What kind of grease is used in the gearbox of angle grinder

What kind of grease is needed for the gearbox of an angle grinder?

Angle grinders (angle grinder) or angle grinders in modern designs can do complex tasks of machining solid materials. This is due to the increased power of the tool and the use of a strong element base. Higher RPM also results in higher loads on the electric motor. Gearbox is considered to be the weakest point of a power installation of such a tool. It is often substituted and repaired even when it is operating in an approximate operating mode. High-quality grease for the gearbox of the angle grinder allows to prolong the working life of the technical interior, but only in circumstances of correct choice.

The role and characteristics of lubrication

A distinctive feature of the angle grinder is the gearbox, which consists of gears that have a helical structure. This part is subject to a high load when tools are in motion and is subject to more wear than other parts. The rotor of the angle grinder generates a torque that travels from the small bevel gear to its large counterpart. The last gear has a shaft on which the working tool (mill, emery wheel, brush) is mounted.

The temperature of the gear teeth increases as they friction move. This leads to weakening of the metal and to early wear and tear. To prevent negative consequences in the rubbing nodes introduce special compounds that significantly reduce the strain and do not allow parts to heat up intensely.

Lubricant for the gearboxes of power tools should have the following parameters:

  • Its viscosity must be no more than 800.
  • have a tensile strength of over 120 pascal.
  • The compound must be in the refractory category (over 100°C).
  • Have water repellency;
  • to stay firmly in place on the parts;
  • not cause corrosive processes;
  • not contain mechanical additives.

But in addition to the gearbox, the angle grinder has two types of bearings that also need lubrication. One of them helps an electric motor. The other serves as a support for the spindle of the big gear in the gearbox. These bearings work in different conditions and require different compositions of oils.

The proper process of packing grease into angle grinders

Once the choice of grease for angle grinder made, proceed directly to the service tool. The proper maintenance process for an angle grinder consists of several steps. First you need to open the gearbox, then remove the old lubricant, apply a new one, check the correct application. Removal of old grease is mandatory because when mixed with new, it will not let it work properly and the whole maintenance procedure will not work.

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How much mastic must be used

The amount of lubricant can be easily seen by eye. It must be three times less than half of the total gearbox volume. After you have extracted the required part of the fluid, spread it on all the parts which are rubbing against each other.

In the opinion of experts, it is best to use the material of the same brand as the tool. For example, if in the work use equipment TM Makita, then the oil must be from this manufacturer, as well as its production is carried out taking into account the peculiarities of their equipment. This way you can protect the device from premature wear and tear and prolong its lifetime to the maximum.

However, there is an important minus in it. The price of branded mastics is very high, so many people are reluctant to buy, giving preference to cheaper materials.

over, a large number of engineers used in the work of an inexpensive Chinese machinery, for which the mastic is not expected. Nevertheless, it also requires periodic maintenance just like all electrical equipment.

In this case it is best to buy an inexpensive non-branded product designed specifically for lubrication of gearboxes. Also an excellent option would be a universal material for the constant velocity joints (CVJ). He can easily buy in any auto parts store.

What we would not recommend you would not hesitate to use, is lithol or solidol. Since they are not designed to work in conditions of severe heat and high temperatures. The use of such materials leads to premature wear and tear of the equipment and, therefore, to its failure.

Angle grinder gear lubricant. Selection and application of lubricant

The angle grinder requires regular maintenance just like other household and commercial tools. Efficient operation and long service life are ensured by timely maintenance. In this article, the master plumber will tell you how to independently service such a popular tool among home masters, as an angle grinder (angle grinder).

The period of the next replacement of the grease depends on the loads and intensity of use of the angle grinder. It usually equals 12 months. In the daily operation of the angle grinder with frequent overheating, the frequency of replacement is significantly reduced to at least half a year.

Disassemble the gearbox by removing the screws on the cover of the gearbox to verify that a new lubricant is needed. There are a pair of helical gears inside. The small one is placed on the armature and is used to drive the big one, located on the secondary shaft. A grinding or cutting disc is attached to this shaft.

During operation, the lubricant is scattered on the walls of the housing, eventually drying out and forming large clots. Material used over a long period overheats, becomes fluid and leaks out of the housing. That is why its volume in the gearbox is reduced. If there is only a thin film of lubricant on the gears, the lubricant must be added. Angle grinder lubricant must be changed if there are dry lumps on the inner walls of the gears or if the amount of lubricant is insufficient.

General Rules for Lubricant Replacement

The main module of the angle grinder is the gearbox. This is the part of the angle grinder that is subjected to the maximum load. There are various elements that contribute to the rotation of the unit. Once in the body of the tool, the substance reduces friction. Compounds used for the angle grinder gearbox can reduce the temperature readings that occur during operation.

During operation of the angle grinder, the grease mixture placed inside will gradually disperse within the housing. After a while, the substance begins to dry out, and lumps form in the work. These pieces collect dust and metal particles on themselves, that is why a quick change of the oily compound is needed. Sometimes the problem occurs due to high temperatures. Lubricant heats up, leaks, and leaves the gearbox without a protective mass. It is important to replace in time.

The required amount of grease for the angle grinder is assigned taking into account the full coverage of the bevel gears. Excess material will be squeezed out of the housing, and too little will not ensure proper functioning of the gearbox.

It is recommended that the factory-set lubrication level be used as a guide. It should be considered that with long-term storage in a warehouse or store some amount of lubricant may dry out and reduce in volume.

That is why it is better to put a little more material than necessary and make sure the grease is evenly spread after setting the gear wheels in motion. It is customary to fill about 40% of the reducer volume with lubricant.

Every tool that has moving parts needs periodical lubrication. Particularly if it is actively used. In the case of angle grinders, the consistency and composition of the lubricant must meet certain requirements:

The presence in the composition of hard or even worse abrasive elements will cause abrasion of the working surface and individual parts of the device. Cheap lubricant simply evaporates once the temperature threshold of 100-120⁰C is reached. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the maximum allowable values of the lubricant, otherwise the tool will be left without any lubricant in the heat of work.

A good compound protects the surface from moisture, as well as from subsequent corrosion, which means that it must have water-repellent properties. The adjusted consistency allows to keep the lubricant on the surface: too thick lubricant will hamper operation of the mechanism, and the liquid one will simply flow into the gearbox.

How to lubricate the gear reducer angle grinder Makita, Bosch, Interskol and not only

What to lubricate. Most manufacturers insist on using their brand lubricants. The list of recommended greases is usually given in the instruction manual. Listen to the opinion of the author, buy in advance a tube or jar of original material.

If a manufacturer is so eco-friendly that their instructions are limited to specifying “suitable” compounds, it is the owner of the angle grinder who decides “what to lubricate. And buys. as an analogue. a universal grease of another manufacturer. Or, remembering a YouTube clip, he says to himself, “Somewhere I have a similar can in the garage, I’ll grease it. Decide for yourself, original or analog. Or take your dealer’s advice. Or take someone else’s experience. Options to “make grease yourself or use a surrogate”. are not recommended.

The necessary quantity of grease. Getting a new power tool, it is desirable to know how much grease to put in his gearbox for maintenance, the need for which will emerge sooner or later.

Remove the cover of your new angle grinder and look into the gear housing. A conscientious assembler should put just enough grease to coat the gear case and pinion with a thin layer, fill the pinion teeth completely, and fill the cover volume under the pinion. Take that number as a benchmark and follow it steadily.

Reference. Authorized Makita dealers state that the grease should not take up more than 50% of the gearbox volume.

That is why it is very useful to buy a tube of grease when you buy an angle grinder. Original or similar.

Lubrication intervals

Some sources state that you should lubricate the gearbox of an angle grinder once a year, others say “as needed”.

The frequency of lubrication depends on the class of the tool. A professional angle grinder, which works “without interruptions for a long time with full load”, simply will not live up to one year without grease. Determine for yourself if you have to lubricate your gearbox using simple diagnostic methods.

If you have any doubts, open the gearbox for inspection. It is easier to add fresh grease in five minutes than to “take out for repair” the necessary power tool for the whole weekend. Actually, the technology for changing the grease can be seen on YouTube:

Important. On some models the gear cover is secured with Torx 3.5 or Torx 4.0 socket head screws. Have one of these bits ready to go.

Watch the video to learn the process and sequence of changing the lubricant. Do not listen to recommendations such as “permanent grease for angle grinder gears”. Perpetual grease is intended for use in perpetual motors only.

Carefully examine the grease in the gear housing and gearbox cover after opening it. If it is translucent and has an original yellowish or blue-green color (depending on the brand) and no dirt or wear particles, do not replace the grease. Refill it sufficiently.

Old grease is sufficiently plastic. remove it with a soft cloth (rag). If it has turned into clumps of dirt (low-temperature sludge), rinse and dry the gear unit after removing it.

Be careful with the rear spindle bearing when cleaning and flushing the gear case. If it is a needle bearing, do not flush or relubricate. The needles can fall out of the worn cage (or outer cage, if that’s the design) and you’ll cause a lot of problems, up to replacing the bearing.

When the spindle is mounted in plain bearings, do not wash them too hard. The porous bronze-graphite material of the bushings is soaked with grease and there is no need to “degrease” it.

When flushing the gear housing, hold the angle grinder with the motor up, so that the dirty solution does not flow over the rotor shaft into its bearing and electrical guts.

For flushing use clean gasoline or mineral spirits and a stiff bristle brush.

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Choosing grease for tool gearbox

Lubricant for the gearboxes of all kinds of tools should correspond to its technical characteristics, recommendations, and, of course, the frequency of its use. To understand the abundance of lubricants for, say, gears, let’s consider the main mechanisms that will require it in performing its function, as well as the specifics of the substance itself, its mandatory characteristics:

  • For the gearbox of an angle grinder. They are also called angle grinders, which are angle grinders. So, in their operation, the most stress is on the gearbox. The latter contains helical gears and when the tool is driven, friction occurs, so the gearbox itself requires a lubricant. It must have the following properties: tensile strength not less than 120 Pa, dropping point not less than 120 C, and viscosity not greater than 800 Pa-s. Buy oil for the reducer, an indispensable tool in the life of every man, you can always in our store.
  • Peorator. For this kind of power tool in any case should not use a fake original special grease 2, class, purchased in the market! Order only from specialized stores and services, because saving money can lead to a tool breakdown, which will later cost you considerably more. The main parameter of purchased lubricant is the viscosity, and it depends on the user to change it regularly, because the substance saturated with dust, gradually loses its properties and can itself cause premature failure.
  • lawnmowers. After 10 hours of use with a chainsaw or brushcutter, you need to unscrew the special bolt located on the gearbox, and in the resulting hole pour the lubricant until it fills all the space inside. You can control the lubrication and make sure it does not “come out. Only use grease that has been specially prepared and sold at the lubrication service point.
  • For high-speed gearboxes. Gearbox of each of the considered tools can be high-speed, respectively, in its operation it is necessary to use a special lubricant for high-speed gearboxes. It is quite logical that it should be resistant to high temperatures, which are the result of friction between the parts, as well as a certain viscosity (individually for each mechanism). Otherwise, it will get cut at high temperatures and leak, causing the elements to heat up mercilessly and wear out.

No matter what kind of tool you have, you should always expect lightning-fast functionality, so take care of its condition, maintenance. Purchasing the accessories in the section of the specialized store “Grass Mower” you ensure comfortable work with the full value of the tool.

We will now briefly tell you how important it is to take good care of your tool by giving it a proper and timely filling of a special grease. If you want to use it for many years, you will need only one tube of grease B, Mk or other reliable manufacturer for this long period. Remember: your tool is in your hands. For owners of more powerful units, we will always offer and spare parts, as well as oil for the chainsaw to buy, so she was always ready to perform the functions entrusted to her!

Homemade Grease

If you want, you can make your own grease for an angle grinder. You will need a plastic grease, such as CYATIM-221, oil (I-20 will do), as well as a suitable metal container for mixing and burner.

The manufacturing process is generally simple, but it is very difficult to obtain a homogeneous product. Oil is added to the grease with constant mixing and slow heating. In a successful case, a stable connection of the two components should be obtained.

liquid grease for gear box of grinder

The quality of the ready composition in any case will be low, and it should not be used for long-term work.

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