How to refuel a stihl chainsaw

Attackers do not miss the opportunity to earn on the sale of fake products of a well.Known brand. STIHL oil is no exception. Most often you can find a fake stihl nr, t. To. Its sales volumes are the highest of the entire line of lubricants of STIHL.

In order to distinguish a fake from the original, STIHL has released a special brochure on which it recorded all the main differences in the original from a fake.

Also, we suggest you watch a video in which a specific example should look like a packaging of high.Quality STIHL oil and how to distinguish a fake.

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Gasoline for a chainsaw

For domestic chainsaws (Ural, friendship, etc.) AI-80 gasoline is used. Oils can be used domestic, such as M8-V (or early marking AS-8.10), M-12 TP, M-12TPU, MGD-14M. It is also possible to use oils from imported manufacturers. In any case, the proportions when mixing oil and gasoline should be 1/25, that is, one hundred grams per two and a half liters of gasoline. For modern chainsaws from imported manufacturers, the proportions are usually 1/40 (100 grams per 4 liters of AI-92), 1/50 (100 grams per 5 liters of AI-92). Gasoline use AI-92 brands. You can often see that the AI-95 brand will be indicated in the instructions. But with our quality of this gasoline, the octane number of which is catching up with additives, I would not recommend using the 95th if you are not sure of its quality.

Read more about the proportions of the preparation of the mixture:

To measure the required amount of oil, you can use a syringe, a measured bottle, a special dispenser, or, for example, a bottle with a dispenser from STIHL. Oils from different manufacturers of different colors. As you can see in the figure above, the Stilevsky oil of the HP brand (mineral water) is red, more expensive synthetic green. Husqvarna oil can be green or blue.

Remember! In the case of a chainsaw fails due to the pouring of the wrong mixture, the repair will be unlawenty!

[Important] Tips: It is better to pour oils than not! If 1/50 is written, then when you pour 25 grams per liter of terrible, since the clinic in this case is unlikely. But if you add 15 grams per liter, it is quite possible that this will not be enough. Do not store the finished fuel mixture for more than a month (better less), since it loses the octane number (gasoline “exhales”). Before the season, produce the entire tank to the end or drain to avoid loss of the quality of gasoline and wear of rubber and plastic seals. In no case do not use moped oils are designed for lower speeds [/important]

Correct proportions

Most often, when preparing fuel for the work of saw, 1:50 and 1:40 are used to work. This means that one part of the oil is added to 50 or 40 parts of gasoline. Calculations are made as follows: 1 l = 1000 ml, 1000/50 = 20 ml or 1000/40 = 25 ml, that is, in the first case, pour 20 ml into each liter of gasoline, and in the second. 25 ml of oil. If there is no instructions and you do not know the proportion to prepare the mixture, then use the following recommendations:

  • Tool and oil of one brand. For example, for the Stihl chainsaw, the ratio of gasoline and STIHL oil will be the same as indicated on the container with oil, usually 1:50.
  • The substances used for the mixture have different brands. The proportion of 1:40 is selected.
  • There is one brand, but there is no information about the ratio of substances on the oil. They are divorced 1:40.
  • In the absence of any data on the saw and oil, the mixture is bred in a proportion of 1:40. The only thing you need to make sure that the oil is intended for two.Stroke engines.

To carry out the run.In a new saw at the first three gas stations with fuel oil, add 20% more. In this case, instead of a ratio of 1:50, it will be 1:42, and the proportion 1:40 turns at 1:33. 24 or 33 ml of oil, respectively, will require a liter of gasoline. Other countless events with a new saw do not conduct. Manufacturers advise working only at the largest speeds always. After the instrument run, the usual proportions are used 1:50 or 1:40. In some cases, the manufacturer of the equipment also indicates other ratios, for example, 1:25 or 1:32, they must be observed.

Criteria for choosing motor oil

For independent preparation of the combustible mixture, in a dosed amount, the heat.Resistant branded engine oil recommended by the manufacturer.

  • The specifics of this lubricant is the use of air cooling in high.Speed ICE, which are equipped with a household and professional class chainsaws.
  • Depending on the season, for the preparation of the combustible mixture, motor oil of different densities is used, which retains the working properties in the temperature range indicated on the label.
  • For use, proprietary oils are recommended, providing a full lubrication of the piston group and a connecting rod-crown mechanism at all operating modes of the power unit.
  • Brand products are colorful. In particular, Shtlevsky mineral oils are red, synthetic is painted green. Husqvarna branded motor oils. Blue or green.

Even taking into account the lower cost of mineral oils, it is recommended to use the advantages of synthetic analogues for the preparation of high.Quality fuel mixture.

How to understand 1 to 50?

Proportion 1:50 gasoline/oil. Calculation formula: 1:50 1l/501000 = 20 ml. For a liter of gasoline you need 20 ml oil. To make it more convenient to measure the desired volume of oil in milliliters use a medical syringe of a larger volume, it costs inexpensively, sold in any pharmacy.

Any of these proportions indicates how much oil should be poured on the volume of fuel. For example, to prepare a mixture according to a ratio of 1:25, 1 liter of oil per 25 liters of gasoline will actually be needed with this ratio of 1 liter of oil you need only 20 milliliters of oil.

The risks of the use of fuel and oil surrogates

In the technical documentation on the chainsaws of any manufacturer, you can find a warning that refueling the engine with biofuel and gas condensate surrogate is prohibited. This is due to the unstable characteristics of such fuel that can significantly damage the engine and reduce its resource. If you pour such a mixture into a chainsaw, then this will remove the manufacturer’s guarantee.

In addition, there is a risk of buying low-quality motor oil, the market of which is 10-12% according to some estimates. In order not to buy low.Quality oil, it is recommended to use only verified stores, preferably approved by the manufacturer of the chainsaw.

What gasoline to pour into the stihl chainsaw

Low.Quality fuel can cause your tool to fail. UNETILED gasoline is usually used to refuel the stiHL chainsaws, where the number of additives without lead content exceeds 90. For this, the fuel of AI is completely suitable. 92. AI is also used. 95, which is used much less often. It is made on the basis of AI. 92, but contains various additives that are deposited on the internal elements of the engine and can disrupt the operation of the mechanism. At the same time, the mixing of both combustibles is permissible to achieve the optimal result.

gasoline, refuel, stihl, chainsaw

It should be remembered that gasoline is recommended to use fresh t.To. With prolonged storage in closed containers, useful octane properties are lost.

Calculation of fuel mixture proportions

Correct refueling also implies strict observance of proportions. For a two.Stroke engine, 1 part of the oil for 50 parts of gasoline is used. To comply with this ratio, you will need 5 liters of gasoline and 0.10 l of oil. It should also be remembered that the oil pump cannot be installed in such chainsales, and therefore the use of pure gasoline is completely unacceptable.

In the event that substances for the mixture have different brands, then it is recommended to use 1:40 proportion.

When a new chainsaw in the first 3 refueling, the oil is added 20 % more. In this case, instead of a 1:50 ratio, 1:42 will be used, and 1:40 is replaced by 1:33.

Violation of the ratio of fuel substances can lead to the formation of bully, as well as to the appearance of soot on candles and pistons.

Which octane number to use. 92, 95 or 98?

Here the most interesting begins. Is it possible to refuel a chainsaw 95 with gasoline? In all settings for the operation of chainsaws, manufacturers indicate with fat font: “Do not use gasoline with an octane number above 92 for the preparation of the fuel mixture”. It is understandable, but apparently not everyone, t.To. Once from timely, a chainsaws with a burnt cylinder bring to service centers!

Let’s figure out which gasoline is to pour in the chainsaw and which! For all two.Stroke engines, you need to use 92 gasoline, it is the tool that is designed for it.

Pouring 95 gasoline, detonation (impetus of the piston into the anti-income) will begin to occur in the engine, something like a micro-impact that will occur almost at each turnover of the crankshaft. I think everything is clear about 98 gasoline, the effect will be even stronger, and it will already be mini strikes.

For reference! And you knew that fuel should not always be prepared in a ratio of 1:50? It turns out the proportion may be 1:40 and even 1:25. What it depends on and when to choose the right ratio, read in our detailed article-building about the proportions of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw of all brands.

Stihl ms 180 gas station consumption

In the middle of additional functionality, automatic lubrication of the chain, blocking the power button, in addition, the presence of a lubrication tank, the capacity of which is 0.26 liters are distinguished. When choosing a chainsaw, it is certainly worth studying additional functions, and specifically: a compensator, a chain lubrication system, also an anti.Vibration system. Similar additions are in the described model.

MS 180 chainsaw has a carburetor, which is set up in a production step. As users note, this excludes the possibility of excessive interference in the work of not familiar tools. The master can only face the need for repeated maintenance. Specialists recommend cleaning the air filter during operation during the operation, this also applies. As home craftsmen emphasize, the chain should not spin at idle. This functionality is regulated using the LD screw.

The Ugly Truth Why Gas Station Fuel Is Bad For Small Engines

MS 180 chain chain, which involves compliance with the operating rules. Such a macar, with long breaks in the work, this part of the tool will become unusable. Users say that it is an option to exclude this possibility by storing a chain in an oil bath. For this type of saw, the manufacturer advises using a chain, the characteristics in which it is required is 3/8 ″ by 1.3 mm. Experienced users emphasize that the operation of the tool with a chain of subsequent sizes is acceptable: 12, 14 and 16 ″.

If you set a goal, you did not have to get spare parts for the Stihl 180 chainsaw, you need to use the tool with the greatest accuracy, following the annotation represented by the manufacturer. The above-mentioned equipment option has a 14-inch tire and more low price. The manufacturer advises using this equipment for construction using lumber, and in addition for harvesting firewood.

STIHL MS 180 How to configure the carburetor How to Adjust Carburetor Stihl Chainsaw MS 180

This equipment refers to the household class, the manufacturer shows the purpose of the tool that should be used in the circumstances of the garden. The power of the unit is 1,500 watts, the working volume is equivalent to 31.8 cm cube. The chain contains 50 links, and the thickness and step of the chain is 1.3 mm and 3/8 “, respectively. The warranty extends to the products throughout the year after the acquisition, and the weight of the tool is 5.7 kilograms. You can use this equipment for cutting small trees, bushes, thinning groves, also a frisky workpiece of firewood. Homemade masters effectively use units to carry out other types of work. Snutri installed a two.Stroke internal combustion engine, the manufacturer supplied the equipment by the Intelligitsarb carburetor, which was provided by the compensator.

Spare parts for the Stihl-180 chainsaw, you will not even have to receive, because the tool will not affect the tool, because it is intended for domestic use. Users note that the unit is easy to use. The fuel tank is made of translucent plastic, and is additionally different. This greatly simplifies control over the level of fuel snuts. For the safety of the master, the presence of an inertial brake of the quapi is foreseen. If you have a desire to reduce fatigue during the work, then it is worth choosing such a tool, because it has an anti.Vibration system.

gasoline, refuel, stihl, chainsaw

The assembly of the Stihl-180 chainsaw is done in accordance with the latest technologies, which ultimately allows you to get a quality tool. As users say, it is comfortable using it for sawing at least any tree. Keep the tool very comfortable, it starts easily. In the middle of the main disadvantages, users note a fairly fast fuel consumption, in addition, the wear of some parts made of plastic. But this defect cannot be called critical, because the unit is intended for personal use, which does not imply unnecessary loads. Our client remains users who received this equipment for more than one month back, note that during this period they managed to process about 4 cubic meters of the latest wood breed, in the middle of which pine, birch and aspen are engaged in. The saw when performing the tasks indicates excellent results, and the equipment can be used in the order.

How to Stop Ethanol in Fuel Damaging Your Chainsaw.

How to adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw. Chainsaw service. Part 11

“Stihl”. MS 180 chainsaws, should be used very carefully. Inexperienced masters are tasks at the first launch. If you are used to working with the help of Russian brands “Friendship” and “Ural”, then by inexperience you can simply fill in the candle. Such an effect occurs if the starter is excessive as a number of times. If you are faced with the purpose that the “Stihl-180” chainsaw is not started, then if you figure it out, you will understand that the tool from a cool state will start without effort. For this purpose, you will need to transfer the lever to the last position, after twice pull the starter slowly. Then pull it a couple of times rapidly, and subsequently saw it will definitely start. No need to leave gasoline in the tank if you do not plan to work with an inventory for a certain number of days. It is recommended to develop a tank one hundred percent. Specialists recommend choosing such equipment to those users who want to become owners of not very expensive, alas, reliable and high.Quality equipment.

In order to find an answer to the question of what is really, why the “Stihl-180” chainsaw may not be started, you need to use the above tips.

On the market there is a trace of the chainsaw of this manufacturer. STIHL MS 180-16. It is equipped with a bus, the size of which is required is 16 inches. Therefore, in the assembled state, the tool has more impressive sizes, and you can use it for rolls of trees, the size of which is achieved 30 cm across.

Before purchasing, you need to ask what quality the carburetor of the Stihl-180 chainsaw has, because it is specifically for this reason that the performance of the tool depends on almost everything. This is the only way to have no doubt about the acquisition of a high.Quality tool that will last for a long time, and in addition, it will regularly do the tasks of our client.

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