Makes of gasoline saws

Chainsaw is in great demand among fans of independent housekeeping. The basis of its construction is also often the material for making your own cultivator. Modest weight and decent power will be perfectly combined with the compactness of the future unit.

Making a cultivator from a Ural chain saw

Buying motokultivator in order to process small household plots in most cases unjustified. After all, in addition to it, one way or another, it will be necessary to buy attachments. You should also not forget that some store variants are quite demanding to oils and fuel. In that case, you can make a motocultivator from a chainsaw with your own hands. Homemade units, as well as their expensive counterparts, consist of such elements:

All of these components, except the frame, can be taken from an old chainsaw. Before you start making your own machine, you should prepare a rough drawing.

It will serve as a kind of plan, which you can navigate in the manufacturing process. The further creation algorithm is as follows:

  • First unscrew the old chainsaw and remove the motor, gearbox and fuel tank,
  • After that start welding the frame. Use metal angles of 32×32 mm for the frame. The frame should be strong enough to withstand vibration and the additional weight,
  • Attach the motor to the frame’s upper transverse corners,
  • Install and secure fuel tank on special brackets under the engine. Its lower part needs to be protected with a metal plate,
  • Attach the intermediate shaft supports to the vertical front struts of the frame,
  • To secure the bearings of the propeller shaft, connect the supports with longitudinal brackets,
  • Next, begin to build the control body. a metal crossbar, 30 cm long, is suitable for this purpose.,
  • If necessary, attach wheels to the bottom crossbar of the frame. you can “borrow” them from an old car or buy two small wheels for the wheelbarrow.

After assembly, it is necessary to test the machine. To do this, start the engine and walk the cultivator over the bed. You will probably notice that the structure needs to be weighted down. To do this, any kind of weight can be placed at the front of the frame. Be sure to secure the weighting agent, otherwise it may shift under the influence of vibration and damage the motor or intermediate shaft.

Cultivators made on the basis of “Ural” saw, will not have enough power to use a large-sized attachment. They are designed for plowing, but they can still be equipped with a hitch. To do this, you need to buy a hitch at any agricultural equipment store and equip the design with it. Cultivators constructed in this way can be operated in combination with a small homemade harrow or plow. However it is necessary to remember that while working with this kind of equipment one should take small breaks.

Features of creating a cultivator from a Druzhba chainsaw

Cultivator from Druzhba chainsaw with their own hands will be an indispensable assistant in processing soil on small plots. The big advantage of this method will be the absence of the need to resort to turning work. you can be limited to point locksmith’s adjustments. Future homemade motocultivators from a chainsaw will work only in two gears, and the maximum speed of the units will reach 2.5 km/h. Engine power will be a little more than 4 liters. с. This is good enough for effective milling, hoeing and digging out the potatoes.

The creation of the unit is performed according to the following algorithm:

  • Start by mounting the metal collar flange RU-32 on the main shaft,
  • After that, screw in the sprocket of the axle gearbox,
  • Next, attach the axle gear shaft. the part can be taken from the UAZ car and grind it to a diameter of 3 cm.,
  • To increase the distance between the axle gearbox and the ground, use double-row chain and two “VAZ” sprockets. they will increase the clearance of the cultivator to 150 mm.,
  • Next, on the main axle install and secure the housing bearing. its inner diameter should be no more than 3 cm.,
  • As a gearbox and gearbox can be an engine from a moped “Karpaty”,
  • For equipment take a centrifugal clutch from the same moped,
  • To install the cutters and wheels, you should use a steel tube, 32 cm long.

At the end we test the cultivator. The big advantage of the complete construction is that it does not care about fuel and oil. Another advantage. the self-contained unit. Unlike the electric cultivator, you will be able to operate the made construction in any place and at any time.

Thanks to the fully sealed fuel system and the membrane type carburetor, the owner will be able to operate the unit in any conditions, whether it is a heavy downpour or unbearable heat. The manufactured construction can be successfully operated on plots with a total area of 10 to 20 hectares.

made, chainsaw, engine

angle grinder

The chainsaw can be adapted to different cutting-off wheels from an angle grinder. For this you need to find an unnecessary tire. Attach the tire to the tool body with one end, preliminarily fixing 2 pulleys on it. The gasoline engine of the chain saw produces the torque on the first pulley. Its transfer to the second pulley is carried out by belt transmission. The shaft with the attachment for the cutting disc is attached to it.

If you do not want to make the described construction yourself, you can buy ready-made devices. Their cost is 5-6 times lower than the cost of angle grinder.

How to modify a bicycle with your own hands, equipping it with a motor from a chainsaw

Naturally, over time, any cyclist wants to give rest to the leg muscles, and they think about equipping their favorite transport motor. Simply pedaling is a thing of the past. If the cyclist is already of age, to go for long distances without a motor, already uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

How to make a RC CAR with chainsaw engine

When you ask masters why they need such a vehicle, because you can just buy a scooter or moped, they say that to understand and feel the joy of self-made design can only be in the process of.

In addition, a moped or scooter would be uncomfortable for a woman, for example. And here everything is simple. A woman can easily saddle up such a horse and go about their business.

Karting from a chainsaw. assembly features

To assemble this homemade horse, you’ll need to remove the handle, fuel tank, cutting elements, rack and built-in cable between the throttle grip and the engine from a household gasoline-powered saw.

In the future, the operator will have to:

  • To remake the chain saw’s regular sprocket. To do this, you need to carefully grind all of its teeth to any size, as the outer diameter of the part does not play a big role. To the resulting billet you will need to weld a pre-welded Minsk sprocket;
  • Arrange a place for fixing the power unit on the subframe. Drill two small holes in the cooling jacket, each about 8 mm in diameter. They need to be drilled in the regular holes, the original diameter of 6 mm each;
  • Assemble a subframe that is as strong and resistant to vibration as possible. For its construction a sheet of 3 mm steel is suitable, to which you need to weld 2 angles with dimensions 35×35 mm. It is necessary to drill in advance in the corners the holes with an exact diameter of 8.5 mm. they will be needed for the fixed fixation of the power unit from the chainsaw. In the opposite part of the steel plate, weld a metal angle (35×35 mm) vertically, which will be necessary for the installation of the gearbox used. In addition, the plate will need to install a nut type M 10×1,5 mm for the possibility of tensioning the chain;
  • To install the gearbox you will need to turn it the other way around;
  • Weld the rails to the back side of the steel plate. They can be made in advance from halves of metal pipes of size 30 × 2 mm;
  • Install the steel plate with welded parts to it on the chassis, taken from the old karting AKU 89;
  • Equip the chainsaw homemade model with a seat, steering wheel, and brake system. If during assembly it turns out that the muffler from the engine is aimed at the driver, it will need to be shifted to the side, or extended with a piece of metal pipe.

The finished homemade mower will be able to speed up to 60-80 km/h, carrying on board an adult passenger.

How to make a lawn mower using improvised means

To quickly cope with tall grass or tidy up the lawn, a lawn mower must be among the owner’s tools. You can buy an ordinary factory version of the technique, easy to use, but it should be borne in mind that the price of lawn mower will be considerable. Druzhba chainsaw homemade with your own hands will cost one and a half times cheaper than the factory device, and the power is quite enough for standard household use.

Regardless of the chosen type of design, the grass trimmer will consist of the drive, frame, control system and blades. For the convenience of operation, the device is additionally equipped with wheels, legs, handles and a protective cover, in which the mowed grass is collected. The process of making a lawnmower begins with the creation of a frame of convenient size, most often composed of metal corners. The optimal size is considered 25×25 cm. In general, the course of work on the manufacture of equipment is as follows:

  • Using bolts, iron handles are attached to the finished frame, and the wheels are mounted on the sides.
  • Having previously studied the characteristics of the gasoline saw “Ural” or any other model, the handle and bar are removed from the device.
  • With the help of studs and nuts the rest of the technique is attached to the base. Make it so that the gearbox shaft, rotated 90˚, looks downward.
  • The next step is to lengthen the gas cable, and use two tubes to make a sliding shaft connected to the gearbox.

Lawn mower made from a chainsaw will cost a lot less than a bought one

Useful tip! Some people make their own blades to make a lawn mower, for example, from parts of a hand saw. It is much easier to purchase a finished product, which is then connected to the shaft using bolts or welding machine.

Use parts from old baby carriages or wheelbarrows as wheels. If several pipes of different diameters are used for the manufacture, it is possible to make a device with a telescopic system of work, capable of changing the length.

This is especially important if the device is often used by people of different builds. Also the creation of a telescopic shaft will help to adjust the height of the grass after the lawnmower passes. For the device to serve longer, not to fail after a meeting with hard stones and qualitatively fought with small bushes, you should equip it with quality steel blades. For convenient use, it is advised to additionally equip the mower with a grass catcher, so that you do not have to collect the remains of mowed grass.

Gasoline saw do-it-yourself: what can be made of a gasoline saw

Now quite often you can see these or those products in various applications. In this article we will make an overview: what self-made items can be made from a chainsaw with their own hands.

Take the very plastic bottle. Where only it was not used, probably every dacha owner found a use for this bottle in his own way.

Or to read articles of our site. Every second starts with making a do-it-yourself mower out of what was handy. In other words, if only one had a desire, and ingenuity our people do not occupy.

But for a long time chainsaw has not been used for its intended purpose. They saw fairy castles, statues, slides out of the ice, sculptures out of a single log chainsaw has become a really popular tool.

The main components of a chainsaw are a chainsaw motor and a chain bar. Applying these units separately, you can make a home-made chainsaw.

Sawmill from a chainsaw

A sawmill is a chain saw self-made product, and it can be easily made with one’s own hands. This sawmill from a chainsaw will greatly facilitate the work of sawing logs into boards. We can say it is used for its intended purpose, but in a slightly upgraded form.

It would be very difficult to saw a log into boards or a log on its weight and it will not come out even. Using a chain saw saw, everything will work out. It is necessary to make a metal frame on which it is necessary to fix the chainsaw and the boom itself. It is also necessary to make screw adjustments to adjust the height, thereby adjusting the saw itself to the thickness of the boards. All this construction can move on rails.

The main part of a chainsaw is known to be the engine (the word itself comes from the word “movement”), and the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the vehicle. You can install the engine from a chainsaw on a bicycle, turning it into a moped; three or four-wheeled vehicle, reminiscent of an ATV or all-terrain vehicle.

Moped from a chainsaw

By some simple manipulations it is possible to combine the engine with a winch through a gearbox and get a hoist.

Chainsaw airplane

The idea of using the same engine on homemade flying machines seems very tempting. Since chainsaw engine is low-powerful, it can be used on the ultralight airplanes and paragliders.

Chainsaw angle grinder attachment

Quite often sawing and planing machines provide three-phase power, which is not always available at home, it seems useful to apply as a motor to them exactly a chainsaw engine. Or rotate the wheel of an angle grinder with it (appropriate attachments are already manufactured industrially), and forever forget about the problem with long cables and carrying cables.

A boat motor from a chainsaw

Making a boat motor out of a chainsaw will save you money on buying an expensive factory-made boat engine. What would ensure the speed of your boat 20 km/h, you can make a boat motor from a chainsaw with a reducer (gear ratio 2:1), equipped with a 3-blade propeller, the diameter of which is 210 mm. You will be pleasantly surprised with the fuel consumption of only 1 liter per hour of engine work.

detailed descriptions and drawings of the boat motor here.

The generator from a chainsaw

And it would be really nice to connect the chainsaw engine and a generator, getting electricity at any convenient place and time. Let’s say at the cottage or during a camping trip.

The same engine can rotate the pump and supply water for irrigation of the vegetable garden, garden or pump it out where it is not needed.

The last two chain saw self-made items are also good in light of the fact that modern chainsaw engines are very economical, and work at constant speed can significantly increase motor life. Although prolonged work is associated with the problem of additional cooling.

Snowplow from a chain saw

If you have a chainsaw with more than 3 kW power, you can make a snowblower out of it. An auger with strong elastic blades is made for this. A chain is used to drive from the motor to the auger assembly. Sprockets with different diameters are used to lower the transmission. Homemade snow thrower can be equipped with wheels or skids.

A snowmobile from a chainsaw with their own hands

In general, the field for activity, invention is vast, and who knows what else you can turn an ordinary chainsaw into a useful homemade.

How to make a scooter that runs on gasoline

Using an ordinary old scooter and a chain saw engine, you can assemble your own vehicle, working on gasoline.

  • Chainsaw motor (metal or plastic box)
  • Chain
  • Various bolts, nuts and washers
  • Hand gas pedal from a mountain bike
  • Commutator
  • Power drill
  • A tool for removing the chain links (to make sure the bike chain is well tensioned)
  • Optional: welding equipment
  • Make sure you have a handbrake!

Find a scooter with a handbrake and inflatable wheels. Scooters with a handbrake have better braking ability. Inflatable wheels allow the vehicle to traverse rough terrain better. You can also assemble the frame of the scooter (welding is required).

Prepare the engine from the chainsaw by removing the saw bar and chain. Leave the other parts untouched. Keeping the motor in the housing will make it easier to attach to the platform of the scooter.

Unscrew the centrifugal coupling from the crankshaft. The power from the motor will be transmitted by the stars and the bike chain. The obvious problem is the fact that you won’t be able to stop the working motor with the scooter stationary, and you’ll have to lift the rear wheel above the ground to start it. You could also save the clutch and use a chain that would fit the sprocket on the clutch flange. If your chainsaw has a two-stroke motor (you will have to add oil to the gasoline), keep the centrifugal clutch. Rolling down a slope without a clutch will eventually burn out the motor because the motor will be forced to run without lubrication from a mixture of gasoline and oil.

Bolt the other sprockets to the rear axle of the scooter. This may be easier said than done. choose your scooter carefully, realizing that you may need to modify the rear wheel mount as well as install stars on it.

Place the motor on the back of the scooter platform to make sure the stars are in line.

Drill holes in the platform and chain saw motor housing so that they can be bolted together. Note that the housing is usually made of plastic, so you need to be extremely cautious about where you’re going to bolt, and the size of the washers used (to prevent them from going through the plastic)

Thread the bike chain onto the sprockets. Remove the correct number of links to keep the chain taut.

Attach the hand gas pedal to one of the handles.

Connect the electric hand gas pedal to the on and off wires on the chainsaw motor. This allows the scooter operator to control the motor’s power delivery.

The motor gives enough torque to the gears. If the gear slips and doesn’t turn with the axle, you may have to weld the gear. This will provide maximum power and ensure that the gear will not crank again.

If problems arise when installing a manual gas pedal, a small pedal can be used as an option.

You can protect yourself from injury by adding chain gear guards, open star guards, and a protective cover to prevent hands, clothing, and other objects from getting caught in the drive train. Be careful when using a scooter. It is capable of accelerating to high speeds, which can be injurious. Try to drive only on relatively flat roads. Potholes can lead to unpleasant consequences.

The easiest makes from a chainsaw

Here are different versions of devices made from chainsaws. Everyone will be able to use such ideas in their household. Chainsaws can be made from a chainsaw with a little extra material:

angle grinder. The basic system of such a device is a bearing assembly with a shaft. On one end of it a driven pulley is installed, which rotates with a V-belt. On the other one, a mandrel for cutting wheels is fastened. Depending on their brand, such an angle grinder can cut stone, metal, bricks and other construction materials.

Ice Drill. For the good operation of the device the speed of the auger should not be large, so you need to use a gear made in the form of a worm or V-belt transmission. Such a device can be used in the construction of the foundation from helical piles and for other earthworks.

The pump for pumping water can be used for watering the garden, emergency water supply, draining ponds or flooded basements. Such a nozzle is a simple centrifugal pump, equipped with a bracket for attaching to the saw and a pulley that drives the pump turbines.

The winch, which uses a chainsaw drive. The pulling power of such a device directly depends on the power of the saw motor. It can be considerably enlarged with an additional block. This device is equipped with such additional details as a diverter block, hooks, straps, anchors.

A boat motor from a chainsaw. a great alternative to buying an expensive engine. To ensure the movement in 20 km / h enough to install on a boat homemade boat motor with a gearbox (gear ratio 2:1) and a 3-blade propeller, diameter 210 mm. Fuel consumption will be only 1 liter per hour of engine work.

Almost everyone can assemble a power tiller out of a chainsaw. It requires a transmission system (2 gears). It transmits the motor’s energy to the drive wheel, which drives the working mechanism. Of course, such a cultivator is ill-suited for cultivation of a huge field, but its power is enough for the household plot.

Moped from a chainsaw. For such a vehicle will need a base, such as an old bicycle. A chainsaw motor is attached to its frame. As a rule, on such a means of locomotion, a gear transmission is used. If a mountain bike is used for the conversion, you will need a gearbox to control the speed.

In order to produce the following assemblies the skilled worker needs some technical knowledge and experience in working with different machines and materials. From a chainsaw with the help of various components it is possible to create such homemade devices:

Sawmill from a chainsaw, which can be made with a metal frame. The chainsaw is rigidly fixed to this frame. Workpieces can be guided along the rail track. There are other versions of saws. So for a device designed for longitudinal sawing, you’ll need an adapter attached to the bar located at its base and a guide that sets the direction of movement of the adapter. The guide is mounted on a board attached to the log to be sawn. With this sawmill, logs can be split into 2-4 pieces.

Portable power plant from a chainsaw can provide energy in any remote from the power grid. To build it you need the following components: gear reducer, generator, metal strip, drive belt, control panel. For such a device, the most suitable are powerful saws Druzhba and Ural.

A home-made snow thrower can be made from a saw with a power exceeding 3 kW. For it, it is necessary to mount an auger unit with blades made of durable, but elastic material. The chain connects the motor to the auger node through a pair of gears. To the snow thrower can be attached both wheels and skids. For throwing snow, you can use any pipe with a large diameter.

Home-made snowmobile from a chainsaw is a bit more complicated in its construction than a sawmill. A snowmobile consists of a frame, engine, track and steering. It also needs skids for movement. To create it on the steering wheel you need to put the gas and clutch. You should also think about a system of shock-absorbing suspension of the carrier frame. Since the chainsaw has no transmission, the clutch for the homemade snowmobile is centrifugal. Poly-V belt and chain are also used. For the steering mechanism, parts of an old bicycle can be used. It is redesigned so that the central axis moves the linkage skis that turn. To enhance traction, a traction gear is installed on the drive shaft of the track. Engine power should be at least 5 liters.с.

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