Which electric screwdriver is better to buy for work

There are many construction tools and everyone has advantages and disadvantages. Reviews do not always correspond to reality and it is difficult for the user to choose the right option. This article will open the question of which electric screwdriver to buy for work so that reliability is combined with quality.

To know which electric screwdriver to choose for work, you need to consider some important parameters.


Companies producing screwdrivers, many and each tries to expose its products in a profitable light. There are firms occupying worthy places in the construction market.


Russian brand, more than two decades has been producing network and battery screwdrivers. Factory sites are located in China. Domestic and Chinese assembly are not much different. Quality control. The opening of new service centers, the use of original components. All this puts Interskol on a par with well.Known brands.


German company specializing in the production of wireless and network power tools. Metabo screwdrivers are considered reliable and durable. There are models of any power and functionality in the line of proposed units. You can purchase both professional screwdrivers, and for a home or cottage at an affordable price.


Japanese concern, considered the leader in the production of screwdrivers and other construction equipment. Production lines are located in all European countries. Each unit of the product of Makita has its own certificate and is tested at all stages of production.

Power consumption

Household network screwdrivers go with a capacity of 500 watts, and battery-9-14 volts. In professional tools, this indicator reaches 800 W (network) and from 18 volts and above. In wireless models.

Torque, speed, speed, reverse

For work with drywall or furniture, you can purchase screwdrivers with an indicator of 400-500 rpm. The same models are suitable for home repairs. The tools used at the construction site have a parameter from 1100 to 1400 rpm.

Devices designed to drill metal can go with an indicator above 1500 rpm.

The average torque in household models of screwdrivers is no more than 8-12 nm. Medium complexity works can be performed with an indicator from 25 to 54 nm. For professional use, it is better to buy an unit with a torque of 90 nm and above.

Depending on the modification, there are several speed modes in the screwdrivers. Inexpensive options have one speed in stock. In expensive and functional models-1-3 operating speeds. If you are interested in the question at what speed to work with an electric screwdriver, then it all depends on the personal preferences of the user.

Almost all screwdrivers are equipped with a reverse function or reverse. The device helps to unscrew the stuck fasteners or incorrectly wrapped self.Tapping screw.

Functions and opportunities that facilitate the use of screwdriver

If you choose a good electric screwdriver for work, then it will be useful to find out about the additional capabilities of the tool. Removable battery, backlight, belt mount, bit holder, case. All this facilitates the work of the master.

Household and professional screwdrivers

From the general name it is well clear that household screwdrivers are intended for infrequent homework, and a professional tool is a mandatory assistant to a specialist in construction and repair work. These two types of screwdrivers, the size of the cartridge, power features, the presence of additional functions, weight and, of course, price are different.

Household (amateur) screwdrivers should be taken when you need an instrument infrequently and will use a short. Such devices are light, often performed with power from the battery, are inexpensive and cope well with tasks such as the assembly of furniture or a change of lock. The rotation speed is rarely higher than 400-500 revolutions/minute, and the torque is usually about 10-15 nm.

If you are constantly making something or professionally repair, and an electric screwdriver will be used almost every day and several hours, then you need to take the tool more sincerely. Professional screwdrivers are more powerful, easily withstand high loads, they will not replace the drill, but if necessary they can even cope with the drilling of hard surfaces. The rotation speed of them reaches 1300-1500 revolutions/minute and more, and torque-130 nm.

To decide which electric screwdriver to choose. It is necessary to soberly evaluate the future load on it and the type of work on the work. Not always more functional professional models. The best option. It is enough to have the simplest electric screwdriver on the farm to carry out small repair, especially since the of a similar tool do not bite.

Battery screwdrivers are ideal for construction and production. The same devices are used by repair teams and home masters. However, when buying, you need to determine how often an electric screwdriver will be in work. Long.Term simple will lead to damage to batteries, so for rare or one.Time use, we recommend that we look after the network models discussed in the next category.

Screwdrivers can be equipped with three types of batteries:

Nickel-cadmium and nickel-metallological batteries developed on their basis are not very much in demand today, since they have many minuses that are unlikely to be outweighed for an ordinary user. The lithium-ion batteries have a low indicator of self-discharge, so a small simple simple one is not terrible for him, and the “effect of memory” in them is completely absent, which allows you to charge it at any time.

Rokodil Twist Max

Reliable and powerful battery electric screwdriver to solve all types of installation work. Given the low cost and excellent technical characteristics, this model is rightfully occupied by the leading position in the electrical tool market.

The electric screwdriver is equipped with a fast.Packed type of cartridge, reverse, backlight, control, engine brake, spindle blocking. The maximum torque is 48 nm. An electric screwdriver is supplied with two batteries of 2 a/h, a case and a charger. The device lies perfectly in the hand thanks to an ergonomic handle equipped with rubberized inserts and weight, which is only 1.25 kg.

Makita DF331DWYE

Inexpensive battery electric screwdriver of excellent quality. Makita worked both on durability and convenience, so the device does not cause any of these paragraphs of claims. The device weighs only 1.1 kg, so working with it is very convenient.

The equipment of an electric screwdriver includes a case, bits, charging and two battery 1.5 ah.

To ensure safety on the device, a lock button is provided. Ease of work in poorly lit areas of rooms is facilitated by point illumination. The maximum idle speed of the DF331DWYE is 1700 rpm.

  • Complete suitcase;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Good backlight;
  • Two batteries;
  • Convenience and reliability in work;
  • Japanese quality.

AEG BS 12G3 LI-152C

The solution from the popular German brand, acting as an alternative to Makita model both in price and in functionality. Convenient electric screwdriver is supplied in a high.Quality company case, where in addition to the device itself, a spare battery, charger and documentation is located on it itself.

By the number of revolutions, AEG BS 12G3 is slightly inferior to a competitor (1,500 rpm), but this popular model of an electric screwdriver can boast of a large diameter of the cartridge (from 0.8 up to 10 mm) and the possibility of drilling in a tree of holes with a diameter of 3 cm inclusive. The device also provides for illumination and protection against overload.

  • Excellent ergonomics;
  • Low weight;
  • Suitable for professional activity;
  • Good power;
  • German quality;
  • Resilient batteries;
  • Elaborate cooling system;
  • The presence of a case for transportation;
  • Cracking protection.

Bosch GSR 12V-15

Next in line is one of the best battery screws in the reliability of the battery type-Bosch GSR 12V-15. It is equipped with a rapidly packed cartridge that allows you to quickly change the equipment (with a diameter of not more than 10 mm) and a variator of the degree of clamping (20 steps and separate for drilling).

“How to use the Forward and Reverse function fro the cordless drill

The device set the device depends on its modification. In addition to a high.Quality corporate case and the most electric screwdriver itself, the manufacturer supplies the holster to the belt that does more conveniently work at the height, charging, as well as two batteries of 2 ah.

On top of the Bosch electric screwdriver, a speed switch is installed. In the first mode, the user receives 400 rpm, which is enough to tighten the screws. At the second speed (1300 revolutions), holes in size of not more than 19 and 10 mm for wood and metal can be drilled, respectively.

  • Battery charge indicator;
  • Illumination of the working area;
  • Resilient batteries;
  • Convenient reverse button;
  • Charging batteries in just half an hour;
  • Holster for mounting on a belt.

Dewalt DCD791D2

The most powerful electric screwdriver in this category. Dewalt DCD791D2 boasts a torque of 70 Nm, which will come in handy when tightening large screws and working with large sovers, as well as the maximum number of idle speeds of 2000 per minute. The permissible diameter of the drill and metal for this model is 40 and 13 mm, respectively. The device is equipped with a pair of batteries with a capacity of 2 ah. It takes 60 minutes to charge the battery with a voltage of 18 V. Among the features of the device, you can distinguish electronic adjustment of the rotation frequency, lamp for point illumination and a beast engine.

  • Reliable and hardy;
  • Convenient;
  • Powerful;
  • A wide range of selection of torque (15 positions);
  • Gorgeously supports the specified turns;
  • With backlight;
  • Quickly charges;
  • Low weight;
  • 3 years warranty.
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How to choose an electric screwdriver. Professional recommendations

Indeed, it is better to replace many compounds on nails with screws with screws, because it is more reliable and more accurate work. And if the assembly error has occurred, then it is much easier to unscrew and reinstall the screwdriver than pulling out nails. But when the repair began, then using the screwdriver, twisting the screws, is simply inappropriate and for a very long time.

An electric screwdriver is a tool that twists and twists bolts, screws, screws and screws. If you need to carry out assembly work, then an electric screwdriver is the most optimal tool that will be simply indispensable.

This tool has a wide area of ​​application. By the way, he will be in the way during repair and construction work not only for owners of country houses, but also for residents of city apartments. Builders also very often use screwdrivers in the work, namely, with its help, the finishes fix the drywall, and the furniture collectors cannot even imagine their work without an electric screwdriver.

Some people think that a drill and an electric screwdriver are one and the same or identical to each other, but this is not entirely. The cartridge of electrical screwdriver, experiencing a large load when spinning a screw, begins to scroll through. Also, due to the fact that the electrical screwdriver has low rotation speed, when removing a finger from the trunk, the cartridge on this tool immediately stops, unlike a drill, which is spinning for some time by inertia.

The main areas in which this tool is used are:

  • Screwing and removal of screws, screws, screws, bolts, as well as other fasteners;
  • Tightening and removal of dowels and anchors in the process of installation work;
  • Cutting threads in metal;
  • Drilling metal, as well as soft and solid wood.

It should also be noted that it is perfectly used to work in places where an electric network is not held, as well as in hard.To.Reach places. It is for this reason that most of the screwdrivers is a battery tool.

The invention of electric screwdriver has largely facilitated household work, whether it is twisting a screw for a picture or repairing a cabinet, or other furniture. Thanks to their parameters. A compact case, low weight and size, constant readiness to work. Make this tool an indispensable assistant, with whom it is very convenient and easy to work.

Before making the final choice, it is necessary to decide for which work an electric screwdriver is needed. If you need to do small household chores, such as hanging a picture, replace the lock, collect some furniture, attach drywall, hang a shelf and another, then it will be enough to purchase an inexpensive electric screwdriver, which also does not shine in the technical characteristics. If the work is more complex, such as drilling metal or walls, then it is better to purchase a professional tool with certain characteristics.

In order for the tool to work and delight for many years, it is necessary to choose an electric screwdriver, knowing its purpose and the main characteristics that need to be paid attention to:

What will be the tool. Professional or amateur.

Before buying, you need to determine what tasks will be performed using an electric screwdriver. If it will not be used often, but two to three times a month to tighten or repair something, then you can take an amateur tool. If you have to work with an electric screwdriver every day, then it is better to choose a professional powerful model. Amateur screwdrivers used for homework are made with a torque of 10 nm to 15 nm. If you want to have a more serious tool that can bite into the wall, then it is better to choose an electric screwdriver with a torque from 30 to 40 nm. Professional tools have a torque of up to 130 nm, in addition, such tools are equipped with a function with which they can drill hard surfaces.

An important factor when choosing a reliable and high.Quality electric screwdriver is the speed or speed of rotation. The optimal rotation speed of professional screwdrivers should be in the limit of 1200–1500 rpm. In amateur instruments, this indicator is much lower, only 400. 600 rpm is enough to tighten screws.

Battery electric screwdriver or working from the network.

Most screwdrivers are made with a battery, but there are several models working from the network. Although preference is nevertheless given to battery models, since they can be used almost everywhere, without caring about whether there is a functioning outlet in this place or not.

There are three types of batteries:

The lithium-ion batteries are one of the most environmentally friendly batteries, only minus temperatures are poorly tolerated. They are also less in size, which greatly facilitates the weight of the tool, and increases the convenience of the working process. The disadvantage of these batteries is their price, which is significantly higher than other types of batteries.

Some companies produce screwdrivers that support batteries of several types of batteries. Batteries differ in recharge time. Household homemade screwdrivers can be charged for 3-7 hours, while professional tools are charged for one hour, since expensive chargers are attached to them.

It is necessary to pay attention to the power of the battery. Power readings vary from 9.6 volts to 24 volts. Accordingly, the high power of the battery allows you to spin screws into the most problematic and heavy places without any problems and without much effort, also with them the battery life increases significantly. On the other hand, a large power provides for the weight of the tool, and this can significantly complicate the process of work, making it less convenient.

The battery capacity is responsible for the duration of the tool between recharging. The larger the battery capacity, the longer it will be work. With the same supply voltage, the tool will work longer for the battery capacity.

What is included in the package of electric screwdriver?

Different screwdrivers are equipped differently. Some screwdrivers are sold separately, others are equipped with a set of nozzles. It is better to choose a equipped tool so that there are no difficulties in working with screws, since they can have hats of various shapes, from straight to tetrahedral. If there is a set of nozzles, then it is enough to choose a suitable nozzle and insert it into the nest of an electric screwdriver.

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

Pay attention to type. There are electric screwdrivers, electric gaywortens, drums and unstressed drills-shuruvrevs. The first two types are designed to solve small household problems. For example, fix the shelf, tighten the fastener element. The latter are intended for professional purposes. They are characterized by functionality, endurance, and assembly quality. But they are much more expensive

Before choosing, it is important to decide on the tasks that will perform an electric screwdriver.

For torque. For working with soft materials, 5-10 nm is enough, with solid-from 35 nm.

Can be key and fast.Packed. According to owners, it is better to choose a screw.Vert with a quick.Sound cartridge, since the key often fails at the most crucial moment.

On the type of battery (if a battery electric screwdriver is purchased). Manufacturers create batteries based on nickel-cadmium, lithium-ion technology. Nicd has a limited service life, minimum working time without recharging. It is better to choose Li-Ion. Such batteries have an increased service life, long time without recharging, high capacity.

For the set and assembly quality. The wider the equipment, the more universal the screwwoman. It is also recommended to take into account the manufacturer. The following brands have established themselves well. Makita, Bosch, Interskol, Metabo. They have more positive reviews, offer only a quality product with good configuration.

Battery or network?

How to choose a good electric screwdriver or drill-electrical screwdriver by type of power? They are divided into:

The former eat from the network, the latter. From the battery, and others can work as well as this and this.

Drill-electrical screwdriver of the brand with the letter “H” with a battery voltage 16 volts. Photo taken from the site: https: // www.Youtube.COM/ channel My Gadget. Link to the video: https: // www.Youtube.COM/Watch?V = jsumchftys0

Network tools are charged from sockets. Compared to battery, they have higher power and low weight. But network tools have a significant drawback. Dependence on the outlet. If it is far away, the wires are confused under the feet of workers. For some builders, this is not a hindrance.

Expert opinion Andrei Savin, Prostrab, g. Voronezh

Choosing between the battery and the network for working on the roof, I prefer a network tool. Even if he jumps out of his hands, he will not fly anywhere and remains hanging on the wire. And the drill-electrical screwdriver on batteries in such a situation will fly down and may be damaged. It is for this reason, in my opinion, a wireless drill-electrical screwdriver is inconvenient to use on the roof. The choice between a network tool and a battery depends on the habit of a particular builder. In order to drill holes in the metal, it is better to choose a drill electrical screwdriver, where the speed speed is adjustable and it is possible to change the nozzles. When working with furniture, you can use a regular electric screwdriver. The same tool with speed adjustment and rattle is suitable when working with drywall and concrete. I emphasize once again that the availability of speed and ratchet adjustment is important here, because if you make speeds of revolutions a little more, you can praise and spoil the material.

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Battery screwdrivers and drills-shuruvriva operate on batteries, so they do not depend on the presence or absence of electricity at the facility. They are used at any time of the year when working at altitude (not all experts are afraid of the fall of the tool) and on the street. The disadvantages of the tools on the battery include dependence on charging, so experienced builders for such cases take a spare battery. Amateur electric screwdriver working from the battery, in power loses to its network analogue. But professional screwdrivers on batteries, as a rule, differ in their power for the better.

Drill-electrical screwdriver of the brand on the letter “D” with a battery voltage 18 volts. Photo taken from the site: https: // www.Youtube.Com/channel My Gadget Link to the video: https: // www.Youtube.COM/Watch?V = jsumchftys0

How to Repair Electric Screwdriver

Expert’s opinion Sergei Porotarev, master, g. Nizhny Novgorod

In the summer, working on the roof, it is better to use a drill electrical screwdriver on batteries. In terms of functionality, this is a more universal tool than a standard electric screwdriver. For me personally, it is convenient in operation. But if you do not have a drill-electrical screwdriver, you can do with a conventional electric screwdriver on batteries. But in cold weather the battery is discharged, so it is more advisable to work with a network tool.

Battery drills are used to twist and twist screws, bolts, screws and screws. With their help, a tree is drilled, panels made of drywall and plastic, and also not very thick metal. There are three speeds in the design of many drums. In the first, this tool is used as an electric screwdriver with a large torque, on the third. As a drill. He has a wide area of ​​use.

How to choose an electric screwdriver?

Before starting the rating of the best drummer drills, we will consider the main parameters that should be taken into account when choosing. We have compiled the most complete list that covers all aspects of the work with this tool.

  • Type of tool. First, it is important to understand what functionality you need. This can come from this with a further choice.
  • Drinking shoes are most common. These are devices that are suitable for working with small fasteners, drilling soft materials (wood, plastic, drywall, with less performance. Metal).
  • Drills are equipped exclusively by the drilling function, while their performance in the creation of holes is significantly higher.
  • Gaikwortes are not designed for drilling, but this is the best choice for working with bolts and nuts. Provide reliable fixation, unscrew the cooked fasteners.
  • Electric screwdrivers can only screw and unscrew the fasteners. Suitable for maintenance of equipment.
  • Form factor. The design affects the convenience of using the battery drill-electrical screwdriver under certain conditions.
  • Pistol electric screwdriver. In relation to the working base, the handle is established perpendicular. The variety is convenient to hold, has better reliability. In today’s rating, only pistol drills are presented.
  • Corner electric screwdriver. The handle is combined with the engine, the cartridge is turned on 90 ° relative to them. Such a type of drle is infrequent on sale. The corner tool is a good choice for narrow inaccessible areas, it is not possible to crawl to which direct electric screwdriver.
  • Direct electric screwdriver. Has the shape of a screwdriver: the oblong base ends with a cartridge on which the bit is installed. In drones, such a design is not used.
  • Source of power. Electric drills-shuruvrets (pneumatic models are not considered within the framework of the rating) are divided into battery and network. The former are characterized by high mobility. You can work with them away from current sources. This is the best choice for field work. Network feed from sockets. The time of their continuous operation is not limited. Suitable for home or workshop. Our rating of the best drummer drills included both batteries and network models.
  • Power. The characteristic applies exclusively to the network models of drifts. Indicates how much electricity is consumed by the tool in the process. Also, weight and dimensions, the number of revolutions, torque and other basic parameters of electrical screwdriver depends on power.
  • Battery voltage. Characterizes the performance of the battery drill-electrical screwdriver: depending on the indicator, the torque also changes. Respectively, the higher the voltage, the more complex tasks the device is able to perform. The value is unstable: it is at the highest point with a full charge of the battery and gradually decreases. Based on this, using the battery electric screwdriver, it will become a good idea to start working with the most demanding on the torque of tasks.
  • Battery capacity. Indicates what volume of electric energy is capable of accommodating the battery. In theory, it characterizes the duration of work on one charge, but in practice this value depends on the type and intensity of work, the voltage, the equipment used, the design of the battery drill-electrical screwdriver. It is worth considering: the higher the battery capacity, the harder it is.
  • Type of battery. We will only talk about those in demand on sale.
  • Li-Ion. Lithium-ion batteries are a standard enthralled in the market: they are energy-efficient, slowly discharged during the period of downtime, they will not be able to damage the incorrect charge cycle.
  • Ni-CD. Electric screwdriver with a nickel-cadmium battery every year is increasingly difficult. Such batteries are heavier than lithium-ion analogues. The “memory effect” also did not bypass them. Nevertheless, nickel-cadmium batteries have a noticeable advantage: they withstand low temperatures, maintaining an adequate energy consumption in the frost.
  • Battery device. The characteristic indicates the method of attaching the battery to the handle of the battery drill-electrical screwdriver.
  • Slider. The battery is placed in a special groove located under the handle. The battery seems to come into it, fixing when fully installed. Such batteries are characterized by relatively small dimensions.
  • Clip. Part of the battery of this type goes directly to the handle on the principle of the store in firearms. It is believed that the batteries are more convenient and faster to change.
  • Battery charge time. Indicates the period of downtime, which the user has to encounter with insufficient batteries in the working arsenal. Depends on the characteristics of the charger and the battery itself.
  • Maximum torque. One of the most important parameters. The higher the torque, the more dense materials a drill can work stably; The larger and more massive self.Tapping screw will spin an electric screwdriver. In our rating, a separate category is allocated for the best models with a high torque moment.
  • The number of speeds. Speed ​​is a good way to regulate the number of revolutions. Their proper use will help artificially limit the speed of rotation, when there are no needs in large values. Most of the batteries-scourges have at least two speeds.
  • The number of stages of torque. The more configuration options are provided for a choice, the wider the sphere of operation of the electric screwdriver. The correctly selected stage of torque will help quality work with screws: they will not break, they will be immersed in the material to the optimal depth. The value on the ring next to the cartridge is adjustable. It is important to know: often in TX drums, you can find such an indicator as, for example, 201. After the plus, there is a designation that the battery tool provides a separate step for drilling.
  • Spindle rotation frequency. A high indicator of the maximum number of revolutions in conjunction with a sufficient number of speeds will allow the use of a drill-electrical screwdriver for a wide range of work. A large number of revolutions will help to drill solid materials, effectively tighten small screws. Low speeds are good for soft blanks, wide and long fasteners.
  • Rotation frequency adjustment. The electronic system of limiting the number of revolutions, depending on the force of pressing the launch button: the higher the pressure, the faster the rotation of the battery electrical screwdriver.
  • Spindle blocking. The function will greatly facilitate the change of working equipment: bit, drill.
  • The presence of a blow. When an electric screwdriver works in drilling mode, the equipment not only rotates around its axis, but also makes reciprocating movements. The blow is created precisely at the expense of the latter. This feature will allow the use of electric screwdriver with dense materials: concrete, brick. At the same time, the shock drill in effectiveness will not be able to replace a good peorator: the quality of drilling hard structures is much higher.
  • Type of impact. In addition to screwdrivers with a standard impact mechanism, there are impulse models. Tools included in the rating of impulse screwdrivers have a number of advantages: they load their hands less, when working, they do not need to fall on the device with their weight. Also, this type of impact is more careful about consumables. Using impulse screwdrivers, you are less likely to plow the slot or screw head.
  • The frequency of strikes. The higher the number of shocks per minute, the greater the “breakdown force” of the electric screwdriver; the more likely the device will effectively cope with the solid surface. The average is 50,000 beats/min.
  • The maximum drilling diameter. Indicates how wide drills it will be possible to use with a battery drill-electrical screwdriver.
  • Length of cable. When choosing what good network screwdrivers will provide a wide working area, pay attention to the size of the wire.
  • The size of the clamped equipment. Indicated in the form of the range. Makes it clear with the bits and drill of which dimensions are capable of functioning an electric screwdriver cartridge. A good universal tool has this range as wide as possible.
  • Type of cartridge. Affects the principle of fixation of equipment:
  • Quickly joke. It is applied everywhere due to simplicity of operation, convenience and versatility. Allows you to quickly change the working equipment without using additional tools.
  • Hexagonal. To put the equipment in such a cartridge, you just need to insert it into the nest in one motion. Using this method, you can change the bit faster than with a quick.Packed analogue. For hexagonal screwdrivers, exclusively equipment with the corresponding shank is suitable.
  • Key. Best choice when high accuracy is required. It is necessary to clamp the drill in the cartridge of an electric screwdriver using a special key. This takes more time, but provides the most reliable fixation.
  • TOP-10 rating according to KP

    Dewalt DCD771D2 (average)

Electric screwdriver from a well.Known American manufacturer of repair equipment in corporate yellow color. Although the price here is significant, this device can be considered almost the standard. There is a fast.Packed cartridge, adapted for working with bits or drills with a diameter of up to 13 mm. The device electric motor produces 1,500 rpm, which allows a screwdriver to develop the maximum torque at 42 nm. The engine brake instantly stops the work, you just need to release the trigger.

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By the way, two batteries are included in the kit, which sharply increases the autonomy of one of the best screwdrivers for the house. However, there are Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the model. For example, for some reason, for some reason, even elementary dopation for bit is not provided on the case, and the built-in LED, which should highlight the place of work, copes poorly with this.

Advantages and disadvantages

Excellent manufacturing quality, additional (and inconsistent individually) battery in the kit, engine brake

Metabo PowerMax Bs 2014 Basic 2.0ah (average)

Extremely popular model from the German company Metabo. The origins of such folk love are that the creators managed to withstand the balance of characteristics, quality and cost, with which it is difficult to argue with competitors. The electric screwdriver is very compact, and its weight is only 800 g. For a small size, of course, you have to pay somehow. But not in this case, the electric motor allows you to develop a screwdriver of the moment of 34 nm.

If this “baby” is too loaded, then electronic protection will work, which will not allow the device to break. There is only this, the clamping cartridge is removable here, and hexagonal bits can be used with an electric screwdriver and without it. Finally, two batteries are included here, which are relatively quickly charged. Perplexity is only a huge case in which it is easy to lose a small electric screwdriver.

Advantages and disadvantages

An excellent ratio of price and quality, weighs only 800 g, hexagonal bits can be used without a cartridge

Makita DF333DWAE (average)

Well.Known model from the Japanese company Makita, beloved by Russians. Numerous predecessors made the reputation relative to the fresh screwdriver, but he himself is not a mistake. With a weight of 1.1 kg, the model electric motor gives out a torque of 30 nm at 1700 rpm. A fast.Packed cartridge is able to work with bats or drills with a diameter of up to 10 mm. The ergonomics of the electric screwdriver itself is almost perfect, and the case for storage is well thought out. You can find two batteries in the kit. By the way, they are collected from 18650 format batteries, which gives Kulibin a huge scope for modifications with his own hands. There are practically no disadvantages. You can only complain about the absence on the mounting housing for additional bit, but not too comfortable backlight.

Advantages and disadvantages

Easy and comfortable body, two batteries from batteries 18650, reputation of a reliable tool

Bosch GSR 120-Li (average)

Well, what is the rating of the best screwdrivers for home without products by the German company Bosch? This model belongs to the “blue” professional line, which means it must be able to do a lot. With a mass of 800 grams, the tool electric motor knows how to work with a torque of 30 nm, which is good. The batteries are inserted into the handle and the boundaries do not protrude behind it, which is also good. As well as the fact that there are two of them.

A fairly advanced electronic protection against overload has been used here, but its work can annoy. It does not allow a screwdriver to work at the limit. Of course, this also affects work in a drill mode-metal or concrete GSR 120-Li cannot be sent from the heart. There are questions to the quality of the tool. Someone is faced with the fact that the fast-packed cartridge strives to unwind itself. And someone complains about the burned electric motor after three months of operation. However, problems are of a single character.

Zubble DShl-121 (average)

The Chinese.Made Russian electric screwdriver immediately bribes its own in 2021, we get a full.Fledged battery tool. By the way, about batteries. There is only one lithium-ion battery here. But it charges relatively quickly. In 45 minutes. The electric screwdriver turned out to be quite hardy and not afraid of hard work, despite the torque of 25 nm. In general, a good budget option that is not a pity to use at the limit.

Hanskonner HCD1838R (average)

Powerful electric screwdriver from a brand with a very confusing origin. The official site talks about the experience of Russian masters and German engineers, which does not add clarity. In fact, the Chinese manufacturer is hidden under the pretentious name. Electric screwdriver is not cheap, but claims to be a professional tool. This is evidenced by the diameter of the cartridge up to 13 mm, and the maximum torque of 55 nm, and two speed speeds. Large weight. Electric screwdriver in collection weighs 1.7 kg.

Batteries in the kit are two, with a capacity of 2.4 ah. By the way, there is an indicator of the remaining charge on the battery, which is far from every “Shurik”. Interestingly, HCD1838RR is popular with winter fishing enthusiasts who use electric screwdriver, like a drill for holes in ice.

Hitachi DS10DAL (average)

Another electric screwdriver from the “Land of the Rising Sun”. Compact model with an electric motor developing a moment of 36 nm. One.Button fast.Packed cartridge has excellent centering, which is very useful when drilling. The main feature is a quick charge of batteries. The latter, of which two pieces are in the kit are made in Japan, which guarantees quality. Perhaps only increased noise and not the most verified ergonomics of the corps can be upset. But there is a hook on the handle on the belt, which is very useful during construction work.

How to choose an electric screwdriver

Screwdrivers are constructively very close to drones. Sometimes manufacturers even create both devices on the same base. No wonder they are often called “Battery Drill Electric screwdriver”. In other words, one can do with one drill with an adapter for bit in the household. But is it necessary? Let’s talk about this class of a power tool with a sales consultant of a construction store of construction equipment Anatoly Gopkin.

Wire or battery

Wended screwdrivers in the early 1920s are less and less found on sale. The reason for the victory of the battery devices is simple. Although they are more expensive, but much more universal in use. Scurrys working from the network often choose, for example, to work in a car service. But for home and repair, the battery is simply indispensable. The upper class is charging that can completely replenish the energy supply of less than an hour.


Almost the main characteristic for the best electrical screwdriver for the home is the torque that develops its electric motor. This indicator speaks of the rotational action of force on the solid body. In other words, the more torque, the easier the tool copes with the twisting of screws or screws. Even in complex materials such as concrete or metal.


Imagine. You need to tighten more than a hundred self.Tapping screws into the roof of a summer house. In such a situation, an electric screwdriver should be convenient to operate, otherwise difficult work will turn into hard labor. This is why ergonomics are needed. Firstly, this is a mass. Less is better. This also includes the amusing, which should reach 50:50 in the best screwdrivers for the house. Secondly, the convenience of grip and body size. Too small models are bad in hand. Finally, the amenities add trifles such as a latch for waist mounting or additional bit holders.


Electric screwdriver is not as simple as an electric screwdriver. And different models, depending on the level of performance, have many options. Reverse, which a screwdriver is even more needed than a drill, in almost every model. It is much easier to twist the bolts with it. Often there is also illumination of the working area. But in some, even expensive models, it is made so stupid that when working with large screws, it becomes useless. The brake of the engine, which instantly stops the operation, is very helpful, you just need to release the button. In professional models there is a thin adjustment of torque, which allows you to adjust the tightness force. It will not be superfluous and the indication of the remaining charge on the battery.

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