How to choose a gasoline grass trimmer?

Dacha season is in full swing, but in order to keep your garden clean you need to get the right equipment. Handmade grass mowers are no longer popular, and few gardeners still know how to handle them properly. Lawn mowers are great for large open areas, but for mowing the lawn in inaccessible places and to combat weeds, these tools are ineffective. A universal tool in such cases is a gasoline grass trimmer. These tools can quickly process large areas, while penetrating into places not convenient for clumsy mowers (places near fences, garden décor elements, around trees, bushes and so on).

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Gasoline grass trimmer mows the grass with such devices as a line for trimmer, special circular blades with a different number of blades and even a disc cutter for cutting small trees. For a specific job, it is necessary to install the right attachments for the gasoline grass trimmer, then the work will be not only fast, but also effective. Buy a gasoline grass trimmer for the grass can not only trim the lawn, but also to control weeds. As years of practice have shown, these tools are universal, and most in demand not only for work in your garden, but also for the mass mowing of grass. The price of gasoline grass trimmer can depend on many factors. In this case, not the least important is the brand name written on the body of the grass trimmer. It so happens that many manufacturers of power tools (gasoline trimmers, lawn mowers, chain saws and others), half the price of the tool invest only in its name, not based on the real advantages of their tools. The power of the tool, the delivery set and functionality are always taken into account.

However, gasoline trimmers for grass, like any other power tool, has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, to complete the picture, let’s consider all aspects of these devices.

Types of trimmers and their characteristics

The best trimmer for the grass is the one, which qualitatively mows the grass, while the buyer does not overpay for extra power. Consumers give preference to gasoline lawn mowers, they have advantages over electric trimmers. But electric mowers have a cost advantage.

Electric units can not be carried to a long distance from the network or will have to use a carrier of sufficient length, which is not very convenient for use on large areas. Gasoline grass trimmer allows you to clean the grass in any remote from the electric network.

Gasoline unit is allowed to work in wet conditions in accordance with the requirements of safety, electric grass trimmers in rainy weather is not allowed to apply. The power of gasoline units is higher and the operating time is longer.

Gasoline mowers, depending on the parameters, are used for mowing small lawns or freeing large areas, construction sites and other facilities from old vegetation and weeds. Despite considerable loads, gasoline units operate for a long time without repair and there are no consumer complaints about low-quality devices.

Electric mowers are half the price of similar gasoline trimmers on the characteristics. Owners of private estates, most often choose for dacha gasoline engines of low weight and power, enough to remove the grass on the lawn or in the backyard.

They are equipped with one cutting element for periodic mowing of small amount of fresh vegetation.

What are trimmers for grass?

There are two main categories of brushcutters:

They perform the same function, but differ in the type of engine. Each of them has its own features, which you should definitely pay attention to when choosing.

The principle of operation in both types is similar. The engine revolves the shaft, which transmits the torque to the working organ. the cutting disc, the blade or the fishing line.

best, grass, trimmer, gasoline

Gasoline grass trimmers

An internal combustion engine works inside the chainsaw. Most often you can find models with a two-stroke engine, but sometimes you can find grass trimmers with a four-stroke. The difference is that in the two-stroke engine gasoline and oil are mixed and poured together, and in the four-stroke for oil is a separate container. There are also 4-stroke engines that run on a mixture of oil and gasoline.

The power indicator of gasoline trimmers is higher than that of electric. They handle very high volume of work, mow grass or clear dead wood. Gasoline trimmers are in demand as tools for urban services, they are also used by professional gardeners or owners of private homes with large territories. Often the power of an electric trimmer is not enough to cope with the vast area of the site, in which there are different plants, not only small grass. The gasoline model, on the other hand, can easily handle such a task.

  • The ability to cut hard grass, trim brush, brushwood, and other plants. This grass trimmer can handle tough terrain.
  • Gasoline grass trimmers can be equipped with metal blades, which greatly enhances the functionality of the equipment.
  • Gasoline grass trimmers are self-contained and can be used without the need for power.
  • Gasoline grass trimmers have a high rate of work time without interruption.
  • These models have a high capacity and can work at high loads.
  • Gasoline trimmers have adjustable power and speed of the cutting blades.
  • The engine makes noise during operation. It can quickly tire you out if you have to work long hours. It is best to immediately buy earplugs and use them when working. The high noise level also imposes some restrictions on use in a residential area or in the evening.
  • Gasoline generates exhaust fumes during combustion.
  • Internal combustion engine requires periodic maintenance, oil level monitoring, tank flushing.
  • Gasoline model will cost you more than electric model.

Choice of consumables

Among other things, one of the important evaluation criteria is the ability to use different types of nozzles and accessories. The grass trimmer uses a trimmer line, metal or plastic knives and saw blades. The last two types of equipment are most often characteristic of professional models. The selection of consumables, as well as their installation, should be carried out carefully, because it depends on the performance of your model and the ability to perform certain tasks.

For example, a nylon line for a trimmer is suitable for mowing ordinary grass. If you are cleaning dried out or grass vegetation with massive stems, it is better to use plastic knives. Metal blades and discs can cut even branches with a diameter of 15 mm or more.

In addition, each grass trimmer can be equipped with additional equipment in the form of locking straps, different types of handles, etc.д.

It should also be noted that in instances with a collapsible bar, it is possible to use special attachments and use these devices as a brush cutter, cultivator and snowthrower. This greatly expands the range of use of the units.

Types of trimmers

First of all, grass trimmers are classified by the energy source that is used to power this device.

Gasoline grass trimmers are powered by a two-stroke (rarely four-stroke) internal combustion engine. This engine is similar to those found on mopeds and light motorcycles. It is for this reason that the gasoline grass trimmer got a second name. “lawnmower” (in particular for the sound it makes when working).

The gasoline grass trimmer is a serious tool, capable of treating very large areas. On such devices, engines with a capacity of 20 to 60 cc are used. Their power reaches four horsepower, so lawnmowers are actively used for professional activities. They are purchased by utilities. for urban lawn care, gardeners and landscape design masters. as a professional tool, owners of small private farms that keep animals. for making hay, as well as those who have a large enough garden plot to trimmer elektrichesky for grass did not cope with it, but not big enough to get a lawn mower.

  • high output range, allowing even the densest, densest grass and small branches to be trimmed. This makes gasoline grass trimmers suitable not only for mowing lawns, but also for working with shrubs;
  • metal blades can be used. As well as power, this makes the gasoline grass trimmer a more versatile tool;
  • autonomy. lawnmower is not tied to the outlet (unlike an electric grass trimmer);
  • a long period of non-stop work. On one charge grass trimmer can work up to two hours.
  • high noise. The crackling of the motorcycle engine in the vicinity is very fatiguing, so if you have to work long hours with a gasoline trimmer, it would not hurt to get earplugs;
  • exhaust emissions. The internal combustion engine works this way and there’s nothing you can do about it;
  • maintenance. Actually, any device requires maintenance, but a power tool especially. You will have to flush the tank regularly, monitor the oil level (for trimmers with a four-stroke engine) and gasoline (yes, and gasoline too, it is better to keep the tank full, because when you pump out the remaining fuel in the engine gets all the sediment that is at the bottom, and this is not very good for the piston system);
  • High price compared to electric trimmers.

The basic element of an electric grass trimmer, its “heart” is an electric motor. Due to the fact that these engines have a fairly high weight to power ratio, a portable electric device can not be too powerful. Therefore, electric grass trimmers have their niche: their task is to handle relatively small areas with not very lush vegetation. According to the method of power, electric grass trimmers are divided into:

Grass trimmers that are powered tend to be more powerful than battery-powered trimmers. You can mow pretty dense grass, they can handle even small branches. Working with an electric trimmer in a large space is inconvenient, because it involves the use of a long wire.

Cordless grass trimmers are generally not very powerful. This is easily explained, because the electric motor in the trimmer performs rather energy-intensive work. Cordless grass trimmers do not usually have powerful motors, so they can run for as long as possible without recharging. And in this case the charge is rarely enough for more than half an hour of continuous work. The only advantage of battery trimmers over cordless trimmers is autonomy. Most often they are purchased in order to care for a small lawn near the house, or in addition to a powerful lawnmower for the treatment of hard-to-reach places. But if the grass on your site is too thick, if there are often tough weeds or young woody shoots, it is better to get a network electric trimmer or gasoline.

  • eco-friendliness. This is also true, of course, for cordless trimmers. Electric grass trimmers don’t produce bad exhaust emissions, unlike petrol grass trimmers, so you don’t have to breathe them;
  • silence. Electric grass trimmers, not unlike gasoline trimmers, work quite quietly;
  • ready to work. This applies in particular to cordless trimmers that are always ready to use. They do not need to be refueled, there is no need to prepare the oil and gasoline mixture. Plugged in and ready to go;
  • The engine is easy to start: Just push the button.
  • Limited range of movement for the operator. This applies to mains-powered trimmers. You have to resort to the use of extension cords to increase the distance;
  • cord interferes with operation. The need to drag the tail of the electric cord not only limits your mobility, but also interferes with the process of cutting the grass: you can accidentally trip on the cord, or break it cutting mechanism.

This type of trimmer stands somewhat apart. If you have not decided yet, to buy an electric or gasoline trimmer for grass, which is better. pay attention to this option. Multitrimmers can be both electric and gasoline. The main distinguishing feature of this tool is its versatility: the device is equipped with a whole set of attachments, which fundamentally change its functionality.

    The most common attachments include:

  • Trimmer spool with a fishing line (bobbin);
  • metal knife;
  • shrubbery cutter;
  • chain saw.

Tips for buying brushcutters and trimmers for grass

Having an idea of the types of chain saws and trimmers, we can proceed to the selection of a particular tool.

If you are faced with the task of caring for a plot at the cottage or home with a total area of 4-6 acres, I advise you to pay attention to electric or gasoline trimmers for grass in the first place.

Gasoline or electric grass trimmer. which is better?

Both types of trimmers perform equally well for regular mowing. The performance of your work will be approximately the same when using a grass trimmer with a gasoline or electric motor.

  • high performance. the mowing head with the line rotates at very high speed and the engine torque is stable over a very high rpm range;
  • low weight. up to 3.5 kg,
  • Requires no gasoline and no oil
  • does not require regular maintenance: replacement of filters, gearbox lubrication, etc.д only cleaning of grass clippings;

disadvantages of trimmers with electric motors:

  • require periodic breaks. After every 15 minutes of continuous operation, let the tool rest for 5 minutes;
  • ties to an extension cord. If your plot is complex in shape and has many obstacles (flowerbeds, arbors, fountains, garden sculptures), working with a wire can be extremely inconvenient.

The advantage of gasoline trimmers is independence from the power supply:

  • You can mow grass freely in any hard-to-reach corner of your garden.
  • You also save time on unwinding and winding the extension cord.
  • In the event of a power failure or power outage (as is often the case in suburban areas), you will also be able to effectively continue working with a gasoline trimmer.

Disadvantages of gasoline-powered trimmers:

  • Gasoline must be mixed with a special two-stroke oil in the correct proportions;
  • You need to clean or replace the filters once a year;
  • The greater weight of gasoline trimmers compared to electric (from 4.5 kg).

We hope this brief overview will help you with the answer to the question: trimmer for grass gasoline or electric what is better.

If you have more complicated tasks: You bought a plot, and it overgrown with grass up to the waist; you keep pets and make a lot of hay for the winter; your lot is near the forest and it is constantly “creeping” undergrowth. your choice. light petrol brushcutters.

Choosing a lawn mower for private use

Which brushcutter is the best to buy? we often turn to various forums with this question, where there is a lot of contradictory information.

Here we show you the key points of a chainsaw. Knowing these items will help you make the right choice when buying a brushcutter for years to come.

Motor power of gasoline grass mower for home, cottage and hay making.

Today’s modern petrol engines have a very small engine displacement and little power, but they have a very high torque and high output.

For home or garden maintenance, mowing grass and brush from fruit trees and bushes you will need a petrol brushcutter with a capacity from 0.7 to 0.9 horsepower (l.с.).

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For haymaking and removing undergrowth from large areas, it is advisable to buy a brushcutter with an engine size between 0.9 and 1.2 l.с.

The brushcutter shaft design: preferable with a rigid shaft or metal rope.

Inside the boom of gasoline mowers, the drive shaft rotates. It comes in the form of a rigid cylindrical rod or as a twisted metal cable.

The smaller brushcutters with a 0.7 to 1.0 l brushcutter attachment are often equipped with a rigid shaft or metal rope.с. the rope is made of metal, it runs with less vibration and when the blade hits a rock or other insurmountable obstacle, it twists slightly, thus protecting the gearbox and motor from overload and prolonging their working life.

But if you regularly mow shrubs or young trees, the cable will break down in two or three seasons.

On brushcutters with 1.0 to 1.2 L displacement.с. Manufacturers often install a stiff shaft, a powerful gearbox and an anti-vibration system. all of these features make it possible to operate the brushcutters in tough conditions. mowing brush, occasionally removing young trees from the yard.

Chainsaw handle design and belt included.

For yard, garden, gardening and paddock work it is better to choose brushcutters with a round handle. They are lightweight, easy to maneuver and allow mowing in tight places. They are designed so that you can work without fatigue without using a belt.

For working in the open countryside: haymaking, front gardening, etc.д Petrol brushcutters with a two-handled handle are best. This “handlebar” design allows you to work with a larger working width. two-handled lawn mowers with a single shoulder or backpack strap. Without it you will not be able to work normally without fatigue.

What’s the best lawn mower. Owners reviews

We are in contact with our customers, so we can get real-life customer and customer feedback on petrol and electric brushcutters and trimmers.

“grass trimmer bought to care for the flowerbeds in the front garden in front of the apartment on the first floor. Capable of coping “for sure” with its tasks. Mows thistles and burdocks. When the standard line for the trimmer has run out of 1.5 mm, the 2.0 mm line was filled. Motor power is enough for such a thickness, we did not notice that the mower was heavy. We use more than two seasons.

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Learn how we repair chain saws at our service center in Kharkov. Our workshop will professionally perform diagnosis, repair chain saw starter, repair and adjustment of the carburetor, even older models of chain saws, such as Husqvarna 137.

How to choose

Every mower, regardless of class, has a priori advantages such as power and autonomous operation. The reason for these advantages is the gasoline drive. It can have different engine displacement and power, as well as different design (two-stroke or four-stroke). The two-stroke motors are slightly weaker, have a shorter motor life and produce a bluish smoke with a burning oil smell. But they are simple and economical, fueled with a mixture of gasoline and oil. The four-stroke type of engine is always more powerful, more durable and environmentally friendly, and has a lower noise level. For this reason it is more expensive. The design and power of the gasoline engine will determine all the other technical characteristics of the brushcutter. working width, the ability to cut with a knife and saw with a disc, the duration and frequency of work, and even the recommended area of the site.

Since professional grass trimmers for grass have the highest performance indicators, often buyers, deciding how to choose a scythe for plot treatment, stop their choice on such models. This is a typical mistake of inexperienced users. Pro-class performance, undoubtedly good for mowing a variety of vegetation. They are efficient and productive, but costly. Professional models both cost more and require more fuel to operate. And, if the area to be mowed is small, or, in general, we are dealing with the lawn of 5-6 acres, which is mowed very rarely, then why do you need the power and strength of a professional? They are simply wasted, even when cutting tall grass. It’s better to save money and buy an excellent household-class mower, the more so that in quality and reliability, these tools are not inferior to the pros, if you choose a good manufacturer.

best, grass, trimmer, gasoline

To help you understand what kind of mower to buy for home works, and which one for regular professional mowing, we have compiled a rating of the best gasoline mowers. In the top of the best you will see a clear division of brushcutter classes, which will undoubtedly help in the right purchase.

What STIHL has to offer in petrol and electric brushcuts

Andreas STIHL. Leading manufacturer of professional, semi-professional and power tools for gardening and forestry. In-house developed and patented technology ensures efficiency, safety and operator comfort.

The STIHL grass trimmer range includes gasoline, electric and battery-powered models. Technical data of trimmers allow you to pick up the tool for professional use on large areas or occasional use in a compact garden plot.

Top models

Here are the popular STIHL trimmer models for each product type in Ukraine.


  • FS 250. Maximum equipment and performance;
  • FS 70 C-E. Versatility and comfort at work;
  • FS 38. reliability and affordability.

Cordless trimmers for grass

STIHL garden trimmers are available in a wide range of models at various price levels. Consumers can find the right tool for their needs at a fraction of the price.

The of the top models of STIHL grass trimmers show the big picture.

Please note! The table shows the recommended for sale of brushcutters in dealerships (in U.S. dollars).

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