Electric or gasoline trimmer for the grass: we understand what is better to choose

Quite recently, members of the older generations in our country have seen smoothly trimmed lawns only in foreign films. But, in recent years, an abundance of lawn mowers and trimmers appeared in our country. In this article we have tried to tell you in detail about the difference between electric and gasoline trimmers for the grass and which is preferable to buy.

Lawn mower. heavy machine, capable of mowing grass on smooth surfaces. Lawn mowers are also very noisy and break down quickly. It should only get in the way of a small stone. and the blade can be broken.

The grass trimmer is a smaller, lighter and more functional tool. Not only grass, but also branches up to 3 cm in diameter can be trimmed. diameter.

Working with a trimmer, you can adjust the height of mowed plants, mow stony and uneven surfaces.

Internal Features

Most often, gasoline trimmers operate on two-stroke internal combustion gasoline engines that require gasoline mixed with mineral or synthetic oil to work. Two-stroke engines need the correct ratio of gasoline and oil, so before using it, it is important to carefully study the instructions for your model of gasoline trimmer. convenient and silent models are trimmers for grass with four-stroke engines, in which gasoline and oil are poured into separate containers, mixing inside the unit.

The internal combustion engine is located on top of absolutely all gasoline trimmers.

For sites with coarse vegetation, you need to choose a powerful gasoline trimmer for grass, whose power will allow you to use it as a lopper, cultivator and even a snowplow. There are two types of drive that rotate the cutting element of a petrol trimmer. a steel cable and a straight shaft with a gear. It is desirable to choose a unit with a straight shaft, as it is more reliable than a cable in terms of mechanical strength.

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Gasoline grass trimmer. which one is best to choose?

What to look for when choosing a gasoline grass trimmer? The decision will depend on the task you are facing:

All brushcutters are categorized by engine type into two and four-stroke engines.

The first are unpretentious and simple to arrange, but require the preparation of a special fuel mixture, have a high noise level and produce a large amount of exhaust gases. Of these models the most popular are Husqvarna 323 R, Ryobi RBC31SESO, Patriot PT 3055, Partner Colibri II S.

The latter are difficult to maintain, but do not require the preparation of the mixture, have a lower noise level, economical fuel consumption and low wear and tear of the internal components of the engine. Among them are Makita EBH341U, Patriot PT 3155 T, Caiman VSP255S-EH025. Two-stroke engines are more common, so it makes sense to opt for them, especially if you consider that the type of motor does not affect the performance of the tool in any way.

The next thing you should pay attention to is the shape of the boom.

Straight is characteristic of professional models with high power, which have the ability to withstand heavy loads. This is due to the steel shaft used for transmitting torque from the motor to the cutting attachment. Al-ko FRS 4125, Ryobi RBC31SESO, Hitachi CG 40 EY have it, for example. T (CG40EY-T), Kalibr BK-1900.

A steel cable runs in the bent boom instead of the shaft. Such a device is usually used for household and some semi-professional mowers. They are not required to be particularly reliable and resistant to overload, and the intensity of use of such models is not too great. Among these trimmers are particularly successful STIHL FS 45, Interskol MKB-43/33, Elitech T 1000 RK.

Then it makes sense to assess the characteristics of the tool, namely its power.

This parameter will directly depend on the brushcutter performance, its ability to work with a certain type of equipment, the ability to mow different grass, weeds or even bushes.

In our store you can always buy models with fantastic power: STIHL FS 550 K, Echo SRM-4605, Husqvarna 343 F. These machines can cut even small undergrowth and are used for clearing wild vegetation in the forest. They are expensive, but worth the price. The choice of true professionals.

The more modest the amount needed to perform the work and the softer the vegetation on the site, the less power you need a grass trimmer and, accordingly, it will be cheaper.

As for cost, as always, a lot depends on the brand.

But there are quite well-known brands that offer excellent quality products at very affordable prices. For example, Husqvarna 128 L, Ryobi RBC430SBD, Elitech T 1250 V, Champion T284.

Another important feature for evaluating a particular model is the volume of the fuel tank.

Its size determines the uninterrupted operating time. Let’s say you have to prepare a gasoline-oil mixture three times in a day, or all six. As you can see, the time required is quite considerably different. Here are the best machines with a capacity of around 1 liter, for example Hitachi CG40EYA (TP). It both increases the total weight not so much, and gives quite a long interval of working time between refills.

But there are models with a very small tank. They tend to either belong to the domestic class, or are designed for a small amount of work with a significant load. For example, the STIHL FS 450 or the Partner BC 433B would be perfect for clearing brush from undergrowth in a small clearing.

Next, we look at the cutting tools available for use.

Usually, if we buy a lawn mower of high power and high performance, we expect that with such a tool it will be possible to mow almost everything. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the availability of steel blades and discs in a particular model. After all, it is this equipment is, as they say, “the main striking force”, allowing trimmer to cut small bushes and easily deal with the thickest thickets of tall grass. It also makes it possible to quickly make hay or simply clear large areas of vegetation.

So it is desirable that the tool you choose can work both with a fishing line and a metal or plastic blade. Examples of such models are Patriot T 535 Pro, Husqvarna 327 RX.

The next step is to choose a handle.

Since the work with a brushcutter is usually quite long, the handles of such a tool should be as comfortable as possible for the user and provide a firm grip on the tool in his hands.

T-handle is the best in this regard. It allows you to mimic the movement of a traditional non-motorized grasshopper as closely as possible when working over large areas, and to hold and guide the tool securely with both hands. Patriot PT 3355, Echo SRM-22GES, Kalibr BK-1400 have such a handle.

You may also find J- and D-handles. They are more typical for semi-professional and amateur models, such as Elitech T 1000 RK, Husqvarna 128 RJ, Kalibr BK-1900.

Special mention should be made of unusual petrol grass trimmers for professional works. Their peculiarity is that the engine is located separately from the boom in a special bag, which is attached behind the employee’s shoulders. It communicates with the cutting tool via flexible shaft. Examples of such models are STIHL FR 450, Patriot T 552 Pro Plus.

When choosing a tool, always have a clear idea of what you need it for. Then you won’t have to complain that your grass trimmer bought lacks power, or, conversely, that it lies idle and does not work out the money invested in it.

What cutting attachments are used in trimmers?

Almost all grass trimmers (both gasoline and electric) are equipped with two types of cutting tools.

Originally they used steel plates or disks as knives, sometimes similar to a “circular saw”. They are convenient for mowing tall grass, thickets of weeds, burdocks, cowlesnip, destroying small bushes. But their capabilities are limited by the fact that if the blade comes into contact with stones or soil, it can break, in addition, small stones in this case scatter splinters almost at the speed of a bullet.

Therefore, along with metal knives, a line for trimmer (cord) is also used, rotating at a speed of 6-11 ths. rpm. At such revolutions it becomes a tight string that easily cuts solid plant stems and small branches of bushes. Both light trimmers for grass and professional trimmers are equipped with such a head.

line trimmer handy where you can not avoid contact with the cutting element of the soil, rocks, bricks or metal structures. Smoothly bypassing any obstacle, it cuts all vegetation around, with minimal damage to itself.

Knives are used for more “serious” vegetation. The more powerful the grass trimmer, the heavier the equipment can be. To get rid of burdocks, reeds and hogweed, use plastic solid blades or blades with movable blades. Steel blades will cope with young growth, and with thin bushes. steel cutting discs.

Choosing a cordless grass trimmer

Well, first of all, this type of trimmer eliminates the main disadvantages of electric scythes. dependence on electricity and the need to use extension cords.

Buying this type of grass trimmer, you can mow not too dense grass thickets even in the absence of electricity.

Remarkably, these grass trimmers have the lowest vibration and noise level of all types.

Among the disadvantages of such a tool, many owners allocate low-power, a short period of use on a single charge and a long time to recharge the batteries.

All battery-powered models have a bottom-mounted motor and use only a trimmer line as a cutting element in the vast majority of cases. Small motor power allows to trim only small areas of thin-stemmed vegetation.

Working time of the grass trimmer on one battery is approximately 20-40 minutes, depending on intensity of use, and the period of its recharging can reach a day or more. Therefore, such models are suitable if the amount of work on your site is small and the frequency of grass trimmer use does not exceed one time in two or three days.

The choice of this type is justified if you plan to mow the grass not often and in minimal quantities.


These models operate on gasoline in a separate tank. Also need to fill up with oil for all parts of the machine to work.

Types of engines

  • Two-stroke. These models cost less. Requires adding a certain amount of oil to gasoline for operation. Engine design is uncomplicated. Gasoline and oil quality does not compromise mower performance. Less power than four-stroke engines.
  • Four-stroke. These models cost more. Gasoline and oil are in separate containers, making it easier to work. No need to measure out the right amount of oil to add to the gasoline. Unlike two-stroke models, the engine design is complicated because the unit is more powerful. If the mower breaks down, it’s hard to fix it yourself. Gardeners prefer models with this engine.
  • Gasoline models are more powerful than electric models;
  • Lasts longer;
  • Do not depend on electricity;
  • Do not have a cord;
  • These models can be carried to any place and mow grass in remote places, even outside the garden plot.
  • Requires filling with gasoline and oil;
  • Noise level is higher;
  • Exhaust fumes are produced;
  • Gasoline grass trimmer is heavier than the electric one;
  • You can mow the grass without frequent breaks;
  • expensive than electric models.

Grass trimmer types

  • with lower motor. the motor is located at the bottom, above the moving head. Pros: no gear shaft, so it won’t break. Disadvantages: you cannot mow wet grass and neglected lawn (due to low engine power);
  • Top-mounted motor. motor is on top of an electric mower. Pros: these are the most powerful models of electric trimmers, the engine is always protected from accidental contact with the ground;
    – Not as popular as previous models. Suitable for small lawns. Pros: environmental friendliness, quietness and ease of operation of the electric trimmer for grass combined with the mobility of gasoline. Disadvantages: high cost, the batteries quickly run down and eventually fail. Not suitable for frequent use.

Tips for Buyers

There are a few tips on what you should pay attention to when buying a grass trimmer. For comfortable work, it is important to know the basic technical characteristics:

  • Type of motor, its power and location. The choice depends on several factors: the availability of electricity, the area to be treated, the type of grass (lawn, heavy weeds, meadow grass).
  • Gasoline tank capacity.
  • Handle shape.
  • Type of working tool (string, blades or discs). Models with string (fishing line). cheaper, but it is necessary to constantly buy spools. Devices with knives and discs are stronger and more durable, do not require additional costs.

Sometimes the kit includes different attachments, which affect the price of the product, but if additional attachments are not required, it is not worth overpaying.

  • Mowing width. The bigger it is, the less time it takes to process the area.
  • The length and strength of the electrical wire.
  • Ability to move the handle and increase the length of the tube.
  • In most models, the handle can be moved to adjust to a person’s height. The tube can be shortened or lengthened.
  • Manufacturer’s firm. It is better to choose a proven brand.
  • The design of the device.

Before buying a grass trimmer, you can consider the models of interest on the Internet, study their specifications, read customer reviews. Be sure to ask the certificate for the goods from the seller. It is better to buy a more expensive and powerful model, it will last longer and will cope well with its functions.

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