Drill and electric screwdriver attachments. limitless possibilities for the craftsman

Our masters are so ingenious that the standard nozzles for a drill or electric screwdriver in the quantity and quality nervously smoke on the sidelines in comparison with the “improvements. We will tell you more about some examples, because they were the prototype of the factory nozzles.

Stress Testing & Reviewing The Xiaomi Mijia Electric Screwdriver

There’s a joke about a powerful cordless tool: “A Milwaukee drill will drill anything but a drill, but if you have an electric screwdriver, you’ll drill anything. In order to assess how much truth there is in this joke, let’s list the uses shown outside the official part of the WorldSkills championships:

  • Boat motor, kart drive, electric scooters and scooters;
  • Driving a meat grinder, a piston to squeeze sealant out of tubes, a pencil sharpener;
  • Attachments for drilling holes and holes in the ice and ground;
  • Peeling vegetables and fruit, removing feathers from poultry, and more.

The judges made a special mention of the mixer for the electric screwdriver, which is perfectly suited for mixing viscous mixtures. You’d be surprised, but an ordinary fork did a much better job than a factory-made attachment.

electric, screwdriver

Four years ago, working in hard-to-reach places with a flexible spring hose was celebrated. At the time, attention was drawn to a certain danger of “know-how,” now such nozzles on an electric screwdriver are commercially available and are completely safe.

By the way, several of these “snakes” easily solve the problem of screwing or drilling at any distance. They are inexpensive and fit any tool, allowing it to be used as a kitchen mixer as well. Simply holding a construction tool with a whisk over a bowl of food is not very hygienic.

Universal tool

An ordinary electric screwdriver will be a real find, not only for its direct duties. drilling holes and screwing fasteners, but for many other tasks. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Sharpening knives with an electric screwdriver

How to sharpen a knife if you do not have the usual bar and show class? In this case, you can improvise and use an ordinary electric screwdriver drill. To sharpen a knife with an electric screwdriver, you will also need a glue gun and sandpaper.

  • Cut a small strip of sandpaper and attach it to the muff of the drill with a glue gun;
  • Place the electric screwdriver on a flat surface and secure it with a vise;
  • Turn on the tool at minimum rpm and run the side of the knife over the sandpaper a few times;
  • turn the knife upside down and run it over the rotating sleeve a few more times.

Drill bit for sanding

Performing construction work often requires specialized tools. But in the case of infrequent use, the purchase of extra devices is unprofitable. In this case, a faithful helper will again be your electric screwdriver, and, more precisely, special attachments on the drill, expanding the capabilities of this tool.

The most popular is the sanding attachment on the drill. It can be used to perform a wide range of related work.

The following types of sanding pads are distinguished by their shape:

  • cup. for removing old coatings and corrosion;
  • disc and plate. differ from the cup bristles by the direction of the bristles. Have Velcro strips that allow the abrasive material to be attached to them. The most convenient are plate nozzles, as they allow you to adjust the angle and repeat the contours of the product;
  • petal. with their help it is possible to process holes and hard-to-reach places, because the product can take any shape;
  • End-cutters. for working with glass, metal and wood.

Cutting metal with an electric screwdriver

No matter how it sounds, but you can cut metal with an electric screwdriver. A special metal-cutting scissor attachment is used for this purpose. The advantages of using such a nozzle over hand scissors are:

  • minimum cutting radius;
  • possibility of obtaining round holes;
  • quality edge that does not require further processing;
  • elimination of deformations;
  • saving.

The disadvantages in this case are the noise at work, the limitation on the thickness of the materials to be processed, the difficulty in making a straight cut.

In general, such a screwdriver attachment will be the best solution for the home handyman.

An electric screwdriver and a drill. What is the difference?

What is the difference between an electric screwdriver and a power drill?? Many people do not see any difference between these power tools, but there is a difference.

an electric screwdriver, first of all, is designed for batch work and performs only the function of tightening and unscrewing screws and self-drilling screws. Often it is a mains powered tool.

You can, of course, use it as a drill, but this is not advised. The drills are not even listed in the tool accessories in the catalogs, because it is not practical to use them. Choosing this element, although possible, but extremely difficult. This is due to the fact that the design of an electric screwdriver is simply not adapted for drilling. Instead of a quick-action chuck (Q/C), the screwdrivers can have a hex socket holder into which the bit is inserted.

Let’s pay attention to the technical characteristics, namely the rotational speed. The network models have high speed, which gives its advantages when working with difficult and even damaged fasteners. But while drilling, a great value of this parameter is rather a disadvantage, especially taking into account that in this case, the speed limitation is either absent or performed in a very mediocre manner. The sheer size of the electric screwdriver itself makes it an unprofitable tool for drilling.

That’s why cordless screwdrivers are becoming more and more popular every day. Since this kind of tool is practically universal, the range of tasks that it can perform is much wider. Small, mains-independent tool with drilling and screwdriving/unscrewing functions. Such will come in handy in every home and will be indispensable for repair and finishing work.

By way of example, let us compare the technical characteristics of a power drill and an electric screwdriver.


Specifications electric screwdriver Electric screwdriver
Makita 6980 FDWAE Makita 8414 DWAE
Battery voltage, V 12 12
Battery capacity, Ah 2 2
Max.torque, Nm 1235 65
Drilling diameter (wood), mm 45
Drilling diameter (metal), mm 13
Weight, kg 1,6 2,2
Number of speeds 1 3
Idle speed, rpm 2600 0-300, 0-550, 0-1600


Characteristics electric screwdriver Electric screwdriver
DeWALT DW 269 K Sturm ID2130
Power, W 295 300
Idle speed, rpm 1000 800
Drilling diameter (wood), mm 18
Drilling diameter (metal), mm 10
Mach. Tightening torque, Nm 42 12,5
Shank type hexagon quick-action chuck
Weight, kg 1,3 1,2

an electric screwdriver at the same power or battery voltage is “stronger” than a drill-electric screwdriver, this is shown by the values of maximum torque and torque. Also pay attention to the diameter of drilling, in the case of an electric screwdriver, these columns are empty: the data are not indicated in the technical specifications of the tool, as drilling is not typical for it. Now consider the rated speed, or idle speed. The electric screwdriver drill has a lower torque, but it has a convenient adjustment, which allows you to better adapt the tool to new tasks while working. There is also a difference in the type of shank. “Hexagonal or quick clamping. The first one is designed for a bit and is not convenient for a drill, but the second one will cope with a reliable fixation of both.

angle grinder made from an electric screwdriver

When the angle grinder broke down or there is no grinder at all, for a while it can be replaced by a cordless or cordless electric screwdriver.

There are quite a few options on how to remake the tool. The easiest way to use ready-made or homemade attachments or adapters. One end is fixed in the chuck. To the second end it is necessary to hook the disk.

Convert to an angle grinder drill-electric screwdriver can still be using a special type nozzle, which is equipped with a gearbox. To do this, disassemble the power tool, remove its gearbox, and install the nozzle instead. And you have in your hands a tool that closely resembles an angle grinder.

Buying such a special attachment will not be cheap. And the modification will take a lot of time. To make homemade nozzles use studs of suitable diameter, nuts, washers. They can even be used with cordless electric screwdrivers.

IMPORTANT! Of course, homemade machines are less efficient compared to the factory grinders. The difference in speeds of the nozzles is large. approximately 3,000 rpm with a screwdriver versus 11,000 rpm with an angle grinder. Low power together with low speed significantly limit the functionality of the device, made by your own hands.

Devices made by their own hands, it is recommended to use only in emergency cases. Since the tool being remachined can be reversed, you must control the direction of rotation of the disc to avoid injury.

Where to use a cordless electric screwdriver

Screwdriver models are divided into household and professional. This classification is based on the set of tasks that the tool can handle. It is often used for purposes other than its intended use. With its help you can:

  • screw in and out various parts;
  • tighten dowels, anchors and self-tapping screws;
  • to drill in different materials;
  • Threading;
  • By sticking an emery bit to the drill bit, grind the inside of the hole, and much more.

Cordless electric screwdriver Li lon, in fact, with good wit, can be turned into a versatile tool for any task. For example, in a cutter that will cut drywall, wood, metal, etc.д., Circular mini saw, even into an impact drill, in case there are appropriate modes. In some conditions you can even mix mortar.

Folks have come up with a lot of great tips. Lifehackers claim that this tool will help: clean a surface, squeeze sealant out of a hole, make a hole for planting seedlings, sharpen a pencil, set in motion a hand meat grinder, peel a large number of vegetables or fruits, pluck a bird carcass, organize a barbecue grill, uncork wine, prepare various mixtures (construction or large amounts of grain, like fish bait). It can serve as a drive for a jack, drill a hole for fishing in winter, etc.д.

In order to use the full range of possibilities of an electric screwdriver, you need to buy all kinds of additional sets of nozzles.

Garden shredder

On the basis of an electric screwdriver you can make a shredder of garden branches (diameter not more than 1 cm) or grass. The power of an electric screwdriver must not exceed 0.5 kW.

It is advisable to work in the following sequence of operations:

  • Prepare a container with grass or twigs to be shredded. This can be a bucket or a big bucket.
  • In the central part of the bottom of the container, drill a hole into which the shaft will be inserted to fix the cutting elements of the shredder.
  • To install the container and convenient operation, it can be installed on the edge of the table or to make a frame of wooden slats for this purpose.
  • Install the cutting elements on the shaft, attaching them with bolts. Hacksaw blades mounted with the sharpening point facing downwards are better suited for this purpose.
  • In the lower part of the frame, install an electric screwdriver with mounted knives.
  • Solder a button to turn on the machine.
  • Cut a hole in the bottom of the container wall (10×20 cm). Insert a metal or plastic sleeve, through which the shredded material will be discharged.

The device is ready to work. To ensure the efficient operation of the branch, it is recommended to break it into small pieces beforehand.

Modernization of children’s vehicles

And, of course, the best for the children. Many children’s vehicles can be upgraded with an electric screwdriver. For example, you can remake a child’s pedal car into an electric car.

Electric car

To make an electric car you will need:

  • Frame made of steel profile pipe. It can be made with your own hands.
  • The wheels can be used from a rubber cart.
  • The body can be taken from an old pedal car or come up with some creative solution. For example, to solder from plastic pipes.
  • Two motors from screwdrivers and reducers from the same power tool should be used as the electric drive. Separate housings are made for them in which the output shaft is mounted on 201 bearings.
  • Battery. You can use a regular automobile 6ST60.

Once all components are prepared, it remains to assemble the electric car. This process is simple and under the power of any man who has even a superficial idea of locksmithing.

Electric scooter and electric bicycle

Another application of an electric screwdriver in the creation of vehicles can be called an electric scooter or electric bicycle. The principle of such an upgrade is based on installing a chain gear between the wheel sprocket and the electric motor sprocket with an electric screwdriver gearbox. This device is powered by the battery of the hand-held tool. This solution does not cost much. As a result of the improvement, a vehicle with a travel speed of 5 to 15 km / h is obtained.

Electric snowmobile

With an electric screwdriver you can make not only a vehicle on wheels, but also the most real snowmobile. It is necessary to use an electric car for this purpose, carrying out a number of appropriate upgrades. It is necessary to improve the frame of the electric car to install the drive wheel on it. Instead of driving wheels, you need to install skis, replace the plastic wheel of the car with a metal bicycle handlebar. The drive wheel is driven by a chain drive from an electric screwdriver.

Assembly of such a miracle vehicle will not take much time, and most importantly, funds. All expenses are repaid by the joy of the child, for whom a vehicle with an electric drive will be a real gift.

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Concrete is not like concrete

The concept of “concrete” covers a large number of materials. This includes both light cellular concretes (such as foamed and aerated concrete blocks, which are used for laying of exterior walls and interior partitions) and dense heavy concretes (used for casting the bearing frameworks of monolithic buildings and structures). There is a huge difference in density and strength between them. For example, the characteristics of typical aerated concrete blocks that can be used to build walls in your apartment or detached house usually correspond to strength class B2.0 to B2.5. The strength of such material does not exceed 25. 35 kgf/cm2, which is much lower than the cheapest M50 concrete. The strength of the M200 concrete, which is used for the construction of low-rise buildings, is much higher. up to 200 kgf/cm2. And in high-rise construction concretes with increased cement content are used, the strength of which reaches 300. 400 kgf/cm2. Therefore, even relatively inexpensive mains and cordless drills and screwdrivers up to 750 W will cope with drilling aerated concrete. But the drilling of dense reinforced concrete with granite filler is beyond the capabilities of even the most “advanced” models, it requires a powerful accelerator with high impact energy.

Screwdrivers capable of drilling some types of grade concrete and concrete blocks do exist. If you do not demand too much from them, then from time to time with a drill-electric screwdriver, equipped with an impact mechanism, you can drill a couple of holes in a concrete wall. But this possibility should be seen as a nice “bonus” to the main functions of this type of tool: screwing fasteners and drilling wood, plastic and metal.

And if we consider the cost of the tool, it is more profitable for the average user to take a simple drill electric screwdriver with a two-speed gearbox and in addition to it a budget peorator, than to buy an expensive professional electric screwdriver “for all occasions”.

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