Rating of the best gasoline trimmers in 2020

Gasoline grass trimmer is often purchased for mowing grass on sites with more than 10 acres, and in cases where there is no way to connect the tool to the mains. Trimmers with internal combustion engines usually have a fairly powerful engine and high output. That is, they can mow faster than electric trimmers. over, gasoline models do not overheat quickly and handle large amounts of work better.

Advantages of gasoline trimmers

Good for working on areas with the area of 10 to 20 hectares

Mow weeds, thick-stemmed perennial grass, and even bushes more effectively

Can work long hours without interruption

models than with electric trimmers

There are disadvantages to chain saws, too. They are more expensive, weigh more, are noisy, and require careful handling and maintenance. However, if you often need to mow thick grass or work long hours away from home, equipment with an internal combustion engine is the best choice.

The gasoline models of the leading manufacturers are equipped with motors with power from 600 to 2500 watts. powerful engines are sometimes equipped with inexpensive equipment from companies that export their products from China. The performance bonus of such devices is not great, and the vibration level increases significantly. The width of mowing with a fishing line in different models is from 37 to 45 centimeters, when working with a knife. 25-26 cm.

Speed of work on the site depends on the width of mowing, productivity, fuel tank volume of lawnmower, the rating of the best to 10000 is presented below.

Champion T433-2

The device has a low weight, wide mowing width. Mowing lawns, weeds, etc.

Fuel tank holds 0.95 liters. Weighs approximately 8 kg. Usable handle allows for easy use with both hands. Mower can be taken apart, then compactly assembled.

However, the device does make a loud noise during operation.


One-piece mower, can’t be dismantled. Designed for large areas. Handle is a bicycle handle. Vibration-absorbing clutch built into the design.

Moderate fuel absorption, does not overheat, includes several nozzles in the kit. There is a disc cutter, which removes weeds, bushes.

The machine can break down if low-quality fuel is used.

DAEWOO Power Products DABC 520

One-piece mower. Works well on uneven terrain. Handle like a bicycle, boom is straight.

Features high performance, copes even with small trees. In the kit includes a belt, a line for the trimmer, a knife. Weighs 6-7 kg. Tank capacity: 1.1L.

Unfortunately, the device does not have a vibrating stabilizer.

Huter GGT-2500T

High-capacity device is ideal for country houses with different kinds of vegetation. Handy T-handle makes it easy to operate. The weight of the device is 7 kg.

Tank capacity is enough for 1.5-2 hours of work. Mowing width 26 cm. Includes belt. Mower is easy to turn on, works without battery overheating.

Interskol KB-25/52B

Mowing width of more than 40 cm. Two-stroke engine. Built-in vibration-suppressing system. Belt, line for trimmer and knife are included.

Cutting blade swiftly accelerates, covers a wide area. Straight boom. Tank holds 1 liter of fuel. Enough capacity for 0.5-1 hours of work.

The rating of electric trimmers takes into account the main factors that are needed when working on a country site: performance, speed, equipment.

Fubag FPT 43

Quickly starts. Suitable for lawn trimming, weed removal. Mowing width 26 cm. Mower has a folding handle. Main rod adjusts to desired length. Two-stroke engine. Straight boom. Built-in anti-vibration system. Weighs 8kg.

Cannot be disassembled. Includes shoulder strap, trimmer line and knife. Suitable for working large areas. Uses less gasoline.

Review of grass trimmer Huter GGT-1300S WOULD BOOK.

To add cutting ends, it’s fairly easy to bang either the top of the block on the ground a little. But you do not have to stop the tool in order to use it. Three-blade metal blade is suitable for coarse and dry brushwood. Protect the operator and surrounding people and animals from the particles of weeds, small stones and flying earth will allow a special safety cover.

In the middle of the boom petrol lawnmower Huter GGT 1000S is equipped with a handle, fixed on a special bracket. The element consists of two halves and resembles a bicycle handlebar externally. One part is designed to be a firm grip, and the other half has controls to keep your hand in check. This unit includes the ignition button, and of course the throttle trigger and throttle lock. The lock is activated continuously, until the user grips the handle.

Next to the control handle bracket has a special hook to attach a shoulder strap, the introduction of which allows you to minimize the load personally in the hands of the operator. Cutter remains stationary when idling, but activates when revs are increased. Efficient mowing of vegetation with the equipment in question is provided by a small cross-section of the cutting part and the highest rotational speed.

Taking into account the fact that the gasoline grass trimmer is used mostly in open space, the number of human emissions has no negative consequences. Practicality and functionality of the tool is combined with easy assembly and preparation for work. The operator doesn’t need any special training for operation, just familiarizing himself with the operating instructions.

Main features

This device is suitable for those who need to clear the grass from a large surface area. And it will help to deal not only with superfluous grass, but also with small bushes, deadwood, because it can mow not only with a fishing line, but also with a disk.

The grass trimmer is made of high-quality plastic: no need to worry about damage during storage or use.

The design enables effortless maintenance: no tools required for changing the plugs and filter: no tools required for removing the filter.

Good value for money: Good power, large petrol tank. one fill is enough to completely clear 10-12 acres of lawn.


Although Ryobi is known for its battery-powered garden tools, it also has a fantastic gasoline-powered grass trimmer for heavy-duty work.

Due to the large mowing width (the line. 43 cm, 25 cm with blade) it is suitable for wide areas such as lawn mowing. Also, the unit is equipped with a very reliable engine that requires little maintenance.

The RYOBI RBC 254SESO can handle long and wet lawn vegetation and is suitable for all kinds of tasks, including trimming weeds. In addition, one of the best gasoline brushcutters weighs only 5.5 kg, so it should be light enough to work for a long time.

The ergonomic D-shaped handle makes it easy to work in tight spaces and reduces fatigue from constant engine vibration. After use, the handle can be folded away for easy storage.

If necessary, it can be supplemented with an electric start motor and a rechargeable battery (18 V; 1 V).3 Ah) Ryobi OES1813 5132002804.

.9-1.1 l grass trimmers.с The best in terms of price-performance ratio

Echo SRM-2655SI

Straight boom mower weighs 5.9 kg. The power of the 2-stroke engine is 1.1 liters.с. The grass trimmer works with a 3mm line or knife. Mowing width. 43 centimeters, and the tank capacity. 650 ml. It has an easy start system. Comes with a handy shoulder strap. A successful anti-vibration system.

To work in any position, the grass trimmer is equipped with a rotary carburetor.

Review: Not the most powerful model, but very handy and productive. If you install a wide trimmer line, you won’t leave a trail of dead wood. users note that in the end it is not possible to perfectly level the lawn, as a lawnmower (but it is not a lawnmower, but a trimmer for grass). Buyers are attracted by the long warranty (5 years), which fully justifies itself. True, in order to provide such a guarantee, it is required to undergo maintenance in an official service, promo as in cars. The device is not prone to breakage.


  • engine power: 1 litre.с.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.33 л
  • cutting width: 55 cm
  • grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 2.40 mm
  • weight: 5 kg

Note in particular this model. The German manufacturer also supplies safety goggles and a multipurpose belt. Easy ErgoStart system. The unit is equipped with an effective vibration damping system as well:

  • STIHL FS 55 has a multifunctional handle with all the controls;
  • Manually operated booster pump;
  • Electronic ignition system;
  • Direct drive shaft coupled with two-stroke engine ensures high mowing efficiency, reliability and durability of mechanical elements.


  • engine power: 0.9 л.с.
  • fuel tank capacity: 0.33 л
  • cutting width: 38 cm
  • Grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line, 2 mm
  • weight: 4.1 kg

lawn mower not only cuts grass, but also removes tough stems, bushes and branches. Manufacturer has developed several types of heads, each of which is best suited to its type of mowing: PolyCut is ideal for mowing thick stems; AutoCut C offers maximum ease of use; FixCut is good for simple mowing of lawns. Advantages of the grass trimmer:

  • Controls are built into the adjustable circular handle;
  • Instant start and stable operation of the engine by means of electronic ignition system;
  • Low weight and perfect balance ensure maximum working comfort.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium

  • Engine power: 1 L.с.
  • fuel tank capacity: 0.75 л
  • cutting width: 23 cm
  • Grass trimmer cutting unit: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 2.40 mm
  • weight: 6.2 kg

Different from previous model: more robust and reliable. Nickel-silicon coating on the cylinder and piston as well as the enhanced oiling system.

  • Crankshaft, connecting rod and moving parts of the engine are made of forged steel;
  • The presence of a wear-resistant sleeve that protects the engine when the blade hits a hard surface;
  • Two types of cutting tools are supplied: a trimmer line and a metal blade;
  • Low weight due to aluminum housing elements;
  • Easy access to the air filter;
  • Ability to manually pump fuel for easy starting.

EFCO Stark 25

  • engine power: 1.07 л.с.
  • fuel tank capacity: 0.75 л
  • cutting width: 38 cm
  • Grass trimmer cutting tool: trimmer line and knife, trimmer line 2 mm
  • weight: 6.2 kg

Powerful model that is excellent not only for mowing, but also for trimming bushes. Comfortable work is ensured by an effective system of vibration isolation and simple, intuitive controls. Main advantages:

  • Electronic ignition with atomatic fuel injection makes the engine easy to start;
  • Safety when using the trimmer for grass is provided by the presence of the cover and the system of locking the gas pedal, preventing accidental start;
  • The special gearbox design increases the torque, making the grass trimmer even more powerful;
  • Metal cutting disc supplied with the device.

Echo SRM-22GES

  • engine power: 0.91 л.с.
  • fuel tank capacity: 0.44 л
  • cutting width: 23 cm
  • Grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 3 mm
  • weight: 5.3 kg

The device is equipped with an easy start system, a comfortable and reliable handle, a universal carburetor, allowing the engine to function normally in any position. Vibration isolation elements between the motor and the boom. The model also features an enlarged fuel tank and the presence of a multifunctional control system. The following grass trimmer advantages can be singled out:

  • Reinforced gearbox;
  • A shoulder strap that allows you to distribute the load while working;
  • Extended service life of the air filter;
  • Metal blade included in the kit;

Makita EM2500U

If the buyer is not very limited in money, then you can consider more expensive options. There are several models that outperform the competition in terms of price-performance ratio. Certainly, their price is higher than budget models, but their features are closer to professional trimmers.

Tools presented in this category are universal. They can be used for processing large garden areas, as well as for short-term work in professional settings. Although such models are not cheap, in terms of operation and reliability there are practically no Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Mobile XT141C Premium

The lightest petrol grass trimmer in our ranking. Its weight is only 4 kg 490 g, so it can be used also by women. Equipped with the high-tech HIGH PERFOMANCE motor, which is 20% more powerful, with minimal vibration and noise. Manufacturer also claims even greater reliability, service life is increased by 3.5 times.

The new MOBIL K HIGHSPEED CONICAL GEER CG1 gearbox with quality bearings and hardened bevel pairing also contributes to the reduction of vibrations. Distinctive feature is the Comfort Start system that facilitates start-up by 2 times. No sudden jerks and no backlash. Ergonomic handle and shoulder strap for maximum even weight distribution.

  • Lightweight (4,490 kg).
  • Lowest vibrations.
  • Automatic STOP button position.
  • Easy startup.
  • No backpack strap, only one shoulder.

Stavr TB-1400LR

One of the top models of the Russian brand STAVR TB-1400LR. the grass trimmer is designed for home use, for mowing grass and small bushes with a stem diameter of up to 1.2 cm.

The model features the following features: Effective power and performance in its price class, quality parts. Equipped with 1.9 liter two-stroke engine.с., The reliable Ruixing carburetor, durable chrome piston and cylinder. Advantages include the starter design, with a primer for easy cold starting. Maximum rpm with 9000 mowing line and increased cutting width of the line of 44 cm.

Fuel tank holds 1.2 L of gasoline, enough fuel for a large working area, without refills. At the same time, the tank does not weigh the machine down too much; all brushcutters weigh 7.9 kg. Shoulder strap, bicycle grip type for ease of use.

Owners note the reliability, good power, easy operation. Of the features, I like the collapsible design of the boom, for easy transportation. Well-equipped with a spool of fishing line and knife, the necessary tools and accessories for maintenance.

  • Effective power/cost.
  • Reliable motor.
  • Easy cold start.
  • Mowing width 44 cm.
  • Collapsible boom.
  • Good equipment.

RedVerg RD-GB233S

The next position is occupied by the Russian-made RedVerg RD-GB233S grass trimmer. Model with universal performance, for mowing grass and young brushwood, for domestic use. Features a straight, split boom for easy transportation and storage.

Powerful 1.8 L two-stroke engine.с., With an idle speed of 6500 rpm, it is mid-range. Enables effective treatment of normal and sufficiently large areas. Relatively low weight of 7.5 kg, comfortable bicycle handle, belt on both shoulders, contribute to comfortable work. Both a 25.5 cm three-blade blade and a 2 mm trimmer line (semi-automatic spool) are used as cutting tools.

Chromed cylinder for reliability of the engine part, hardened steel shaft inside the boom. Gear housing and handle mount are cast aluminum. Tank capacity is 0.95 liters.

Users rate the RedVerg RD-GB233S as a good value option with easy starting and efficient power. The model is noted for its stability, easy operation, a choice of cutting tools.

grass, trimmer, better, huter
  • Price/performance quality.
  • optimal capacity.
  • Easy start.
  • Easy to transport and store.
  • Availability of knife and semi-automatic spool.

Makita EM3400U

The choice of professionals

  • power. 1.41 л.с;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 0.75 л;
  • boom design. straight;
  • The shape of the handle is T-shaped;
  • Cutting element. a line for trimmer, a knife;
  • noise level is 95 dB;
  • weight 6.4 kg.

Pros: Makita EM3400U single-cylinder two-stroke power unit delivers up to 10,000 rpm of torque. Line or blade speeds ensure more cutting performance and efficiency in thickets. Cutting width of the gasoline grass trimmer is 23 centimeters.

mowing head of the gasoline trimmer is protected by a shroud, which does not allow the grass and gravel to fly in different directions. Comfortable shoulder strap and T-shaped adjustable handle allow you to adjust the grass trimmer control to the body of the operator and provide natural motion at work.

Large fuel tank gives you the power to run the hand-held trimmer longer without refueling while maintaining a balance between performance and weight. Makita EM3400U, like all appliances of the brand, is easy to use and of high quality. The company’s tools have been chosen by construction and agriculture professionals for years.

Disadvantages: the rod is not collapsible, not always convenient to transport.

Advantages and disadvantages of the gasoline grass trimmer compared to the electric trimmer

There are two varieties of trimmers: gasoline and electric. Either one has advantages and disadvantages in relation to each other.

  • Easy to service and use.
  • Reliability. The gasoline grass trimmer is capable of working continuously for a day. During this period, it will not heat up and can provide the user with the perfect implementation of all goals in all conditions.
  • High performance. The power of the gasoline tool allows the user to work even in hard-to-reach places. Electric grass trimmers are not so powerful, so not all vegetation can be mowed.
  • Seamless transportability to any location. Gasoline grass trimmer does not depend on power outlets and wires, unlike the electric trimmer.

Despite the positive aspects, there are also disadvantages of using a gasoline trimmer for grass:

  • Noise and strong vibration when using a gasoline trimmer. Electric trimmers have lower noise.
  • Pollution of the environment. The gasoline tool generates a lot of emissions during operation, which is not the case with the electric device.
  • Cost. Gasoline trimmer is more expensive, as it has a higher capacity in contrast to the electric trimmer.

Choosing between a gasoline and electric trimmer, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the device. This will help you choose the right tool for your specific needs.

When selecting the best gasoline trimmer for the grass should have a clear idea for what purposes it is needed. For the right choice of grass trimmer, you need to assess the area and the nature of the work that will be carried out there. And thanks to the rating of the best gasoline trimmers, it will be even easier.

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