Top 15 chainsaws for home and country. Evaluation criteria

When choosing a tool on its own, it is taken into account:

  • The real value of the chainsaw;
  • Economy and pulling performance of the drive;
  • The level of technical equipment;
  • In some cases. Maintainability and interchangeability of spare parts with similar models of other brands.

Marketing analysis shows that a good inexpensive chainsaw by the basic parameters meets the needs of ordinary people, farmers, forestry workers and park-economy services.

By all accounts, the best chainsaw for home and country houses is an economical, simple in design, easy-to-use and durable model of a popular brand with a capacity from one and a half to three horsepower. Budget chain saw, by virtue of its limited capabilities, is most often purchased for one-time dismantling or construction work.

Published in the information field top 10 best chain saws consists of new models of brands STIHL, Husqvarna and Hitachi, known for the excellent quality of its products. The test of chainsaws from these manufacturers proved their full compliance with the stated service and operational requirements.

The list also includes several popular tools from the brands ALPINA A 3700 and DAEWOO. According to the forecasts of experts, these developments in the ranking of “Best chainsaws in 2018″ will take the leading places.

The offered range of chain saws of different brands can be conditionally divided into 5 groups.

How to choose a chainsaw for making firewood

If you are going to cut firewood in the forest, you should take care to buy a good, correct axe and chain saw. To choose the right axe for felling wood is still an art. But we are not going to consider this moment in this article. Let’s pay attention to choosing automatic saw by parameters necessary for work. Let’s define several directions of use:

best, chainsaw, firewood, daewoo

A professional saw must have more than 6 kW power, equipped with a bar up to 60 cm, with an engine capacity of 60-120 cc. See. Operation time in continuous mode. Up to 8 hours, with breaks. Up to 16 hours.

The most advanced machines have an emergency brake, and the high power and long guide bar allow huge logs to be cut at once. Accessories with a high degree of wear resistance will prolong the life of the machine.

The most significant disadvantages of professional equipment. High cost, heavy weight and vibration.

Semi-professional units are designed for wood construction. With their help, logs, bar, technological holes for doors and windows can be easily sawn. Power of 2-3 kW allows you to perform almost all operations with wood. The duration of continuous operation is limited to 4-6 hours. With a guide bar length of up to 45 cm no log can stand up to it. Brand-name products have a service life of up to 10 years. The best known brands are Husqvarna and STIHL. Such models, like the professional ones, are equipped with an anti-vibration system. It is needed at a big step of tines. Such positioning increases productivity, but at the same time it adds vibration.

The advantage of these models is the wide price range, availability of an emergency brake, rapid adjustment of the chain tension.

The disadvantages are high cost of original parts, mismatch width of the machine power groove, which contributes to boring of the tire.

Household appliances are characterized by the short length of the guide bar, only 25-35 cm. The small engine does not provide high power, so the unit is used only for short-term work. Cutting limbs, thin logs, infrequent use in construction.

The undoubted advantages of this type of tools. Small size, moderate gasoline consumption, small oil tank, low price.

The low price determines the disadvantages of the tool:

  • 1-2 hours of work without stopping;
  • The impossibility of a thick cut;
  • No easy tensioning of the chain;
  • Fast wear and tear of the accessories.

Rating of the best chain saws for household tasks

Domestic models are characterized by simple design, include low-powered engines up to 40 cc. The chainsaw has a cutting height of about 5.5 cm and is used for cutting small trees, bushes or branches. It is recommended to buy the goods if you need to work with planks, to prepare firewood. Motor life of household devices is up to 40 minutes of uninterrupted work.

Kalibr BP-1800/16U

This option is considered the most affordable, can handle small trees, thick branches or bushes. Ideal for making firewood for a fireplace. The work is carried out across and along the wood fibers, installed electronic ignition for fast and reliable starting technique.


They are the best choice for garden work. The model is characterized by its low weight. The motor is two-stroke, and its power is enough for processing small planks, logs, timber. The manufacturer has made an automatic supply of lubricant for the chain, starting in any weather is excellent. There is also a chain brake in case of unpredictable situations.

Makita EA3202S40B

Considering the best chain saws for the house you should pay attention to this model, which is characterized by an increased service life of the engine. The unit is quite powerful in the domestic class, will work with medium-sized trees, logs, as well as suitable for cutting thick branches.

Due to the small weight is convenient to work at height. Manufacturer made spring vibration suppression. The assembly is quality and the materials used for the saw give the maximum service life among the domestic segment.

  • High price as for the residential models.
  • The start button is placed in an awkward position and can be easily hit in the course of work, which causes disconnection.
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Great for working in the field. The chainsaw has a powerful motor, the bar is long enough to make a confident cut of a thick tree or log. The balance of the tool is high, making it easy to operate and comfortable to use. There is also a chain brake and a protective handle in the form of an arc.

Partner P350S

A good inexpensive chainsaw for household work, has a professional bar and chain, which gives the ability to work with the average thickness of wood. Technique has an efficient ignition system that allows you to start the device at any time of year. The assembly is of high quality, the motor power is optimal for continuous operation for about 30 minutes. The weight of the product is low, so it’s easy to cut on a roof or a tree.

Hyundai X 360

A lightweight model that is suitable for working in the garden, removing old wood or sawing logs. This option is often used by utilities. The design itself is characterized by reliability, the electronic ignition allows to start in any weather. The model is ergonomic, there is protection against vibrations.

  • In some cases, it is necessary to disassemble the body to provide lubrication and check the nodes.
  • The start button is in an awkward location and can be bumped during operation, causing the unit to shut down.


When choosing which chainsaw to buy for the house, first of all determine its scope of application. There are 3 categories:

  • Domestic, designed for making firewood and pruning trees, have a small capacity and are designed for short work for 30-40 minutes, as the engine heats up and he needs to cool down;
  • Semi-professional, having more powerful engines and a number of auxiliary functions, thanks to which you can use in felling small trees;
  • Professional, serving for industrial purposes in the mass felling of trees. High-priced and limited in demand.

All chainsaw models have differences in functionality, technical parameters and dimensions, and these factors can also influence a certain choice. To know exactly which chainsaw is the best for you, you need to answer the following questions: what power and weight you need, what gas tank capacity you need, and how the bar length corresponds to the thickness of the logs you need to cut.

Our user-friendly guide will help you choose the chainsaws best suited to your cutting needs. The rating of chainsaws recommended for use in the home includes models that have been highly rated by professional testers, experts, and ordinary buyers.

Semi-professional chainsaws

This category of chainsaw range is characterized by:

  • The use of quality and durable raw materials;
  • Of modern technologies of their processing, careful assembling of components;
  • Higher output and productivity.

Husqvarna 440E

The Husqvarna 440E Series opens our review of semi-professional chainsaws with. Versatile tool in many aspects, different from budget analogues:

  • Drive by the economical and environmentally friendly 2.4 liter X-Torq engine.С;
  • The presence of Smart Start easy start system
  • The refined primer in terms of reliability;
  • Built-in reverse mode in the switch.

The 440E is an easy-to-maintain and durable saw that has proven itself in all parts of the country, including colder climates.

Efco 137

The chainsaws of world leader Efko are ahead of many competitors even at the start. The 137 is a lightweight and efficient general-purpose chainsaw.

  • 35 cc engine with extended service life and 2.2 L displacement.С. And a saw unit with a 410-mm guide bar;
  • Low weight in the range of 4 kg and comfortable for continuous work, ergonomic body configuration, minimal noise and vibration indicators;
  • Adjustable oil pump automatic headset lubrication system;
  • Inertia switch of emergency chain brake mechanism;
  • Increased usable area of engine air intake filter and collapsible exhaust silencer.

Echo CS-260TES-10″

Semi-professional saw of Japanese manufacture is on a par with analogues of leading European brands by all indicators. Functionality of this model is focused on household sawing work and use in garden and forestry technology.

Бензопила Daewoo DACS 4516

12-inch headset activated by a 1.23-hp, 27-cfm small-capacity engine. Primer and ES-start system minimize cold start difficulties.

In the list of advantages of the product:

  • Increased engine life;
  • Two-stage air purification circuit;
  • Three-piece clutch mechanism;
  • The presence of the attachment unit for the shoulder belt;
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

best, chainsaw, firewood, daewoo

Hitachi CS30EH

The semi-professional model is identical in quality and efficiency to the best products of European and Asian manufacturers. CS30EH series universal saw is intended for small-scale household and construction sawing works.

The tool with its own weight of 3.4 kg is equipped with a 34-cubic-inch two-stroke gasoline engine rated at 1.8 L.С. Includes compact and easy-to-use 14-inch professional headset for working in hard-to-reach places. Price of 21000 thousand is 100% corresponds to the quality of the saw and the level of its technical equipment.

Makita EA3203S40B

In the production of competitive high-end chainsaws, Makita, a company known for the quality of its products, sells its activities. One of the most successful products is the EA3203S40B chain saw.

The tool in the price range of 11200 to 11600 is powered by a small-capacity 1.81 liter gasoline engine.С. The high traction characteristics of the engine ensure the productive work of the professional 16″ chain saw.

A regularly updated rating of semi-professional chainsaws of this brand has tended to grow steadily in recent years.


STIHL products are in particular demand on the domestic and European chainsaw markets. The MS 180 C-BE series model is on the list of the most popular and sought-after designs.

The saw is equipped with a rugged and stable engine with a displacement of 32 cm3 and an output of 2 liters.С. Realizing full activation of the drive of the standard 400 mm long saw unit. Design nuances. Easy start system, easy access to internal systems, aggregates and chain tensioning mechanism.

Обзор бензопилы DAEWOO

All-purpose tool

Efco is an Italian brand, under which the company, part of the Emak group, produces gardening equipment. Efco Company began its work on the market as a hedge trimmer manufacturer, but with time it has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power tools. In 1992, after the merger of Oleo-Mac and Efco, the Emak Group was formed. It later took over other companies, allowing the Efco brand to go international.

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Efco MTH 510 325″ BCPI/46R chainsaw is a domestic model, it has an ergonomic design, compact size allows you to use it effectively when installing the formwork or framework, and in the garden. For pruning small branches.

The Efco MTH 510 325″ BCPI/46R chainsaw was designed to be sold on the European market, so its features fully meet the environmental requirements of the European Union. Of the other advantages we should note:

  • Durable magnesium alloy sump;
  • Walbro carburetor. Excellent fuel economy;
  • Anti-vibration system on springs;
  • Reliable and durable piston system;
  • 45 cm long bar;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Effective system of vibration suppression;
  • Vibration-absorbing handles;
  • Reliable and durable Oregon tire;
  • The oil supply occurs only when the chain rotates.

What chainsaw to choose and what to look for when buying

In large construction stores you can find a wide range of chainsaws. All models fall into 3 categories:

These groups are formed according to the power of the motor of the particular petrol saw.

Let’s find out how chainsaws differ from each other and determine what to pay attention to if you are going to buy this tool:

  • The bar (namely its length). The bigger it is, the deeper the wood can be cut. Household saws have 30-40 cm long bars, that means you have to approach it from two sides to fully cut a thick log. Other chains are capable of pulling off the same log in just one trip.

The length of the guide bar must clearly correspond not only to the class of the tool, but also to its power. The reason is that it affects the engine. The longer the bar, the heavier the load on the motor. Household bars are equipped with motors with low power, and therefore there is a risk that the machine will simply overheat and fail.

  • Chain. They vary in features such as: height of section, shape of teeth, pitch. A small pitch reduces vibrations, but it also reduces the quality of the cut. The chain may stretch after a while, but the length can be adjusted (with a screw or manually). Usual chains are up to 40 cm long. If you have to saw or fell thick trunks, it should be 50 cm or more.
  • Protection against vibration, which leads to hand fatigue and muscle pain in the craftsman. An anti-vibration system allows to get rid of such problems. For example, it is possible to install a rubber gasket between the housing and the handle. Professional models have an exact ratio between the weight of the engine and all other parts in order to reduce vibration.
  • Protection against blowback, which is present when working on hard materials. Injuries can occur as a result of blowback. To protect against this, a special button is installed on the handle or body of the machine that immediately stops the chain. On some models, there is also an additional button that prevents accidental activation of the device. An additional shield is provided so that the hands of the craftsman do not come into contact with the mechanism of the chainsaw when it is in operation. It is installed at the end of the machine.
  • Engine. Perhaps one of the main features. The higher the motor power, the easier it is to achieve its goals. Household saws have power up to 2 kW (volume. Up to 40 cm3), semi-professional. 2-3 kW (40-60 cm3), professional. From 3 kW (from 60 cm3). Reliable, durable and quality engine has a piston system with 2 compression rings, forged crankshaft, metal crankcase, chrome plated cylinder walls.
  • Weight. Even with the same power, the machines can have different weight. Weight is affected by: machine design, features, parts and tank volume. Chinese models are the heaviest. Average weight. 3-6 kg. If the work will be done by a woman, preference should be given to the group of amateur machines with light weight and low vibration.
  • Air filter. Dust protection gives the saw a longer service life without repair.
  • Fuel consumption. The most economical are home class models, and professional devices consume the most gasoline. The bigger the fuel tank capacity of a chainsaw, the higher the fuel consumption.
  • Type of lubrication mechanism is more convenient, certainly, automatic.
  • Options: heated grips, compensator, adjustable oil flow rate, primer, heated carburetor.

Working life of a chainsaw directly depends on the master who uses it. You need to distribute the load properly, give the tool a “rest”. The chainsaw needs to be cared for carefully and in good time so that it lasts longer. As a rule, a bar is enough for two chains, and a simple chain can withstand 2-3 sharpening. The “life” of the engine will be longer if the fuel mixture is prepared in perfectly accurate proportions and from the recommended fuel.

In the table you will see how domestic, professional and professional chainsaws differ from each other, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Husqvarna 240

Husqvarna 240

Household all-purpose saw, can be used for gardening and construction work.

  • 2-year warranty;
  • Easy to find accessories;
  • Keyless chain tension adjustment;
  • There is a “window” to assess the remaining oil and fuel level in the tank.

But according to reviews. One of the recommended to buy for home use.



Very powerful for its price. Includes a quality chain and file for sharpening it at home.

In the reviews also claim that the Patriot saw consumes too much oil to lubricate the chain (compared to other models).

Echo CS-350WES-14

Echo CS-350WES-14

One of the most affordable models from Echo. B. One of the most popular from this brand.

  • Runs at high speed (copes with wood of any density, though small in size);
  • Low weight;
  • Quick-start even at.25 degrees Celsius;
  • Japanese-made.

The reviews recommend buying this saw to replace the “people’s” STIHL 180.

Hitachi CS 33 EB

Hitachi CS 33 EB

This saw has a 7 year warranty in the USA. In other countries as well. 24 months. This is one of the world’s most rugged chainsaws!

  • Does not break;
  • Quality complete chain;
  • Low cost;
  • There is practically no vibration;
  • High-quality plastic (body inserts).

There are also claims in the reviews that the first revision of this model had a defective mechanism for the oil supply.

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Makita EA3202S40B

Makita EA3202S40B

In many major stores, it is the best-selling Makita brand chainsaw.

Gasoline or electric saw: which is better??

A chainsaw is an irreplaceable tool in a household. You need it when you have to prune, cut, and saw something.

The range of operations that can be performed using this machine is quite wide: work in the workshop, cutting firewood, pruning trees, maintenance of crowns, etc.

To use the tool for a long time without failures and breakdowns, you need, above all, to choose a quality model that is suitable for the purpose of application.

There are two types of chain saws on the market: electric and gasoline. This is the basis for their classification. Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and its own scope of use. What to choose? What other criteria to pay attention to when buying equipment? Let us try to understand!

Gasoline and electric chainsaws are not structurally different. The main working organ of the tools is the bar with the tensioned saw chain.

The latter consists of segments, among which there are working (sharp teeth), connecting and leading. The guide bar with the chain is attached to the frame and the motor.

Electric saws are equipped with electric motors, and gasoline saws. Internal combustion engines that run on a gasoline-oil mixture (2-stroke gasoline saws) or on gasoline (4-stroke, they are rare).

The main advantages of machinery, which is equipped with gasoline engines, include autonomy. That is, no cords, lack of power or voltage fluctuations limit the work of the tool.

The chainsaw is able to perform its functions in any weather. It is not affected by precipitation, low or high temperatures. Powerful units are suitable for use in various conditions.

  • Felling and bucking of trees;
  • Clearing areas;
  • Complex sawing jobs;
  • Setting up temporary camping sites on expeditions and hikes.

If there is no possibility to connect to electricity, gasoline chain saw is the only rational solution. There are, of course, electric battery-powered ones, but they are quite expensive.

best, chainsaw, firewood, daewoo

The tool does not require connection to a power source; it is suitable for intensive operation in difficult conditions; it works for a long time without interruption; it is characterized by high resistance to breakdowns; it has a long working life; it is inexpensive, a good model can be bought for 5-7 thousand. Rubles.

As for the disadvantages, it is not without them. The main disadvantages of gasoline-powered models are complexity of design. Not only the engine, but also other mechanisms, like ignition, clutch, etc., are responsible for the proper functioning of the machine. Chainsaws require more care and are prone to malfunctions more often than electric machines.

The low-cost models break down more often than premium brand-name tools. Users also note that chainsaws have a problem with cold starts.

Tools require high-octane fuel and high-quality lubricants. That’s an additional expense.

In addition, chainsaws need periodic service, and this, too, is not cheap.

The range of electric saws is not as wide as that of gasoline-powered tools. But the existing range also allows you to choose a suitable model with excellent technical characteristics for use in the household or on the site. High demand for devices, the power of which is in the range of 1.8-2.5 kW.

The advantages of models with an electric motor are: fewer friction parts as compared to gasoline-powered saws; stable operating modes; quick startup even at low temperatures;

The main disadvantage of the electric models is the need to connect to the mains. Without it, the tool won’t work. Consequently, it will not be possible to work with an electric chainsaw in the woods.

Although, this problem can be solved, because you can use a mobile generator. But in the summer cottage or on the plot near the house it works fine.

Even if the fixed cable is not long enough, you can always use an extension cord.

So what is better: an electric saw or a chain saw. Both are worth considering. Let’s consider the main technical characteristics of the models, let’s compare key parameters in order to understand which chainsaw to choose.

Electric tools are designed for home use. Compact size and light weight provide maximum ease of use. The productivity of the tool is quite enough to perform simple tasks:

  • Trimming openings in a wooden wall;
  • Sawing small amounts of building materials;
  • For cutting firewood;
  • Trimming branches in trees, etc.

Performance chainsaws are by far the best. The models are equipped with powerful power units that allow the tool to perform flawlessly in various conditions.

If you buy a saw for use in the logging industry, it is better to give preference to a chainsaw. These models are designed for voluminous workpieces, able to work for a long time without interruption.

But we are talking only about professional models. The power output of amateur-grade chainsaws and electric saws are in the same range.

An electric tool is limited by the length of the power cord. Working with a gasoline saw is more convenient if you often have to move from place to place. In addition, when operating an electric saw, you must constantly make sure that the electric cable does not get under the teeth of the tool, because it can lead to serious trouble. No such risks with a gasoline-powered saw.

Important! Chainsaws have better performance. The thing is that the electric motor heats up faster and cools down slower, so every 15-20 minutes you need to take a break to let the motor cool down. But the continuous operation time is much longer with gas-powered tools.

Design differences result in different applications of chain saws with gasoline and electric motor. At home during work, the master is not limited in any way. In particular, he can easily plug the power cord into the socket and use an electric saw.

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