How a trimmer for grass consumes fuel

The lawn mower. A very simple device. There is nothing so special in it. And therefore, many buy it for their needs, since everyone can master how to work with it, and quite quickly.

Building gasoline trimmers with great hunting are bought not only by amateur gardeners, but also by professional services. When they purchase such a product, the first thing is to take into account the power of the device. It is right. However, when buying, other factors must be taken into account.

Anyone who relied on a gasoline trimmer for grass should know that for him one of the most important characteristics is fuel consumption. And there is a simple explanation. First of all, the device should perform its functions for a long time so that there is no need to refuel for a long time for a long time. It is always convenient.

IMPORTANT! However, in this case, of course, the fuel tank will be large. As a result, in general, its design becomes heavy. And this will make it difficult to work. Is it possible to find a wise solution in this situation? The problem can be solved by reducing fuel consumption.

Next, we will talk about how it can be, what depends on the fuel consumption of the trimmer for the grass, and also advise which gasoline is better to choose for work.

How much gasoline is stored

During long.Term storage, gasoline evaporates (regardless of the brand), a precipitate falls at the bottom, it loses its properties, in other words. It spoils. It is worth knowing that not so much gasoline itself is ignited as its pairs. Therefore, if in the garage there is a canister with gasoline since last year, then think about whether it is worth? Better leave it to the rod of a barbecue bonfire.

The use of “stuck” gasoline for a chainsaw entails many problems:

It is worth remembering that the prepared fuel mixture (gasoline with oil) is stored for no more than a month, after this time it should be disposed of. The use of the old mixture increases the wear of the parts of the chainsaw engine. Do not forget about it!

How to refuel a benzotrimer?

If you bought a trimmer for the grass, and the instructions are included only in English, do not despair. In this article you will find an answer to a burning question. How to correctly refuel a motorcycle with gasoline. First, we will get acquainted with the device of the Benzotrimmer engine. Garden technology engines are usually two.Stroke. This means that the equipment responds faster when you press the gas handle. The design of a two.Stroke engine is simpler, and for refueling gasoline must be mixed with butter. A four.Stroke engine gasoline and oil are filled separately. Trammers for grass with a four.Stroke engine are rare, most often these are professional motorcycles.

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How to season a benzotrimer with a two.Stroke engine?

1) Pure gasoline is used to refuel a trimmer for grass not lower than AI-92, and high-quality oil. The oil should be special for two.Stroke engines with air cooling. It is unacceptable to confuse it with oil with water cooling, the use of the last type of oil can lead to a trimmer for grass with insufficient cooling, and to breakdown. Grass trimmer oil should correspond to the JASO or API classification.

2) refuel a fresh mixture of gasoline and oil into a trimmer tank for grass. The mixture should not be stored for more than 3 months. The proportion of mixing oil and gasoline: 1 part of oil, 40 gasoline. Mix liquids right in the fuel tank and “by eye” cannot. You need to do this in a special container with measuring divisions. If you do not comply with this rule, then the engine operation can become unstable, and the engine may fail.

3) the mixing process: one part of the oil is poured into the measuring container, then 20 parts of gasoline are added to it and mixed thoroughly and neatly. Then another 20 parts of gasoline are added to the resulting mixture and mix once again.

If the oil in the engine is not enough, this will lead to insufficient lubrication, nipes will appear on the pistons and mirror of the cylinder, the piston group will be damaged. If, on the contrary, the oils are added a lot, then the engine can be closed (deposits on the internal parts of the engine will appear).

4) Fill the fuel tank. To do this, place the tank with a lid up and fill the tank capacity to the desired volume. We tighten the lid tightly. The engine is ready to work. When turning on, you need to ensure that the fuel mixture fills the swing cap.

How to season a benzotrimer with a four.Stroke engine?

1) gasoline is used the same, not lower than the AI-92, clean and fresh (no more than 60 days were stored outside the gas station). Oil choose a special, for four.Stroke engines, corresponding to the classification according to SAE30 and ARI. Oil and gasoline is not necessary in any case!

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2) Pour oil into the engine crankcase. Usually not more than 90 ml for the first refueling. When gasoline ends, oil is burned to stay. If less than half remains, then the oil should be added to the crankcase.

3) Pour gasoline into the fuel tank, holding it so that the cover is at the top. It is impossible to overfill the tank, otherwise it is overlooking the intake pipe, and this can lead to engine breakdown or ignition of gasoline. Twist the lid of the fuel tank. The engine is ready to work!

And, finally, some tips. Firstly, engines oil can be bought in large hypermarkets or at gas stations. Secondly, when refueling motor engines with gasoline, you need to observe safety measures: do not shed gasoline, and if it spilled, wipe it right there; turn on a benzotrimer, only moving away from a container with gasoline or a fuel mixture of at least 10 meters. Thirdly, if you intend to not use the trimmer for a long time, the remaining gasoline should be drained.

How to breed

STIHL fuel mixture is prepared by mixing high.Octane gasoline and oil for two.Stroke engines. The proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw is as follows: if the power of the unit does not exceed 1.5 kW, then the ratio will be 1:40 (t. E. 25 ml of oil per liter of gasoline), and with a power above this value. 1:50 (20 ml per 1 l).

Looking at the proportions table, we will analyze the example of two drank different power, how to mix oilbenzine.

  • For a low-power STIHL MS 180 with a 2-tact engine, the dilution will be in a proportion of 1:40. The volume of the fuel tank has only 0.25 liters. In order to mix fuel with butter for one gas station, we will need 0.25 liters of gasoline 6.25 ml of oil.
  • For a super.Powerful professional chainsaw, Stihl MS 660, breeding oil and gasoline must be carried out in a proportion of 1:50. In this model, the volume of the fuel tank is 0.825 liters. In order to understand how much oil is pouring to such a volume of gasoline, multiply 0.825 by 20. It turns out that 16.5 ml of motor oil will be required.

In practice, of course, you do not have to calculate what share of the lubricant will be diluted in the volume of gasoline per refueling. Typically, the fuel mixture is diluted in a volume of 1-2 liters, which is enough for several gas stations.

It is necessary to dilute gasoline for the Stihl chainsaw in a separate canister, in no case, without filling the saw in the gas tank of the saw separately. There are no oil pump and the possibility of installing it in these engines, so only the finished fuel is poured into the tank. There are even special canists with two necks on sale to make it more convenient to dilute the mixture, but you can add oil to gasoline for a chainsaw and in an ordinary canister.

gasoline, refuel, trimmer, stihl, grass

The proportions of the gas station refueling are best observed as accurately as possible: the excess oil will create soot on candles and pistons and provoke detonation when fuel combustion. This can reduce the engine operating resource. In addition, the user of the saw in this case is forced to inhale exhaust gases with unburned fractions. At the same time, an excess of gasoline can damage the pistons due to insufficient lubrication.

To dilute gasoline, it is recommended to use special tools. This is a measured container for gasoline, a lubricant dispenser, a syringe, a canister for the preparation of the mixture and a watering can for refueling the sawdaulu a tank. All these auxiliary accessories are sold in official stores and at Stihl dealers.

How to mix 2 Stroke fuel small engine petrol / oil tutorial demonstration 50:1 40:1 32:1 25:1 ratio

Some people’s craftsmen are advised to use a plastic bottle in case of lack of special measuring accessories: a full cover (from the same bottle) is poured into a half-liter container filled with gasoline. The output is an approximate ratio of 1:50.

The amount of the mixture for refueling is best calculated in advance based on the estimated volume of work and the declared consumption of this engine. The volume of the tank in most chainsaws is about 0.5 liters, the engine with a capacity of 2 kW will spend about 1.2 liters per hour of operation (more accurate characteristics of the saw can be seen in the instructions). Thus, it makes no sense to prepare a mixture in volumes exceeding 3 in a row.

Before the start of preparing the mixture, it is recommended to carefully clean and dry the neck of the canistra and the area around it to avoid the hit of extraneous impurities: dust, water, etc. D. The same is done with the tank before pouring fuel: the lid and neck are cleaned of dust and adhering dirt so that it does not get into the gas tank, and then into the engine.

What gasoline to fill and in what proportions

High-quality refueling of the fuel and lubricants chainsaw determines its traction characteristics and durability of operation. Information about which gasoline is to fill in the chainsaw in the attached instructions, but information about the nuances of the selection of consumables in the description is practically absent.

The peculiarity of the design of power units of chainsaw equipment is, first of all:

  • The ability to work for a long time in high.Speed working modes;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Small working volume and high compression.

The above characteristics present special requirements for the selection and quality of fuel and lubricants.

The operational characteristics of the saw, in particular, the consumption of gasoline per hour, the engine thrust and the low.Cost production of the instrument service life are largely determined by the competent adjustment of the carburetor and the correct selection of the components of the fuel mixture.

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Recommendations for the choice of gasoline

According to current standards, the best gasoline for the chainsaw should not be ethyled, highly octane and fresh enough. A high degree of cleaning from extraneous impurities is welcome.

  • The refueling of the fuel system of more than six.Year.Old storage fuel, negatively affects the traction characteristics of the internal combustion engine, promotes the pale formation and occurrence of detonation phenomena.
  • It is advisable to exclude low.Octane gasoline for the chainsaw, as well as cheap, unknown, motor oils from the sphere of their attention. The use of ethyl fuel is not prohibited, but in order to extend the saw resource, it is best to refuse to choose from its use.

Practice shows that saving on the quality and cost of consumables negatively affects the working characteristics of the chainsaw and the duration of its full operation.

Option of alternative fuel

For refueling household and professional chainsaws, it is recommended to use non-alcohol components and additional additives-car gasoline type AI-92.

The question of whether it is possible to pour 95 gasoline into a chainsaw to date remains controversial. Theoretically, the AI-95 gasoline is higher than that of the standard AI-92 fuel, but in practice it is better to give preference to the second option.

The problem is that in order to increase anti-depth characteristics, additives and sales are introduced by manufacturers and sales, the quality and efficiency of which in specialists causes reasonable doubts.

Such fuel does not fully meet the required characteristics, does not have proper stability during long.Term storage. After 3-4 months of exposure, its working properties worsen by 25-30%.

Criteria for choosing motor oil

For independent preparation of the combustible mixture, in a dosed amount, the heat.Resistant branded engine oil recommended by the manufacturer.

  • The specifics of this lubricant is the use of air cooling in high.Speed ICE, which are equipped with a household and professional class chainsaws.
  • Depending on the season, for the preparation of the combustible mixture, motor oil of different densities is used, which retains the working properties in the temperature range indicated on the label.
  • For use, proprietary oils are recommended, providing a full lubrication of the piston group and a connecting rod-crown mechanism at all operating modes of the power unit.
  • Brand products are colorful. In particular, Shtlevsky mineral oils are red, synthetic is painted green. Husqvarna branded motor oils. Blue or green.

Even taking into account the lower cost of mineral oils, it is recommended to use the advantages of synthetic analogues for the preparation of high.Quality fuel mixture.


The risks of the use of fuel and oil surrogates

The structural features of the ICE of the chainsaws of the domestic and imported assortment exclude the use of more affordable biofuel and gas condensate gasoline substitutes. The working characteristics of such fuel at the moment are far from perfection.

In the total volume of sales of motor oils, falsified lubricants according to various information are from 8 to 15%. Only an experienced specialist can distinguish original products from a fake.

To exclude possible risks of early failure of the saw, it is recommended to purchase expenditure materials at company retail outlets and representatives of dealerships.

For all external similarities, it is forbidden to use for the preparation of the working fuel mixture of oil for two.Stroke internal combustion engines of mopeds and light motorcycles. The application of unnecessary lubricants may initiate the refusal of service services from warranty obligations.

Features of the preparation of the mixture

For safety precautions, it is recommended to prepare the fuel mixture in a metal canister that is not subject to the formation of static electricity.

  • Recommended proportions of gasoline and oil for each model are individual. In most options, this is a ratio of 50: 1 and 40: 1. Less often there are chainsaws that work on a gasoline mixture in a ratio of 25: 1.
  • According to the manufacturers of branded chainsaw equipment, their products do not need to run. Nevertheless, during the first hours of work, experts advise to operate a new chainsaw on the fuel mixture with increased m oil and, if possible, in sparing mode.

For the preparation of the working mixture, containers with built.In dispensers are convenient. The selectivity of fuel filters on gas stations, in some cases leaves much to be desired, so it is recommended to filter gasoline through suede or not a fiber.

The implementation of these recommendations will relieve spontaneous failures of technology related to the violation of the carburetor.

The specific characteristics of mineral or organic chain oil are focused on lubricant and cooling of the saw headset, therefore, for the preparation of the fuel mixture are not suitable.

gasoline, refuel, trimmer, stihl, grass

Recommended sequence

In accordance with the standard fuel mixture preparation technology, the calculated amount of oil is poured into the tank filled up to half.

Stihl FS 130 Motokos device

The Stihl FS 130 lawn mower is released with a balanced design, as well as a good selection of components. The base equipment of the grass trimmer includes a 2-stroke 1-cylinder ICE company, developed under the 4-MIX system. It significantly reduces the consumption of fuel by forced combustion of the entire volume of fuel. At the same time, the Stihl FS 130 lawn mower is emitting fewer harmful emissions, and it works much quieter than other similar models.

To start the engine in the device of braids for grass, a modified manual starter is provided, which, due to the built.In automatic decompression, is released by less resistance when the cable is pulled. To facilitate the launch of the motor in winter, the manufacturer has equipped a trimmer for grass with a manual pump for preliminary pumping of fuel.

The STIHL 130 trimmer is equipped with an adjustable bicycle handle made of stainless steel. Both structural handles are covered with anti.Slip rubberized material that improves the capture and increase the accuracy when working with the tool. The power button and the ignition lock, as well as the gas trigger, are put on the right handle of the motorcycle. This simplifies the operation of the model when working in conditions of limited space.

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Internal details and mechanisms of braids for grass are protected by a plastic case, free access where it makes it possible to quickly replace worn spare parts. The wide neck of the fuel tank allows you to fill the required amount of the fuel mixture without spilling fuel.

Can a trimmer for the grass refuel 95 gasoline

Is it possible to refuel 92nd gasoline from the 95th

Sometimes there are situations when in the fuel tank there remains a couple of km or there are not enough funds in the. In the first and second cases many motorists go to “risk”. Create to the usual 95th pour 92nd gasoline. How harmful it is or, conversely, is useful for the machine?

At the very beginning of operation, note what is written in the recommendations from the manufacturer. Even if you are not the first car owner, you should still adhere to the rule. Written-95th, we use it.

Many believe that the quality of the fuel depends on the octane number, t.E. AI-92 gasoline is better than AI-95. It does not have a dangerous additive for an engine. There is a certain share of truth in this: some fuel companies to increase the octane number often reduce the cost of obtaining high.Octane gasoline using additives. Therefore, gasoline of brands AI-95 and AI-98 are made from the 92nd and 80th. But this will not affect the engine if you are recommended for AI-95.

Russian motorists also come up with various schemes on how to save on gasoline and get more power from cars. Pouring inexpensive fuel into the gas tank of their car, they mix with more expensive and with various additives. Specialized forums are full of such craftsmen with visual examples and pictures. But not everyone can end successfully.

Stihl what gasoline is used 92 or 95?

We’ll talk about gasoline. Which is better to fill in.AI 92 or AI 95.

What gasoline is pour 92 or 95

Let’s think about whether it is possible to pour 92 gasoline instead of 95? What are the consequences for the engine? Also recall.

There is still this method: pour half a tank AI-95, and the other half is AI-92. On the dynamics, such a “mixture” will not affect in any way. But inside the motor can occur breakdowns. During the ignition of high.Octane fuel in the engine with a low compression degree, the combustion temperature will increase.

This will necessarily lead to the burning of graduation valves. The larger the octane number, the slower the fuel will burn. Modern cars have the opportunity to adapt to this using a special ignition system, but low.Octane gasoline will increase consumption and reduce engine power.

It’s easier for you with gasoline.You can pour whether there is gasoline 95 gasoline in Japan in Japan. You can also refuel 92nd gasoline instead of the 95th. But due to the smaller octane number, the consumption of the fuel engine will increase. The combustion process of the mixture will be violated.

The speed with which the Flame Front spreads will increase to 1,500-2000 m/s. Inevitably, the waves will hit the walls in the combustion chamber. A characteristic sound of metal will appear. Shock waves will cause the vibration of parts inside the engine and their wear will increase greatly.

Do not refuel at dubious gas stations. Outdated equipment, uncomfortable location of the gas station, poor service. Do not cover the cheapness of the fuel they implemented. Most likely, after one such refueling in the future, you will have to boast for the repair of the fuel system or engine.

Many modern cars are equipped with systems for preventing detonation in the engine. Fuel lines and the engine of the car are tested for a certain type of gasoline. And if you refuel other fuel, then the car nodes can work in the wrong mode under load and quickly require maintenance. Therefore, it is better to refuel the gasoline that the manufacturer advises.

If everything is in order with electrical equipment, then we check the carburetor.

Vacuum carburetors are put on trimmers for grass. When disassembling it, cleaning or washing, you need to be extremely careful. In no case do not disassemble the lower part of the carburetor where the primer is located. Air filter (it is visible if you remove the protective casing from the carburetor) should be washed with detergents. Best. For washing dishes. After drying, we put it back. Rinse the carburetor with clean gasoline and blow out all the holes by the pump. We also wash the filter of the gas pipeline, then we dry everything and collect everything. Usually, after all manipulations, the trimmer for the grass begins to work.

Thin cable instead of fishing line, whether it is worth placing it on a motorcycle?

This thought comes to mind almost everyone who had to pump out 10 acres overgrown with high grass. At first glance, the idea seems good. The cable is stronger than the fishing line, not so wear out. However, not all so simple.

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