How to lubricate your angle grinder

Many users ask how to lubricate an angle grinder. Typical reasons for starting this repair operation are the following factors:

  • If 12 months have elapsed since the date of purchase or the last lubrication of the moving parts of the gearbox.
  • When the gears work only due to lapping with severe overheating.
grease, gearbox, angle, grinder
  • If there are pieces of dry grease mixed with dust particles inside.
  • Gearbox parts must be replaced and the rotor bearings must be replaced. They need to be lubricated immediately after being installed and reassembled.

This is a relatively complex task which requires a certain amount of skill on the part of the craftsman. You can try to do it yourself, but it is better to turn to specialized professionals. It is desirable that they specialize in the brand to which your instance belongs.

The role of grease in the gearbox of an angle grinder and its characteristics

During operation, the gears rotate more forcefully and the temperature rises as a result. It leads to wear and weakening of the metal. To prevent this, the parts must be regularly lubricated. If you treat the gearbox with good lubricants, it will not get very hot and deformed.

Lubricant for the angle grinder must have the following characteristics:

Additional information! Also, the composition should have water repellency to protect the metal from corrosion.

Recommendations of foreign manufacturers

Commercial policy is a tricky thing. That is why all foreign manufacturers, who develop power tools, produce “special” lubricants only for their products. Naturally, such compositions differ significantly in price upwards with conventional mixtures. But, practically, they do not stand out from the latter in any serious way.

Meanwhile, the manufacturers of imported angle grinders recommend using only specialized grease of their production. Justifying it by the fact that a uniquely formulated composition significantly prolongs the life of mechanisms, and therefore the warranty service is extended for a longer period of time.

And in case of non-compliance with the conditions deny free service in case of breakdowns. Arguing that they were caused by the use of a low-quality, cheap grease. And, to justify the high cost of their consumables, make expensive and rare components in compositions.

Deciphering the markings, which have a branded grease for the angle grinder:

  • If molybdenum is introduced as an additive, then they put the marking MOS2.
  • When the viscosity grade is increased to the second one, NLGI2 is indicated.
  • In order to confirm the ISO standard, they put ISOL-XBCHB 2.
  • German quality is indicated by the DIN marking.
  • A special “K” type standard from Germany has numbers 51825.

All major brands use such methods. From Makita and Bosch to Hitachi and Interskol.

Varieties of angle grinder grease

The compound for joints is suitable for lubricating the gearbox of an angle grinder Before you can lubricate an angle grinder, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic types of grease. The following mixtures are most commonly used to treat the gearbox of an angle grinder:

Important! If you can not afford to buy brand products, it is better to use mixes for C.V. joints. You can find them in almost any auto store.

The KSHM apparatus consists of:

Main body made of shockproof plastic. Handle for easy holding of the equipment during the operation. Start button. A spindle lockout button for quick disk changing. Electric motor consisting of rotor and stator. Heavy duty gearbox. Coulter adjusting wheels (not for all models). Super-Joint-System (not for all models). Locking nut for locking the operating element. Large protective hood. Power cord or battery pack.

Gearbox of the body grinder is responsible for transmission of rotary motion from the rotor of the electric motor to the working element. With optimum speed of rotation and the correct selection of the diameter of the circle, you will get the tool, set up for the most productive and efficient work.

Gearbox construction, consisting of a bearing, large and driven gears. As for the housing, in most cases it is made of a high quality aluminum alloy which is backed by a few threaded connections to secure the crank handle.

One crank twist will be enough to extract the gear mechanism.

The first thing to do. Remove the spindle and the work disk and the safety guard. Then unscrew bolts fastening the angle grinder body and gear mechanism. As a rule, it is attached to the housing with four screws. Take out the gearbox and assess its inner state.

How to lubricate the gear reducer angle grinder Makita, Bosch, Interskol and not only

How to lubricate. Most manufacturers insist on using their brand lubricants. The list of recommended greases is usually given in the instruction manual. Listen to the author, buy a tube or jar of the original material in advance.

If the manufacturer is so democratic that the instructions were limited to indicate the use of “for this purpose” compounds, the decision “what to lubricate” is the owner of the angle grinder. And buy. as an analogue. universal grease from another manufacturer. Or, remembering the clip on YouTube, says himself: “I’ve got a similar can somewhere in the garage, I will lubricate it if I need it”. Decide for yourself, original or analogue. Or take your dealer’s advice. Or take advantage of someone else’s experience. Variants “to make grease by yourself or use substitute”. are not recommended.

Hitachi G12SA Angle Grinder, Gear Lube

grease, gearbox, angle, grinder

The right amount of grease. When you buy a new power tool, it is advisable to know how much lubricant to put in its gearbox for maintenance, which will be necessary sooner or later.

Remove the cover of your brand-new angle grinder and look into the gear housing. A conscientious fitter should put in enough grease to coat the gearcase and pinion with a thin film, fill the teeth of the idler and the volume of the cover under the pinion. Take this number as a benchmark and follow it steadily.

Reference. Authorized Makita dealers state that lubrication should occupy no more than 50% of the gearbox volume.

Therefore, it is very useful to buy a tube of grease when you buy an angle grinder at the same time. Original or similar.

Lubrication Frequency

Some sources state that you should lubricate the gearbox of an angle grinder once a year, others say “as needed.

The frequency of lubrication depends on the tool grade. A professional angle grinder that has been running “continuously at full load for an extended period of time” simply will not survive to the age of one year without lubrication. Try to determine yourself whether you need to lubricate the gearbox, using simple diagnostic methods.

If in any doubt, open the Geareducer for inspection. It is easier to add fresh grease in five minutes than to “take out for repair” the necessary power tool for the whole weekend. You can actually see the technology for changing the grease on YouTube:

Important. On some models the gear cover is secured with Torx 3.5 or Torx 4.0 socket head screws. Have one of these bits ready to go.

Watch the video to see the process and procedure for changing the grease. Do not listen to “forever grease angle grinder gearbox” suggestions. Perpetual lubrication is intended for use in perpetual motion machines only.

After opening, carefully examine the grease in the gearbox housing and cover. If it is translucent and has the original yellowish or blue-green color (depending on the brand) and no dirt or wear products. the grease should not be changed. It is sufficient to refill it.

Old grease is sufficiently plastic. remove it with a soft cloth (rag). If it has turned into clumps of dirt (low-temperature sludge), rinse and dry the gearbox after removing it.

Be careful of the rear spindle bearing when cleaning and flushing the gear housing. If it is needle-type, do not wash or lubricate. The needles can fall out of the worn cage (or outer ring, if so designed) and you’ll run into a lot of trouble, up to and including replacing the bearing.

When the spindle is mounted in plain bearings, do not wash them too hard. The porous bronze-graphite material of the bushings is saturated with grease and does not need to be “degreased.

When flushing the gear housing, hold the angle grinder with the motor up so dirty solution does not flow over the rotor shaft into its bearing and electrical guts.

Use clean gasoline or mineral spirits and a stiff bristle brush to flush.

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Ready to use grease

As a general rule, the manufacturer requires customers to use only their brand’s products for lubricating angle grinder gears. There is a good reason for this. All lubricants are rigorously tested in the company’s own workshops. The manufacturer selects the composition and manufacturing techniques so as to obtain a product that will maximize the life of the parts. At the same time the greases from tool manufacturers have a disadvantage. high price.

Instead of oils directly from the manufacturer, you can use quality alternatives. In this case, you should carefully read the required properties, which are described by the manufacturer in the instructions to the angle grinder. Several popular alternative brands of lubricants: Haskey, Castrol, Liqui Moly, as well as the domestic offer “Nanotech.

The device, the warranty period of which has not expired yet, it is better to lubricate it with a branded product. Otherwise, if the angle grinder breaks down, you can get a refusal of repair at the expense of the seller.

Homemade lubricants

If desired, the grease for the angle grinder can be made by yourself. You need a plastic grease, such as CYATIM-221, oil (I-20 will do), as well as a suitable metal container for mixing and a torch.

The manufacturing process is generally simple, but it is very difficult to get a homogeneous product. Oil is added to the grease with constant mixing and slow heating. A successful case should result in a stable connection between the two components.

The quality of the ready to use composition in any case will be low, and it should not be used for long-term work.

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