Chain from a chainsaw on a grass trimmer with their own hands

At the heart of almost any home-made gasoline chainsaw is its implementation as a universal drive that can be used for a large number of different devices. Scope of their use is very broad: cutting stone and metal, pumping water, clearing snow, drilling holes and wells, riding, moving various objects, swimming, and even flying.

Realizing the chainsaw’s potential with the use of various attachments and accessories. At least every modification is based on the usual principle of motor power takeoff: the device needed by the craftsman is connected to the output shaft. The presence of a massive motor, small size and comparably light weight of the tool, autonomy and the ability to work virtually under extreme conditions make its ability to truly infinite. Of no small importance is the convenient design of the clutch clutch, which protects the nodes and complex accounting programs saw from breakage and overload. The tool made from a chainsaw is characterized by its own density, therefore it is used in virtually every position.

Our client remains self-made can be conditionally divided into 2.7 groups:

  • ordinary devices (angle grinder, ice drill, pump, winch, single-axle tractor, boat motor, bike, moped);
  • complex mechanisms and objects (a sawmill, snowmobile, snowmobile, aerosled, electric power station, helicopter, tselnikovogo knife).

Different brands of chain saws are used to produce all of the available devices. When selecting them, you should consider the power needed for the normal operation of the conversion. In most cases, for the production of different devices use such brands of chainsaws: Druzhba, STIHL, Ural.

Below are the different versions of devices made from chainsaws. Who wants to use such ideas in their own economy. From a chainsaw with a little extra material make:


A snow blower is a machine that rakes the snow and tosses it aside. It works on an auger and rotary principle.

Screw mechanisms perform a 1-step snow pickup. The device is located at the front of the machine and is covered on the sides and top. While rotating on its own axis, the auger captures the snow and ice, crushes them into small particles, and transmits them to the throwing shovel and then to the outlet pipe. Machines with smooth edges are suitable for fresh snow, but machines with serrated edges are suitable for stale snow.

In a rotary type machine, the snow cover is cleared with the rotor. The nozzle attaches to the drive shaft and works like a vacuum cleaner. The blades protrude forward, making it much easier to pick up snow. In a homemade snow thrower from a grass trimmer, they are made of quality metal or durable plastic. The rotor creates more centrifugal force. The snow is thrown, passing through the spigot, to a distance of up to 12 m.

Both electric motors and fuel motors are suitable for snow plows.

used, fishing, line, brushcutter

If the radius of action of the mechanism within the house, install an electric motor from the grass trimmer, while taking into account the waterproofing of the unit. When carrying out work on country plots, it is better to install a gasoline engine of small capacity.

At the preparatory stage for the snowthrower from the grass trimmer with their own hands drawings of parts and assembly units are developed according to a thought-out plan, technology and based on the availability of material and equipment. To assemble use the schematic diagram of a lawnmower.

The necessary equipment for making a homemade machine:

  • Benzotrimmer with a straight boom and gearbox.
  • Steel sheet of 1.5 mm thick or a metal barrel.
  • Cutter with teeth.
  • Set of tools:
  • drill;
  • drills;
  • wrenches.
  • angle grinder.
  • Welding machine.

Deflector is made of metal strips 30×15 cm, bent, welded sides height of 10 cm. For the blade take a blank 30×40 cm, bend the edges to a height of 2 cm.

To make a snowplow with their own hands from a trimmer for grass, follow this algorithm of actions:

  • Remove 15 cm from the bottom of the barrel, cut it in a circle;
  • At the bottom of the structure drill a hole for the gear protrusion and 3 additional ones. for fixing the shield;
  • on the side make a square with a side of 10 cm for discharging the snow mass;
  • 1/3 of the front of the design closes the metal sheet so that the square hole was located in the center of the damper;
  • the finished rotor blades are cross-welded to the disk of the gasoline trimmer;
  • a deflector is installed and welded to the body of the unit at the point of snow discharge;
  • fix the blade at the bottom;
  • make installation of the gearbox, fixing bolts;
  • insert the rotor.

While working, a welder is used. Welding on thin metal is a complicated technological process that only a professional can cope with. Therefore, it is better to use the services of an experienced welder when making some parts.

used, fishing, line, brushcutter

Many problems with the brushcutter are caused by incorrectly mixed fuel. In two-stroke engines, the lubrication is done with a special oil (not conventional motor oil)!) mixed with petrol. If the oil is not mixed with gasoline, the lawnmower will quickly fail. Oil/gasoline are mixed in the proportion indicated in the trimmer’s instructions for grass. Usually it is 1:40 or 1:50.

The question often arises: the proportion of 1:50 is how much oil and gasoline?

Plastic cable ties installation: pros and cons

If during work, the line for the trimmer suddenly runs out, and there is still a lot of work, it is not necessary to look for a new one. Plastic clamps can temporarily perform its function. They are quite stiff and can cope with almost any grass.

The disadvantage is fast wear and tear. The efficiency of plastic clamps, in such a non-standard application, is also low. Nevertheless, such an alternative can always be used.

The size of the line

The diameter of the trimmer line is the most important parameter of the mower. Because the working part of the tool has holes of specific dimensions and not every line for the trimmer will fit through them. If the line for the trimmer is not chosen correctly, it leads to increased loads on the drive.

Consumables with a diameter of 1.4 mm to 4 mm are on sale. The diameter is determined by the model of the grass trimmer and its power:

  • For compact units with power up to 1 kW, processing small areas, 1.4-2.4 mm thick lines are recommended.
  • Electric mower or grass trimmer, working on gasoline, are equipped with thicker cords. 2.4-3 mm.
  • The most formidable devices, capable of clearing large areas from the above-ground part of bushes and young trees, have a vein of 3-4 mm.

Varieties of fishing line by shape. what it affects and why they are different

Initially, the line for trimmer was only available in round shape, but other modifications soon began to appear. square, hexagonal, star-shaped and others. They also differ in color, but the color does not affect anything, except the visibility of the cutting equipment during work.

The shape of the string affects the type of grass to be cut. According to the form of strings can be:

  • Round. this is a common form, which is still considered universal. The round shape of the line is divided into smooth and with coils. If a smooth string is distinguished by the noisiness of the work, then the twisted on the contrary works more quietly, but there is an accelerated consumption of it
  • Square and hexagonal. sharp angles provide a more efficient cutting of vegetation, which must be taken into account when working on large areas
  • The ribbed and star-shaped blades are even more efficient at cutting various types of stems and reduce the load on the engine

Some craftsmen, when using up the line, replace it with steel wire or metal string, which is unacceptable. Not only is the wire capable of cutting through the mower’s tight shoes, but it can also become wrapped around the head, causing it to jam together with the shaft. Jammed head will wear out transmission and power train.

Section Shape Destination Advantages Disadvantages
Round Only for young and green grass Cheap, rugged, smooth cutting and low consumption Noisy operation and not suitable for dry and thick-stemmed grass
Square High green and dried out grass Smooth cutting of grass, no crushing of stems High consumption, high wear and tear, fragility and can only be used on powerful trimmers
Star Dry grass and bushes A quality and efficient cut due to the large number of angled edges Inexpensive, the ability to use on appropriate heads
Twisted round All grass from young green to dried out Efficient cutting of stems, high working speed and productivity, noiseless Wears out quickly, has trouble unwinding from coil when working

Range of machines for saw chain repair

The special chain saw riveting machine is part of the specialist workshop equipment. Several inexpensive and brand-name imported models are available

STIHL, Husqvarna, and Champion brand riveting machines offer enhanced features and a comfortable level of operation.

Technically advanced devices provide high quality riveting, saving time and money.

Putting your handiwork to the test

We go out with the tool to the place where there are weeds and bushes and switch on the weed trimmer, having previously covered your face with a transparent visor or at least with protective glasses.

We see that the work of grass trimmers with self-made working tool based on steel wire has become much more effective and efficient.

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