What do a corner grinder do: that you can cut a corner grinder, and what is impossible

The corner grinding machine, which everyone calls the corner grinder, can not only grind, but also cut various materials using special circles. But in order to skillfully use these capabilities, you need to have knowledge and experience.

How to hold a corner grinder correctly

Many have a corner grinder, but most people do not know how to use it correctly and how to keep it. This leads not only to marriage in work, but also to severe injuries. Corner grinder is a rather dangerous power tool.

The circle should be installed by the pattern up and clamped by a special nut.

A person with the leading right hand holds an angular grinding of the handle with his right hand. In this case, the circle should be located on the left side of the machine, and the protective casing should close it on top. The rotation is so that during cutting sparks fly to a worker. If the corner grinder jams the circle and the corner grinder will break out of the hands, then it will not go to the cutter, but in the opposite direction.

The left hand holds the car by the handle, which is wrapped in a threaded hole on the case. There are somewhat for special cases of use, but the right position of the handle is only the upper.

This position of the machine requires the use of protective equipment. To protect the eyes and open part of the face, these are protective glasses, and even better. A protective mask. To protect the open parts of the body from sparks and small fragments during cutting, it is necessary to put on a suit made of dense material.

How to cut exactly

In order to cut off something angular grinding, it is necessary to perform the correct markup. For example, before cutting a piece of pipe, it is necessary to apply a marker or a thin chalk size. Then we take a sheet of paper with a flat edge and turn the pipe on the set mark. We will get a paper pipe on top of a metal. The border of paper and will be an exact trajectory along which a part of the pipe has to be sawn down.

For these purposes, you can use construction tape, which is easier to wrap the pipe and fix it.

On the edge of the paper or adhesive tape we draw a fishing line for a cutting trimmer. Remove the paper, hear the pipe in a vice and cut the corner grinding.

In a similar way, you can cut a corner, profile or sheet. Do not only forget that during cutting it is impossible to change the position of the car. Circle skew will lead to jamming or breakdown. Should not be excessively pressed on a circle, especially thin. Deformation will immediately affect the curvature. The machine should be driven into the material, it only needs to be held.

The evenness of the cut depends on the correct selection of the circle. It is difficult to achieve a flat trajectory, cutting off part of the thick.Walled pipe with a thin circle.

How to cut a corner grinding circle circle

Sometimes it is necessary to cut a circle on a sheet of metal, and there is no tool besides the corner grinder. To do this, mark the circle on the selected area with a white marker or a thin chalk. The cutting line for the cutting of the cut should be on the outside of the circle, so as not to reduce it.

The corner grinder is installed not perpendicular to the sheet, but at an angle. Over, the corner grinder will be inclined to the center of the circle. At low speed we make a preliminary contour cut. Both the contour and the main cut must be performed with short movements, moving the position of the circle along the contour.

Similarly, you can act by working with other materials. To cut the corner grinding in the tile under the pipe, it is necessary to mark on the back of the tiles. Then take a corner grinder and make a slot of slots along the chord at a distance of 4-5 mm from one another inside the marked circle.

Then the tile is unfolded at right angles, and the slots are made perpendicular to the previous. During cutting, pieces of tiles will be painted, but inside the outlined circle. The remaining cloves can be sanded with a corner grinder first on the front side.

Naturally get a cut of an oblique, with an extension to the back side. But this land can be grabbed gradually with pliers and painted. At the end of the operation, the back of the hole is polished. Here you need accuracy, attention and patience.

How to cut a corner grinder without chips tiles and porcelain tiles

To do without chips during cutting tiles, it must be wetted in water. This will reduce the temperature in a timely manner, which is the cause of destruction. In this way, you can not only cut the tiles, but also cut the necessary fragments. Another method is to use the cutting circle on the stone. Such a circle does not give cracks and chips.

The situation with porcelain tiles is a little more complicated. Porcelain tiles are somewhat thicker than ordinary tiles and stronger than it. Manual tile cutter very quickly stupid, without achieving the result. Therefore, you can cut porcelain stoneware around stone.

On the drawn cut line, we make a contour incision. Then another, third. Until the cut thickness of the material is less cut out. We shift the tiles of porcelain tile to the edge of the table and with a sharp but not very strong movement we break.

How to saw without dust

Any dust is harmful to human health. During repair or construction, it settles everywhere. Remove it later and for a long and quite difficult. But the main thing is that it cannot be removed from the body. In order to work without dust, it is necessary to make a small and inexpensive device for angular grinder.

This device is very similar to a medical dropper. In a regular plastic bottle with a volume of 1.5. 2.0 liters, we put a tube from a dropper. We leave only the regulator on it. In the protective casing of the corner grinder, we make a hole along the diameter of this tube. In this hole we insert the other same tube.

We connect these two tubes, pour water into the bottle and open it to the supply to the circle. After the first approximate cut, we adjust the supply of water, which should extinguish all the dust released during cutting.

With such a device, you can process concrete, brick and many other materials that, when destroyed, distinguish a large amount of dust.

How to saw or cut a corner grinder properly

Various materials behave differently during the treatment of corner grinding. Some immediately overheat and break, others are deformed, others do not want to succumb to processing at all. All the subtleties of working with corner grinding is difficult to know, but practice requires to know at least something.

Cut the tiles of paving, tile, porcelain tile

For cutting paving slabs, a special circle with a diamond notch is required. Marking is made on the tile, and on this marking, an incision is made to almost half the radius of the circle. If the corner grinder with a large circle, then in one pass you can cut the tile immediately to the entire depth. The main thing is that it is no more than the radius of the circle. If the radius of the circle is insufficient, then the tile is turned over and oncoming cut is done.

Where corner grinders are used

I was a little distracted from what I wanted to write. About what is possible and what cannot be cut with a corner grinder. And why else can you use an angular-grinding machine (corner grinding).

corner, grinding, metal, sharpen, drill, home

Corner grinder is used for cutting and processing solid materials, as well as for grinding and polishing surfaces. For this, special nozzles are used. Few people know that there are crowns for Bulgarians with which you can cut round holes, for example in ceramic tiles.

In the decoration and repair of apartments, corner grinders are most often used specifically for cutting materials. Also, this is an excellent tool for sharpening ruins or other cutting or cutting tools, such as axes, knives and chisels.

corner, grinding, metal, sharpen, drill, home

How to sharpen a metal drill

The process of sharpening the drills for metal is not complicated and is performed in a couple of minutes, but only if there is a suitable tool after a fluent study of theory and little practice.

A little theory

First you need to deal with the design of the tool and understand which its characteristics will need to be restored, which one can not spoil. In the process you will need a tool for checking the corners and lengths of the cutting edges.

The design of the drill

The metal drill consists of: shank and working part. These two parts are made from different metals, which are connected in one workpiece using welding. The shank is made of steel that has not undergone hardening.

How To Sharpen a Drill Bit at Home With Just a Bench Grinder.OLD SCHOOL METHOD

The working part is made of high.Speed hardened instrumental steel. It can be conditionally divided into several parts: calibrating and cutting. The following structural elements are on the working part:

The cutting edge is formed at the intersection of the surfaces of the front part (groove) and the back (back of the head). It is the back surface that is processed to restore the sharpness of the cutting edge on a sharpener or other tool.

In the process, it is the cutting edges. When sharpening, you need to restore their severity, geometry, as well as the angle at the top between the rear and front.

Parameters that need to be restored

When properly sharpening the drill on metal, it is necessary to restore its following parameters:

Dependence of the angle of sharpening on the processed material

The value of the angle of sharpening at the top and the rear angle of cutting when working with metal and other materials may differ in the larger or lesser direction. The smaller the angle at the top, the longer the cutting edge, which positively affects the heat sink, the resistance of the drill. With a decrease in the angle, the strength is reduced, and with its increase, it will be more difficult to hold the tool in the center at the beginning of the drilling.

The value of the angle at the top must be selected by starting from the hardness of the material that needs to be processed. The harder the material, the greater the angle at the top should be.

The angle at the top is 118 ° ± 2 ° C from the rear angle from 7 ° to 12 ° is considered universal, they mean when they talk about a spiral drill for metal without indicating the material for processing. It is these angles that we will consider in this article for example, as typical.

Processed materials angles at the top of the rear cutting angle
Soft wood, rubber, soft fibrous materials, plastic 60 ° 12 °.15 °
Hard varieties of wood, bakelitis, hard rubber, hard fibrous materials, soft cast iron (plastry) 90 ° 12 °.15 °
Heat.Resistant and corrosion.Resistant steels and their alloys, stainless steel 127 ° 12 °.14 °
Instrumental steel 118 °.150 ° 7 °.15 °
Copper 100 °.118 ° 12 °.15 °
Copper alloys 118 °.150 ° 12 °.15 °
Aluminum alloys 90 °.140 ° 12 °.17 °
Magnesium alloys 70 °.118 ° 12 °
Titanium alloys 135 °.140 ° 12 °
Structural and soft steel, cast iron, solid bronze. When working with cast-iron casting in drills with a diameter of 12 mm, double sharpening with an angle of the transition edge is 70 °.75 °. 118 ° ± 2 ° 7 °.12 °

Tools for checking the correctness of sharpening

To check the correctness of the corners and lengths, they use various measuring tools: a transporter, an angle, a lineup with a ruler, etc.D. You can also use a drill sharpening template, on which there are already all the right corners and a scale is applied to check the Dean edges. Such templates for checking can be bought at the store, but it will be difficult to find them on sale.

The template for checking sharpening can be made with your own hands from sheet steel, tin or stainless steel according to patterns of templates from the store on the images above, apply marking on it with a tap or diamond pencil. Or make the easiest template of two or three nuts. The nut is ideal for these purposes, t.To. It is a right hexagon, each inner angle of which is 120 degrees. When connecting two nuts, the angle between their faces will also be equal to 120 degrees.

This device is suitable only to check the angle at the top. Nuts can be tucked for welding or on thermic mushrooms. To do this, the nuts need to be heated so that the heat.Milestone melts about them, spread it with heat.Mock, press tightly to each other and keep them so until they cooled. Despite the apparent flimsy, the nuts fastened with thermoclay will hold on very tight.

Methods of sharpening to remove the back plane

There are several basic ways of proper sharpening. They differ in the method of removing the back plane, its geometry, the complexity of the execution and the final characteristics of the tool:

There are other ways of sharpening, they differ both in the equipment on which they can be performed, and as a result, the form of the back of the tooth resulting in the result:

Screw methods are used in machines for the manufacture and sharpening of drill in production. It makes no sense to describe the mechanism of their implementation, t.To. Manually this process cannot be repeated. The cylindrical method is a special case of conical sharpening and is used very rarely.

The elliptical method is one of the simplest, but it needs hollow abrasive stones of a specific shape that wear out very quickly. For shaped sharpening, abrasive circles of different shapes of not direct profile are also needed. Therefore, in this article we will not consider them.

Methods of sharpening by the number of bevels on the cutting edge

Sharpet methods are divided by the number of cutting edges formed. In this case, the angle at the top will not be constant. It will change with steps from the larger at the central peak to smaller on the side peaks. This is done in order to evenly distribute heat discharge and reduce the heating of the tool as its diameter increases, t.To. The cutting edge does not heat up evenly. Less in the center heats up than at the edges.

On the Internet you can find such a term as a three.Haired sharpening of the CRULL, but this, in fact, is a two.Year.Old ribbon with a fashing ribbon with a lifting over the entire outer edge. This ribbon flow is used both for two.Horned and normal sharpening.

Tips how to cut metal correctly

Picking up a corner grinder, it must be remembered that this is one of the tools dangerous in injuries. When breaking the disk, the angular grinder is able to break out of the hands and hit. When cutting, it is possible to depart small parts, you need to provide everything.

How to treat the unit correctly? Additional security measures:

  • After studying how to use equipment, you need to acquire cutting skills. First you should practice unnecessary details.
  • The heel of the disk is better and more efficiently cuts metal.
  • When cutting metal, it is necessary to water the material with water, for cooling. This applies to any models.
  • In more expensive, everything is automated, rotations occur easily, without a clamping of a disk.
  • Do not turn on the equipment at full power. This leads to rapid wear, as well as an ambulance.
  • Be attentive to the wear of the cutting disk. The direction of work requires attention and scrupulousness.

How to cut metal with a corner grinder correctly

About how to work with a corner grinder about how to work properly, accurately and safely

Corner grinder or corner grinder is a popular and often used power tool in construction and economy. The corner grinder is convenient and sometimes indispensable, however, despite the apparent simplicity, working with the tool with an inept approach may be dangerous. How to reduce risks when working with an angular grinder? I’ll tell you now.

Inventors make purchases in a budget Chinese online store.

Of course, any tool can cause injuries and wounds, but the corner grinder in this regard is an undoubted leader. This is facilitated by a solid and sharp disk rotating at high speed, covered only by partially with a protective casing. In addition, the tool does not have a reliable support point when working.

Basic errors

I will say from my own experience that the main reason for injuries is not compliance with elementary safety precautions.

I am not a letter.Eater and do not always and do not fully fulfill the requirements of safety precautions at a construction site, but this does not apply to work with a corner grinding, gloves and protective glasses. I must wear it.

In addition, I never remove the protective casing. In addition, adhere to the following simple rules:

[Attenation Type = Yellow] [Attendation Type = Green] [Attendation Type = Red] 1. Most of the troubles when working with an angular grinder falls on a damaged or defective disk. There is often a chip on the disk. A small zazubin, which will destroy the disk during work, and it can fly to small fragments with a huge speed. At the same time, the tool is sharply pulling, which is also unpleasant. [/Attendation] [/Attenation] [/Attenation] Electronics for homesproofs in a Chinese store.

The second disk defect is a breakdown. Visually, it may not be noticeable, but when turned on, it starts to chat, the corner grinder will vibrate noticeably.

This is a clear sign of disk break, and the work should immediately stop and change the disk. Factory defects are extremely rare, at least among large and reliable manufacturers.

Homemade Drill Bit Sharpening Jig

Therefore, you should not save on disks by buying cheap Chinese counterparts, or products of unknown manufacturers.

Precautions are simple-carefully examine the disk before work, then turn on the angular grinding and idle “listen” to the tool, are there any new vibrations, “chatter” or something not ordinary.

Using the disk as intended to save you from many troubles. You can not cut boards or plywood disk for metal or concrete, the tree is much softer than the metal, so friction causes smoke from glue or resin, which can damage health.

Over, the corner grinder is not designed at all for working with a tree, even if you install a gear disk from the circular. The benefit of the corner grinder is the identical saw of the circular. But the fact is that the tooth disk clings stronger into a tree, and it is very difficult to hold the tool in their hands, and even experienced operators do not risk cutting a tree with a corner grinder.

Sharpening of metal with a corner grinder with a special disk

Also, many builders often use an abrasive disk for sharpening metal, grinding welds, etc.D. This is not bad if you use special sharpening discs for this purpose. Otherwise, sharpening violates the balancing of the disk, thinks it at the cutting edge (up to the fiberglass. The base of the disk). In the future, when cutting metal, such a disc is easily scattered in all directions.

Avoid injuries in this case is very simple. Carefully read when buying a disk for what it is intended for. Information, as a rule, is applied to the disk itself. And in no case do not use a corner grinder to work with a tree, it does not fit for this!

The main traumatic situations when working with a corner grinder:

– the clip of the disk between the edges of the cut part. Pipes, profile, metal sheet, etc.D. During cutting under the weight of the part, I drank, as a result, the clip of a disk that entails an extinguishing from the hands of the instrument and the destruction of the disk. To prevent this, it should not be allowed to converge the cut, for this a shorter part, for example, pipes, hold on weight.

– a sudden obstacle with a cut of a leaf or reinforcement can also cause the destruction of the disk. This happens, for example, when you cut a steel sheet, and under it there is a stone, a piece of concrete or something else, hard. Therefore, do not be lazy to the harsh and see if an extraneous object will come across in the cutting path.

Experienced experts make a cut by about 50-60%, after which they carefully and shallowly pass the tool around the perimeter, and when the first through the drink is converged, they cut off the perimeter not cut-out areas, trying not to deepen deeply.

Simple rules for preparing the tool before work, and the correct completion. This is Little things, but they are important:

– the disk is attached to the shaft of the corner grinder using the mounting nut, and it is important when installing not to tighten the nut with a key, it is enough to do this with your hands, staging the shaft move with a special button, and tightening the nut with the disk of hands. If you tighten the key, then when changing the disk, it will be difficult to unscrew the nut.

– Remember the simple rule. First turn on the corner grinder, and only then touch the disk of the place to drink. It is important that when the tool is launched, the disk does not contact with anything (of course, except for the shaft of the corner grinder, on which it is fixed). Not compliance with this rule can provoke a sharp jerk of the tool from the hands, and this threatens with injuries.

corner, grinding, metal, sharpen, drill, home

– At the end of the work, wait until the disc is stopped, holding an angular grinder in your hands, or stop the disk on the tree. Board, beam, etc.D. I also urgently do not recommend when moving to another cut place or pause to leave a corner grinder on at idle. Walking with the tool on is strictly prohibited!

[Attend Type = Red] [Attenation Type = Yellow] [Atting Type = Green] This is all, work with corner grinding, do not be afraid of it, but do it carefully in compliance with the safety rules. [/Attendation] [/Attendation] [/Attendion]

Types of disks

For each type of work, manufacturers provide their own type of disk. The main manipulations with metal performed by an angular grinder include:

Each of them should be considered in more detail.


Metal cutting is the main task of an angle grinding machine. Whether it is a pipe or sheet metal. Cutting circles are used to cut it. Despite the apparent simplicity of the types of cutting circles, there are a lot of

  • Volcanite circles are very elastic, so their thickness can be only 0.8 mm. Such circles have found their application in thin and unprofitable cutting of thin metals, when high quality of the seam is required. They have one minus-they can collapse with the slightest heating, and their resource is 2-3 times lower than the detachment discs from other materials.
  • Bakelite cutting circles, on the contrary, are designed for cutting thick metal blanks. The properties of the material allow them to maintain integrity at high temperatures-200-300 ° C. Such a disk can be cut a railway rail or a metal double as. They have one minus. When cutting, they spark very much, and the temperature of sparks is high, which requires increased attention when working.
  • Ceramic discs. High.Tech and expensive discs. Their main advantage is long.Term continuous work. They are not afraid of water, unlike discs from other materials. The main disadvantage is low strength during pulsed loads. If, when working with such a disk, “come up with” something, then it will almost certainly split.
  • Carbid and electrical coronary drives are the most common option in Russia. Do not have any absolute advantages, but the same minuses. The most universal circles of the presented. Carbids are used for cutting non.Ferrous and soft metals, electroconderund. For working with steel.

Cutting circles for corner grinders designed for cutting metal are usually indicated in blue, the TH-VR source.Com

Rittle and food

During the mechanical assembly, welded and other types of work, it is necessary to clean the surface of the metal from oxides and other contaminants. Perform this work manually is a difficult and long task. Rittle and metal disks come to the rescue.

The roller circle is a whole disk of coarse.Grained material. In contact with metal, the abrasive material quickly and effectively tear off the metal, removing oxides, oxides, lubricants and other stuck pollution from its surface.

Wipe the corner grinder of the log

Greetings, my dear readers of the blog Andrei Noac. Many people ask the forums the question is whether it is possible to cut boards with a corner grinder? Therefore, I decided to fully understand this issue with you.

Corner type grinding machine. Universal tool. The corner grinder is suitable for a whole spectra work, replacing a number of metal tools, often performing the work even better and more precisely. This can boast of all the processes produced by the metal disk. But how are things with wood and a wood-piece plate? Is it safe? I want to figure out today how to do it at my own peril and risk.

Tips for beginners

Beginners, before using a corner grinder, is recommended to study the instructions, and also remember several lessons from specialists.

  • Thick.Walled parts and blanks cut straight.
  • When processing long blanks, the cuts begin with the hanging edge.
  • After they finished cutting the metal with a corner grinder, the edges are treated with an anti.Corrosion composition.
  • Cut concrete, granite, ceramics allow circles on stone.
  • Cutting gas cylinders is carried out only after removal of gas with condensate.

Corner grinder is a tool that has become widespread in the professional sphere and everyday life. It allows you to solve a wide range of problems. Compliance with safety precautions, preparing a place and a competent choice of disks will allow to achieve quality cuts.

How to work properly a corner grinder: step.By.Step instructions

Knowledge of how to work properly a corner grinder can help achieve the goal and protect life, as well as health. The aforementioned tool does not tolerate safety precautions. Manufacturers emphasize that equipment operation should be accompanied by compliance with the instructions.

The angle grinding machine today is much more functional than a few years ago, when the tool could be useful only for grinding work. Today, these devices are indispensable in metalworking and construction. Outwardly, the angular grinder looks unpretentious, it has a cylindrical case, on the one side of which there is a handle, and on the other. A mount for nozzles. It is the nozzles that make this unit multifunctional. They are fixed on a spindle, while the discs are additionally attached with a clamping nut and a flange. This measure is mandatory when working with the described tool.

What is the angular grinder for

Having examined modern angle grinders, you will note that they are able to cope with many tasks, including:

For each type of work and material, a certain abrasive tool should be used.

General recommendations for working with an angular grinder

In order to understand how to properly work with a corner grinder, you must familiarize yourself with the assortment of nozzles, among which are brushes and circles. The former are intended for polishing and cleaning surfaces. In this case, you can polish welding seams and clean the metal from rust. Different circles can be used to perform different tasks depending on the composition. You can cut ceramics alone, while others are suitable for metal. You can familiarize yourself with this information by considering the instruction on the disk or packaging.

Which corner grinder to choose

If you have a question about how to work properly a corner grinder, then you should know that there are different no only nozzles, but also angling machines. They are represented in different classes, among which:

The last option is suitable for operation for a limited time every day. Professional angle grinding machine is capable of working every day for several hours. As for industrial equipment, it is a device that works almost tirelessly. Tools differ in appearance. Thus, the case can be supplemented with one or two handles, as well as vibration.Absorbing handles.

Safety precautions during the operation of a corner grinder

Before starting the work process, you must prepare the tool. For this, a circle is selected and installed. The motor has a certain power, it provides for the need to choose a circle of certain sizes. The smaller the circle, the greater the speed of rotation it is able to maintain. If you use the circle incorrectly, this will cause wear of equipment and deformation of nozzles.

If you are thinking about how to work properly a corner grinder to avoid injuries, you should know that discs should not be installed on the tool, the dimensions of which are more than those for which the unit is intended. Nozzles should not be deformed. If cracks or potholes appeared on the circle, then you should get rid of them. Do not use those circles that have deviations from the original form.

Rules and recommendations

After fastening the circle, the tool should be launched and checked in idle mode. Within 30 seconds, the equipment is driven away at maximum speeds. If you have not noticed extraneous sounds and vibrations, and the protective casing does not hurt the disk, then you can start work.

Quite often, novice home masters ask about how to work properly a corner grinder. Before starting manipulations, the operator himself should prepare, for this you need to wear:

The operator needs to remove all the jewelry, for example, hours and bracelets, because they can be wound on a circle. You can not start work if you feel fatigue or are intoxicated. The use of saw disks for wood when working with an angle grinding machine is excluded.

Fire safety and mounting parts

The operator needs to make sure that there is no one in the cutting plane. Until the discharge of the disk is completely stopped, you can not release the tool from the hands. You should not touch the equipment earlier than it cools down. In the working area there should not be flammable objects, namely:

If you are interested in the question of how to properly work with a corner grinder, then you should think about a reliable attachment of parts. Everything that is processed and cut should be recorded. The exception is the elements that will remain motionless under the influence of their own weight, the slabs and stones should include this. The part can be recorded in a vice. In the absence of such an opportunity, you should use the help of a partner, which will fix the workpiece or pipe with the divorce key. It is forbidden to hold the processed parts in the hands.

How to cut a corner grinder

Many owners of the described equipment in the first stages of its operation are interested in the question of how to work correctly with a small corner grinder. It is worth noting that the methodology of cutting the workpiece in this case is no different from the time when the professional class tool is used in the work. Workplaces must be cleaned, the workpiece must be placed, only after you can start work.

Equipment must be held with two hands. If the circle is jammed, the tool should not be torn out of the hands. You should always be prepared for the opposite impact, which can cause a strong displacement. In general, a reverse blow is one of the most dangerous points in the operation of an angle grinding machine. In this case, there is a sharp sudden discharge of the tool when jaming the disk in the workpiece.

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