Rating of the best electric trimmers in 2020

Electric garden trimmer for grass is a special tool, which is a motorized scythe with an electric motor. Grass trimmers differ from lawnmowers, raiders and power tillers in that they are not equipped with a wheel base. Engine and cutting unit are mounted on a bar that the user holds in his hands during operation. Electric trimmers work from ordinary household electrical mains or are equipped with batteries (battery-powered grass trimmers). Productivity and the purpose of the model always depend on the power of the motor. As a rule, the more power, the greater the dimensions and overall weight of the grass trimmer.

The main advantage of electric trimmers over gasoline trimmers:

  • Simple design;
  • Affordable cost;
  • No harmful emissions;
  • Comparative low weight;
  • Easy push-button start;
  • Low vibration load.

At the same time, the main disadvantages of this technique are the need to connect to the mains and relatively low power (up to 1800 watts).

The trimmer‘s own power cord is rarely long. It is assumed that for the work will be used an extension cord, which must be bought additionally. During work, the wire must be constantly monitored to ensure that it does not get tangled under your feet and do not get under the cutting nozzle.

Electric battery-powered trimmers do not need a wire, but the power of such equipment is not too great (up to 650 watts). Mowing width is 25 to 35 centimeters.

Electric mains-powered trimmers have a more powerful motor (up to 1700 watts) and a cutting width of up to 42 centimeters. This technique is great for regular work on the garden plot, but not always effective for mowing large amounts of perennial grass and young shrubs. Electric grass trimmer. the best option if you need a not very noisy model for the care of garden paths, regular maintenance of small plots of land and greenhouses.

What to pay attention to when choosing

  • Engine location. Comes in upper and lower. Models up to 900 watts usually have the motor on the bottom, with more powerful trimmers the motor is on the top of the bar. The engine with high power (from 900 watts) weighs more, and if it was in the lower part, it would be difficult to work with the trimmer. It is believed that the bottom-mounted motor is less protected against water and clogging. This is only partly true. Ventilation holes in motors with a lower position do clog faster with cuttings, but manufacturers take this fact into account. The technique does not fail in case of surface clogging, but after each session of work the ventilation needs to be cleaned.
  • Motor power. The power of an electric grass trimmer can range from 250 to 1700 watts, in rare cases. up to 2500 watts. To care for the lawn is enough trimmer for grass with power up to 700 watts, for regular mowing grass in the countryside. with power up to 1200 watts, for mowing high neglected grass need more productive technique.
  • Choice of cutting head. Any trimmer uses a spool of fishing line as an equipment, but not everywhere is equipped with knives or disks, with which it is easier to cut dense grass, reeds or sedges. Blades and discs are standard equipment with power 900 watts and more.
  • Boom. Can be straight or curved, solid or collapsible. Curved shape is good only for low-power models with a cutting nozzle in the form of a fishing line. Straight boom models are better suited to the use of circular blades, because a gear is used to transfer the power from the engine to the tool. This technique is more efficient and durable. Grass trimmers with a collapsible shaft are easier to store and transport, but less reliable.

Grass trimmer device

To make the choice easier, we’ve ranked the electric trimmers of 2020. The first part of the review of 5 inexpensive models for lawn care, the second part. the best options in the price/quality ratio, in the third. the best battery-powered equipment. The choice was made on the basis of customer feedback, as well as the comparative characteristics and features of each model.

The speed of work on the site depends on the width of mowing, productivity, fuel tank volume mower, rating of the best up to 10000 is presented below.

Champion T433-2

Low weight, wide mowing width. Mowing lawns, weeds and other undesirable grass.

Fuel tank holds 0.95 liters. Weighs about 8 kg. Two-handed grip makes it easy to hold with both hands. The mower can be dismantled, then compactly reassembled.

However, the device does make a loud noise during operation.


Mower is one piece, can’t be disassembled. Designed for large areas. Bike handle. Built-in anti-vibration clutch.

Absorbs fuel moderately, does not overheat, includes several extensions. There is a cutting disk, which removes weeds, bushes.

Can be damaged by poor-quality fuel.

DAEWOO Power Products DABC 520

Solid mower. Runs well on uneven ground. Handle design reminiscent of a bicycle handle, bar straight.

Highly productive, can even cut small trees. Belt, line for trimmer, blade included. Weighs 6-7 kg. Tank capacity: 1.1 litres.

Unfortunately, the device does not have a vibrating stabilizer.

Huter GGT-2500T

The device with high power is suitable for suburban areas with different vegetation. Handy T-shaped handle makes it easy to work. The weight of the device is 7 kg.

Tank capacity: enough for 1.5 to 2 hours’ work. Mowing width of 26 cm. Belt included. Mower is easy to turn on, works without battery overheating.

Interskol KB-25/52V

Mowing width over 40 cm. Two-stroke engine. Vibration suppression system is built in. In the kit there is a belt, a line for the trimmer and a knife.

Cutting blade that speeds up quickly, covers a large area. Straight boom. Large fuel tank holds 1 litre. This volume is enough for 0.5-1 hours of work.

Rating electric trimmers takes into account the main factors that are needed when working on a country site: performance, speed, equipment.

Fubag FPT 43

Quickly starts. Suitable for lawn edging, weed removal. Mowing width 26 cm. Mower has a folding handle. Main rod is adjustable to the desired length. Two-stroke engine. Straight boom. Built-in anti-vibration system. Weighs 8 kg.

Cannot be dismantled. Includes shoulder strap, line for trimmer and knife. Suitable for large areas of land. Uses less gasoline.

Professional or domestic gasoline grass trimmers for the grass: how to choose the right one?

Mower can be divided into two main classes: professional and household. Do not believe the vendors, who use the term “semi-professional”. That’s cheating. So they are trying to sell you a common household appliance.

In general, the choice between household and professional tools is always a dilemma. Here, as they say, and want, and itch. You want to have a powerful quality tool, but the price is stinging. Let’s compare the features of professional and domestic scythes:

So it turns out that the ratio of price and quality ratings gasoline trimmers in favor of professional tools. And yet, it would be unfair to remain silent about the fact that many domestic models have great characteristics and can adequately confront professionals. Typically, these devices are firms that produce and professional and home trimmers for grass.

You can buy gasoline trimmers for grass in the online store for both domestic and professional use. The only difference is the price

It is worth to look at the question of choice from another point of view: whether such a reliable and bulky tool is needed in your case? For a small area with modest vegetation is quite enough and an ordinary trimmer for grass, as they say, without any trimmings.

Domestic gasoline grass trimmers: what to buy for the garden

Returning to the small garden, it is worth discussing household brushcutters. With a modest amount of work there is no need to buy a powerful professional machine, you can get by with a mower with a 2 litre motor.с.

Distinctive features of grass trimmers for domestic use:

  • The presence of a bend on the boom, which allows the trimmer to treat hard-to-reach areas;
  • The handle of rounded shape for one hand, which can damp the considerable vibration of the tool;
  • The boom is of collapsible design, easy to transport in the trunk of the car.

of gasoline trimmers for mowing the grass range from four to fifteen thousand.

Such devices are equipped with two- and four-stroke motors

Among the domestic devices of domestic manufacturers not bad proved itself rulers Izhmash and Kedr. Numerous reviews of users call them the best gasoline trimmers for grass and note the wide range of possible accessories and exceptional reliability of the devices. Among the household devices it is worth noting Patriot and Champion. These relatively inexpensive Chinese trimmers for grass have shown good results in operation.

Professional petrol trimmers for grass: which one is better?

Professional trimmers are able to work almost without interruption for 6-8 hours. They are used by communal workers and owners of farms. Among the brands that have an impeccable reputation in the field of professional equipment should be noted Makita and HITACHI. The devices of these firms are characterized by high-quality construction, economical fuel consumption and have a long service life.

Power of professional trimmers begins with two liters.с.

All professional devices are equipped with a spool with a fishing line and a metal disk for cutting small branches and shoots

Professional trimmers use large-diameter brushcutter lines starting at 2.4 mm. The metal disc is equipped with 3-8 petals.

By the way! Professional trimmers never have a collapsible shaft. The shaft rotating in the boom is protected against foreign objects in the mechanism.

There are two types of rotating shafts in trimmers:

  • hard, resistant to extreme stress and suitable for mowing young growth of trees and shrubs;
  • A flexible shaft that softens the impact if the blade encounters hard objects.

Professional trimmers usually have the engine in a backpack that the operator wears on his back.

Much rarer are the models with the location of the motor at the bottom of the boom

Buy 4-stroke gasoline grass trimmers for professional use in specialized stores. and goes up to forty thousand.

What to choose gasoline grass trimmers for your own needs: criteria

When choosing a lawn mower first of all you need to decide whether to buy a 2 or 4-stroke mower. “Two-stroke” requires a mixture of gasoline and synthetic oil with certain proportions. Before refueling you should carefully read the technical documentation of the device. Four-stroke engines are less noisy, they fill oil and fuel in different tanks.

Please note! The rigid straight shaft is considered the most reliable in operation.

Pay attention to the weight of the product. The lighter the unit. The more convenient it will be. Note. That the weight of the unit will increase by at least half a kilogram after refueling. The “bicycle” handle is considered the most comfortable, it holds the machine securely in your hands and allows you to make a wide swing when working in the field.


For electric and gasoline trimmers power parameter in most cases is specified in watts (W). However, sometimes for models with a gasoline motor power may be specified in horsepower. Even in this case, it will not be difficult to compare the figures. One kilowatt (1000 watt) is roughly equal to 1.36 l.с.

The power level somewhat determines the performance of the tool. The higher the load on the grass trimmer is supposed to be, the higher the power should be.

The power of an electric grass trimmer, depending on the design, can range from 250 to 1700 watts. Single models may have a higher rating (up to 2.500 W). For lawn care a tool with power up to 700 watts is enough, for mowing tall vegetation a stronger model is needed.

The power of cordless trimmers in most cases is not even specified in the specifications. Batteries have a capacity of 1.3 to 12.5 A.ч. With voltages from 12 to 82 volts. The power created by the motor will be in the range from 150 to 800 watts. In other words, cordless grass trimmers are lawn care equipment. They are not suitable for garden work.

The power of gasoline trimmers, depending on the model, can range from 500 to 3000 watts. Lightweight household-class devices most often have a capacity of up to 1000 watts. Semi-professional farm trimmers are equipped with motors with power up to 2000 watts and allow to work with a variety of blade attachments.

The gasoline grass trimmer device

The basis of the gasoline grass trimmer is the boom, which houses the cutting unit, engine and controls the tool. Special belts distribute the load on the operator during work.


Gasoline grass trimmers are most often equipped with two-stroke motors, but there are models with a four-stroke engine.

Each internal combustion engine has a work cycle. a series of processes that results in a portion of force acting on the crankshaft. The duty cycle is:

expansion of the gases and getting them out of the cylinder

Takt is the movement of the piston in one direction (up or down). An engine that completes a cycle in two strokes (one revolution) is called a two-stroke engine, while a four-stroke engine completes a cycle in four strokes. Fuel motors can run on gasoline or diesel fuel, but garden trimmers use only gasoline motors.

Two-stroke engines are relatively simple, weigh less and are not afraid of low temperatures. They’re cheaper than four-strokes, which is why they’re so popular. At the same time 2-stroke engines make more noise and produce more harmful exhaust, that’s why they are almost useless for work in greenhouses and hothouses.

For two-stroke engines, it is necessary to prepare a special fuel mixture of gasoline and 2T motor oil. The manual usually recommends the use of gasoline with an octane number over 89, but the best option would be fresh unleaded AI-92. Higher octane gasoline (95 and 98) contains additives that can be detrimental to the engine’s piston system, causing it to overheat and break down.

Each manufacturer has its own recommendations on what proportions to create a fuel mixture and what components to use. Ordinary car oil is not suitable because it is created for water-cooled engines. 2T oil is just right for air-cooled engines. Some major brands also produce special oils for their own engines.

Four-stroke engines in gasoline trimmers are encountered much less frequently, due to the fact that they are heavier and more expensive than two-stroke engines. But such equipment is quieter, more economical and produces fewer harmful exhaust emissions. For a four-stroke motor there is no need to prepare a fuel mixture, because the mechanism runs on pure gasoline. oil is also used, but it is not mixed with fuel, filled into a separate container, does not burn and serves only for correct engine operation.

Cutting equipment

Petrol-driven trimmers use trimmer line (cord) or cutting blades and disks.

A filament reel can be installed on any grass trimmer. The recommended filament diameter is always written in the instruction manual. The cord is convenient for mowing grass near trees, fences, walls. the line is good for cutting dense grass that does not have thick stems.

The cord feeding system can be semi-automatic or automatic. Semi-automatic is more common: on the bottom of the spool there is a button, pressing which adjusts the length of the protruding ends of the line. The automatic system assumes feeding at each start of the motor.

Almost all gasoline grass trimmers are equipped with blades and cutting discs. Exception to this are only certain models with less power (up to 700 W).

Blades can be metal or plastic. A knife is good for cutting bulrushes, burdocks, thorny grass with thick stems, and for trimming bushes, but it is not a universal tool. The blade must not be used where there is construction debris, where stones or metal parts hidden in the grass can be caught. This greatly increases the risk of damaging the gearbox. It is much more convenient and safer to mow in places difficult to reach near trees, fences, walls and greenhouses with a fishing line.


Boom can be straight or curved, have a collapsible or monolithic design. Telescopic outriggers are not used on chain saws.

Grass trimmers with a curved boom are a bit more comfortable to handle, but the rotation from motor to gearbox is transferred to them by means of a flexible cable. Such a system is not well adapted to high loads and is short-lived. Straight boom models, where torque is transmitted through a rigid transmission shaft, are better suited to intensive use.

Grass trimmers with a collapsible rod are easier to store and transport in the car, but this design is less common because it does not always guarantee a high margin of safety. Models with a solid shaft are better suited to high loads and are more durable.


Gearbox is a module consisting of two bevel gears that transmit rotation from the engine to the cutting head. Gearbox gears need periodic lubrication. Critical moving parts break down much quicker if not lubricated. Lubrication hole is located above the rotary nozzle assembly.

The hood

The cutting attachment of the grass trimmer is always protected by a guard (skirt). The shroud protects the operator by preventing debris and small rocks from flying around. On the hood there is usually a cutter. a sharp knife, which removes the excess length of the fishing line.


Since gasoline grass trimmers rarely weigh less than 4 pounds, special straps with fasteners and clasps help distribute the load. Belts can be shoulder or backpack type. Shank ones distribute the load more efficiently and are considered the preferred option.

Looking for where to buy a gasoline-type grass trimmer, do not forget to consider the topography of your area. Terrain with difficult terrain puts forward higher requirements in terms of technical parameters, cutting equipment and equipment. A machine with an extended nozzle set is the best choice.

Due to this set, the tool can be used as:

It doesn’t hurt to buy a grass trimmer with a built-in overheat lock system, because in a complex landscape, the lawn will need more time to get the desired result. Such designs have a special sensor that monitors the temperature of the engine and gives a signal to automatically shut off if this indicator has exceeded the permissible norm.

Benzotrimmer with extended attachments. perfect for difficult terrain

Some modifications have a system of turning cutting elements, which facilitates work in difficult terrain. Such a tool costs much more, and due to the presence of rollers or wheels, which significantly ease the load, the price increases even more.

Useful tip! Do not buy a low-power line grass trimmer, if its characteristics are not enough to cope with the care of the area with complex terrain. Such savings are questionable and will not bring the desired result. Even if you can not afford to make an expensive purchase, there are always trade-offs, or you can wait for the sale of gasoline trimmers in connection with the end of the season or the renewal of the range.

Advantages of the semiprofessional gasoline trimmer Echo SRM-2655SI (L)

This model of garden tool belongs to the universal designs in the category of semi-professional gasoline mowers. This means that the grass trimmer can be used for the upkeep of plots of up to 25 acres, regardless of the nature of the vegetation and relief features.

Translucent walls of the Echo SRM-2655SI(L) tank allow you to monitor the fuel level without having to look inside

Engine is powerful enough to allow the operator to easily cut tall grass, dead wood, weeds and brushwood with the grass trimmer. Such capabilities will be useful not only to owners of summer cottages, but also will be useful in agricultural work, as well as in the activities of housing and communal services.

  • Translucent tank sides which allow you to check the fuel level without having to open the lid and look inside;
  • rotary carburetor;
  • Easy engine start system.

The rotary carburetor allows you to cope with difficult terrain. Tool position can be changed depending on the terrain. The only disadvantage of the design was that the mounting system was not straightforward.

STIHL FS 55 gasoline trimmer features

The STIHL FS 55 petrol-driven ride-on mower is ideal for large areas and terrain. It is often used in forestry. High performance trimmer makes mowing grass and bushes easy.

The STIHL FS 55 grass trimmer is characterized by a fairly low noise impact, as well as reduced emissions into the environment

Power is supplied via flexible shaft concealed in the boom. A mix of oil and gasoline is used as fuel. Total weight of the construction is 5.1 kg.

Please note! An anti-vibration system is integrated into the trimmer for more convenience. It dampens the negative effects of vibrations that are generated during operation of the powerful engine.

This modification of gasoline grass trimmer has a comfortable shoulder strap that facilitates the process of holding the tool in the weight, evenly distributes the load and eliminates fatigue.

Many homeowners prefer to buy STIHL gasoline trimmers for landscaping. With a two-stroke engine and steel blade, it’s easy to manage your lawn. over, the cutting set of the tool includes a line for trimmer.

The advantage of this model is that the working grass trimmer makes little noise and emits a minimal amount of exhaust.

Process of cutting the grass with a powerful petrol grass trimmer

Champion T233 Grass Mower Technical features

Budget grass mower T233 from Chinese Champion is popular enough on the market of consumers. This brand was born in USA and produces time-tested reliable equipment. For this reason, all Champion gasoline grass trimmers customer reviews are mostly positive.

Many users note the particularly comfortable upside-down handle in this model. This D-shaped design element is turned upward with its semi-circular part. Due to this ergonomic design, the tool can be tilted as desired in order to effectively treat slopes and other difficult terrain shapes on the site.

Huter GGT-2500T

  • engine power: 3.3 л.с.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 1.2 л
  • Mowing width: 26 cm
  • grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 2.40mm
  • weight: 7 kg

Ideal for gardening and professional use. Inexpensive but productive grass trimmer with a powerful 2500 watt gasoline engine. Air-cooled for reliable continuous operation over long periods of time. Comes with a semi-automatic feeder reel, three-blade blade.

  • The 0.7 liter capacity tank is made of durable, translucent plastic that makes it easy to keep track of fuel levels;
  • Convenient operation due to control on the handle;
  • Vibration damping system;
  • Electronic ignition provides fast startup;
  • Relatively low cost;
  • Telescopic boom.

PATRIOT PT 553 (11)

  • fuel capacity: 3 liters.с.
  • fuel tank capacity: 1.1 л
  • cutting width: 44 cm
  • grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 2.40 mm
  • weight: 7 kg

Excellent grass trimmer for the grass, which is only slightly inferior to the previous model. The clever design of the machine ensures easy maintenance due to easy access to the spark plug and air filter. The brushcutter has many advantages:

  • Forged shaft provides durability grass trimmer;
  • Convenience of work at the expense of regulation of the U-shaped handle;
  • Includes shoulder strap;
  • The line feed is semi-automatic;
  • Vibration dampening system helps reduce fatigue during operation;
  • Soft start system without jerks Easy Start.


Kruger gasoline grass trimmer is great for mowing grass, weeds, shrubs, young tree shoots. Rubber-coated handle with anti-slip grip and controls. Height adjustable handle can be adjusted. Also, Kruger Grass Trimmer is equipped with a shoulder strap that reduces strain on the spine. The volume of the tank is 1.5 liters, so you do not need to fill the device often.

  • Soft start function;
  • A protective guard, which prevents the blade from breaking when it collides with hard objects;
  • Corrosion- and damage-resistant metal housing;
  • compact size.

Sturm! BT8942D

  • Engine power: 1.81 л.с.
  • fuel tank capacity: 1.1 л
  • cutting width: 41 cm
  • Grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade
  • weight: 7,7 kg

High performance and versatility are key features of the Grass Trimmer. Efficient at both lawn mowing and shrubbery removal. Shock-resistant gearbox. it keeps the mechanics safe even if the blade hits a stone.

  • Engine pistons are coated with hard chrome;
  • Low volume during operation;
  • Always ready to work thanks to the return mechanism, which automatically puts the starter in the starting position;
  • Vibration-isolating handle coating reduces stress on the hands when working;
  • Comes with comfortable shoulder strap.

Champion T433-2

  • capacity of an internal combustion engine: 1.7 л.с.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.95 л
  • Mowing width: 40 cm
  • Grass trimmer cutting attachment: trimmer line and blade, 3 mm trimmer line
  • weight: 8.3 kg

Powerful and robust low-cost grass trimmer is more ergonomic than previous model. equipped with a U-shaped handle for easy operation. Sharp metal disc with 40 carbide tines is installed as a cutter.

  • Air-cooled, allows the engine to run continuously for long periods;
  • Collapsible boom for easy transport and storage;
  • The manual fuel blower makes starting up easy and quick;
  • It comes with a shoulder strap, spark plug and hex keys, as well as an additional cutting tool. a fishing line for the trimmer;
  • Special blade guard protects the operator from grass flying out from under the blade.

Advantages and disadvantages of a gasoline grass trimmer compared to an electric trimmer

There are two varieties of trimmers: gasoline and electric. Either of them has advantages and disadvantages in relation to each other.

  • Easy to maintain and easy to use.
  • Reliability. Gasoline grass trimmer can work nonstop for a day. It will not get hot during this period and can provide the user with the perfect implementation of all goals in all conditions.
  • High efficiency. The power of the gasoline tool allows the user to work even in hard-to-reach places. Electric grass trimmers are not as powerful, so not all vegetation can be mowed.
  • No hassle to move the machine anywhere. A gasoline-powered grass trimmer does not depend on an outlet and wires, unlike an electric trimmer.

Despite the positives, there are also disadvantages of using a gasoline grass trimmer:

  • Noise and strong vibrations during work with a gasoline-powered trimmer. Electric trimmers have lower noise.
  • Pollution of the environment. The gasoline tool generates a lot of emissions during operation, which cannot be said about the electric tool.
  • Cost. The gasoline trimmer is more expensive, as it has a higher capacity in contrast to the electric trimmer.

When choosing between a gasoline and electric trimmer, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the device. This will help you choose the most appropriate tool for your specific needs.

When selecting the best gasoline trimmer for the grass, it is worth having a clear idea for what purposes it is needed. For the right choice of trimmer for grass, you need to assess the site and the nature of the work that will be carried out there. And thanks to the rating of the best gasoline trimmers, it will be even easier to do.

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