That you can do a corner grinder?

Where the corner grinding grinder is used for cutting and processing solid materials, as well as for grinding and polishing surfaces. For this, special nozzles are used. Few people know that there are crowns for Bulgarians with which you can cut round holes, for example in ceramic tiles.

A circle of 150 diameter can be placed on a grinder with 180 with a diameter. Based on the foregoing, you can not put on a small corner grinder the worn circles with a large corner grinder, although the casing will not be removed, but since the rotation frequency of a large circle is less, and the angular grinder itself will be destroyed, the disk will be destroyed.

What can be made from a corner grinder with your own hands

Corner grinding machine is a popular tool used by professionals and home masters. If the units of the corner grinder fail, or a more expensive and perfect model was purchased, you should not get rid of the old unit. A high.Quality homemade can be made from the corner grinder, which will come in handy in the household. The article will have a list of what can be made from a corner grinder with your own hands.

Basic tools and materials

Homemade does not imply a change in the structure of the angular grinder itself. To make a home.Made device from corner grinders, use various cutting tools:

If you have to fix the corner grinder to the surface, plastic clamps or screeds are suitable. When compiling a drawing and markings, you can not do without a pencil, ruler and meter. If the master wants to make a troborer or cultivator, then he will need another cutting disk and different nozzles.

Important! Other materials may require, for example, sandpaper, if you need to collect grinder. The selection of units is individual and depends on the device that has to be assembled.

Features Production

To collect a home.Made from a corner grinder, you need to understand which parts are working and suitable for further operation. Many homemade devices work on a corner grinder engine.

If the engine is out of order, you can assemble a home.Made from the gearbox from the corner grinder. It is small and has a strong bearing on the output shaft. Thanks to the threaded connection, you can use various types of fastening to this node.

The main feature of the manufacture of a home.Made from the failed grinding machine. The new unit should be as safe as possible for use. Therefore, after assembly, it is important to take care of installing a protective screen or a small casing that protects the operator from rotating parts.

Varieties of self.Alignment of corner grinders a huge amount. 10 species will be considered, which will be more useful to home masters.

Cutting machine

How to make a device for corner grinding. The materials and tools used:

  • Profile pipe.
  • A metal sheet.
  • Steel corner.
  • Welding machine.
  • Drill and nozzles.
  • Channel.
  • Bearings.
  • Springs.
  • Shaft.
  • Pedal.
  • Pipe.

If necessary, a metal sheet can be replaced with a wood-piece plate or plywood to get an easier option. Instead of welding, ordinary bolts are often used so that if necessary, you can disassemble the unit.

To assemble the frame, you need to cook a strong frame, which is installed on the axis. The lower frame is fixed to the platform. If the grinding machine is very large, it is better to use the metal parts. The grinding machine itself is attached to the upper frame, which is now moving on the principle of the pendulum. For fixation, use springs.

It is necessary to install the mounting of the corner from the clamp to the lower frame. It is advisable to attach a movable ruler to the pipe so that it can be conveniently measured for segments. So that the machine is more convenient to use, the switching button and the start pedal are attached to it. A low.Voltage relay is required. To supply voltage.


A similar tool is made if the corner grinder is completely in good condition. In this case, it is not necessary to make many alterations, it is enough to make a nozzle with a strong base with which cuts will be made in the walls.

The main element of the alteration is the installation of two diamond disks. The master will face the problem. The shaft of the corner grinder is very short, and therefore will not make it possible to attach the necessary nozzles. You have to find or purchase a special nut that will keep the first disk, and at the same time will become a landing place for the second.

Additionally, you need to make dust diverts for a corner grinder. Independently solder a casing or buy a ready.Made version in a construction store. A special vacuum cleaner is connected to the pipe.

Important! If the master needs an even cut tool regularly, then it is more advisable to buy a professional apparatus. Homemade will fit for periodic use.

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For the manufacture of homemade, for a corner grinder, you need to build a solid rack on which the channel is vertically attached. Two bolts are attached to it, which will go up and down. An angular grinder is fixed to it.

In the upper part of the structure, it is necessary to place the spring so that when the wizard is weakened, the angular grinding machine returns to its original position.

How To Cut Wood Trim. Ace Hardware

Circular grinder

For the circular, you need to replace the cutting disc with a toothed wood. Next, you need to make a supporting platform. This is any metal or wooden box, under which an angular grinding machine will be recorded.

In the working area of ​​the table, it is necessary to drill a hole with the same corner grinder (3-4 mm wider and longer than the available disk), where the cutter will go out. The saw should go a few centimeters above the workshop of the countertop.

Homemade lawn mower

The main difficulty in the manufacture of a lawn mowed from a corner grinder is the choice or assembly of a cart on which an angular grinder is attached. The master can use any option (if necessary, you can equip the unit even with brake blocks), but the meaning of a home.Made lawn mower is to fix the fishing line on a corner grinding machine.

Important! Metal knives do not recommend using it, since it is unsafe, and can also greatly overheat the device.

The fishing line for the trimmer is fixed directly onto the nut (with the disk removed). Drawing it in two parallel holes. You can also fix the disk made of plastic.

Electric bycicle

The principle of action: you need to direct the energy that is created by rotation of the shaft on the wheel. At the same time, it will be necessary to solve several difficulties that will occur when connecting a bicycle with a corner grinder:

Useful things that can be made from the engine and gearbox of a broken corner grinder

For a long time, the corner grinder served you faithfully. How much metal was cut over the years of service! Now the tool is unusable. A piece has broken off, the buttons are sinking, everything is ill. You need to buy a new one, but throwing good material sorry. What can you start the engine and gearbox of the old tool, we will tell in this article.


Thirty.03.2016 | Author: Sliip

Good day to all. Today I will show you some ideas what can be done from the old corner grinder. Any master or just who performs home male affairs himself, came across this. The corner grinder failed.

For some reason, it cannot perform the functions of an angle grinding machine. In fact, either a gearbox or an electric motor can break. Consider the first case when the gearbox failed, but the motor is working.

1- We make a do-it-yourself grinder from a corner grinder. All that is needed, disassemble the gearbox and cut off everything that is no longer needed. In the end, it should turn out that the thread is like this.

Next, we buy the zangi cartridge ER11 and hoist it on the shaft of the corner grinding of the grinder, after removing the gear that the gearbox rotated.

done, corner, grind, grinding, safety, precautions

This design should be obtained. The result was a fairly powerful engraving machine, given that the power of corner grinder rarely when below 500W, and engravers sold in stores mainly from 130 to 200 watts.

2-thus, we still consider such a case that the corner grinder did not fail, but simply became not needed, or the gearbox had a large backlash and it was impossible to saw it. Let’s make an engraver out of it first. This time it will be necessary to buy a flexible shaft in the nearest electrical store. They are not expensive. This is how he looks like.

The next stage will be difficult to describe in a nutshell, because of this I will simply say that it will be necessary to combine it and the corner grinder using small tricks, since the shape of the Bulgarians is different. There is no particular method. It may take a welding machine. You can do this using epoxy resin. The tide of the necessary parts to fix the flexible shaft.

3, what can still be made from corner grinding cushions is an ethletric trimmer for grass! All that we need is a wood disk, a chip and a little tape. We fix the disk into the corner grinder, then fasten it on the chisel. So that it does not dangle with the help of adhesive tape. All!! Ready!! That’s what it should turn out.

4-effect idea, you can build a turning machine for wood. All that we need to buy is a cartridge from a drill, the rest of the details probably lie in a load in a garage or at home. In this picture, a metal design and its construction will take a lot of time. I advise you to do the same but from wood. Will be cheaper and easier.

5-take from a corner grinder-a cutting machine. All that a couple of boards, door hinges and screws will be needed. That’s what it should turn out. You can see more about this in this one. Article

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A circular saw

Survival circles for corner grinder for cutting wood, ceramics, stone, tiles, sheet aluminum are common on sale. For the use of corner grinder, a bed with a stand with a height of 80-90 cm is made as a stationary circular saw. Having fixed the corner grinder from the bottom of the table so that only the required several centimeters of the cutting circle, and supplying the table with deciduous stops, we get a circular machine. It is important to take the switch angular grinder to a high.Reaching place below the plane of the table.

Corner grinder is a universal drive using which, and observing safety precautions, you can get several types of home.Made machines.

What can be made from corner grinding hands with your hands

The master will show a selection of interesting ideas for the use of corner grinder that will help expand the functionality of the tool and make it more convenient. See a selection of 5 options and choose what can be done based on your experience. One. The screen is shown a mounting saw. This is not factory production. Such a homemade has two squeezes. Horizontal and vertical. Thanks to the duo of the cloths, no detail will jump off. Whether it be a corner or pipe. In addition, there is a mobile limiter for the serial sawing of details of a certain length. Excellent device that is easy to assemble with your hands.

Grinder may not be visually beautiful, but no one demanded that from him. The idea in reliability and practicality. The most interesting thing is that a welding machine was not used to manufacture a home.Made manner. In other words. Not a single detail has been welded. Everything is pulled on the bolts, which facilitates the assembly of the structure.

From the old table you can make a home mini sawmill. Attention! The fragment of this video shows an unfinished machine or a protective casing is removed from it. There are questions, besides this and others, there are gloves. See TB when working on a sawmill.

Using the power regulator, you can change the speed of this home.Made. Corner grinder is attached under the table in three places. Thereby eliminating any vibrations of the disk. But we note, this is just an idea, not a ready.Made unit. Having made such a home.Made, take care first of all about security. It is necessary to close the unused part of the disk. For convenience, expand the table and install guides.

A modest option for cutting chasing products. This homemade with the presence of guides can saw metal under 90 degrees, 45 degrees. The guides themselves are removable. Which facilitates the transportation and storage of the saw. In this homemade, two options for returning the cutting disk to its original position were used simultaneously. This is a counterweight in the form of dumbbells and springs. Only one of them can be used to choose from.

There is another idea. To make a milling machine from a corner grinder. On it you can not only cut off, but also make samples. You will cut metal not with a milling cutter, but a milling disk. The angular grinder is fastened simply. It is twisted by its handle through the corner walking along the table. If the option seems simple, then you can develop an idea and come up with something of your own.

If the pipes of large diameter were sawn, then they came across the problem of cutting the metal into one immersion, since the angular grinder gearbox always interferes with this. Homemade will help to solve the problem. In addition to the mounting or pendulum saw, a bed with furniture rollers helps to rest and fix the pipe. At the same time, making a small saw out thanks to the rollers, it is easy to twist and cut off throughout the diameter.

done, corner, grind, grinding, safety, precautions

What can be done from a corner grinder: homemade homesproofs with your own hands

Due to its versatility and practicality, the angular grinder is a very popular tool. It can be found in almost every garage, and in almost every home workshop. With the help of this tool, metal, stone, tiles are cut, the surfaces are polished.

The corner grinder is great for use on a stationary machine and as a more accurate tool, and as an engine with a gearbox for various kinds. Corner grinder is very often used for construction, repair, installation tasks. The corner grinder is beneficial in that with the number of nozzles used, the number of options for its use increases.

Cutting machine / stand made of corner grinder

Summary disk machines are very often used in the field of metal processing, mechanical engineering, in furniture, in the woodworking sector. This equipment is also suitable for households. It is used as a very convenient tool to perform various work in the garage and workshop.

On the cutting machine, it is convenient to perform the most all kinds of tasks: to divide the metal profile into segments of the desired length; cutting out sheet metal; make the same type of workpieces in large numbers in a short time; cut ceramic tiles; cut the parts at any angle, receive cuts of the desired length and depth.

Homemade wooden ending machine

With the help of a end saw, the summer resident will greatly simplify his life. A saw of this type is offered in all construction supermarkets, but a corporate end is a very expensive pleasure.

In order not to buy such a tool, it can be assembled with a length using improvised material and old tools that almost every owner has in its arsenal. Now we will see how to assemble a home.Made end saw with your own hands. An example of the manufacture of the end machine can be seen here.

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How to independently make a circular of corner grinder

From time to time in a home workshop, such an instrument as a circular saw is required. However, for these infrequent tasks, buying a saw is unprofitable. In this case, it is recommended to make a circular saw with a drive from an angular grinder. This option is much cheaper compared to the purchase of a factory saw to work with it for a couple of hours. You can see an example of such a home.Made here.

Homemade lawn mower

Instead of a new lawn mower, it is quite realistic to assemble a model with your own hands. For this you need a corner grinder and straight hands.

Such a lawn mower is less powerful and with small dimensions. In most cases, special fishing lines are installed instead of knives to cut the grass. This is shown in the photo. A corner grinder mower is convenient in that the tool can be easily removed and used for its intended purpose. How to make a lawn mower made of corner grinder described here.

Electric bike with a drive from a corner grinder

Today we will consider how to assemble a full.Fledged electric bike with our own hands, using an angular grinder as a drive.

Homemade electric cultivator

Those who are engaged in agriculture, as a rule, have in the arsenal such a technique as a cultivator. With the help of this equipment, you can treat the soil and at the same time not to turn large layers of the Earth, do not violate its fertile layer. The only and significant drawback of such a device is its price. Because of this, farmers of our country often use a manual or electric cultivator, which is made with their own hands from a corner grinder.

Corner grinder milling cutter

Corner grinder is a tool that can also be used as a milling. In this case, it is important that the angular grinder can be removed from a homemade device if necessary. To make such a design, you need to fix a grinding machine under the table or workbench made, and remove the tool shaft into the opening hole through an adapter with a zange clip for milling. Using the manufactured tool, you can perform different wood work using different cutters.

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Do.It.Yourself corner grinder

Corner grinder can be used such tasks as cutting cuts in the wall. These are cuts for laying wiring, pipes, and other elements. If you take a stock corner grinder for such work, it is very difficult to control the depth of the disk immersion. To solve this problem, a special frame can be made.

It must be remembered that the advantage of such a device for an angular grinder is that the depth of the strobe can be adjusted.

Such a frame is made in the form of a sole with an emphasis with which the tool can be moved along the wall with uniform deepening. Thus, the strobe of the desired depth will learn. To make such a trobores, you need to remember about such details as a protective cover and a special vacuum cleaner. The bag can serve as a bag for the latter, but the connection of the hose from the vacuum cleaner will be more convenient.

Since the corner grinder is a common drive in home.Made, before using it in this capacity, it is necessary to take care of its reliable mount to the work surface. Typically, handles have a thread M8, M10, M12 and picking up a bolt is not a problem. It should be borne in mind that the standard mode of operation with a corner grinder is two.Armed. In order for the rotation during operation does not weaken the mounting of the corner grinder to the bracket, it is imperative to use a springy washer (grover), and the second mounting point is permissible, or a wide 8-10 mm nylon screed. The task of the second mount is to prevent weakening in the process. The bracket itself can be a “hat.Shaped” plate with a hole for the bolt and holes for the fitting elements. The “hats” fields are used to attach the corner grinder to the table with clamps or bolts, a dimension of not less than M8-M10.

In the manufacture of a massive bracket, it will be useful to provide it with a socket and a button machine switch of a machine type. When working, it will be safer to turn it on and off the “highlighted” switch, and not try to crawl to the standard switch of the corner grinder, ergonomically designed to turn off the hand.

A circular saw

Survival circles for corner grinder for cutting wood, ceramics, stone, tiles, sheet aluminum are common on sale. For the use of corner grinder, a bed with a stand with a height of 80-90 cm is made as a stationary circular saw. Having fixed the corner grinder from the bottom of the table so that only the required several centimeters of the cutting circle, and supplying the table with deciduous stops, we get a circular machine. It is important to take the switch angular grinder to a high.Reaching place below the plane of the table.

done, corner, grind, grinding, safety, precautions

Angle Grinder Sliding Cutting Jig

Corner grinder is a universal drive using which, and observing safety precautions, you can get several types of home.Made machines.

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