electric trimmer for grass in a summer cottage, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive devices. The most correct solution is to choose a universal model in which a democratic cost is combined with excellent technical characteristics and thoughtful functionality.

Krüger ETK-2000

A powerful, convenient electric trimmer for grass Kruger belongs to the average price category and costs about 7,000.

The weight of the device is only 5 kg, so there will be no problems with its movement around the site. The universal ectric trimmer for grass Kruger copes with grass, shrubs and is suitable for processing medium and small territories.

The design of the device is thought out to the smallest detail. The impact.Resistant plastic case is resistant to damage, the engine is protected from overheating.

Cutting tool. Metal knives or coil with fishing line. You can adjust the handle of an electric trimmer for Kruger grass in height and inclination, focusing on your own needs.

Which trimmer for the grass to choose: gasoline or electric?

To understand which trimmer for grass is better, it is advisable to get acquainted with the top of the trimmers included in the list of the most popular. Gasoline is more productive, but they should not be purchased for a site less than 10 acres. Will have to work in headphones. To serve, to prepare fuel, you need to have certain knowledge.

Models working from electricity are much more mobile. It is convenient to mow grass in a small area. But to mow vegetation in the field with changes will not work.

Such models operate on the basis of the internal combustion engine, which argued the weighty weight of such a technique, most of which is the fuel tank. However, these units are more powerful than alternative options. They can be operated on the territory of large manor sections. If you need a powerful apparatus for commercial purposes, focus on four.Stroke models, and keep in mind that they make noise and vibrate stronger than less productive two.Stroke benzosos. We have collected the second, as our list is focused on the use of technology at home. Otherwise, you should not chase high performance, since operating such a technique is not too easy for a long time.

Belarus MTZ BG-5900

The well-known model Belrus MTZ BG-5900, which has the optimal performance for its price category, opens the rating of the grass. The product is great to improve the appearance of the lawn, as well as eliminate small weeds. A high.Quality engine is responsible for working capacity, the power of which reaches 5900 watts with a power plant in 52 cubic centimeters. A gasoline braid for grass of this series attracts a high level of maneuverability and a reliable whole bar. The developers provide for the ability to adjust the handle. Customer reviews indicate a relatively low noise level. We add that this device is additionally equipped with a shoulder belt, which provides the operator with an additional shoulder belt.

Vitals Master BK 5228A

You cannot decide which trimmer for the grass for grass to choose? In this case, it makes sense to pay attention to a relatively inexpensive, but high.Quality model Vitals Master BK 5228A. This is already a semi.Professional decision, the capacity and severity of which is enough to work with sufficiently annoying shoots, including even shrubs. If you believe the developers, then this device calmly mowing the stems with a thickness, up to 20 millimeters. On the Web, we saw a lot of flutes on this model from Ukrainian craftsmen who highly appreciated Motokos as a reliable assistant to crown shrubs and trees. This is not surprising, because the bevel diameter here is 43 centimeters (fishing line), which is an order of magnitude higher than many analogues.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

We are probably talking about one of the most reliable trimmers for the garden. At the same time, the Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 model costs noticeably more than many analogues, although the actual power is only 1.1 horsepower. The unit has a rotary cutting system, and weighs less than 6.5 kilograms. It should also be noted the high quality of the straight hose and the presence of two of the same nozzles in the kit, including a wear.Resistant blade knife and an effective reel with a fishing line. The width of the capture from this lawn mower reaches 380 millimeters. The volume of the fuel tank of this device is 750 milliliters. In this case, a powerful system of extinguishing vibration deserves special attention. Another advantage is a strong belt that significantly reduces the fatigue of the owner.

Al-ko BC 500 b

Judging by the reviews of buyers, today one of the most popular and reliable models of gasoline trimmers is Al-ko BC 500 b. Unit with a two.Stroke engine and a capacity of 1900 watts. Allows you to easily eliminate even large shrubs in the vastness of a large garden or cottage. For this, the manufacturer equipped the product with a large tank for fuel. Pleases the quality and convenience of the handle. The design is implemented as competently as possible, which indicates a high level of security in the work. The bar is easily versed. The gas mower of the middle class is equipped with a metal knife for weeds. According to customer Комментарии и мнения владельцев, engineers used expensive spark plugs and high.Quality air filter, which can be removed with your own hands.


The best trimmer for grass for grass of 2022 is the STIHL FS 55 model, created definitely leading the manufacturer of garden equipment. The device received a two.Handed handle, and is great for cutting dense grass and shrubs. At the same time, the manufacturer took care of the long service life of the corner gearbox. It is worth noting the low weight of the product, as well as a high working volume of 27.2 cm³. Unfortunately, you will have to pay comfort for such performance, because the noise level is 108 dB when operating a knife. The volume of the fuel tank in this unit reaches 0.33 milliliters, which is enough to work in the estate. The spittitura has a 2-leaf point and a fishing line for a trimmer with a diameter of Ø230 mm.

Good budget electric ships

In our list you can find both budget and premium electric braids for grass designed to solve a wider SPECTRA: from removal of grass in the garden to dense shrubs. Please note that the main feature of representatives of the initial segment from more expensive solutions is the resource for wear. If you need to work for several hours a day, you should not save on buying such a technique.

Intertool DT-2247

Opens our TOP-10 electric trimmers for grass. Intertool DT-2247, whose consumption power is 1200 W. In general, this is enough to care for a personal plot. Ease of operation guarantees the lower location of the power plant, as well as a small weight. Only 6 kilograms. The motor gives up to 7,000 revolutions per minute. At the same time, the company’s engineers took care of the presence of a high.Quality telescopic straight rod. Thanks to the width of the noting cord of 255 millimeters, it is possible to cope with the tasks in the shortest possible time. The problems are that the noise level exceeds the mark of 97 dB at a fairly high level of vibrations.

Energomash GK-35145D

The list of the best models of electric trimmers replenishes the Energomash GK-35145D model, even by the design of which you can understand that we are talking about a suitable product. We are talking about a universal device, the performance of which reaches 6,000 revolutions per minute with a consumption power of 1450 watts. One of the main advantages of the product is an integral bar made of steel. This guarantees smooth control, but the weight is weighty. More than 4 kilograms, although many realizers talk about small weight, which is quite clear. The cutting element of this electrocos is represented by fishing line, the diameter of which reaches 2 millimeters. This indicator is enough to care for the lawn. For more complex tasks, metal knives are used, which allows you to capture up to 38 centimeters. This is enough even for shrubs.

Electric Grass/String Trimmer GH900 Black and Decker

Vitals Master Ezt 063g

Already, many owners of personal plots managed to evaluate the advantages of a good electric trimmer for the grass for the garden and the garden. Vitals Master Ezt 063g. The model copes with both mowing and aligning various lawns, flower beds, decorative elements. The device attracts simple adjustment of the bevel width, an ergonomic handle and a small weight of the power plant. Over, if you believe the manufacturer, it does not throw any harmful substances into the atmosphere. The power of the electric motor is 350 W. From the strengths of the product, the product can be distinguished by a restrictive bracket, a edging video and a truly high.Quality rotary head.

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Who Will Take The Crown?! (Best Trimmer For 2021)

Al-ko GTE 450 Comfort

Another worthy model on an electric engine was proposed by Al-Ko. The power of the GTE 450 Comfort model consumption is 1250 watts, which is enough to perform a wide list of tasks. An electric braid for the grass pleases with a low level of noise and a minimum ejection of smoke into the atmosphere, which is typical for most products of this brand. The advantages of the unit with a nominal power of 450 W (a good indicator) should also include a high.Quality trimmer head equipped with a semi.Automatic fishing line for feeding. Note that the electrician supports three positions of the head at once, which ensures the possibility of operating the device in the most inaccessible places. Experienced users understand how important this is in practice. The low weight is due to the use of aluminum rods. As a result, the developers managed to achieve braids for grass with a weight of up to 3 kilograms.

Bosch Easygrasscut 26

The best inexpensive electric trimmer for grass for grass 2022 is the Bosch Easygrasscut 26 model, according to our editorial office. The device has high quality parts, good power parameters. The performance is 12500 revolutions per minute, which is achieved through the use of a reliable motor of 280 watts. Efficiency is enough to mow weeds, rapid removal of grass in the garden and at the summer cottage. I am glad that the model weighs only 1.9 kilograms. The capture diameter is 260 millimeters. Excellent efficiency in the work is created by a system for feeding fishing. In the bobbin you can find 4 meters of fishing line, the thickness of which is 1.6 millimeters.

The rating includes the following trusted manufacturers: Husqvarna, Stihl (Stihl), Echo (ECKO), Makita, Champion (Champion) and Patriot (Patriot).

  • Husqvarna. A Swedish manufacturer that makes professional and household garden equipment. The company’s products are characterized by a low exhaust level and a special simple launch system Smart Start.
  • Swedes are powerful competition for the German brand STIHL (Stihl). The equipment of the company is of high quality and high performance. Products are focused on professional application. Another German manufacturer. Gardena (Gardena), manufactures household class products. Particular attention paying special attention to operation. From Germany and Sturm (Sturm), which produces reliable, durable, unpretentious to maintain high.Quality motorcycles.
  • The comfortable and effective technique of the Japanese company ECHO (ECO) is characterized by a whole set of interesting design solutions that make the company’s products one of the leaders among benzos. Comparable to them in quality AL-KO product. Wide setting opportunities allow you to adjust the trimmer for grass for the individual characteristics of each person.
  • Like Hitachi. So Makita represent professional motorcycles that can work for a long time at large loads. The technique is characterized by low noise and high performance.
  • EFCO from Italy produces several models of powerful trimmers using modern technologies, which allows them to compete equal with any eminent brand.
  • American companies Patriot (Patriot) and Champion (Champion) specialize in the release of professional garden equipment. Patriot grass trimmers are well equipped, while they differ in affordable price. Champion lawn mowers have high performance and, due to an ergonomic structure, are convenient to operate.

TOP-16 rating of the best models

In this rating, we have collected the best models for you in price, quality and reliability.

Kruger GTK 52-7

The Kruger gasoline trimmer is equipped with a two.Stroke engine with a volume of 1.2 liters, which does not need frequent refueling. The engine has a high power of 4 liters.With., which allows you to develop speed up to 9000 rpm.

Kruger benzotrimmer successfully copes with the mowing of grass, shrubs in territories with small and medium area.

The Kruger trimmer case is made of metal, which is resistant to corrosion and has increased strength. The special design of the handle provides the convenience of operating the device. The bicycle form smoothes vibrations, reduces the load with prolonged use of a benzotrimer.

Rubbed overlays warn the sliding of the hands. There is also a shoulder belt that reduces the load on the operator’s spine. The Kruger gasoline trimmer is equipped with engine thermal protection, a smooth start function.

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