Lubricating oils for chains and chainsaws

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For reduction of friction and wear between internal parts and units of internal combustion engines, as well as chain and pinion gears, etc. Used oils and greases.

The distinction of lubricants according to several key parameters:

  • According to the initial raw material: greases and oils are mineral (petroleum). Synthetic oils. produced from different raw materials by different methods (for example, polymerization of petroleum hydrocarbons), have very good quality, but their cost is also very high, so they are used only for the lubrication of critical equipment units; Organic. have excellent lubricating properties, but are unstable at high / low temperatures.
  • according to temperature properties. all greases and oils are divided into several groups depending on pour point. Summer chains, which lose their viscosity at.At 15°C, winter chains lose viscosity at.the temperature of the carburetor is 20°C or lower, and the all-season types are suitable for use both in warm and in cold weather.
  • according to their state of aggregation. they are liquid (these are mainly vegetable and petroleum-based lubricating oils), plastic (pastes). these are solidol, technical Vaseline, fats, etc. д.) and solid (talc, mica). they remain in this state irrespective of the ambient temperature and pressure.

What is chain grease and which chains are the best??

Let’s take a bicycle as an example. Grease is applied not more often than once a year, if not renewed at all. They do not break, and there are no traffic problems.

The difference is that the chainsaw chain, unlike a bicycle chain, does not sag in the air, but always rests on the bar.

In heavy sawing, the load can be so heavy that the friction literally glows the tool. Part of the energy is spent not on processing the wood, but on overcoming this very friction. The heat causes the chain to stretch, losing its strength, and wearing out the smooth surface of the bar.

In addition, overheating of the drive sprocket during operation (if the friction is dry). This is another working area of lubrication.

Serious manufacturers minimize possible problems in operation by using stronger alloys, but this does not guarantee material integrity in dry friction.

The best chains are made of different metals: the bushings are designed to rotate axially, and the links withstand tension. To keep the chain from sagging after extended use, it is pretensioned.

For example, pulls chainsaw chains on calibrated equipment before sale, immediately reaching the ultimate length increase. The links do not change geometry under load after this procedure. Chains are less likely to slip while working. Of course, chain is kept in good condition under load by force feed lubrication.

It should always be between the links and the bar. Each manufacturer recommends (and produces) lubricants for both the engine and the bar.

This does not mean that STIHL chain saw oil cannot be used in a Husqvarna chain saw. They are made for the same purposes, just check the specifications.

Read about what other chainsaw oils you can use here.

The main thing is not to mix up chain and motor lubricants. They are completely different formulations.

Most chainsaws are powered by a two-stroke internal combustion engine.

This is due to their light weight and ease of maintenance. Unlike four-strokes, these motors do not have a separate oil sump. Even the four-stroke engines in these tools have a lubrication system that is fundamentally different from the internal combustion engines in automobiles.

The use of a crankcase lubrication system is unacceptable for chain saws, because during operation the tool is constantly changing its position, the lubricant will simply not get into the oil lines.

In a 2-stroke system oil is added to the petrol, so there’s no oil pump as such. This is the subject of a separate article, in our material we will consider the lubrication system.

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It is a widespread belief that quality brand name chain oil for chainsaws should only be used in the petrol and oil mixture of the engine. Nevertheless, the choice of oil for lubrication. a simple matter. Anything works as long as it gets in the right place.

But putting grease on a chain is half the battle. It is important that it remains on the metal and on the underside, which is used for sawing. Substances with higher adhesion, in other words the ability to stick to the surface and adhere to it, are used for this purpose. Oil with poor adhesion will fly off the fast-turning chain, spraying everything around for no good reason. Of course some will remain, but we do not know if this is enough to keep the chain from overheating during intensive work.

Important! In all-season chainsaw use, you have to consider the relationship between the oil supply and the time of year and the air temperature.

Mineral lubricants that keep the chain and guide bar lubricated in positive temperatures tend to crystallise and become thick in freezing temperatures. To avoid personal injury and damage to the brakes, do not brake unnecessarily hard or place heavy objects on the brake pedal. Its life is shortened, and it can fail prematurely. In wintertime you should choose synthetics with special additives that provide reliable lubrication in cold weather up to.40 ℃. Semi-synthetics are used in light frost and near-freezing temperatures.

Evaluations of the use of different chain oil in chainsaws reduce to the fact that the wrong choice can increase the load on the engine up to 10%. The life of the chain and the saw bar is further shortened.

In view of the increased environmental awareness in recent years, brand-name oil products are increasingly being made from degradable substances. And in the long run, chain lubricant consumption can be measured in liters. And for those who are not indifferent to nature, this will be an extra reason to choose an environmentally friendly product. If you care what you get splashed with and what marks are left on the wood after sawing.

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Why chain oil?

The cutting blade operates in harsh conditions that negatively affect the performance of the entire unit. Chain oil for gasoline-powered tools minimizes the risk of overheating the saw blade and the guide rail, helping to cut hardwood efficiently. The need for chain lubrication in chainsaws is expressed by the fact that the design is equipped with a supply tank and a pump, with fixed or adjustable functionality.

Many people wonder what oil is better for the lubrication of the saw unit? In the priority branded compositions that contain anti-corrosion, anti-oxidizing and stabilizing substances that can comprehensively extend the operating life of the gasoline tool.

The branded products in high demand include products from leading manufacturers:

Good recommendations have products of Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese production, the price of which is much cheaper, while the main parameters are not inferior to brand developments. Irrespective of whether you use piston compressor oil or add it to petrol in order to prepare fuel mixture, experts do not recommend to use cheap substitute product. Counterfeit causes the intense wear and tear of the material part of the aggregate, which often becomes a reason for cancellation of the warranty obligation by the service departments.

Order wholesale and retail lubricants, as well as buy chain saw spare parts, you can with a warranty from the manufacturer in the Benzip” online store.

What is the advantage of special solutions over the usual liquid?

Of course, you have every right to replace the special oil for chain lubrication with an ordinary. But such a move is not very profitable for people who own a new tool with a valid warranty. Should you ever have a problem with your chainsaw, the fact that you have not used specialised products to keep the engine running at its full potential is grounds for denying warranty service. Those who are concerned about the state of the environment should also think about using special solutions. The chainsaw chain oil presented in this section of our homepage is less harmful to the environment than conventional blends. If you are going to do something with your chain saw in colder periods, the choice is clear. only a special fluid can work in colder ambient temperatures.

If your saw model is not equipped with an oil tank, you will need to take care to purchase additional accessories that will allow you to lubricate important parts of the tool. These tools include an oil can, a syringe and a brush. In addition, it is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the manufacturer’s recommendations for chain saw care. Some manufacturers recommend to make special tubs for tools. This is particularly important if you do not use your power tool for a long period of time. In that case it is necessary to find any container, pour oil into it so that it covers the tool and put the chainsaw there. In order to prevent dirt and dust from getting into the mechanism, the container should be sealed tightly.

You can buy chain oil with excellent quality characteristics in Arles Online Shop. It’s easy enough to buy. To do this you need to add the product to the “cart” and place the order.

Adjusting the density of the oil to external temperature factors

Using chain oil at low temperatures to.20°C adversely affects the performance of the oil pump and the durability of its drive.

If you don’t have the right material, you can solve the problem by diluting the oil that has congealed in cold weather. The best solvent to use is dehydrated kerosene.

Such an additive will provide complete lubrication of the headset, but heavy loads when the saw works on diluted oil are recommended to be significantly limited.

Why it is important to use chain oil for a chainsaw chain?

Each saw has a specific set of knots that are exposed to increased loads. That is why it is important for operators to use a special oil for chainsaw chain, which will partially level the load on the tool and the equipment itself.

Every sixth operator who decided to buy the first chain saw asks the question, but why a special consumable for the lubrication of the saw chain, if you can not spend a penny and fill the usual waste? The answer to this question will be revealed by employees of the profile trading platform in Ukraine.

The chainsaw chain is directly connected with the piston group. That is why not using enough lubricant for your chainsaw‘s headsets can cause the engine to wear out quickly. What’s more, not enough lubricant can cause the saw chain segments to break, so you have to buy a new chain for your chainsaw. and that’s a waste.

In order not to become a hostage of unpleasant situations, we recommend visiting the profile online store Benzo-Zip (Dnepr), where you can order high-quality oil for chain lubrication, the price of which is affordable to every operator.

Chain oil for chainsaws

One of the most important parts of a chainsaw is its cutting part. the chain. In the case of chain saw work without using lubrication, the chain gets worn out, worn out and stretched very quickly, turning the work of the tool into pure torture. To avoid this, you need to use chain oil, such as Patriot’s FAVORITE BARCHAIN LUBE 850030601 chain oil, on a regular basis. It notably reduces friction between the chain drive and the chain hinges. Chain oil is poured into a special tank and fed through an oil pump, which is provided in any chainsaw. Using a chain saw at high rpm without oil can cause instant damage to both the bar and the chain. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to always check the presence of chain lubricant for a chainsaw chain before working with a chainsaw. You can also do it in the process. put a sheet of paper in front of the moving blade. if there is lubricating oil, then an oil strip will appear on the paper.

There is also another way to apply chain oil to a chainsaw. by spraying. For example, Arsenal Patriot AR-314 Chain Lubricant in aerosol form is easy to apply even in hard-to-reach places.

All oils and greases also differ in terms of their volume. they vary from 0.05 liter to 5 liter.

Our online store offers a wide range of oils and lubricants at attractive prices. To buy them is very simple. you can call by the free phone number 8-800-333-83-28 or place your order through the website. In any case, you will be contacted by an experienced manager who will provide all information of interest on the selection, timing and cost of delivery.

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