What can be done on a laser machine?

Laser carving. making fantastic beauty and complexity of items from paper or wood. The photo shows one of the works by Eric Standley, who creates stained glass from many layers of colored paper

Cutting material is the most common use of laser equipment. Machines that use the laser beam as a cutting tool can be found in metal and wood processing, jewelry making, advertising, dental prosthetics, the production of packaging and rubber gaskets, shoe and sewing shops and many other industrial sectors. Leading the way in a far from complete list of products that are manufactured on laser machines are:

  • entrance and interior doors;
  • souvenirs;
  • elements of external and internal advertising constructions;
  • plywood or cardboard puzzles;
  • toys and items for interior decor from felt, fleece, cardboard and plywood;
  • covers for upholstered furniture and automobiles;
  • parts for automobile and aircraft modeling.

It should be specified that there are two types of laser equipment (we are talking about machines which are widely used in industry). Carbon dioxide or CO2 lasers are used when working with any non-metal group materials and an extremely limited range of metals (brass and aluminum). Fiber laser machines are used to efficiently cut and engrave metal surfaces.

Engraving of glasses, key chains, plates

It is the most popular trend and has a very wide range of possibilities. We can make beautiful decorations of glasses and dishes for a holiday, as a gift or for a business event, we make key chains for hotels and keys for personal use, signs for office doors and shopping malls. Engraving fluorescent plexiglass, for example, gives a very beautiful result!

These birch wall clocks from Anthropologie are made from solid wood blanks and add a natural yet geometric aesthetic.

What kind of laser machines are available

It makes no sense to wonder if you need to open a sole proprietorship for this business, if you have not yet decided on the equipment.

Machines fall into the following categories:

  • Desktop equipment. Power not more than 80W. In terms of size it is a small machine. If you have a workroom, garage and mini-shop with a modest footprint, an option is good. The tabletop model is right for you if you plan to actively work with miniature parts. Surface area of the equipment is small. All fairly modest, but the price tag is not angry. a medium model can be purchased for 50-55 thousand.
  • Professional equipment. Under this category fall machines with power of at least 180 watts. Maximum. approximately 195 watts. If you want to engage in the production of souvenir category of products. your choice. These models perfectly cope with cutting plywood, used at furniture factories. The price tag. 150-200 thousand.
  • Industrial equipment. Maximum power. 3 kW. In fact, it is a large-scale production facility. Such equipment can not be placed in a tiny garage. Large workshops purchase similar models. At the initial stages of business industrial machine tool is useless. First, a good model costs around 500 thousand. Secondly, the machine makes sense to buy if the products are made in huge batches, which are very far from small businesses.

What’s the bottom line? Small or medium-sized businesses do not require expensive CNC machines. Totally unreasonable monetary waste.

It is best to provide such business services on a universal machine. It is suitable for processing metal, wood, plywood and even stone. But universal machines have a serious worth buying a universal variant only if you are sure that you will be fruitful in this field.

If you buy a desktop or professional machine, it comes with nice bonuses:

  • Chiller. words. cooler). It is important to keep the temperature of the machine at an adequate level, especially when the equipment is in operation for long periods of time. Chiller reduces the temperature during machine operation. Such a supplement is a pump in which water is constantly running, and as a consequence the system is cooled. You can also buy a cooler separately for any laser machine. But the chiller costs in the area of 25-30 thousand.
  • Blower system. It saves from sophisticated charring of the pattern and edges of products.

If the budget is very small, you can put aside the well-known brands, large stores and go in search of a machine for laser cutting, which is produced by some Chinese company that exists in the market recently. But it’s already a lottery. You can not predict how long the machine will serve, and you can not rely on a guarantee.

If we talk about worthy brands with products not the best, but adequate quality, it is worth looking at machines from the company “ESAB”, “Bystronic” or “Trumpf”. The advantage of products from such brands is that they are not afraid of excessive moisture, power outages, etc. The cheapest models from Chinese manufacturers are afraid of such factors. When the budget allows, it is worth to consider machines with a modern automated control system. Such devices are produced, as a rule, in Japan. Take a closer look at the brands “Koike” or “Mazak”.

About Dreams, Laser Machines, Hard Truth and Hope. Part 1.

To all of you who decided to read this post, I strongly welcome! I warn you right away, that I would not think then considered a malicious advertiser who is trying to promote his firm that this post does not carry any advertising and does not seek to attract new customers ๐Ÿ™‚ All that is written below is purely personal IMHO author, his story and his thoughts, no more and no less ๐Ÿ™‚

WARNING. lots of letters, pictures and explanations of things that aren’t interesting to 99% of the users, and worst of all. the POST DOES NOT INCLUDE CUTTINGS!!

First, a little bit about how it all started. Back in 2014 (well, it’s been about three years), I started thinking about getting a laser machine. The thing is, my friends have a small business and they constantly needed to cut paper, qualitatively and at the same time. In small batches (no more than 100 items). If any reader is familiar with printing, he understands that the production of the same envelopes or postcards with carved patterns in printing houses is carried out with the help of “cutting”, that is, a special stamp is ordered, which looks like this (photo is taken from the Internet, I do not claim to be the author):

With this technology you can produce large runs and very cheap, because the price of the stamp in the price of 10000 products becomes very low. BUT! When you have a circulation of up to 100 products, the cost of making a stamp becomes very tangible and the products are “gold”.

My friends in the beginning tried to cut it by hand, but it was hell ๐Ÿ™‚ It took 2 working days to make a batch of 80 pieces (envelopes). After the next such order, and I was involved in that too (who can refuse a good beer) and the subsequent heated discussion, the guys decided to buy a cutting plotter, this one:

Yes, in the beginning, such a decision seemed logical, especially firm-seller assured me that the plotter would cut 300 g/m2 paper without any problem. storytellers ๐Ÿ™‚ No, of course he was cutting, but about the quality you could safely forget. The explanation was quite simple. These plotters are primarily designed for cutting the self-adhesive film. In order to cut the paper, it had to be glued to a special plastic substrate with a special glue, which was sprayed on the substrate from a spray gun. As a result, the weight of the paper plus the weight of the substrate plus the weak rollers. All this led to the fact that during the cutting of long contours, when the plotter drags the sheet back and forth (just cutting an envelope) micro slippage occurred and the contour did not close. And if you increase the downforce. the paper at the places where the rollers passed was so sticking to the substrate that when you tried to remove the cut part, some of the paper remained on the substrate, in general. the product would go to waste ๐Ÿ™‚

But despite all these drawbacks, the guys suffered, stung and continued to gnaw on the katkus continued to work on this cutting plotter. Actually, during another beer party we came up with the idea of needing a laser, and since they’re creative guys, I’ll do it and they’ll order cutting from me. It was my infinite optimism or the amount of beer I drank, but I agreed to this scam and I WANTED IT ๐Ÿ™‚

The first thing I did was to look into purchasing an off-the-shelf laser machine, since Aliexpress was already selling them extensively. When I saw the price for a machine tool with a working area of 60×40 (less is not an option, the paper is like that, it requires space), I shed a stingy man’s tear and began to think hard about building a home-built machine. On one of the forums dedicated to this business, I was advised that a man who brought from China ready-made kits, they say, just add water and you will be happy with a laser machine, with an impressive working area of 60×40 cm and for the ridiculous money of 700.

Well, the risk is noble and I decided to buy. I actually received the kit, which consists of mechanics, mirrors, electronics and even a 40W laser tube. With awe and awe I unpacked this miracle of Chinese thought, already anticipating how much money I would earn on this machine, because you can cut paper, plywood, acrylic, engraving, and so on and so forth! After all, the Chinese and sellers in Russia will not lie in their YouTube videos. The case was assembled, all the mechanics were placed in it and hurray, first run. successful. Yes, the machine worked at the first attempt and I even managed to set it off (set up mirrors in such a way that the laser beam hits the exact center of the lens in any place of the working field). And then the disappointment began. The kit was a piece of crap. ะพ. No, it was more or less possible to slowly and sadly cut plywood and acrylic and engrave on it. but for cutting paper the machine was not suitable. In order to cut the paper without crumbling, i.e. the cut was not darkened, you needed to cut at maximum speed, the faster the better. the better. Later on I got the proof by experiment, that the good result is reached when the speed is 150 mm/sec and higher. My machine gave at best a speed of 60 mm/s and the cutting was terrible, in the places of rounding, changes in the direction of the head, there was a “herringbone” and other artifacts. Now I know that this was due to the fact that the mechanical component itself is stupid could not give the quality that I needed. It was loose, it rattled, it was crooked and slanted. And the most important thing was that on one side of the Y axis to move the shaft, and on the other side. just a roller that was riding in a groove. Just so you understand, here’s a couple

It all started with the fact that I really wanted a laser engraver. Buy it in Russia is not very smart, because the price is bent as much as 3-4 times higher than at Ali, predolagaya for this “fantastic” service and adjustment. So I found the cheapest laser engraver on Ali, very cheap, even compared to the Chinese.

I figured out why it was so cheap when the machine was shattered and had a cracked laser tube. Claims, long arguments, all that and the seller sends me a new tube, lens and mirrors. While I was arguing and waiting for the parcel I ordered a tube with good reviews from another friend, and it came phenomenally fast and well packed.

Cleaned the mirrors from the Chinese prints, put in a new tube, tightened the screws, threw out the extra parts, adjusted, tuned and here we go ).

I engraved everything from rocks.

This doll’s rocking chair is 30cm long

After making something similar to the product, I got the genius idea in my head and why not sell it all). Because I took the characters from an expensive cartoon, I decided to do the right thing and get in touch with the rights holders, more exactly with the mighty Hasbro. After some time of chiseling in their contacts I got a call from a Russian representative, who condescendingly praised their beautiful work and announced that working with them costs 25,000,000 minimum. The rudiments of a successful entrepreneur in me faded like the love of a 14-year-old teenager who learned that Tokio Hotel were boys.

“Images / View Images / Disappointment.jpg”

Not getting discouraged I decided to do something else. After searching through the thematic forums for something similar, I realized that most of the guys stole some elementary models from those forums and cut them up in large quantities ยฉ

Knowing a bit about vector graphics, I decided to do something original instead of copying all the free stuff that the laser cutting guru was kind enough to show to newbies. Here began the search for this original.

The first, as it seemed to me, the original came out of my caliper.

Now I’m provided with gifts for all my friends). By attaching a vinyl magnet to it, it became a fridge magnet.

Then, I suddenly felt an unbearable urge to use a rubber grip and recklessly turned to CNC forums for that. I wasn’t satisfied with the models I had on display, so I decided to start from scratch, using a real gun and some mechanics I thought best suited for my task. It came out like this.

What can be done on a laser machine?

People who want to engage in a new activity, to start a profitable business or to realize their creative potential should pay attention to such equipment as a machine for laser metal cutting.

The machine is a functional and practical tool that can be used to perform a large number of processes and create various parts, products and goods for sale or home use.

The advantage of laser cutting machines will be the ability to process not only metal components made of different alloys, but also other materials. wood, plastic, leather, textiles, paper and cardboard, glass and others with equal efficiency.

The following products and processes can be created on a laser machine:

Production of serial or original carved components for the interior design of houses and apartments, catering and entertainment facilities, park and garden areas is carried out with the help of cutting technologies. Loading a project of any complexity, you can get a great result. precisely, accurately and evenly created cuts with the transfer of the smallest elements and openwork patterns on the surfaces of any material.

Cutting is an opportunity to create various products from metal. spare parts for different machines and mechanisms, tools for processing wood, metal, work with jewelry, to provide the medical field with the necessary consumables. prostheses and tools.

Cutting with a laser machine makes it possible to produce such categories of products:

  • souvenirs from different components. with the accuracy of transmission of realistic objects, landscapes, animals and other objects;
  • details for mounting furniture and advertising outdoor canvases and stands;
  • creation of plastic or wooden puzzles, construction sets for children, toys;
  • elements of decor for rooms. made of wood, leather, fabric;
  • stencils for the sewing industry.

The manifestation of imagination of the master and a detailed study of the functionality of a particular machine opens up a lot of space for imagination and production of goods, products of national and industrial consumption.

Using a laser engraver is another way to use a machine with a laser of a certain power. The advantages of using such equipment are:

  • Accurate, clear and even application of the necessary pictures, inscriptions and images, even with the presence of small patterns and details;
  • Items created this way are resistant to aggressive exposure to chemicals or mechanical impact and last a long time without losing their original appearance;
  • Wide range of applications for processing and decorating different products. watches, stationery, lighters, bags, wallets. Jewelry, knives, daggers and other kinds of weapons can also be decorated with inscriptions or drawings.

The possibility to complement the machine with tools and devices allows effectively and without problems to process products of any size and shape for various applications.

Another technological process that can be performed using this type of equipment is marking. The need to print the corresponding information on the characteristics of the product arises in companies that produce serial goods made of different solid materials.

laser, machine

Laser machine provides the laser impact to remove the metal layer of certain characteristics in order to create clear and understandable numbers, letters and the code, which designates a specific part.

Labeling metal goods with these machines allows you not to worry about the preservation of the inscription for further identification of the product, model, expiration date, manufacturing company and area of application.

Such inscriptions do not wear off and remain in a perfect and readable condition for years.

Another process of working with metal parts that can be quickly, conveniently and efficiently performed on a laser machine is drilling.

Laser beam machine is an excellent tool for creating a large number of exactly the same holes in a short period of time.

The advantage of this approach is the possibility of creating holes of different depths and diameters with a single tool.

The cutting points do not need to be further processed. the surface of metal or other material is smooth, even, without defects, which will accelerate the production of goods.

laser, machine

By downloading a template or a sketch of the future product into the software, it is possible to start the automated production of batches of any size, with a minimum of manual processes.

Products created, machined or perfected with laser beams are distinguished by a high level of quality, the precision of all the smallest parameters and the speed of production of the required elements.


Equipment for material processing by impacting the material with a focused high-temperature beam has become one of the most popular and in-demand over the past five to ten years. The distinctive features of laser machines are their almost absolute accuracy, high speed of the beam, contact-free machining, constant excellent quality, quietness, waste-free production, no need for tool change and sharpening. It is also very important to mention the fully automated operation of the equipment, which works independently, obeying the commands laid down in a special program. CNC machines do not require much human intervention: lay out the material on the work table, load the program into the machine and start its execution. After that it is enough to monitor the work process.

Laser processing equipment is versatile and multi-functional. It is purchased for cutting, shape cutting, marking and engraving wood, fabrics, plastics, rubber, leather, paper, foam rubber, linoleum, and other surfaces of varying degrees of hardness. A rich assortment of raw materials suitable for use allows the use of laser equipment in all spheres, somehow related to the manufacture of goods made of these materials. Advertising, furniture manufacturing, fabric cutting, souvenir production, interior decorating and production of packaging containers made of ordinary and corrugated cardboard take priority positions in the list.

Five of the most popular groups of products on a laser CNC machine

When talking about the most common uses for laser machines, it is almost impossible to identify the single items that are most in demand. Rather, these will be categories generalized by material. The top five include:

One of the leaders in machine tool sales, Top3dshop, told us that plywood is one of the favorite materials among laser owners. It is used for both cutting and engraving. It is durable, environmentally friendly, and acquires a beautiful darkened outline in the beam area.

  • Various boxes and gift wrapping, which can have a classic shape or be completely arbitrary, such as in the form of a cannon, barrel, chest, etc. ะด.;
  • Prefabricated models of cars, planes, naval equipment, architectural structures, dinosaurs, animals, furniture, etc. In fact, these toys are a construction set, from which you can gather a three-dimensional figure. The kits are designed for all age groups and can contain from ten to several hundred elements;
  • Doll’s houses with furniture. The principle of their creation and assembly is similar to the production of construction kits, but these products are still placed in a separate category, as it is a whole direction with its own specialists in interior design, architecture, etc. ะด. Some authors’ models are real high-rise masterpieces with an electric elevator and light bulbs burning in the chandeliers;
  • Screen walls and other room zoning elements. Due to the extremely small diameter of the laser and the fact that it is moved by software and not by a person, the beam is able to cut outlines of exceptional complexity from plywood. Screens and partitions, decorated with Celtic patterns, nature motifs and other images, turn from an ordinary plywood sheet into exclusive design objects and transform rooms;
  • nameplates and frames. Such products are made simply by cutting or they are additionally decorated by engraving. Schilds are door signs, so their range in the laser production is truly infinite. They can be made in business and corporate style, can be given any shape, decorated with humorous inscriptions to be placed at the entrance to the bathhouse, etc. ะด. As for the frames for photos, pictures and drawings, their design is not limited by anything at all.

Transparent and matt plastic creates the illusion of 3d-technology, which can be called another favorite material for laser processing.

  • advertising business. for external and internal advertising inscriptions, figures and names of commercial and other objects. Plastic is a lightweight and easy-to-laser-process material and therefore especially popular with advertisers. Besides, it transmits light very well thanks to what it looks especially spectacular at night if you place backlighting elements inside a construction;
  • production of exhibition and demonstration stands. These can be shelves, holders, multi-level organizers of different shapes and other surfaces and cells for placement of cosmetics, nail polish, perfume, jewelry, watches, etc. ะด. Such products are made of transparent acrylic, which allows a comprehensive view of the goods placed on it and unpretentious in care;
  • souvenirs and gifts, cut out of transparent acrylic, look light and airy, and engraving on their surface as if floating in weightlessness.

Working with paper is mainly engaged in representatives of handmade direction. Cards, business cards, invitations and different figures intended for creation of festive atmosphere in interiors are cut out of it with small laser machines.

As in the case of paper, work with felt also prefer mostly creative people who produce products in small and medium volumes. It can be applications, coasters for kitchen accessories, blanks for sewing toys, jewelry, bags, and many other charming things.

Self-adhesive vinyl rounds out the top five most frequently used materials in laser nesting. The thin, but strong film is rich in colors and has a high-quality glue layer, so it holds well not only on smooth, but also on rough surfaces. It is used in creating stickers, souvenirs, children’s stickers, advertising inscriptions, as route signs and to inform about fire exits, to decorate rooms, etc. ะด.

What can be done with a laser machine

There are a lot of options for use, because this equipment is considered versatile in terms of manufacturing capabilities. They are most widely used for the following tasks:


The laser has long been used as a cutting material. In many industries, it is used to cut materials. Machines are used in factories that produce seals, packaging, containers. They are indispensable in sewing and shoe shops, in manufacturing dentures.

  • interior items;
  • entrance doors, interior doors;
  • souvenirs;
  • parts for aviation, automotive, machine tools, furniture industry;
  • elements of outdoor or interior advertising;
  • wooden, cardboard puzzles, etc.

They can be used to cut any material of varying thickness.


Laser allows to get clear and accurate inscriptions, images, which do not lose their decorative effect during the entire period of operation. They are impervious to water, abrasion, chemicals. The laser engraver is computer controlled to produce sharp images with maximum detail. This technology is used in manufacturing:

  • souvenir products: watches, lighters, stationery, figurines, etc.;
  • jewelry;
  • stamps, seals;
  • Leather accessories;
  • decorative objects.

Both flat and three-dimensional surfaces can be engraved.


Like engraving, it produces clear, easy-to-read, indelible and non-erasable inscriptions. Marking equipment is compact and is accompanied by specialized computer software with a large base of fonts. Finds application at production enterprises of various profiles.


The laser beam produces perfectly flat and precise holes of any diameter. They can be both through and go into the material to the required depth. Laser drilling is widely used in radio electronics, watch manufacturing, jewelry manufacturing. It is well-proven in work with small parts.


Laser welding is used to produce firm, permanent joints of parts of any size and thickness. This technology is widely used in the manufacture of electronic products, instrumentation, watch and jewelry production, radio electronics, mechanics, medicine and other industries.

LLS company offers laser machines of HGTECH brand (Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd). Equipment is represented by a wide model range, allowing a choice of variants for future work. All machines are new, certified. Orders are shipped to any regions of Russia and abroad in the required quantity.

Our specialists will tell you in more detail what to do on the laser machine, note the peculiarities of each process, scope of application, working rules, provide related information. They also help to find the right model for every customer. Call us or send us an online inquiry.

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