That an electric screwdriver or screwwoman is better?

Gaikovert compared to electric screwdriver is more thundering and does not have a cartridge. He has a special rod at the end, on which the warden head is attached. The power of the gaycorte attached to the object is many times superior to the power of an electric screwdriver. With the help of the first, you can solve any “problems”.

Choosing between a shock and an unstressed drill, it is important to understand the pros and cons of each option: the scope of use. Unstressed models are suitable for drilling metal, wood or plastic. When working with more durable materials (brick, concrete, stone), preference is given to shock tools.


The main difference between them is the adapter for attaching nozzles.

If an electric screwdriver has a rapidly packed cartridge, which allows you to fix both the cylindrical shank of the drill and the hexagon bite, then the screw vert is designed to attach exclusively bit and is not able to hold the drill. We can say that the screwwoman is a more specialized tool. He copes more effectively with the tightening of thick and long self.Tapping screws.

Another difference may be in the principle of the work of the screwwoman. The tool uses the principle of tangential strike. While the screw easily enters the surface, the tool quickly rotates it, and when a more or less serious effort is required, it passes to a frequent blow. Pieces are often used when carrying out large volumes of stationary work, for example, in repair shops or one hundred.

What is a screwwoman

Pieces are tools that are used for screwing and unscrewing metizes, not only screws, but also screws. They are widely used all over the world and are considered indispensable in all workshops.

They do not require much effort and usually have a small diameter. The most common screwwoman is a banal screwdriver familiar to everyone and, including people used, far from technical work. There are many types of screw vests, and all of them differ in diameters.

Each model is designed to work with one type of metiz. In fact, it is impossible to use a screwdriver on any screw, as this can damage the imprint on the screw head. This will make the screw unsuitable for use and hinder its use in the future.

We can use them to assemble furniture, equipment or electronic equipment. In addition, they are used in mechanical, electrical and hydraulic workshops. Screwdriver and its electric version, a screw.Vert. This is the main tool.

What is the difference between a screwwoman from an electric screwdriver

A screw.Vert. This is a highly specialized device designed to screw and dismantle screws, screws and screws. The tool is working on the technology of the angular pulse and inveys the fasteners into the surface of the tree or metal using a tangent impact.

The advantages of technology include several differences:

  • High power. The tool copes with long fasteners of large diameter;
  • Compatibility with all types of slots;
  • Economical electricity consumption.

The power tool with its positive differences is used not only at home, but also in workshops, at the maintenance stations and on construction sites.

Attention! The disadvantages of the units include noisy work and lack of clip adjustment.

Appeens for entering screws are network and battery

As for the electric screwdriver, this power tool is considered more universal. It is suitable not only for the installation of self.Tapping screws and screws, but also for other work. The device is equipped with a cartridge in which you can install both bit and drill. Unlike power tools for entering fasteners, the unit supports speed adjustment. With it, you can make holes, some models are equipped with a shock mode.

Among the main positive features of the technique can be called:

Devices are very common in home use, but their power is usually lower than that of highly specialized units.

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It is better to use an electric screwdriver for small in length and diameter of the screws

difference, screwwoman, electric, screwdriver

What is the difference between a screwwoman from a drill-electrical screwdriver

The difference between an electric screwdriver and a screw version is that devices from the first category are often equipped with an additional drill regime. They can work not only on entering and extracting fasteners, but also on drilling when installing a special nozzle in a cartridge. This significantly expands the scope of the use of technology.

Highly specialized devices are not supported by the drill mode and are not intended to make holes in the surfaces. They can only be used to work with fasteners.

The main characteristics of the battery electrical screwdriver

Battery voltage

Scheme of the device of the lithium-ion battery for an electric screwdriver.

The torque directly depends on the voltage that will create this device. The supply voltage can be the most diverse. However, it is worth remembering that the larger it is, the faster the spinning of the screws will be carried out and their twisting. The power voltage of modern screwdrivers varies from 9 to 36 volts.

difference, screwwoman, electric, screwdriver

In this case, models with low voltage can tighten exclusively small screws into sheets of drywall or plastic. If installation work or major repairs are planned, then it is worth paying attention to those models that have higher supply voltage rates. For home needs, a model will be quite suitable, which will have a supply voltage of 12-14 volts. This is quite enough. For professionals, of course, this will be not enough, but they also have their own options, since the voltage has quite diverse options in this case.

difference, screwwoman, electric, screwdriver


This is perhaps the most important characteristic of modern battery screwdrivers. This parameter characterizes the maximum power that the power tool can develop into a unit of time. The larger the torque, the more powerful efforts to twist and promote self.Tapping screws it will create.

In this case, this parameter is measured in Newtons multiplied by meters. For household needs, there will be enough device that will create a torque equal to 15 H.M. In the event that we are talking about more global work related to construction or installation, then this parameter should be selected higher. It is worth considering models, the torque of which will start from 65 N.M.

At the same time, modern battery screwdrivers can create the most diverse effort. In them, torque can be adjusted using a special ring, which is located on its handle. This is done quite easily, so everyone without any problems can independently deal with a similar nuance.

What is a shock screwwest and a gaykowert?

With small weight and modest sizes, these tools easily twist long screws, Glukhari, thick self-tapping screws and nuts. We study the device and the principle of operation, compare with the usual screwdriver.

On the

The main principle: tangential blow

Directed by tangent. This is a special type of impact, not at all the one that is operated on by peorators or drills. For understanding, imagine that they threw a key on a nut and hit it with a hammer, tightening the fasteners more and more. The same in our case: first the tool quickly rotates a screw or nut, and when you need a more or less tangible force, it switches to a frequent blow. How it works? The blow is provided by the so-called “hammer”, which under the influence of the spring goes back and forth. In the course of ahead, the “hammer” at some point is hooked by the “anvil” (it is part of the spindle) and thereby conveys the angular impulse.

On the

What to choose?

Depends on the task. Yes, the nut can be tightened with a screw.Vert, but there is a risk of breaking the nozzle with a hexagonal shank. It is better to tighten the nuts with a gaykovert, and the screw.Vert. Screws, screws and capercaillie.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The main purpose of the screw vesto is twisting/screwing bolts, nuts, screws. Differences in the screwbert:

But this tool has several drawbacks:

You need to buy a screwbert if it is suitable for the work you need. It is relevant if necessary to fix a powerful fastener.

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Metabo screwdrivers

Fans of the famous German company will not refuse to choose an electric screwdriver Metabo. Now Metabo screwdrivers are presented in a wide variety of forms and sizes. The proposed price will pleasantly surprise buyers who are familiar with high.Class professional tools. You can afford to buy Metabo screwdrivers for home use. Over, the assortment has both a compact and powerful productive power tool.

Network screwdrivers

The German company Metabo produces 4 models of network screwdrivers: two. Universal use, Metabo SC 6.3 with the optimal speed for twisting the self-tapping screws and Metabo SC 8 with “direct inclusion” for installing frame dowels.They are equipped with a reliable Metabo Marathon engine. The front part of the sleeve restriction is made of aluminum, the emphasis of the depth consists of two parts. A quick.Packed coupling is used to replace the tool.

Compact batteries

Metabo PowerGrip Electric Electric screwdriver, together with the battery, weighs 0.6 kg and is a modern convenient tool for twisting screws. It has electronic speed adjustment, torque can be adjusted from 0.3 to 2.8 nm.

The compact battery-electrical screwdriver METABO PowerMax Li can be drilled and twisted. The tool is recommended for car mechanics, installers, and decoration specialists.

Design features: 2 high-speed gearbox with an aluminum case, an integrated air channel, metal gears. Specifications: voltage 7.2 V, maximum torque 16 nm.

Battering drills-shuruvrets

All batteries of Metabo screwdrivers can be divided into universal and impulse. The universal class includes tools designed to solve simple problems and problems of medium complexity. They are powerful tools with an ergonomic design for work in any position.

Impulse drills-shurules during operation can use a short-term power impulse to solve complex problems. Impulse technology allows you to best turn the stuck screws and carry out centering on a smooth surface.

The BS, BSZ, BSP series presents batteries of Metabo with Nickel Magagnieva or Nickel-Cadmium battery. New series: L, LT, LTX work with a lithium-ion battery.

Advantages of Metabo screwdrivers

METABO presents customers with the only battery drill in the compact class. The remaining models are literally saturated with unique technologies:

  • Impulse technology;
  • Metabo Marathon engine. Has a special protection of windings;
  • Air Cooled. Air cooling of the battery block during charging for fast charge in gentle mode;
  • Control electronics;
  • Easy tool replacement.

Metabo compact screws are offered at an affordable price for lovers, and can be interesting, not only for professionals, but also for home masters. With the advent of new drums, models with a nickel battery are sold with good discounts.

All, laid down in the design of the impact, newtons for a meter work for screwing, and in the shock electric screwdriver the situation is somewhat different. The maximum torque of electrical screwdriver is available only in drilling mode. This is done in order to work with long equipment of large diameters. Shock electric screwdriver is mainly focused on work in drilling mode.

The impulse gaykowert, on the contrary, specializes in wrapping fasteners. You can drill an impact, but to do this, you will need a drill with a hexagonal shank ¼ inches. The assortment of such a consumption is very wide: there are drills for metal, wood, stone. Almost all accessories, as for a standard electric screwdriver.

Impact, by its ability to wrap fasteners, can be equated with a shock screwdriver with a torque of 1.5-2 times higher.

In fact, both types of tools do a great job with the entering of large long self.Tapping screws and small delicate fasteners. In an electric screwdriver, the adjustment of the moment under the type of fastener occurs by turning the adjusting ring and choosing a wrapping mode. In the pulsed gaykovert, pressing certain keys sets a mode that increases or reducing speeds. The gearbox is arranged so that the rotational movement occurs initially, and only then a tangential blow is connected. For example, when working with a metric fastener, the nut is first twisted and as soon as it rests and stops, the shock mechanism acting on the coupling on the tangent is connected and the winding fasteners.

What to choose: electric screwdriver or impact?

The screwword is suitable for assembling furniture, but it will be quite noisy and work in full shift in the conditions of the workshop will be tiring. A miniature 12 volt electric screwdriver will better cope with this task.

Roofing, assembly of metal structures and frames. Those tasks where the impact will perfectly manifest itself. By its compact dimensions, it is comparable by power with large shock models of drill-shuruvrets. Naturally, it is easier to control the height with a small tool.

Professional builders, as a rule, have both types of tools in their arsenal.

For household needs, it is more advisable to choose an electric screwdriver, due to its low cost. Impulse tools, in any case, will be more expensive, plus for this, for the equipment for them you will need to pay more than for ordinary drills, bits and crowns.

Impulse Gaykowert. Perfect as an assistant to the house, the only question is in its cost.

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