What can be cut out of plywood with a hand jigsaw

Sawing out of plywood with a hand jigsaw requires attention and time. The result is beautiful and practical products.

What can be made of plywood: interesting ideas, drawings, blueprints

A hand saw is used to work the material to create decorative elements. As a result of wood, plywood, plastic are created handicrafts, which have practical application and aesthetic value.

Figure sawing is a fascinating hobby that brings practical, moral and material benefits. From plywood and wooden blanks you can make:

  • candy vase;
  • a basket;
  • A table stand for postcards;
  • fixture;
  • rack in the hallway, living room;
  • photo frame;
  • needleboard;
  • loaf;
  • panel;
  • candlestick;
  • coaster for hot food, for eggs;
  • casket.

Beginners for carving can choose easy drawings, simple schemes, drawings of handicrafts, sketches, which have a pleasant appearance. After mastering the technique of sawing, you can try your hand at jewelry models with openwork fragments.

Using a jigsaw, you can make casings for home design. The variety of sketches allows you to create this element, which will provide an artistic decoration of the interior. By shaped carving, you can make crafts out of wood.

Saw beautiful decorative elements can be made of plywood. Using stencils for the jigsaw, it is easy to make picture frames, mirrors and much more from blanks. Handmade will complement the design of the room, will emphasize the chosen style.

General Information

The jigsaw is a tool specifically designed for sawing out of plywood sheeting contours of varying complexity. This is made possible by the fine serrations on the working part of the tool. If the master has enough experience, they help to achieve a perfectly even cut without burrs.

This tool can be handheld or electric. In the past, sawing with a hand jigsaw was the only way to make carved plywood products, now electric tools open up an even greater field of activity. There are even jigsaws with a laser bar.

Sawing is performed on plywood. This material was not chosen in vain, because it is moisture resistant, resistant to sharp temperature fluctuations, inexpensive, easy to use. Besides, the weight of plywood pieces is low.

How to transfer images on the surface of the workpiece

In order to draw the outline on the surface of your plywood or wood workpiece, print the template itself on fairly heavy paper.

If you draw the pattern ornament with a pencil, then the transfer of the drawing from your A4 layout can cause various troubles.

Therefore, for the application of complex patterns and the contours themselves should use auxiliary methods.

In one of these ways copy paper is used.

The first thing to do when using this method is to place a tracing paper on the workpiece.

After the top is placed a template, and then just trace the lines. The template can be glued to the workpiece with a double-sided adhesive tape.

But you can also use a regular glue. However, in this case it is necessary to qualitatively clean the entire surface with sandpaper.

The following method of drawing the contour on the workpiece is more accessible. After all, it uses a stencil that is made with ordinary manicure scissors.

First there is preparation, and then the template is attached to the surface of plywood or wood workpiece and simply outlined with a pencil.

For greater convenience and quality application sheet fasten with masking tape or duct tape. Also, if desired, the drawing can be applied thermally instead of with a pencil. For this purpose an inkjet printer is used. With his help print out a scheme.

Then the printed design is attached to the surface of the material from which the handicraft is cut out, and processed with a preheated iron.

Work stages

Work on sawing with a jigsaw on wood takes place according to a certain scheme, several stages are observed.


Begin with the inspection of the plywood. it must be flat, without knots and nicks. It must be dry, without peeling or bloating.

Then create a sketch of the work. the stencil is attached with tape or buttons to the surface. At the beginnings and ends of lines, at key points and intersections make punctures. Complex designs and patterns are transferred to plywood through copying.

When transferring the pattern should take into account the direction of the fibers. cuts should be perpendicular to them.

Jigsawing with a hand jigsaw

The hand-held jigsaw is held by the handle, straight, with the saw perpendicular to the surface. When working, do not force the tool down on the surface. the pressure should be minimal. Movements should be smooth, without effort. the tool plunges downwards practically under its own weight. When moving the jigsaw upwards, sawdust is ejected, so do not bring the surface close to your face.

Basic concepts needed to start working with the hand jigsaw.

Sawing with the jigsaw

The work takes place according to certain rules:

  • the saw blade is attached to the tool when it is switched off;
  • Before work, the tool is adjusted. the frequency and amplitude of blade movement is selected;
  • sketches are fixed at eye level. The workplace should be equipped so that when you work, your hands and back do not fall asleep;
  • Sawing out the contour of the piece;
  • the jigsaw moves smoothly, without strong pressure and jerks;
  • for through cuts drill a hole and then insert the jigsaw blade there;
  • For saws at an angle, the jigsaw platform is shifted to the desired angle;
  • to cut a circle, turn off the pendulum motion, drill a hole for the saw, and work with the compass holder.

Work techniques

Externally, the process of making plywood figures is simple: enough to cut out on a stencil favorite pattern, and then paint it. But, as in any work, there are subtleties, knowledge of which will help avoid annoying mistakes. For the result to bring satisfaction, it is necessary to remember the following nuances:

  • If the sawing contour is quite complex (many curved areas), it is better to buy plywood of the 1st or 2nd grade. This will exclude accidents that complicate the work: increased flexibility of the sheet or its cracking.
  • The optimal thickness of the sheet. As a rule, 18-20 mm thick plywood is chosen. If the figure is set, you can use material of different thicknesses; the product will gain volume and look more effective.
  • Excessive moisture. It is better to dry the plywood before starting work. It will become more malleable, it will be easier to work, and it is less often necessary to change the removable saw blades on the jigsaw.
  • Work site equipment. The most comfortable working conditions will provide a specialized carpentry workbench, but you can do without it. At home, a piece of timber fixed to a table can be a practical substitute. It will successfully serve as a base for fixing the jigsaw and a platform for other tools.

Tools are used for different processes:

  • Electric jigsaw. Use it for sawing out the largest pieces.
  • Manual jigsaw. Used for sawing smaller and more complex parts by hand. Inexperienced master will be more convenient to work with a jigsaw, the saw which has large teeth and a thick band. For sawing small complex fragments more suitable tool with fine teeth and a thin band, but it is more difficult to manage, and in the hands of an inexperienced person it can break.
  • Drill or awl. Needed for making holes and drilling out parts that a jigsaw can’t handle. A fine drill bit will help smooth out shaped elements.
  • Band saw. For artistic work, it is not often used; mainly if the sheets are thick, and the blanks for the garden figurine are large enough.

To make your garden figurine happy for your neighbors and guests as long as possible, you need to protect it from atmospheric moisture. Use staining, staining, oil and waxing, and varnishing for this. A plywood figure will be successfully protected with one or two coats of paint.

Before applying a decorative layer of paint, plywood is prepared. To do this, the material is sanded and primed with, for example, acrylic varnish. The coating will look smooth and beautiful on the smoothed surface.

What can be cut out of plywood with a hand jigsaw

Artistic sawing from plywood is a type of amateur art. It allows you to create a variety of artistic home products. The material for

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What can be cut out of plywood with a hand saw

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