Unine tractor Patriot Ural. Features of application, characteristics, reviews of owners

The Unoic tractor Patriot Urals is a practical and effective equipment for the cultivation of soil on garden, household and farms.

The devices are simple in assembly and operation, as well as unpretentious in care.

Engineers took into account the needs of consumers and applied modern management and anti.Vibration technologies in the development of models from this series.

Consider the features of the motoblocks and the operating rules, as well as the characteristics of the models.

Engine for the Neva MB-2 walk-behind tractor

The MB-2 Unoa Tractor is a modified version of the MB-1 model. It turned out to be even more reliable and hardy. At the same time, the manufacturer managed to reduce the consumption of the refueling fuel during operation of the walk.Behind tractor at the most acceptable load.

Like Neva MB-1, the MB-2 modification is equipped with different 1-cylinder 4-stroke engines with carburetors and manual launch, which is made using the retractable cord. Each of the power units provides an air cooling system operating under the influence of centrifugal forces.

The engine is attached to the power frame using reinforced bolts. For the transfer of the rotational force to the gearbox or mounted equipment in the base device of the engine, a 3-ruble pulley is responsible. To stabilize the engine speed, at its first launch in the agricultural machine, an air damper is provided.

The most popular modification of the Neva MB-2-agricultural unit MB-2K is staffed by the production engine of the Russian plant “Krasny October”-ICE DM-1K. The standard crankshaft of this power unit is located horizontally, and the factory valves are located in the upper part of the motor. The operational volume of the ICE is 317 cm 3. And its maximum permissible power is 6.5 liters. With.

Each engine on the uno-legged tractor Neva MB-2 corresponds to several important parameters.

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Among them, the presence of:

  • A ball bearing built in the standard supports of the crankshaft. It is designed to stabilize the vibration load of the motor and its more smooth operation under high loads;
  • Factory automatic decompressor;
  • Aluminum unit and a repair.Free standard cast.Iron sleeve. This constructive solution gave the manufacturer the opportunity to extend the life of the sleeve;
  • Durable foaming air filter, which is released by a 2-level cleaning system;
  • A reduced level of noise and modest fuel consumption. This was achieved thanks to the location of the valves in the upper part of the engine;
  • An improved ignition system that allows you to run the motor without problems in the most difficult weather conditions.

Another important feature of engines is their factory protection against overheating, dust and dirt. Thanks to this, the Neva MB-2 motor blocks can be confidently used to solve almost any problems.

Which engine can be put on a one.Axle tractor Neva?

As practice shows, most often to replace the failed standard engine, power units of the production of brands Lifan, Robin-Subaru, Patriot and Honda are used. Among the main advantages of these engines, experts distinguish endurance, high resistance to wear, the ability to work in the most difficult weather conditions and low fuel consumption. Below, we consider the features of the use of the engines of each of the listed manufacturers in more detail.


The engines of this popular brand have earned great popularity thanks to the upper location of the valves, making them more balanced and reliable. Another important advantage is the presence of a wide range of motors models, so that the owners of the Neva motoblocks can choose the option with optimal technical characteristics.

Lifan brand engines are able to withstand significant loads. The operation of each such engine is controlled by an effective air cooling system. To launch the cold Lifan motor in its design, there is a manual pump pump pump, which allows you to use the unoic tractor Neva with such an engine with almost any weather.

The other advantages of power units of the Lifan brand include:

  • Relatively low cost;
  • Modern high.Tech device;
  • Universality;
  • The availability of all the necessary spare parts for repair;
  • Correctly selected center of gravity.

Each Lifan brand engine is quite simple in independent maintenance. Subject to the correct proportion of the preparation of the fuel mixture, such an engine will serve on the Neva walk.Behind tractor for the longest possible, without the need to carry out repair work.


The engines of the famous Subaru brand have high demand due to a lot of advantages, the presence of optional options and high assembly quality. The motors of this manufacturer were one of the first to be installed on Neva and agricultural vehicles of other famous brands.

The advantages of these engines are:

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  • Durable case that is not amenable to mechanical damage;
  • The presence of special channels in the head and cylinder block prevents oil overheating with intense engine loads;
  • Reliable forged crankshaft and an effective multi.Level air purification system;
  • Cast iron cartridges that significantly increase the working resource of each engine;
  • The presence of an electronic ignition system;
  • The use of the most modern technologies and high.Quality materials when assembling engines.
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The motors of the Japanese brand Subaru are characterized by a modest consumption of fuel and oil. Hardly fixed crankshaft reduces noise when operating the engine. An enlarged starter bean is able to quickly overcome the resistance when starting the engine, which significantly accelerates the inclusion of the Neva motornote.


The engines of this famous company are among the most popular engines that the owners of the Neva motoblock owners choose to convert their equipment. Each Patriot brand motor has compact dimensions and a little weight, which does not wave to have high power and endurance.

Another important advantage is the high environmental friendliness of Patriot engines. The engines of this brand are made in compliance with all norms and standards for the quantity and composition of the ejected exhaust gases.

Patriot brand engines are very easy to install with your own hands. The presence of all the necessary valves and nozzles in the kit allows you to easily install the engine even to a person who has no experience in such events.


Power units of the famous Japanese brand have a number of important advantages. They are durable, resistant to wear and mechanical damage, differ in a modest consumption of fuel and oil.

Among other advantages of engines from the Honda brand should be highlighted:

  • A wide range of models, by actual power from 1.2 to 12 liters. With.;
  • The presence of an effective lubricant in the design, which works on the principle of spraying. This feature significantly increases the timing of the use of engines on Neva walkways;
  • High reliability and efficiency of engines;
  • The presence of an automatic decompressor in each power unit, which allows you to start the engine under any weather conditions.

Even with high loads, the Honda brand motor does not overheat, which was achieved due to the presence of an effective compulsory air cooling system in its device.

Engine for the walk.Behind tractor Neva MB 2

Very often this species is used as an assistant in the transportation of goods, but they are also used for hilling, plowing, cultivation on all types of soil, even on the most severe.


This is a four.Stroke motor with one air cooling cylinder. Its power does not exceed 6.5 l/s or 4.8 kW. The cylinder of such an engine is made of cast iron, which allows us to talk about increased motor. A shaft in a diameter of 20 mm is installed inside such an unit.

The popularity of this type is explained in the simplicity of operation, repair work can be carried out with your own hands, in the process of work it does not publish much noise, and it consumes fuel in moderation.


  • For professional operation, characterized by high reliability indicators and an increased motorcycle resource.
  • For the operation of consumers who use motoblocks irregularly.

Regardless of the species, Subaru engines are characterized by maximum strength and increased life, reliability, low oil consumption, lightness and compactness.


Patriot is equipped with a gearbox with two front and two rear speeds. In the process of manufacturing these units, light alloys are used, due to which the indicators of maneuverability increase, and managing the motor block becomes easier in any conditions.

This is a 4-stroke engine operating on the basis of gasoline with a tank capacity of 3.6 liters. The operating volume of the engine is 198 cubic meters.Cm., and gasoline consumption is in the range from 1.5 to 1.6 l/s. This species has an adjustable track, which allows the operator to configure the unoic tractor depending on the processed soil or culture. In the process of production of Patriot engines, light alloys are used, so equipment with such motors is quite light in weight, but at the same time very powerful.

Among all the advantages of this type there is a small drawback. This is a fairly high cost of the unit compared to its competitors.


Even the most stringent environmental requirements can be fulfilled when using Honda engines, carrying out agricultural work. At the same time, repairing such units is quite simple, because manufacturers supply a wide range of components.

This is an unit that has combined qualities such as power, reliability, safety and ease of use. This is a reliable 4-stroke motor that consumes fuel very economically. Despite their multifunctionality, these units are quite maneuverable and easy to operate.

016 UAZ Patriot engines

By 2016, the installation on the ICS of ZMZ 40905 stopped and only the ZMZ 40906 engines were installed, the operation of which was carried out on gasoline varieties with octane number above 92. Fuel consumption for such engines was 11.5-14.6 liters per 100 km of run and depended on operating conditions.

Since mid.2017, cars began to be equipped with a power plant for ZMZ 409051 PRO with a capacity of 150 liters., who replaced his predecessor.

Diesel engines for cars by 2016 stopped installing.

What kind of oil to pour into a single tractor Neva

The role of motor oil is important for the proper functioning of the power unit of the Neva Motoboblock. It is mainly chosen taking into account the viscosity and time of the year. There are oils on the market that are divided into summer (high.Skinned), winter (low) and universal.

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Before deciding which oil is poured into the engine of the Neva machine, you need to take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer of the engine.

engine, patriot, walkway, general, characteristics

Brands that produce power units suitable for agricultural machinery recommend filling such oils:

  • Lifan-SaE 30 summer oil is suitable for motors of this brand, and in winter-universal SAE 10W-30. Both of these types extend the duration of the engine and retain its mechanisms with efficient.
  • Subaru-company employees advise to use the SAE 10W-30 composition for lubrication in the summer, and SAE 5W-30 for frequent use of equipment in winter.
  • Patriot-to lubricate these engines, use oil from Briggsstratton 10W-30 oils. This material is suitable for as for hot summer days, so for frosty winter.
  • Honda-in winter and summer for lubricating power units of this brand it is better to use SAE 10W-30 oils.

If you do not deviate from these tips in choosing and using motor oil, then the uno.Ears tractor will work properly regardless of the weather and other factors.

In the case when it was necessary to replace the motor on the Neva walk.Behind tractor, it is easy to find an alternative. The main thing is to familiarize yourself with possible options in advance and choose the most suitable.

History of creation

The history of Patriot is like a typical American film about how a large company arises from a regular workshop in the garage. Back in 1973, the founder of this brand was reduced and founded a small company for repairing garden equipment. After some time, Patriot began to engage in service, staff has expanded significantly.

The main reason for success was the ruin of most large companies as a result of a crisis in the United States in 1973. Therefore, the profit increased more and more every year. This led to the fact that in 1992 the production of Garden Patriots chainsaws was organized. Almost immediately, the equipment became popular. The main reason for this was the low price and high quality, reliability.

Today, the company organized production lines in large cities of Russia and many others that are part of the CIS. Therefore, problems with service and acquisition of parts for the Patriot motor blocks do not arise.

Model Patriot Kaluga

The Kaluga Unoa Patriot tractor is a middle.Class garden technique used for soil processing and other agricultural operations. The unit is characterized by increased maneuverability and is suitable for plots with any soil area up to 1 hectare.

The Patriot Kaluga model has a classic design, which consists of the following elements:

  • Rama of increased strength. This element has a simple form that makes it extremely reliable. An engine, gearbox and other structural elements are attached to the frame;
  • Gearbox. A chain gearbox is used for the Patriot motor block (installed on more budget models). The belt clutch is included with it. In terms of reliability, this gearbox is inferior to the gear, but in terms of maintenance and replacement of elements it looks preferable. Most of the work in this case can be performed with a minimum set of tools yourself. Technique transmission has 2 front and 1 rear gear. The presence of a reverse increases the maneuverability of the device and allows it to be used in areas of irregular shape;
  • Engine. A fairly reliable Chinese Patriot Chinese unit with a large resource of work is installed on the walk.Behind tractor;
  • Large wheels. Guarantee good patency for any type of soil.

Features of the Patriot motor block Kaluga:

  • Rotary steering wheel that ensures ease of use;
  • Specialized reinforced “sickle” mills that allow you to treat even virgin lands;
  • Significant maneuverability and cross.Country ability;
  • The ability to adjust the control handle in several planes;
  • “Russian” trailer node that facilitates the installation of equipment;
  • Safety of work. Specialized large mudguards protect the operator from the ground thrown during work and movement;
  • Rubber overlays on the handles make the operation of the walk.Behind tractor more comfortable;
  • The presence of reverse;
  • Wide neck of the fuel tank;
  • Adjustment of the depth of soil cultivation;
  • Super.Strength structure;
  • Front bumper that protects the device of the device from strikes and collisions.

The equipment of the walk.Behind tract includes pneumatic wheels, transport wheel, coupon, right and left wing, trailed device, milling cutters, instructions and candle key. In addition, a variety of equipment (not only the Patriot brand) is installed on the Patriot model of Kalug, markedly expanding the scope of the use of technology. The most popular equipment used with this motoblock is the Patriot Kho-HG kit, including the hip extension cord, the hub and soil.

Again, Patriot Kaluga can work with the following types of equipment:

  • Adapter cart;
  • Trolley on a single tractor;
  • Hiller;
  • Plow;
  • Patriot soils;
  • A plow with a coupling for the Patriot walk.Behind tractor;
  • Snow removal equipment for the Patriot motor block;
  • The cigarette butt he-10;
  • Freight of the petal S-24;
  • Patriot potato.Cutter.

Advantages of the Patriot motor block Kaluga:

  • The minimum mass of the equipment due to the use of aluminum in the production of the gearbox body;
  • The ability to work with complex soil;
  • Affordable cost;
  • The ability to use as a mini.Vector;
  • Adaptation to Russian operating conditions;
  • The possibility of use at subsequent temperatures. Thanks to the thoughtful design, the equipment can be used as a snowmobile (complete with caterpillars);
  • The presence in the list of equipment of the headlight that allows you to work at night.

engine, patriot, walkway, general, characteristics

All the advantages of the Patriot motor block can be used only with competent maintenance and proper run.In. Before starting work, you should carefully check the oil level and the presence of gasoline. In the first minutes of operation, the one.Axine tractor should function at idle. This will help determine possible problems before the start of active use. Particular attention during this period should be paid to gaskets and bolt formations. The next 8-9 hours, the one-axic tractor must work in diverse gears. The consumer must try out the maximum functionality of the equipment, but it is not recommended to overload it during the period. At the end of the process, it is necessary to change the oil and conduct maintenance.

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The Patriot model Kaluga has repeatedly modernized, while its cost increased slightly, which made the equipment more competitive. In general, this model is characterized as a reliable device that can perform many operations with minimal costs.

engine, patriot, walkway, general, characteristics

Motobobes “Patriot”. A model range

The Patriot brand is also famous for its very wide range of motoblocks. On sale you will find a diverse line consisting of gasoline and diesel machines of different capacities and configuration. In turn, it is divided into different series, where models have their own characteristics and features. In any case, among all a huge choice you will find for yourself a suitable unit in all respects.

Unine tractor “Patriot” Urals

Review of the Patriot motor blocks should start with this model. The Universal Ural Tractor Tractor is a universal technique that is used to process medium and large land plots. Has a number of features as an enhanced frame, which can be used as a pen for carrying the unit. There is also an additional frame, which significantly distinguishes this model from others. She covers the engine on top. The same.Based tractor has 4 speeds forward and 2 back, and the handle for gear shift is near the operator, which is extremely convenient.

The Unoa Patriot tractor Ural has such characteristics and features:

  • Patriot Garden-7.8 liter gasoline engine power.With.;
  • Manual starter;
  • Chain gearbox;
  • Gas tank in size 3.6 liters;
  • Earth cultivation width. Up to 90 centimeters;
  • Earth cultivation depth. Up to 30 centimeters;
  • Air cooling;
  • Weight. 84 kilograms.

As can be seen from all the characteristics, the model is universal, and due to its small weight. Maneuverable and easy to manage.

Unine.Based “Patriot” Victory

The most universal and sought.After single.Based Patriot tractor in the entire assortment of Patriot. The steering column is regulated, and the slight weight of the unit contributes to complete control over technology and maneuverability. In its class, this model is the most multifunctional. It has a three.Armed pulley, thanks to which you can attach a snowman, a mower for grass, and many other hinged tools.

  • Power. 7 l.With.;
  • 4-stroke gasoline engine;
  • Plowing depth. Up to 32 centimeters;
  • Plowing width. Up to 100 centimeters;
  • The size of the gas tank is 3.6 liters;
  • Fuel consumption. About 1.6 liters per hour;
  • Model mass. 78 kilograms.

Unine.Based “Patriot” tractor Boston

The episode of the Unoa Patriot tractor Boston consists of two diesel machines. The main difference between them is power. Very universal and multifunctional models that are widely used in areas with different types of soils. Typically, these two units are used along with adapters and seats, which makes them almost mini-tractors.

Model Boston 9de (9 de):

  • Power. 9 horsepower;
  • 4-stroke diesel engine;
  • Plowing depth. Up to 28 centimeters;
  • Plowing width. Up to 125 centimeters;
  • The size of the tank for fuel is 5.5 liters;
  • Fuel consumption. About 1.5 liters per hour;
  • Product weight. 173 kilograms.

Model Boston 6D (6D):

  • Power. 6 horsepower;
  • Engine-4-stroke diesel;
  • The width of the earth is up to 100 centimeters;
  • The depth of plowing of the Earth. Up to 28 centimeters;
  • The size of the tank for diesel is 3.5 kilograms;
  • Fuel consumption. 0.9 liters per hour;
  • Weight. 103 kilograms.

The Unoic Tractor “Patriot” Nevada

The Nevada series consists of several models, the main difference between which is the type of installed engine. Here you will find both gasoline and diesel units. For each machine there are cutters with reinforced knives designed to process virgin soils and heavy soils without preliminary preparation of the earth. The series has the main feature. A very large width of land cultivation. A universal coupling allows you to attach any type of attachment equipment, which significantly expands the sphere of use of the Patriot motor block.

  • Power. 9 horsepower;
  • 4-stroke gasoline engine;
  • Soil processing depth. Up to 30 centimeters;
  • Earth cultivation width. Up to 140 centimeters;
  • Gas tank capacity. 6 liters;
  • Fuel consumption. About 2.1 liters per hour;
  • Weight. 130 kilograms.

The Nevada Diesel Pro model has already been discontinued, but on sale you can still buy it from the owners. She is very economical and universal. It has such parameters:

  • Power. 6.5 l.With.;
  • A 4-stroke engine operating on a diesel engine;
  • The depth of plowing of the Earth. Up to 30 centimeters;
  • The width of the earth is up to 100 cm;
  • The size of the tank for fuel is 3.6 liters;
  • Diesel consumption. 0.9 liters per hour;
  • Weight. 103 kg.
  • Power. 7 l.With.;
  • 4-stroke gasoline engine;
  • Plowing depth. Up to 30 centimeters;
  • Plowing width. Up to 100 centimeters;
  • The size of the gas tank. 4.5 l;
  • Gasoline consumption. About 1.6 liters per hour;
  • Product weight. 101 kg.

The same.Based tractor “Patriot” Ontario

The series includes two professional models of light type: Ontario Pro and Standard.

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