Patriot motor cultivators. Lineup, characteristics, owners’ reviews

Consumers know many brands producing various garden equipment. cultivators, motoblocks, lawn mowers. The American company Patriot produces equipment in China, Italy under the control of its own specialists. Their products have been in greatest demand over the years.

The use of Patriot cultivators greatly simplifies the work on the cultivation of the soil, the use of a variety of attaching equipment, complete with the cultivator, expands even the capabilities of each owner. What are the Patriot cultivators so attractive among summer residents and gardeners?

  • High performance due to the transmission of chain type.
  • Durability due to the use of the gearbox with worm transmission.
  • The possibility of repairing a collapsible gearbox.
  • High maneuverability of machines thanks to the steering system and the presence of reverse.
  • A spacious fuel tank 2.55-3.6 liters, which allows you to work without refueling for a long time.
  • Special mills of durable alloy steel. do not give in to corrosion, do not dull, they are wear.resistant.
  • Reduced noise during operation.

The lineup

Depending on the purpose, the consumer has a huge selection of various modifications of Patriot cultivators with a capacity of 1.9 liters.With. up to 7 l.With. The company makes cars with a gasoline engine, the most popular versions of Denver, Florida, Oregon, California, Dakota, with an electric motor. Tesla.

Light motor cultivators

The most compact model is the Patriot T2030 Cultivator Denver power of 2.8 liters.With., without reverse, weighing only 15 kg.

This is a great option for loosening a row and weeding weeds. Thanks to a specific anti.vibration system, it is possible to avoid unpleasant sensations during the operation of the cultivator.

Patriot Cultivator Ladoga with a capacity of 4.5 liters.With. capable of treating dense soil. It is equipped with 4 saber-shaped cutters, kromcores, has a wide neck of the fuel tank, adjustable steering wheel. Using an additional wheel, the movement of the machine is facilitated. The mass of the Patriot cultivator is only 30 kg, which allows even women to work comfortably on it.

Average motor cultivators

One of the most famous cultivators is Patriot Arizona. Adjustable processing width up to 58 cm, depth 30 cm, oil level sensor, small weight 42 kg. thanks to the optimal technical parameters, the cultivator is one of the favorite models of summer residents.

Patriot Arizona motor.cultivator Patriot Alaska Motorculture

Cultivator Patriot Garden T 5.0/400F PG Alaska. a low.noise model with a minimum fuel consumption, has proven itself in operation in middle areas. Exceptional technical characteristics complement the small weight of the machine. 31 kg.

Models of cultivators with a capacity of 6.5 liters.With.

This group of motor cultivators includes modifications of Florida, California, Kentukki and Dallas.

Cultivator Patriot T 6.5/900 FB PG Florida provides tillage width 80 cm. The oil level sensor prevents unauthorized engine on.

Patriot T 6.5/800 FB PG California is equipped with a reverse, provides a large cultivation width of 85 cm. at a depth of 26 cm., Effectively performs plowing, harrowing, digging potatoes, loosening heavy soils in large areas.

With a trailer can transport goods. The maneuverable machine is equipped with an electronic ignition, an oil sensor in the crankcase, there is an adjustment of the steering wheel in height.

Cultivator Patriot Garden T 6.5/600FB PG Kentucy has similar characteristics with the previous model, differs only in the lesser soil width. 60 cm.

Gardoculture Garden T 6.5/600FB PG Kentucky Motorotoculture Patriot T 6.5/700 FB PG Dallas

One of the advantages of the Patriot T 6.5/700 FB PG Dallas is high maneuverability when loosening the soil and weed removal. Processing width is 60 cm. at a depth of 20 cm.

Significantly expand the functional potential of the reverse cultivator and the steering system that operates in four positions. If necessary, the operator can move around the working equipment without trampling the soil just processed, but moving parallel to the drive of the machine.

Heavy cultivators

This subgroup includes powerful models with an engine of 7 liters.With., intended for work in areas up to 20 acres. In terms of technical capabilities, the Patriot brand, modifications: Ural, Volga, Nevada, Chicago, victory are not inferior.

The Patriot Oregon motor.cultivator is equipped with a reverse, in configuration with additional units processes areas 85 cm wide.

It has a four.position control system, protective wings, durable carbide cutters.

Patriot cultivator Baikal has high performance, good maneuverability, provides high.quality cultivation of soil 95 cm wide.

For the engine of this Patriot cultivator, timely high.quality lubricant is necessary to prevent parts from rust.

The Patriot T 7/750 2FB PG Dakota-Pro, released by the presence of electronic ignition, a three-speed gearbox-2 front /1 reversal, with a special steel bracket for clutching and loading, has similar characteristics.

Intended for operation in large areas.

Electric cultivator

Reliable assistant in the greenhouse, winter garden, greenhouse. Its capacities of 1.39 kW are enough for loosening and weeding already processed land, easy to control, does not require refueling fuel.

Patriot manufacturer

The brand was founded in the United States 50 years ago, more than 30 years the company has been producing garden equipment. In 2016, the first single.based Patriot tractor was released in his own conveyor.

Already in 2018, the brand confirms the brand title in the manufacture and supply of high.quality cultivators and motoblocks.

After one year, the brand opened more than 340 departments of the service network for servicing its equipment in and near abroad. Currently, the company is constantly modernizing models taking into account the wishes of users.

Only modern equipment is involved in the production process, the quality of the assembly of products meets world standards.

Types of technology

Patriot branded cultivators are available in various configurations, differ in the following criteria.

By type of engine

Consumers can choose the most suitable version of cultivators that have different types of engines:

  • Gasoline. engines with a high power of two.stroke, four.stroke (from 2.8 to 7.0 l/s.). The volume of the fuel tank from 1.2 liters. up to 3.6 l.
  • Electric-light and compact models with an electric engine with a capacity of 1-1.5 kW. With a worm gearbox.

The brand does not produce mechanical options, since the unit will require a lot of physical activity. this is not profitable.

The method of soil processing

Models differ not only by the type of engine and power, but also in the processing method. the width of the processed “strip” of the soil and its depth can be different, and additionally regulated by the operator. Thanks to various modifications of suspension equipment, milling configurations, land can be treated with the following ways:

  • continuous. loosening, cultivation, plowing, preparation of soil for planting;
  • row. for planting potatoes, other vegetables or crops;
  • other special options. hilling, digging up growing crops.

The cultivator is relevant not only on the site in the garden, but also closed greenhouses or greenhouses.

Type of working bodies

Patriot has developed a wide range of additional attachments, which is indispensable in agricultural work:

  • Mills of various shapes (petal, soil.bearing). are designed for plowing, hilling, loosening, or weeding. Soil.freezacraps are cut by ridges for the subsequent planting of vegetables, potatoes.
  • Helpers with adjustment. produce high.quality and quick hidden of the ridge.
  • Potato trailer. designed to digest various root crops at the time of harvesting.

The use of additional hinged equipment simplifies work on a personal plot or in the garden, allows you to perform a large amount of work in a short time.

Device and equipment

Patriot basic configuration contains the following elements:

  • trailer;
  • Soshnik;
  • candle key;
  • wheels;
  • wings for fastening over the wheels;
  • mills;
  • user manual.

Service and start of work

It is allowed to start working with the walk.behind tractor only after studying the instruction manual.

You should start working with the device after assembling, setting up the unit and check the quality of fixing all removable parts.

To refuel the gearbox oil in the Patriot motor block, it is recommended to use any transmission oil, in particular, the manufacturer’s website recommends using Hypoid oil.

For the engine: 4x-tacture semi-synthetic EXPERT SAE 10W-40 or Specific SAE 5W-30, or mineral oil for 4 stroke engines from Supreme HD SAE30.

AI92 brand is recommended gasoline for the engine. Low.quality fuel will lead to a rapid suction of the fuel filter and the need to replace.

4x 4x cell mineral Supreme oil 4x stubborn semi.synthetic SPECIC oil 4x Tactry Semi.Synthetic Expert

Oil replacement recommendations

  • after the first 5 hours of work;
  • further once in the season or every 25-50 mothers;
  • Fuel is allowed to fill only with a cooled engine.

Start work and maintenance

  • Before starting the work of the walk.behind tractor, you need to start the engine and warm it for a couple of minutes. Next, select the desired speed mode and squeeze the clutch lever so that the cutters begin to rotate. The manufacturer advises to use the rear gear only with the aim of performing a walk.behind engineer.
  • At planned technical inspections, it is necessary to check the condition of the fuel filter, if necessary, re.pull the clutch cable, clean all the surfaces of the walk.behind tractor from dirt and vegetation residues.
  • Every 25 hours of operation, you need to check the condition of the spark plug.
  • Once a season, the condition of the drive belts are checked, if necessary, replacement is performed.

Patriot engine engine

One.cylinder engine is reliable, small and consumes little fuel. It is installed on all models. The engine was developed specifically for the walk.behind tracts of this company. As fuel, ordinary AI-92 gasoline is suitable.

It is important to know that oil cannot be added, otherwise you will not only not help the engine, but also break it. The technique is not sensitive to fuel quality, which is also a plus.

The Patriot P175FB gasoline engine is equipped with a cast.iron sleeve. Therefore, the life is more. The power is 7.8, weight. 15 kg, and tank capacity. 3.6 l., engine volume. 220 cm3.


There are two types of gear gear and chain. The first is used on models with a powerful engine. Differs only by the type of adhesion, the resource of work remains high. However, service will take time.

The second type is installed complete with belt clutch. Details are easy to find on the Internet, so the repair will not become a difficult problem.

Running and maintenance

During the start of work, after assembly, it is recommended to operate the one.axle tractor carefully. The first 25 hours of operation do not load the device at full power.

The weight of the cargo transported in the carriage should not exceed 100-105 kg.

Cultivation must be carried out using 4 mills, and not 8. The depth of immersion of the milling cutter should be 10 cm.

After running in, you can increase the depth of work on cutters. If the soil is complex and dense, you can not go through the same site twice, you need to take breaks in work for 15-20 minutes so that the motor cools down.

During the first 25 hours of operation of the Patriot MBP, the engine and transmission are worked out, which is why it is important to monitor the level and quality of the oil.

The manufacturer recommends using the AI92 or AI95 class and Patriot brand oil for motor blocks of the AI92 or AI95 gas (for motor and transmission):

  • Patriot Supreme HD SAE30- Motor;
  • Patriot Expert Sae 10W-40.motor;
  • Patriot Specific SAE 5W-30-motor;
  • Patriot Hypoid transmission.

Transmission oil Hypoid oil 4x Tact Mineral Supreme oil 4x Tact Semi.Synthetic Expert 4x Tact Semosynthetic Specific

Motobobes maintenance Patriot MBP implies the following actions:

  • running-in-the first 5-20 hours of operation, depending on the degree of load and terms of the continuous operation of the engine, as well as air temperature (after the running-in, it is necessary to change the oil);
  • Further, every 100 hours or more. checking the air filter, drive cables, starter, engine, spark plugs, drive belts;
  • After each shutdown of the walk.behind tractor, the cylinder ribs and the cylinder itself are cleaned of dirt using a brush with a dense bristle or a spray can with compressed air;
  • periodically clean the mills, check their condition after each use;
  • replace the oil in a timely gearbox and engine (every 50 hours).

Ilya, “The car is powerful, 6 speeds are not a joke! If the earth is heavy, the reverse move is just a necessity. My management experience is positive. the same.based tractor goes on any soil easily, the only difficulty is to adopt to how it is moving. On dense ground, as it were, with jerks, but with this weight of the car it is the norm, and other motoblocks evaluated, they work the same way, jumping a little on the virgin lands. The capture is also impressive. more than a meter of land. I liked the quick start, it works great on 92 gasoline “


MB Kaluga has a basic and expanded equipment. Any additional device can be ordered separately.

Basic equipment Extended equipment
Enlarged wheels Hiller
Candle key Cart
Wings Plow
Soshnik Suspension for digging potatoes
Trailer Ground.bearing
User’s Manual Clutch and plow

You can also additionally buy snowpock equipment, caterpillars, and other useful components that can greatly facilitate the work on the garden area.


On the market, 2 options for this model are presented: Nevada 9 and the Unoa tractor Patriot Nevada Diesel Pro.

Characteristics Patriot Nevada 9 Motoboblock model Diesel Pro
Class of traction Average Average
PTO Yes Yes
Maximum processing width, cm 120 130
Diameter cutter, cm 34 36
The number of mills eight eight
Type of fuel used Petrol Diesel
Engine Four.stroke Four.stroke
The power of the motor 9 horsepower 6.53 horsepower
Type of gearbox Mechanical Mechanical
Clutch Disk Disk
Gearbox Gear Gear
Programs Forward. 2 ago. 1 Forward. 2 ago. 1
The presence of a reverse Yes Yes
Wheels Pneumatic Pneumatic
Weight, kg 130 103
  • A reinforced type frame has been installed, which helps to protect the engine and gearbox from blows during work;
  • You can install the headlight on the handle, which will allow the device to operate in the dark;
  • the presence of a coupon, which is necessary for deep soil plowing;
  • stable wheels, which increases the level of maneuverability when passing loose or wet soils;
  • fortified bumper that protects internal details from damage.

Unvada Patriot unit Comfort is equipped with a rubberized handle and a protective casing.

The cost of hinged equipment

If you purchase one of the described devices, then you will definitely need a hinged equipment for the Patriot motornote. Consumers are usually more interested in the cost of goods. For example, a set of equipment will cost 5799 But you can purchase a cupboard for 1599 a dirt to the buyer in 2699 a disc hirring costs 1599 a plow with a hitch has a price equal to 999

The instructions of the Patriot motor block are in the kit. It should be studied even before the operation of the equipment. It is especially important to observe precautions. You need to make sure that the one.based tractor is properly assembled. All elements and tools must be securely fixed. It is important to learn how to turn off the mills and engine as quickly as possible.

It is not recommended to leave a working one.axle tractor unattended. The operator should use protective headphones, mask or glasses during the operation of the device. It is forbidden to work in open shoes or barefoot. Patriot motoblocks, the of which were mentioned above, should be refueling exclusively outdoors, the engine must be drowned out. Use for this recommended gasoline AI-92 brand. It is impossible to fill fuel with a hot or running engine.


Run the motor with maximum caution. From rotating knives, the legs should be kept at a certain distance. In order to exclude the likelihood of a spill of gasoline, you need to refuel a fuel tank to only half, as for the case when it is necessary to work on the slopes. It is recommended to remove wire, stones, glass and other items from the processed area that could damage the cutter or injure the operator. It is important during operation from time to time to check the one.axle tractor for damage and malfunctions. If one were found, then the use of a motor block must be stopped.

Patriot motoblocks

Motoblocks have long become universal equipment for gardens and farm lands. With its help, complex and exhausting work is performed, while minimizing the cost of time and effort.

The Patriot Tractor Tractor is one of the best representatives among agricultural machinery of this type. The manufacturer offers a wide range that allows you to choose an unit that fully complies with the requirements of the operator.

A brief overview of the series

Before proceeding to the analysis of the pluses and minuses of individual models, we will briefly consider the model rulers:

  • Ural. This series is an unconditional bestseller in the market. They were truly popular with high reliability at high loads and difficult working conditions. Urals are equipped with traction gasoline engines with low fuel consumption. It turns out both powerful and profitable.
  • “Victory”. The distinctive characteristics of these devices are small mass and excellent maneuverability. They are easy to wield even in constrained conditions. And a 7-horsepower engine provides a worthy traction for small weight.
  • “Vegas 7”. Low.noise gas models with an effective air cooling system. According to users’ reviews, these motoblocks are easy to use, rotten and quite productive.
  • “Amur”. Large enough and powerful. 7 liters.With devices that work well in areas from 300 kV.m. Quite capable of replacing a mini-tractor.
  • “Samara”. Relatively simple and at the same time powerful option. It is equipped with a mechanical checkpoint, a 3-ruler pulley and front transport wheel.
  • “Kaluga”. They are equipped with an aluminum chain gearbox, a coupon and a 6-speed transmission (4 front and 2 rear speeds).
  • “Kuban”. Heavy (115 kg) apparatus on gasoline traction with a cast.iron gearbox, reinforced by a frame and a powerful reduced gear.
  • “Vladimir”. Small, easy to manage a 2-speed one-axle tractor, a suitable option for caring for a plot at a country house. With its compactness, it is compatible with a wide range of additional equipment.
  • MB. Apparatus with a whole cast iron body of the gearbox, effective air cooling of the engine and reinforced frame. A wide range of settings allows you to adapt the MB series motor blocks for any operator.
  • Boston. Diesel series with excellent functionality. Due to the high engineering of the engine, it is great for use as a tractor.
  • Dakota Pro. Standard 7-horsepower gasoline layout, developed functionality and low price in comparison with many other models.
  • Detroit. Heavy.class diesel motor blocks with a wide capture is one of the best options among Patriot motor blocks for large farms. Easily cope with large volumes of work.
  • Nevada. This series includes both gasoline and diesel options. Powerful engines, milling cutters and the maximum in the line of “patriots” of the capture width provide high performance on complex soils, including virgin lands.
  • Ontario. Benzogegans with a capacity of 6.5 or 7 l.With., capable of cope with virgin lands.

English.language names of the series. not just a tribute to the past company. Despite the fact that Patriot motor blocks are now produced in China and they use American technologies and design solutions. Quality control is also carried out by the head office from the United States.

Now let’s figure out which of the Patriot motor blocks will be the best choice for certain tasks. We compared different models among themselves, studied their characteristics, got acquainted with users’ reviews, most models tested in the case themselves. and made up a kind of top. We repeat, it is as objective as possible and called, first of all, to help our customers make the right choice.

TOP-9 Patriot motor blocks according to PACS

We draw your attention. the position of the devices in our rating should not be considered as their assessment. We compiled a most diverse list that includes models of different classes and destinations, so say that the first line is definitely better than the third or fifth to be wrong. All motoblocks discussed below are definitely worthy of your attention.

Ural m

The heavy universal universal tractor, which has received a non.ambitious cast.iron gearbox, wide pneumatic crusts and a painful reduced gear. Power 7.A 8-horsepower engine is converted into traction through a 6-speed checkpoint. Universal coupling suitable for a wide list of attaching equipment.

SQWOZ BAB & The First Station – АУФ (AUF)

  • Passage width. 90 cm
  • Processing depth-16-30 cm
  • Clutch. belt
  • Reducer. chain
  • Power. 7.8 l.With.
  • Gearbox. 6 front, 2 rear
  • The mechanism for connecting the attachment equipment. pulley
  • Weight. 110 kg
  • A powerful engine is suitable for processing any sections, including virgin lands
  • Productive low gear
  • Wide toothy wheels of the Extreme type
  • Solid gearbox with an increased working resource
  • Reliable protection of the motor reinforced frame design
  • Universal pulley for hitch
  • Tempered metal mills in the kit


The uniform tractor of the middle price category and light class. maneuverable and convenient in operation than the Urals, this device will be a good option for sections of various areas and all kinds of soils. At a lower engine power, the “Victory” for 1 passage processes the strip up to 1 meter wide. And hardened cutters as basic components easily cope even with virgin and dense roots network.

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