Which is better: single axle tractor or cultivator

Although both mechanisms are similar, as well as their functions, in practice they are different machines. If you want, you can hang several attachments on the cultivator and increase its functionality, but there is something that the technique differs dramatically.

The design: the differences between the two units

The first thing that catches your eye when assessing these two mechanisms is that the single-axle tractor is more massive, heavier and looks more solid. However, if the cultivator is gasoline, its size and weight catch up with a small single-axle tractor.

What is the difference between a single-axle tractor and a cultivator

  • Cultivator is designed for working on topsoil. A small milling machine rotates, pulls the whole structure. With the help of extensions, the cultivator can loosen, plow, weed and dig. That is to say, it performs basic work in the garden.
  • The single-axle tractor moves independently, the wheel shaft is driven. In fact, it is the front end of the minitractor, so it drives back and forth by itself, and when the wheels are blocked, it turns on the spot. It is a small CU (vehicle). And additional attachments allow you to perform not only gardening and horticultural work. With a power tiller you can do all the soil work, also sowing and mowing, removing snow and leaves, transporting small loads.

Engine. what is the difference and types

Motor blocks are made only with the internal combustion engine, electric motors are not put. Moto-blocks come in large and powerful. on a water-cooled diesel motor. Smaller ones. with a 4-stroke engine, air cooling. And cultivators come in all kinds. light and compact electric and massive, gasoline, diesel.

Four-stroke models are more advanced. they are more powerful and more economical due to oil pumping from a special sump. The two-stroke engines are cheaper but are louder, less economical with oil, and dirtier with exhaust emissions.

PTO or who needs additional functions

The power tiller has an important advantage. the PTO. This makes it possible to attach different types of attachments to the main machine, which expands the range of functions.

How to choose a single axle tractor for the garden

To understand which single-axle tractor is better to buy, you should decide on the conditions of its use. Thus, the size, design features and power of the unit should match the area of the site, the characteristics of the soil and the work to be performed.

To work on virgin or fallow lands it is recommended to buy machines with considerable weight, since lighter devices may simply “jump” out of the ground and considerable physical strength is required to hold them in right position. For the cultivation of areas that have already been repeatedly cultivated, it is better to buy devices of low weight, because otherwise they will be buried under their own weight, so the operator will need to make efforts to return the mechanism to its original position.

Also when choosing equipment, you need to consider what kind of work will be done most often. For example, a massive and heavy single-axle tractor will work great with a hitch, but it is much less suitable for working with cutters than its lighter counterpart. So those who will use a single-axle tractor mainly as a cultivator should prefer units with relatively low weight (70-80 kg).

If the machine will be used more often with the rear-mounted equipment (for example, with a plow), it is better to buy a design weighing 100-120 kg. Those who like functionality, maximum convenience and reliability will like devices with PTO and active cutter. You’ll have to spend a lot of money on them, though.

Attention should be paid to attachments that allow significantly extend the functionality of power tillers. For example, potato planters allow you to mechanize the process of planting potatoes, and potato diggers speed up and facilitate the harvest. adapters ensure deep and even tillage, while trailers allow transportation of different volumes of cargo.

It is important to understand that the single-axle tractor allows much faster processing of the soil, but does not reduce the physical effort of the operator. Therefore, the opinion that a single-axle tractor makes it easier for women and the elderly is erroneous. When working with this device input of force, perhaps, not less than when working the soil by hand, but the desired result is achieved in a shorter time. So, ten hectares of land can be cultivated in two days, not as manually, but in two or three hours.

The easiest to use products, producing plowing active milling machines, but they provide treatment of the earth to a depth of not more than 15 cm and are characterized by cumbersome design.

The online survey of users identified the most popular power tillers.

88% of survey participants said they prefer machines with petrol engines.48% prefer machines that allow working widths of between 75 cm and 1 m.34% prefer equipment with a working depth up to 30 cm.The most popular models (39%) weigh 51-75 kg.The most demanded functionalities of the devices: height adjustment of the handle, availability of transport wheels and the possibility of reversing.

After deciding on the specific technical and functional characteristics of a power tiller, you need to choose the manufacturer and model.

Requirements for machinery for transportation of goods

The single-axle tractor is equipped with a gasoline or diesel engine. To transport goods the device should be distinguished by high performance, a powerful motor. A heavy machine weighing 100 kg or more with 8-9 horsepower is suitable.

Gasoline-powered equipment is used in small areas to do light work. For processing large areas and transportation of crops a unit operating on diesel fuel will be required.

Looking at the Forte range, the MD-101E weighs 240kg. Heavy truck looks like a tractor. Wheels with ribbed treads make it easy to drive on rough terrain. It is forbidden to use the machine on public roads, but it is possible to transport cargo from one farm to another. Many users use a single-axle tractor as a means of transportation.

Compared to other models, the unit is maneuverable, thanks to the presence of 6 forward and 2 reverse gears. The machine can work an area of 1 hectare. The power of the engine is 10 liters.с. Fuel tank capacity of 6 liters allows long periods of operation without refueling.

Suitable for transport of crops, lightweight 1050E model with 6 liters.с. To expand the functions of the means use attachments for working the land, harvesting, snow removal, trailers for transporting things and other devices. If it is intended for transportation, an adapter with seat and reinforced hitch should be purchased. The power tiller can be used for ploughing, cultivation, weeding and harvesting.

Single axle day cabs pros and cons

Knowing which single-axle tractor is best for transportation of goods, you can easily select the right option for your farm conditions.

How to choose a single-axle tractor. highlights

The choice of a single axle tractor must begin with determining the type of site and the work to be done on it. It is important:

best, single, axle, tractor

  • The area of the territory. up to 1 hectare, 2-3 hectares, more than 3 hectares;
  • The type of site. garden, vegetable garden, flower beds, mixed version;
  • Soil type. virgin, black earth, sand.

From these characteristics depend on the size, power and type of the chosen power tiller.

To understand which single-axle tractor is best suited to work on your plot, it is necessary to familiarize yourself in more detail with the characteristics of each of them:

  • Engine. Single-axle tractors are available with both gasoline and diesel engines. as well as with diesel engines. The latter are characterized by greater power and allow you to work land with an increased amount of mineral deposits and clay. The advantages of diesel engines should also include reduced fuel and oil consumption. Motor blocks with a gasoline engine have less weight and are used on vegetable gardens and garden plots. They have a high efficiency. Compared to diesel models, gasoline engines have a longer life.
  • Engine capacity. Small machines with a capacity of 4.5. 6 liters is better to use in small cottages and garden areas. Motorized tractors with 6 engines.Small machines with a capacity of 4 to 10 liters can cultivate 2-3 hectares of land. Single-axle tractors with a capacity of 10-14 liters are used for transportation of goods, cultivation of trees, large areas over 3 hectares.
  • Weight. Diesel units have weight up to 400 kg. They are used to till virgin land and cultivate land with a high degree of mineralization. It is not always easy to operate such a device. Weight of gasoline models ranges from 150 to 300 kg. They are somewhat easier to handle, suitable for different soil densities.
  • Type of cooling. The water cooling system requires a liquid reservoir inside the machine. It reliably protects the parts of a power tiller from overheating, but requires constant control of the fluid level. If there is an air system, the parts of the power tiller are cooled by the air that comes from the environment. No additional control is needed, but such power tillers can overheat if used in hot and dry climate.
  • Manufacturer. Both manufacturers: TM Kentavr and TM Zubr produce functional equipment for land cultivation. Buying a single axle tractor the buyer also receives all guarantees from the Manufacturer. If Zubr machinery breaks down within 12 months after purchase, it can be repaired free of charge at one of the 63 service centers in Ukraine. The warranty on single axle tractors with DTZ TM “Kentavr” engine is valid for 24 months, for other models. 12 months. Upon the expiration of the warranty period, in case of malfunction, the buyer can apply to 1 of the 63 certified service centers in Ukraine. Repair of equipment will be paid, but it will be done by certified specialists.
  • Price. The cost of single-axle tractors depends on equipment specifications and manufacturer.

The highest power have motobloks TM “Kentavr” mark DTZ MB. They are diesel engines, which to cultivate plots of land over 3 hectares.

Depending on the type of engine, power tillers are differentiated:

Each of these types has its own features that distinguish them from their competitor. Single axle tractor diesel or gasoline what is better? To answer this question, you need to consider each type separately.

Let’s start with the cheaper petrol power tillers. As written in the previous sentence, they have a more affordable price. The purchasing power of the population in rural areas leaves much to be desired. Therefore, people are more interested in cheaper equipment. They have smaller overall dimensions, weight and are less quiet in operation. They are convenient to use on small plots. Repair of power tillers with a gasoline engine is easier and cheaper. They start well in any weather or temperature.

We are looking for the difference between the Moto-block and the power tiller

In some stores, all machinery for working with the land is represented as power tillers of different capacities and weights. That is why this category often includes power tillers, which are called ultralight power tillers. In fact, these are two different units, and when choosing equipment for your own garden should be determined by what is more profitable for you.

A power tiller is a mechanized tool that has a tiller on the drive axle, which can only work the top layer of soil. In more detail, we considered this technique in a separate article “How to choose a cultivator for dacha: what to look at before buying?”. The function of the cultivator is limited to only the processing of the top layer of soil, while a singleaxle tractor can replace most of the garden equipment.

Thus, a single-axle tractor is a kind of mini-tractor. Its attachments are powered by the wheel traction, and a man only drives the machine by following it. Both in power and ability, single axle tractors are much stronger than tillers and come with a larger number of attachments. We will consider these machines in details.

What is the difference between a single axle tractor and a cultivator

Many consumers do not see the difference between the two concepts, believing that a single-axle tractor and a cultivator are the same. In fact, there are fundamental differences between them.

The difference between these units is in their purpose and functionality. Whereas a cultivator is mainly designed to prepare the ground for planting and loosen the soil, a single-axle tractor is capable of many more functions.


Choosing a single axle tractor or cultivator, you should pay attention to the soil to be cultivated, as well as the size of the area.

For example, it is more difficult to work with clay than with sand. A work on virgin lands is carried out with the help of a special cutter.

If you only need to plow a fallow field once, it is not a good idea to buy anything at all. It is better to hire a tractor or rent the appropriate heavy equipment.

Tasks that a single-axle tractor solves

  • the area of the vegetable garden is large and it is necessary to minimize the time for plowing it;
  • you expect not only to cultivate the soil but also to plow deep, especially virgin land, to mow the grass, to remove snow, to transport loads;
  • The soil on the site is heavy and clayey;
  • the planting is a solid field, and the beds are re-cut each time;
  • the family has people who can not only work with heavy equipment and move it to the place of storage, but also to service and regulate the gasoline engine;
  • you have a place to store the cumbersome and expensive machine.

A single-axle tractor helps you quickly work the ground, but it can also be used for other agricultural work. You can also use a power tiller to dip and dig the ground, even to take out the harvest from the garden.

What you need a cultivator for

  • your vegetable garden is medium-sized and probably consists of stationary fenced beds (for the latter, small maneuverable models without front wheels and protruding parts will do);
  • you want to cultivate soil in a greenhouse;
  • you are going to do the plowing, weeding, inter-row cultivation, hilling;
  • the elderly and physically weak people will participate in the work;
  • all members of the family with technology on “you” (in this case, it is best to pay attention to the electric cultivators, which do not require adjustment and complex maintenance);
  • For the winter all the valuables have to be removed to the city or carefully hidden from thieves.

Cultivators are needed primarily for tillage. Their main purpose is to prepare it for sowing, to improve the soil structure, to mix fertilizers with the soil.

Therefore, if you have decided to buy gardening equipment, you need to determine the range of tasks to be solved with the help of the new mechanism. When it is just a question of tilling the ground, a cultivator is the right choice. But when you want to use the machine not only for mowing, but also for more demanding and serious tasks (snow removal, transporting loads with a trailer, etc.). д.), you need a single axle tractor, of course.

Weima WM1100A (10010)

Weima. also China and also a diesel single axle tractor. True, it costs about half the price. Features, equipment and accessories are poorer than those of the previous Forte model. Manual start. But the build quality is just as good. Buyers like the technological novelty. the reduction gearbox. It has 4 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds. than 11 km/h in fourth gear. Everything is very smooth, without jerks and twitches. There is a PTO control lever, so this machine can mow, pump water, remove snow, wash asphalt, and pierce the lawn. The pneumatic wheels provide increased maneuverability and the cutters can be adjusted in width.

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