What does the peorator do when repairing

Noisy work, as you know, are formed when using tools. Let’s look at which of them we get the maximum amount of discomfort.


You probably saw this tool with a worker who beats the old asphalt on the street to lay a new. I must say right away, this tool is not for the home. Its power may be enough to shake its entire structure, so forget about it. For any, even serious redevelopments, a peorator is suitable.


Peorators are different. Here I will only say that the impact of the peorator and the nature of the work performed have the effect of the noise effect. Such an instrument is easy to initiate a violation of public order. If you, for example, drill a hole in the wall with a high.Quality peorator with a well.Sharpened winning drill, then the noise can be minimal, the drill enters the wall like clockwork, and the drilling time is very short. Another thing is if you stitch the wall (make a groove in concrete for laying a cable), or beat off pieces of concrete in the floor. The sound can be very loud. Believe me, neighbors on the left, right, top and bottom will definitely hear it and not only on the adjacent floor.

Hammer drill

This tool has several operating modes. One of them is the performance of the functions of the peorator to drill holes in concrete (brick and t. P.). But, since the drill, even a shock is not a peorator, it is not able to completely replace it. Yes, with a good drill, it can do a lot of things. But when you fight a sufficiently dense concrete, it will be jealous much louder than the penetrator, which the same would have done much quieter.


It makes noise, but already less than a corner grinder, a cutting tile or a peorator that hollows the wall. It is convenient with an electrician, for example, cut a thick plywood for the floor.


Slaughter manual tool. They can spread the wall, but this should not be done, there are other ways. Honestly, it’s even scary to imagine what such an instrument can be done in the apartment.

A hammer

Who did not hold this instrument in his hands? Maybe he is not very loud. But monotonous clogging of nails for several hours can get out of itself even a patient neighbor.

The main difference in the noise of the electrical and manual tool is that the shocks with a hammer or sledgehammer on the wall are one.Time. While the power tool is published by an ongoing roar, which intensifies at the beginning of the contact of the drill / disk / hacksaw canvas with the processed surface.

Tool device and its mechanism

The functional purpose of the penetrator is determined by its internal device.

The enhanced shock-revolutionary mechanism of the instrument is the so-called “swinging bearing” or “crooked connecting connecting rod”, which rotating from the engine, transmit fluctuations to pneumatic pistons (or piston), after which the air pumped up in the pistons pushes the battleship with a nozzle with a nozzle.

The impact force of 17-20 kilojoules and the parallel rotation of the buoy due to the gear gears ensures the entry of a chisel or drill into a high density material. It is necessary to break through through holes or fine holes for electrical wiring or plumbing pipes.

TOP-7 batteries

Porama rating of batteries based on technical characteristics and user reviews.


The battery-holder of the 18 BL-0 is used mainly at home. Works in three modes: drilling ordinary, shock, just a blow. Main technical characteristics:

The main drawback in the cost of new batteries, if you need to replace the standard battery. And the peorator itself is expensive as for non.Set equipment with disabilities.


The overview of the penetrators is continued by the battery type of Dewaltdch133NS by the power of the blow of 2.6 J. Due to such a strong shock energy, high performance is achieved in this parameter equal to it.

In the very design of the penetrator, several shortcomings are laid down at once. The weight is small-2.3 kg, but due to the fact that the engine and gearbox are concentrated in front of the case, the tool seems quite weighty to keep it only with one hand. The handles are equipped only with rubber overlays, which is not enough for the normal extinguishing of vibrations.


Another battery of Dewalt with a similar marking is not an equal to the previous one. Shock energy is used by 3.5 J, which is close to the nominal maximum for the penitentiary of the non.Net category. Frequency. 4480 beats / min. Weight is one and a half times larger than the previous tool. 3.7 kg without battery. The diameter of the holes drilled in concrete is up to 30 mm.

In this tool, anti.Vibration protection is qualitatively performed. The back handle is attached to insulating pillows, the site under the installation of the battery is designed so that it is slowed down slowly, and the battery itself is additionally weighted. Another advantage is in automatic stop. If the drill jams, then, in order to avoid a sharp jerk and breakdown, the engine will automatically turn off. The disadvantages of the model only in the weight and considerable cost of 54-volt lithium-ion batteries.

Boschgbh 36 V-Liplus

Peoratorbosch GBH 36 V-Li Plus has a large shock energy-3.2 j. Provide such a high level of strikes with a capacity of 36 in.

  • Diameter of drilling. Up to 28 mm.
  • With a weight of 4.5 kg, the peorator does not seem heavy thanks to a successful design.
  • The back handle is equipped with a soft lining and vibration output.
  • Additionally, the set of fast.Sounding type for drilling wood and metal is attached in the set.
  • Engine protection from overheating.
  • The ability to regulate the angle of tilt.
  • The system automatically adapts the speed of revolutions, which directly depends on the processed material.

Important! 18-volt batteries will not work-only 36 in. The price of these batteries is seen by the only serious drawback of the model.


The main characteristics of the Pearamakitadhr242rFe Peoratramakita:

Note a convenient rear handle, due to which the tool is felt more light than it is actually. The battery of the battery fastening minimizes vibrations even when processing high.Strength materials. A separate plus of the Makitadhr242RFE Makitadhr242RFE model-the ability to put instead of a regular battery with a capacity of 3 ampere-hours more powerful, 4 A/h. The only shortage is unjustifiably large size for carrying the tool.

Metabokha 18 Ltxbl 24 Quick

Metabokha 18 LTXBL 24 Quick is one of the best models in the battery segment in terms of price-quality-production ratio. Two AKB 18 V for 5.5 ampere hours are included. Shock energy modest. 2.2 j.

The peculiarity of the model is the ability to connect the autonomous system of dust removal, for this there is a special seat on the case. The dust removal system adds more kilograms to almost 4 kg of weight, which makes the peorator rather heavy. Of the advantages, an additionally notes a good system for extinguishing vibrations, as well as an automatic shutdown of the engine when storm stuck or a sharp jerk. The disadvantage is a hard back handle, which with long and regular work causes discomfort and even pain in the holding arm.


Modelmakitadhr400zka is often called the best battery for home. One fact is more reliable than all words: the energy of the blow can reach 8 J. This is not any network tool. Together with reliable protection against vibration and ergonomics, the peorator justifies his reputation.

The mode of unstressed drilling is absent: the model is used specifically for drilling and hollowing works. From original structural elements, the built.In bubluetooth management of dust removal systems is distinguished. The main drawback is a high price, even without batteries.

What is a peorator?

Probably everyone heard about the penetrators. But not everyone clearly imagines why these tools serve and what they are. And most importantly. In what situations you really can not do without them.

On the

Where the peorator is used?

Construction and installation work, repair. The pedulator is indispensable when working with concrete, hence the great demand for this tool. It is actively used by builders and installers who have to drill dozens, or even hundreds of holes. He is in demand in everyday life (during repair or “cosmetic” works). Typical tasks for this tool are to make holes for dowels, prepare a nest for a socket or drill a through hole for communications.

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Types of peorators

SDS-Plus and SDS-Max. In terms of characteristics and performance, these are completely different cars. It’s like a car and a truck. “Plus” peorators, with rare exceptions, relatively small and light. Their motor can be located both horizontally (such models are similar to a drill) and vertically. Diameter of drilling reaches 28-30 mm, but most often drunks are used with a diameter of 6 to 12 mm. SDS-Plus shank has four grooves, and its diameter is 10 mm.SDS-MAX machines are of solid size and weight, as well as very high performance. Their speed is low, but the energy of the blow is colossal! They operate a massive equipment with a large SDS-MAX shank with five grooves.

Working modes

Drilling, drilling, clean blow. There is also a gradation of peorators in the number of operating modes. Single.Mode machines capable of only drilling, today are extremely rare. Double-mode have one additional function: for SDS-Plus, this drill without impact, and for SDS-Max models-deterrence, that is, a blow without rotation. The most universal “trinemics” are, which are perhaps in the market, most. They can drill, drill, and carry out jacks.

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What is the difference between a shock drill and a pedorator?

If there is a need for a drill or a pedorator. What the difference between them needs to be understood absolutely clearly. It is on this that the correctness of the choice and the rationality of the waste of money depends. It is necessary to make a couple of dozens of holes, and the hammer available does not please with performance? This is an urgent problem for many. But you are more difficult to encounter when you enter the power tool store and see dozens of tool models. But what to do if you need to buy one tool. Practical and universal? First of all, you need to figure out the differences of the shock drill from the penetrator.

Key principles

The choice between the shock drill and the peorater must be made taking into account their functional differences. The main functions and technical features of the tools are as follows:

  • The nominal power is obvious that the higher the power indicator, the more easy (from a physical point of view) will be the fulfillment of any complex task of drilling.
  • The diameter of the holes in the surfaces of various materials in shock mode.
  • Rotation speed regulation.
  • The presence of a processor that independently selects and maintains the optimal speed of rotation of the drill in line with the hardness of the surface.
  • The ability to rotate the drill in both directions. Reverse is a very convenient option that will help to “turn out” the screwed in the wrong place without problems. Or extract a stuck drill without a breakdown.

Features of the equipment

The difference between the drill and the pedorator is primarily in the principle of the formation of holes. The peorator makes holes through a blow, and the drill. Through rotation. At the drill, the shock effect on the drill has a small amplitude of the impact, which means that additional pressing from the “operator” is required.

In turn, an electromechanical or electromechanical shock mechanism is provided inside the pedorator, which itself is blowing, and you only need to press the button, aiming at the object. This means that the work will be simpler. Also, the key difference between the pedorator and the drill is the exceptional durability of the first when working with solid materials.

Features of the purchase of a drill

Having evaluated the difference between the drill and the pedorator, you can make the following recommendations in terms of choice and purchase:

  • If there is a heavy frequent work, which involves the need to drill in concrete, metal, brick, etc. D Choose the most powerful drill in the ruler.
  • If in most cases you will use an unit for screwing screws or screws, make sure that the selected unit works at low speeds.
  • Equipping the drill with optional components, it can be used as a corner grinder or grinder.

To whom the peorator is suitable?

  • You can evaluate the advantages and differences of the peorator from the drill, if necessary, drill holes in solid materials: for example, in reinforced concrete or stone.
  • In the professional version, the purchased peorator will adequately replace the jackhammer.
  • On low.Power peorators there is a speed adjustment, and, therefore, it can be used as an electric screwdriver.

Key aspects of choice

If you need to hang photos within the living room, it is better to stop the choice on a shock drill. If you just drove into a new apartment or bought an old country house, you definitely can not do without a penetrator. With it, it will be easier to stroke the wiring, cut the door jamb, etc.D.

How To Check Your Shock Absorbers | Must Watch | DESI DRIVING SCHOOL

Obviously, the price factor is also important. It is important to understand that the difference in the price between the pedorator and the shock drill of the same brand will be about 1.5 times. The same applies to operating costs. A deirater drill more expensive.

Household instrument is designed for short everyday work-up to 40-60 minutes of drilling per day. Professional can be operated up to 8 hours with interruptions.

We will analyze the principle of action and the device of the peorator

Tools can differ in power, functionality, but the principle of action and the concept of the design are unified. Of course, we are talking about electromechanical options for execution. Repair of pneumopooperators is the lot of specialized service centers.

So. We have in our hands a standard household or professional electrical peorator. The main elements of the device:

  • Electric motor. Can be located along the cartridge spindle, or perpendicular. The difference is not fundamental.
  • Reducing gearbox. Ensures a decrease in the speed of rotation and at the same time increases the torque of the working axis.
  • Shock mechanism. This is exactly the device that distinguishes the peorator from the usual electric drill.
  • Cartridge. Perceives the loads of the working nozzle and transfers the torque and the shock moment to the working area. Serves as a lock for nozzles. The most common standard is SDS.

The fundamental difference in the design concerns only the shock mechanism. In most modern devices, an electropneumatic way of transmitting impact energy is used.

The piston makes reciprocating movements, and with the help of an air cushion transfers energy to the ram, which in turn inflicts strikes on a boy who has a mechanical connection with the cartridge.

The advantage of the structure is a large impact energy and the lack of a mechanical connection between the ram and the piston.

Compressed air acts as a damper, reducing the vibration of the tool.

This method of operation allows you to automatically turn off the shock mechanism at idle. Pederation occurs only at the pressure of the tip to the working area.

When you apply the force towards the drilling, the bypass valve closes, the cylinder becomes hermetic and compressed air sets in motion a ram mechanism. This saves the resource of the main nodes of the peorator.

The transmission of oscillations in the electro.Pneumatic shock mechanism is realized in two ways:

  • Crank mechanism. There is a crank on the gearbox shaft, which gives the reciprocating movement of the piston. This design ensures the transmission of high power impact energy, and is used in medium and heavy.Type peorators. Disadvantage. Large sizes. The main advantage is high reliability and reduction of vibrations on the case.
  • Swinging bearing. Reciprocating movements are transmitted by the outer clutch of the bearing of a special shape. This design is compact, and is used in light.Type peorators. The main drawback is the rapid wear of a swinging bearing.

The electro.Pneumatic shock mechanism allows the electrical appliance to work in three different modes:

  • Drilling. The cartridge rotates without vibration;
  • Drilling with battle (penetration). The cartridge rotates, simultaneously receiving a series of progressive strikes in the direction of drilling;
  • Fight (penetration) without drilling. There is no rotation, the ammunition cartridge works in a jackhammer mode.

Rules for the non.Hazardous use of the tool

Use the peorator is permissible only with the use of personal protective equipment. They have a relationship with protective glasses, headphones, gloves, respirator. Clothing can be without fluttering long.Poured parts. Hair collected under the headdress. Shoes are desirable to dry, comfortable and non.Slip, better with socks, reinforced metal plates.

Attention. Work. The pedorater in poses with an unbalanced support point is prohibited

The return during drilling can lead a person out of balance, and therefore injuries are likely

Ремонт пеоратора своими руками / DIY punch repair

The pedorater in poses with an unbalanced support point is prohibited. The return during drilling can lead a person out of balance, and therefore injuries are likely.

repairing, shock, drill, perforator, differences

The noise level of a working tool fluctuates around 100–110 dB. If the processed surface resonates (for example, concrete wall), then noise reaches 140-150 dB. This sound load leads to the appearance of somatic diseases or psychological disorders. You need to use headphones or beryushi.

Repair of the barrel.Bar

The barrel peorator differs from the traditional one in that the electric motor is located vertically and it cannot work in drilling mode.

SDS-Plus Intertool DT-0182 barrel

Therefore, due to the features of the design, in order to get to certain nodes, additional operations will have to be performed, in particular, to inspect the electric motor, it is necessary to remove the lower part of the casing or cover. And to replace the brushes, special technological holes are provided in the housing.

Replacing brushes

To replace the brushes, it is necessary to provide access to the brush node. For replacement, it is necessary to free the brushes from the castle, to install new.

Replacing bearings

If extraneous sounds are heard during the penitrator, then the bearing has reached a certain degree of wear. That is, it must be replaced.

To do this, it is necessary to complete the full or partial disassembly of the case and gain access to the node in which it is installed. To dismantle it, a puller may require. By the way, some bearings can be fixed using locking rings.

repairing, shock, drill, perforator, differences

Replacement of the cartridge

To replace the cartridge that has developed its resource, first of all, it is necessary to consider which company released this product. The thing is that the schemes of fixing the cartridges of different manufacturers have their own characteristics.

For example, to dismantle the cartridge in the Bosch as a bosch, you need to do the following manipulations. Weaken the stop ring, pull out the cartridge and install a new one in its place.

Repair of a drunk bearing

In some models of this tool, the shock impact is using a drunken bearing. With intensive operation, it may be destroyed.

To repair it, you will need a screwdriver with a flat helmet. The bearing after parsing the case must be extracted from the case, disassemble, replace worn parts and install it in place.

Repair of a raster sleeve and shock bolt

For the repair of the periocrator shock mechanism, it is necessary to extract a ragged sleeve, for this it is necessary to free the spring and the locking ring. After that, the shock bolt is replaced with a new one, or sent for restoration.

Poratorial drives

There are tools with several types of drives on the market. Everyone has found application in certain conditions.

  • Hydraulic. Powerful units for drilling rocks, for example, for laying explosives, destroying asphalt coating, work under water, during atmospheric precipitation. The drive is a stream of compressed liquid, mainly water. The operating temperature begins with.35 ° C.
  • Pneumatic. Used in difficult conditions. For example, places where the current lesion of the operator is high, there is no access to the electric network.
  • Electric batteries. Portable devices running away from the outlet. There are two designs: with a battery fixed in the case, like that of screwdrivers, or remotely, it connects to the engine by means of wires, which facilitates the weight of the tool.

According to the scope of application and types of work performed, electric peorators are conditionally divided into:

  • Semi-professional-devices weighing 4-5 kg ​​with a powerful engine for periodic repair work. Used by construction teams and single masters.
  • Installation. Devices with a horizontal engine. Aimed at drilling and drilling, there are no blows regime.
  • Dismantling models with a vertical engine are designed for deterrence, drilling.

Conditional qualification of electric models based on the weight and power of the engine.

Weight, kg Motor power, WT Class
Up to 4 400 800 Easy
4 8 ~ 1000 Average
8 and above 1000-2000 Heavy

There are many peorators with various characteristics sharpened to solve certain problems. Universal models that perform a wide range of tasks are also common. The main purpose of electrical peorators is concrete drilling, stroke of solid materials, piercing walls and dismantling tiles.

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