What oil to put in your chainsaw. let’s explain in order

Virtually all private homeowners, with few exceptions, have a chainsaw. A necessary tool, handy, almost irreplaceable. Designed as a chainsaw powered by a two-stroke gasoline engine. It has long been no secret that special oils are used for the lubrication of two-stroke gasoline engines. If you neglect the instructions, then the operation of the chainsaw can be short. Let’s take a look at the features of chainsaw oil and which one to use.

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The advantages of oils at a higher price level

Brand chain oils are composed of useful antioxidative, anticorrosive, stabilizing components and additives that help to preserve oil performance and improve durability of working equipment under severe operation conditions.

The quality of brand name consumables is the benchmark. Most of the products are from leading manufacturers STIHL, Husqvarna, ECHO, DAEWOO and others. Over the past few years, the quality of Chinese chain oils produced by state-owned enterprises has improved noticeably.

Owners of chainsaws are the ones who decide what kind of oil to use for chainsaw chain lubrication. At its best, it is a local, climate-adapted consumable based on the recommendations in the Instruction Manual for your model.

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How to fill a STIHL chain saw

The machine manufacturer indicates in the machine’s technical specifications how much fuel and lubricant you should use. According to the manufacturer, AI-95 is the best gasoline for your STIHL chain saw.

But in order to get the desired octane rating, various additives are added to domestic gasoline. The result is lower quality. That is why you use AI-92 gasoline as fuel for your STIHL chain saw.

The type of oil depends on the engine power. Genuine STIHL fluid is considered the best two-stroke engine fluid. It can be of two kinds:

What kind of gasoline to pour into a chainsaw, indicates the manufacturer of the equipment. It is customary to prepare a mixture in the ratio of 1:50. In other words, 50 grams of oil are needed per liter of gasoline.

Top tips

To ensure the long life of your STIHL chain saw you need to follow certain rules:

Always refill with fresh fuel. Never add gasoline from a canister that has been idle for more than a month. Never fill STIHL four-stroke engines with lubricants. The oil will not burn completely. The piston assembly will quickly fail as a result of the formation of soot. For two-stroke engines, where combustion of the lubricant must be complete, the manufacturer recommends using synthetic products. They produce a minimum amount of combustion gases. When you are mixing it up, use more oil

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But do it with care. Only 5 g per liter of gasoline is sufficient

If more is added, fouling may occur. A smaller volume of fluid, even by 5 g, can cause overheating of the piston system. Do not mix the fuel which has been in the system for more than a month. Do not use lubricating fluids for mopeds. They are designed for a very low speed. When seasonal work is complete, the mixture must be drained or completely used up. This is done to prevent sealant wear and tear.


Brand or standard chain oil for chainsaw lubrication by density, viscosity, degree of purification from impurities and other working characteristics meet the requirements of special standards.

  • Organic and mineral compounds do not differ significantly in their working properties.
  • Experienced users recommend working on organic consumables if the intervals between applications are not more than a few days.
  • Anticorrosive and other protective properties of more expensive mineral oils, if the tool is used for infrequent, one-time jobs.

Checking oil for outside temperature and checking lubrication system for proper operation is easy. To do this, you need to hold the headset of the medium-speed saw over a clean sheet of paper for a few seconds.

The breadth and saturation of the oil band is an indication of the suitability of the compound for continuous operation at a given ambient temperature and the performance of the built-in oil pump.

When to use special oil for chain lubrication?

Manufacturers recommend that you use chain oil whenever you use the chain saw. This recommendation is related to the following points:

chain, chainsaw
  • The oil pump can fail. This is due to the special properties of the lubricant.
  • The use of waste oil or other non-functional lubricants reduces the RPM capability of the tool.
  • A new chain must not be used if the bar is badly worn. It is due to the increased wear of the surface. It is recommended to buy at least four chains if you do frequent work.
  • It is strictly forbidden to work without oil in the tank. At the time of refueling the chainsaw, it is mandatory to lubricate the tire.
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When using special oil to lubricate the chain, you need to pay attention to its quality, because its composition should not contain various impurities or debris. Otherwise the oil pump can break down fast.

Virtually all chainsaw and component manufacturers are in the business of producing lubricants. Chain oil for chainsaws protects the metal from rapid wear and corrosion. In addition, chain oil lasts a long time on the surface, even when the device is used for a long time.

Determining the proper level

For reliable operation it is important not only to know what oil to put in the chain saw, but also how high it should be in the tank. As a rule, the manufacturer of electric models puts special marks on the container and gives appropriate recommendations in the technical documentation.

The gasoline counterparts have a simpler looking device. In most modern models the volumes of gasoline and oil tanks are proportional to each other. This means that they are consumed at the same rate as the work progresses. Therefore, it is best to fill them to the top immediately before use so that they do not have to be topped up during heavy-duty work.

If the oil for an electric chainsaw or its gasoline variation is used excessively, the only drawback will be the overspending. Lack of lubrication is another matter. It can result in severe consequences of the following nature:

  • Tire destruction.
  • Rapidly deteriorating guide groove.
  • Jammed and worn drive sprocket.
  • Boring, resetting or broken chain.

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Top 3 popular oils (brands) for chainsaw chain lubrication

The German manufacturer STIHL is the engine oil leader. The oil is available in 0.1 and 1 liter containers. It is adapted for domestic and professional saws. All the right components are selected in the right proportions to ensure a long service life.

Husqvarna is also a leading manufacturer of motor oils that do not differ much from Stihl in their qualities.

Bosch chain and bar oil. Environmentally friendly and reduces tool heat during operation. The properties of the oil assist in cleaning dust and chips from the tool.

  • Only use oil of an optimal consistency. if it is too thin or too thick, it will not produce the expected results.
  • Select the oil according to the type of engine;
  • Synthetic oil that does not produce soot is preferably used;
  • Add oil with ash content of 2% or higher for 4-stroke engines.

Popular Chainsaw Chainsaw Oils


The Germans traditionally offer several solutions:

Inexpensive for a branded product, but very effective. No problems with it until.15 degrees. Packaged in containers of 1 and 5 liters. Keeps its properties for three years, that’s why when buying it you should take into account how densely you will use your saw.

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The name hints at the environmental friendliness of the grease. Plant origin makes the product completely safe for forests and waters. Biodegradable lubricants are at the peak of popularity in Europe, although people in Russia are still reluctant to pay for them.

Professional oil for real tough loggers in harsh climates. Although they are mainly harvested in Russia and Finland. The formulation of the components makes it possible to work with.25, and its high price makes it pointless to use it in domestic saws.


The Swedes have not stayed away from “chain” lubricants. Two variants are offered in this segment:

The universal solution for both amateurs, who appreciate their efforts and tools, and professionals, for whom maximum speed and durability are vital. Biodegradation is a must.

A more budget-friendly solution for the amateur sector. It is positioned as a reduced-flow oil. In practice, it has very good emptying capacity compared to its competitors.

Other manufacturers

There are a lot of companies that make chainsaws. Their products are less popular than STIHL or Husqvarna, but also popular with owners of gasoline-powered machines.

Mineral grease from the Italians Oleo-Mac.

Adhesive grease that the same manufacturer recommends for their chain saws.

Following the global fashion for ecology, the Japanese company Makita has also decided to keep up.

If you have a chain saw you don’t want to lose, don’t pour car engine waste into oil tank. Although it still has some lubricating power, but its adhesion is almost nonexistent. Everything around here will be in the waste. in addition, small metal particles that have accumulated in the waste while it is inside the 4-stroke engine, act on the chain, sprocket and tire like an abrasive.

For expensive tools it is better to buy quality consumables. For an inexpensive one it is still quality, if the saw is not bought for the purpose of one-time work. Chain and engine oil is a way to prolong the life of the chain saw, but it is also a way to “kill” it quickly.

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