Repair of pneumons

Pneumatic Gaykowert is an indispensable tool for working with threaded connections. It is widely used in car services and numerous construction work. Excellently tightens the nuts and weakens tight compounds.

The design of the pneumatic ovvert is quite simple, but there are many parts incomprehensible at first glance. Often, the details of the mechanism have sufficient strength for a long service life and fail only because of wear or increased loads. Most of these problems can be identified at home without the need to contact specialists. About how to determine the place of breakdown and eliminate the malfunction, we will tell in this article.

How often do oil change?

Oil replacement has a certain interval, which is registered for each generator in its technical passport, but there are times when the documentation is not always or a passport may be in a foreign language. For example, a recommendation to go on is unlikely to find there. Meanwhile, this is very important for the usual life of your station.

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  • If the product is new, the 1st replacement should occur after 5 hours of work. This is the “running.In” that I read about. New details seem to be “rubbed” to each other, microneries are smoothed out. With all this, the oil absorbs all the metalized particles, it becomes worked out. Black and muddy. This consistency must certainly be drained and changed;
  • 2nd replacement occurs (on average)-after 20-25 hours of work. This is the best interval of replacement, without looking at the loads of the generator with;
  • I recommend the third oil change in 50 hours of work. The following replacements can be at the intervals of both 50 and 100 hours. This indicator is located depending on the manufacturer or installed on the engine generator. I recommend correctly adhere to the designated interval in the technical passport of the generator itself.

How to replace lubricate oil. Electronic registry

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Everyone knows that when a woman is in an excited state, her lubricant is produced in her vagina. It helps to avoid excessive friction and makes the process of sexual intercourse as comfortable as possible. However, there are times when natural lubricant is not produced in the right amount and then the couple resorts to the help of lubricants.

At the moment, they can be purchased at any pharmacy or store. But what to do if the counter did not have the right jar, and a romantic meeting is planned for the evening? This is where the question arises of what can be used instead of lubrication.

Sex facts

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Varieties of lubricants

First of all, it is worth knowing what a lubricant is and what structure has. There are at the moment:

#128204; Обзор ударного шуруповерта Redverg RD ISD18V

Thanks to its viscous structure, perfect sliding is achieved. However, he has his drawbacks: very often there are traces of fabrics that are problematic to remove.

The demon of special difficulty is washed off with water, do not destroy the composition of latex and at the same time have a fairly low price. Despite this, they have a significant minus. They are very quickly absorbed into the skin, respectively, the consumption of such a fund will be many times greater.

This type of lubrication is ideal with people with very delicate skin in the intimate area. As a rule, it does not cause irritation and promotes soft glide. The only but significant drawback is incompatibility with condoms.

Perhaps the best lubricants have a gel structure. It leaves no traces, does not cause allergic reactions and retains humidity for a very long time. Also suitable for any latex products. Of course, the cost of such lubrication will be significantly higher than the rest. However, in this case, the price corresponds to the quality.

Which is better not to use

Many are sure that special lubricant can easily replace the petroleum jelly. And he really moisturizes very well, but there can be a lot of harm. In addition to the fact that the drug leaves unattractive spots on underwear, it can harm women’s health. Since its structure is quite oily, clots can remain in the vagina and it is extremely difficult to extract them from there. Thus, the remains of Vaseline can become an excellent environment for the propagation of pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

For the same reason, doctors do not recommend using children’s creams. They hardly wash out and can cause thrush and other diseases.

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In no case should the creams and oils, which have a warming effect. This will not only not bring pleasure, but can lead to a burn of the vaginal mucosa. If, nevertheless, such a drug enters the genitals, they should be washed with a large amount of water and immediately consult a doctor.

Cooling effects can also be dangerous for female health. In order not to harm the partner, it is better to bypass the cream that mint, menthol and red pepper. Otherwise, a romantic evening may end in the emergency room of the hospital.

Many couples use shampoos and shower gels as lubrication. This is theoretically allowed, but in practice such funds are better not to use. They do not have a moisturizing effect, and in some cases completely overdry the mucous membrane of the vagina. Because of this, microcracks may appear, which can lead to inflammatory processes.

As a rule, problems after using such a “lubricant” appear not only in women, but also in men. To avoid unpleasant consequences of shampoos and shower gels should only be used as intended.

It is forbidden to use vegetable oils. In addition to the fact that they can cause a change in the vaginal microflora, they also destroy the structure of latex. This can lead not only to unwanted pregnancy, but also to infectious diseases of the transmitted sexually.

Butter and margarine are also in the list of prohibited. Their effect is similar to vegetable oils, however, in addition, the use of these products as a lubricant can lead to redness and swelling of the mucous membrane.

Chemical substitutes

If you really want sex, but there is no lubricant at hand, you can use some skin care products. The perfect choice will be children’s vaseline oil. It has a slightly viscous structure and at the same time is washed well enough with water. This oil can be an excellent lubricant substitute. And the relatively low price will pleasantly surprise lovers.

Massage cream can also become a worthy lubricant substitute. However, before use, it is worth carefully studying the composition to exclude allergic reactions. By the way, such a cream will be required quite a bit, since it very quickly moisturizes the skin. Most importantly, after using such a cream, follow the rules of hygiene. Although it was washed somewhat better than children’s cream, low.Quality hygiene of intimate places can lead to accumulation of cream remnants.

Pharmacy oils are very popular, which can be used as a lubricant. These include rosehip oil, grapes and sea buckthorn. However, in its pure form, they should not be used. So that there are no side effects should be diluted with water. It is strictly forbidden to use oils, which in the composition have citrus extract. They can not only cause irritation, but also cause an allergic reaction.

How to make intimate lubricant with your own hands

Many couples very often have no idea what can be used instead of lubrication. However, as it turned out, many natural lubricants are in every kitchen. At home, you can also prepare a lubricant that will not be inferior to purchased. As a rule, they are very easy to prepare and do not cause side effects with proper use.

The best lubricant is everyone’s favorite banana. Its viscous structure provides soft sliding and pleasant sensations. And since it is also quite tasty, it can somewhat diversify an intimate life. It is not at all difficult to cook a banana.Based lubricant. It is enough to grind the fruit to a puree state and dilute it with water.

The importance of accounting for the variety of oil for hydraulic

Many manufacturers of hydraulic scores at the output season this device with red hydraulic oil, which in the end the consumer sometimes mistakes for ATF (oils for automatic gearboxes). For such oils, the requirements for viscosity, anti.Intelligible, antioxidant, anti.Icine and antifriction parameters are much higher than to the products of the oil industry intended for other mechanisms. The optimal temperature range for the oil is 80-90 degrees, and in conditions of high temperature in the external environment, the value of 150 degrees with moderate movement is permissible. For hydraulic pumps, the operating temperature is 60 degrees, while not more than 90 is allowed. Otherwise, the hydraulic system refuses to work. It is very important to take into account that the ATF can cause significant harm to the system, corroding and subjecting accelerated wear, sealing elements, rings, etc. As a result, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic stations will be observed, and valves, distribution blocks and the pump in general will be clogged.

When it is allowed to use other oils for hydraulic?

When the hydraulic tank has an extremely low level of oil, and there is an urgent need to finish the flight, then in such cases refueling is allowed by any oil. However, it is important to get to the service station as soon as possible to replace hydraulic oil with the corresponding. All hydraulic flows have different viscosity and set of additives, so the same oil that was used earlier to avoid the malfunctions of the hydraulic system should be added due to premature wear of its elements.

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To replace the oil, it is necessary to fill the flushing with the subsequent conduct of 5-6 full-fledged working cycles, including:

Then the flushing fluid is drained and the corresponding hydraulic oil is already refuel. The level must be controlled with a completely lowered side of the side. The viscosity of the oil is 32, the HVLP additive, in the case of operation in the heat is also supplemented with temperature additives. It is extremely recommended to use the hydraulic oil of the 46th viscosity, since at this level there is an additional load on the electric motor, the subsequent overheating of which is fraught with breakdowns. And the oil of the 22nd viscosity is permissible when working in low temperature conditions (up to 20 degrees).

Search and elimination of compressor malfunctions

There were problems when searching for compressor malfunctions?

I hate it when my tool does not work properly, and sometimes does not work at all. When it comes to one of my air compressors, which does not work properly, then a whole bunch of my air tools also cannot work properly.

What is here to search for faults of your compressor?

  • Search and elimination of compressor faults on a specific compressor problem
  • Access to the search and elimination of malfunctions by brand
  • Link to compressor repair services
  • The opportunity to ask a question or leave a comment

So, here is the page about eliminating the malfunctions of your compressor with links to pages with questions and answers that cover many problems of the compressor and their solutions.

If you have a question about a specific brand of air compressor, visit the page of this brand on this site and use the form on the page of this brand to add it if you are so kind. This facilitates people of the same brand Solving problems with their compressors.

Use the search window in the upper left corner to find the answer to your specific question to eliminate the malfunctions of the air compressor, if you do not see it specified below. Not there? Then ask your question at the end of this page.We, this is me and many visitors to the ABOUT-AIR-Compressors website.Com, we will try to help you with your question.

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If you can help another compressor user, commenting on his problem with the compressor, this will surely help us all.

Let’s all try to fix your air compressor!

Air flow problems

Problems with the capacitor

CFM. SCFM. Compressed air consumption

Problems with the launch of the compressor

Problems with compressor work

Problems with a compressor stop

Problems with an electrician

Fuses or interruptions pop up


Liquid air compressors (gas. Diesel-props)


Problems with engines

Oil pages

Spare parts problems

Problems with a compressor associated with pressure

Pressure switch

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PRV valves (pressure reset)




Tools (pneumatic)

Problems with an unloading valve


Elimination of other compressor malfunctions

Elimination of malfunctions of a particular brand

Follow the link to the compressor brand here to view the list of questions asked by other users, and the answers regarding this particular air compressor brand.

Compressor repair services?

Гайковерт Elitech ГУ 350РЭ E2201.008.00 обзор крутой бюджетный инструмент ремонт irbis nirvana

You have a problem with a compressor that has not yet been described on this page or site?

If you spent a little time to add a comment about your experience or solutions to any of the pages associated with specific brands of air compressors, this will certainly help others solve such problems with compressors.

If you have a problem associated with the search and elimination of compressor malfunctions, which is not described on the pages above, add it here.Add one or three photos to determine the compressor problem area. All excellent questions and answers will be posted on the pages of this site so that others can use them and study.

Types of oils

There are several types of motor oils for the engine:

So what kind of oil is poured for the winter in the engine: mineral, synthetic or semi.Synthetics? Consider them in detail.

  • Mineral. Made of natural components, namely, from oil. This is the oldest type of motor oils. It should not be poured into the motor in winter in any case, t.To. At temperatures below.10s it will freeze. At the same time, the oil perfectly cleans the engine from the forming soot in the warm season.
  • Semi.Synthetics. It is based on natural substances with the addition of artificially synthesized compounds, as well as mineral, it is not recommended for use in the cold season, t.To. Does not withstand too low temperatures.
  • Synthetics. Was created using molecular synthesis. Capable of maintaining its qualities and not freezing at various temperatures, a great option for winter frosts. But only if previously the previously high.Quality lubricant fluid. If a poor-quality product was poured into the engine, which is why a lot of soot formed, then synthetics will lead to a quick detachment of pollution and the failure of the motor.

Important! If the story of the replacement of motor oil with a car is not known, then before filling the new engine, be sure to wash it.

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How to serve a pneumo tool?

Use only specialized nipples, fittings and adapters for work and check the device only at idle. It is worth excluding air leakage, malfunctions in the trigger, unusual knocks or vibration. Connect the pneumatic tool to the compressor hose, then supply air.

The lubricator is used in pneumolines to spray oil into a stream of compressed air, ensuring the lubrication of the internal working parts of the pneumatic tools and their components, including drive cylinders, valves and engines.

Selection of compressor for pneumons

Many motorists, buying a pneumatic gaykowert, are wondering what compressor is needed for this unit. First of all, you should pay attention to its performance by passport. There is one nuance here: some companies producing compressors to increase sales indicate productivity not at the output, but at the entrance. For example, the documentation for the unit indicates its performance of 210 liters per minute. This means that this indicator must be interpreted as the speed of air injection by the compressor into itself, that is, in the receiver. At the exit, the performance can fall by approximately 30-40%. And it turns out that the unit actually gives out only 146-127 l/min.

Based on the foregoing, it can be understood that if the compressor indicates a productivity of 210 l/min, then you need to choose a gaykowert with significantly smaller indicators of the air stream velocity. For example, if the operating speed of the air flow in the tool is 200 l/min, and the compressor according to the documentation is 210 l/min (really-146-127 l/min), then this tool will neither unscrew or efficiently tighten you.

In addition, the volume of the receiver also plays an important role. In household units, the cylinder can have a volume of only 24-50 liters. Under such conditions, the Gaikovert will not be able to work normally. Even with the volume of the receiver 50 liters after several seconds of the tool, the pressure in it is significantly reduced, and to continue the work you have to wait until it recovers. Therefore, the compressor receiver should have a volume of more than 50 liters, and the unit itself create pressure in it at least 6.2 kg/cm². Otherwise, the device will not be able to develop the necessary power.

But it is impossible to allow too high pressure in the system. Exceeding the recommended pressure indicator adversely affects the main nodes of the instrument, leads them to rapid wear and, as a result, the exit of the GaikoVERT.

The result of the above is as follows: if the tool is designed for the working speed of the air 119 l/min, and the compressor for the GaikoVERT gives 135 l/min in reality, then with its help you can unscrew and tighten the fasteners on wheels without problems. But do not forget that the tool should have a torque of at least 550 nm.

How to choose a pneumatic shock gaykort

Before you go to the store for a pneumatic stroke, you should ask yourself a few important questions, the answers to which will help you make a successful purchase. This tool has many features and areas of application, so the indicators of the working characteristics of different models can change significantly. One specific gaykowert can be successfully applied in one type of work, but not at all for another. What needs to be taken into account when choosing:

  • The scope of application. Determine for yourself in which types of work the tool will be used. Do you need a pneumatic garage garage, a compact device for installing ventilations or a large unit for unscrewing the wheels of trucks.
  • The size of the nut. The more compact fasteners, the less it requires tightening strength. If you have to twist nuts with a thread size from M6 to M10, a 1/2 landing square is suitable for 1/2. Gaikovert with a square of 3/4 is suitable for fasteners with a thread M10. M18. For large nuts, a 1 inch square will be optimal.
  • Torque. Based on a certain type of work, a tool is selected with a suitable indicator of torque, which is usually in the range from 300 nm to 3000 nm (not taking into account the giants of the industry). The wheels of a passenger car can break off at 300-400 nm, KAMAZ at 800-1000 nm, and extremely loaded connections will succumb only to the tool with an indicator of several thousand.
  • Tightening regulator. An important factor adding a versatility tool. The adjustment expands the range of twisted fasteners, but on pneumatic nuts has an error of 10%.
  • The weight of the device. Long work with a heavy tool with vibration can pretty complicate life. If you choose a pneumatic gay control for garage and small homework for a few minutes a day, then an unit with a whole.Metal case is suitable. For longer use, it is better to take the tool easier, with a body made of composite materials.
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