Lubrication for the pea

This procedure is required to be carried out every 3 to 4 months with the frequent use of the tool. If it is used periodically, then it is enough to perform work once a year.

For proper care, it is necessary to use a high.Quality lubricant element. If you fail to find the original, then an analogue is used. Today there are several brands on the market that produce the corresponding GOST lubricant.

Name of a branded description
Makita There is a complete range of materials for the processing of moving parts of the product. It is recommended for use with the same models, as the manufacturer takes into account the features of the penetrator when creating mixtures.
Bosch In the assortment oil and more viscous lubricants. It is necessary to choose based on the power of the tool and the recommendations of the manufacturer. Devices from this company are better to process the materials of the same name.
Lubcon The mixtures do not oxidize and do not allow the pedorator to overheat. The composition is waterproof, protects rotating parts from the negative effects of friction force.
Nanothek In stock synthetic, semi.Synthetic, mineral, semi.Liquid and plastic compositions. They are suitable for processing drills, cartridges and gearboxes.
Metabo Specialization on plastic substances for drills and cartridges. The mixture extends the life of the tool.
Bison There are mixtures for all rotating elements of the penetrator. The price is democratic, the quality corresponds to GOST-R.
Interskol Water.Repellent grease for drills and cartridges is produced. She repels dust.
Prorab Specialized lubrication of various consistency for drill/gearbox/cartridge. Quality meets the requirements of GOST-R.
Kress Elektrowerkzege The company produces only a lubricant for drills. It has a creamy shape. Easily applied from a tube. Has a sufficient level of viscosity for prolonged operation of the tool.
Litol Oil oil, which is thickened by a special composition. Works at temperatures up to 120 degrees. It has a water.Repellent property. Sometimes it causes overheating of individual elements of the penetrator.

Thus, to process the rotating elements of the penetrator yourself is not a problem. It is required to follow the instructions and select a high.Quality mixture. If the tool is bought on ebay or aliexpress and has no brand, then it is worth choosing a lubricant from the list indicated above.

When purchasing a branded peorator, original mixtures are used to extend the service life of the device. While it is under warranty, it is better to carry out preventive work in the service center. This will exclude conflicts with the manufacturer if there are problems with the tool.

Greetings on my site! This article will talk about the lubrication of the penetrator. The operation of this tool requires not only a simple careful attitude. Be sure to periodically lubricate the gearbox and cartridge.

At the same time, the gearbox, of course, is already coming from the factory. But over time, the lubricant leaks somewhere, somewhere dries. In addition, it is intended only to reduce friction, and not to eliminate it. Therefore, one way or another, and the details still rub against each other, which is why fine metal dust is gradually formed, which remains in grease.

As a result of such mixing of metal and lubricating material, the properties of the latter are gradually lost and the wear of the parts is accelerated.

The cartridge from the plant goes dry. Here, in fact, not the cartridge itself is smeared completely, but only its place, which is in contact with the drill, since it is in it that severe friction occurs, without reducing which the cartridge itself and the tail of the drill itself can be damaged.

So, below, consider how and how to lubricate these elements. The SDS peorator with the horizontal location of the engine will be considered, since it is they who in the vast majority of cases are used by home craftsmen, and the article is mainly written for them.

Basic structural elements of the penetrator

In order for the peorator to perform its immediate functions, it is necessary to make a certain force towards the processed surface. It is possible to get such an impulse thanks to a pneumatic or electromagnetic mechanism. The power of the instrument depends on the energy of the impact and power of the electric motor. That is, the more the indicators are in joules and watts, the more powerful the tool.

The main elements of the peorator with an electromagnetic type of impact include:

And the elements of the tool with the pneumatic type of action include:

Pneumatic impact oorators are more common to date than with an electromagnetic blow. There are several options for their execution, the main two, which differ from each other in that the first uses a swinging bearing (the so-called “drunk”), and in the second a crooked-shaped mechanism is used. Tools with the first option differ in lightness and compactness, and with the second option, as a rule, have medium or heavy weight.

  • Cartridge. It is necessary to fix the nozzle, several types are distinguished: SDS Plus (installed in light tools) and SDS Max (for medium and heavy devices), the first type has the ability to install a drill from shanks with a diameter of 1 cm, with the second type the tail diameter is 1.8 cm, also SDS Plus has three operating modes (drilling, drilling, blow), and SDS max only two (drilling and blow). There is the possibility of installing a traditional cam type cartridge (a hollow cylinder with an adjusting ring and metal fists, which hold the nozzle);
  • The cartridge replacement system is a quick change in one type of cartridge (SDS) to another (cam);
  • Reverse. Changes the rotation of the drill, there is a brush and electronic type;
  • The gearbox is a single case (crankcase), in which various gears are placed (conical, cylindrical, worm), this location of the parts allows you to protect the main mechanism from damage and dust and dust, the main function of the element is to change the speed of rotation of the shafts;
  • Protection against vibration. There are passive or active (AVS marking, most heavy peorators are supplied) type, they extinguish vibration from blows, that is, they decrease it, but it is not possible to completely remove this effect, the active anti.Vibration system has a shock.Absorbing device. A counterweight to a spring, and a passive system is rubber overlays and rubberized hilt, that is, it protects a little worse and is installed only on light household tools;
  • Various indicators;
  • Speed regulator;
  • Safety coupling. It is necessary to stop the rotation of the cartridge in cases where the nozzle jams during operation, there are two types: spring-pool (consists of half-meters with teeth and spring) and friction (consists of disks);
  • Electronic immobilizer. For stopping the inferator in emergency situations, for example, in cases of voltage difference in order to avoid problems with the tool and maintain its performance;
  • Engine. There are two types: transverse (vertical location, differs in a larger area for cooling and is considered more protected from dust formed during operation, as a rule, are used in cases where prolonged drilling is necessary without interruptions) and longitudinal (horizontal location helps to make the tool more balanced, that is, increases its ergonomicity, as well as more compact).

Having sorted out the device of the penetrator, you should know what care the tool is needed.

What nodes of the device should be applied to the lubricant

The instructions for the use of the inferator states that it is necessary to periodically process three main details of the tools periodically with a special composition. This will improve the efficiency of work as a whole, and will extend the life of. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with how to care correctly for the peorator.

Working equipment

This part of the device consists of a drill and crowns that experience an increased load. After all, it is the working equipment that allows you to process solid materials such as concrete, brick, artificial and natural stone by shock and rotation.

The instructions for the device say that the lubrication of the tail of the drill must be carried out before each use. And if you work as a tool during the day, you must regularly check the availability of the product.

Before carrying out the procedure, you need to familiarize yourself with how to lubricate this part of the penetrator. To do this, you need to apply the product to the grooves that fix the locking wings. But before updating the layer, you need to remove the spent composition with a dry cloth, as well as additionally clean the surface from dirt and dust. After that, you need to squeeze out the grease from the tube and distribute it evenly with your hand over the entire surface. Usually 1 g is enough.

Important! Lubrication not only reduces friction, but also protects from the instrument from entering the tool of small particles of fragmented materials, dust.


When buying a new tool, it must be borne in mind that its cartridge is dry. And before starting work, the equipment of the equipment should be processed with a special composition. After all, it is in this place that the greatest friction arises during operation.


This part of the tool provides the transmission of the torque from the electric motor to the cartridge. The gearbox experiences increased load when working at high speed, which causes an increase in temperature. Therefore, the case should be periodically disassembled and an uniform layer of oil should be applied to it.

Instructions on how to lubricate the peorater gearbox:

  • Pre.Clean the part of dust and dirt.
  • Using locksmithing tools, disassemble the case, carefully remembering the location of the structural elements.
  • Rinse with gasoline initially components, and then wipe dry with a rag.
  • Pay attention to the details without lubrication, since they do not need to apply the product on them.
  • Process all the elements of the gearbox, put them in place, observing the assembly sequence.

Important! Benchy lubricants should be used, since they not only reduce the load, but also have water resistance, which prevents the corrosion of parts.

The best lubricant for pouorators

Having examined the purpose and requirements for lubricants for the pedorator, let’s figure out which lubricant for the pea is better in characteristics and reviews. To do this, we have compiled a rating of popular specimens already tested by time and operation in household and construction conditions.

Makita 196804-7

Lubrication from the Japanese brand, designed only for applying to the shank and inside the cartridge. Produced in a white-red tube with a brand logo and index. 95 g is placed in the container, which is enough from a month to a year, depending on the frequency of use of the penetrator. Soft walls of the tube simplify squeezing the composition and applying to the equipment.

  • Does not relax even with long storage.
  • During heating, does not turn into wax.
  • Directly in Japan is produced.
  • Convenient packaging for squeezing.
  • The tube is easily placed in a suitcase for transportation.
  • There is a loop for hanging in a garage or at another workplace.
  • The cost is relatively high.
  • White bottle is quickly cream.
  • The packaging does not indicate the composition. It is difficult to choose similar, but cheaper.

Conclusion. This is one of the highest quality lubricants for the peorator used in intensive mode. Reviews of the masters show that the equipment does not jam with her even with daily winning walls for 6 hours. In this case, only one chisel is operated all the time. If you want to protect the cartridge and equipment as much as possible, then purchase goods from Makita for drill.

Arsenal AR-401 (100 g) Patriot

In second place in the rating of the product from the American brand “Patriot”. The goods are allocated by an attractive price. Suitable for lubrication of all drills at a rotation speed of 1000-4000 rpm. The capacity of the tube is 100 g.

  • Relatively low cost.
  • You need to squeeze out just a little bit.
  • Convenient packaging for use.
  • The dust is well delayed.
  • Not a flashing case.
  • There is a hole for hanging.
  • Sometimes splashes from the cartridge to the wall.
  • When heated, it becomes strongly fluid.
  • The tip of the tube has no relief. It is difficult to unscrew in working gloves.

Conclusion. This product is notable for economical expenses. Users in the reviews are divided that it is enough to squeeze 0.5 g per shank drill so that this is enough to lubricate the equipment with intensive use. True, such accelerated distribution on the surface is due to increased fluidity, so it needs to be added less, but more often.

Zubrov ZSB-125

Third place in the rating for domestic lubrication from the “bison”. Its composition has a semi.Synthetic basis. The manufacturer added special additives to increase the positive properties of the substance with extreme loads. The product is suitable for drills, chisel, crowns. It can be tucked in “light” SDS cartridges and more “heavy” SDS-MAX. Lubrication is resistant to water and does not form an emulsion. The tool reliably protects the metal nodes of the peorator from abrasion and corrosion.

  • Relatively low cost.
  • The capacity of the tube is 125 g.
  • Large inscription “for drill”, so as not to confuse when servicing the gearbox.
  • Loop to suspend lubrication on the hook in the garage.
  • For SDS drill enough thin layer.
  • In the development of the composition, nano-technologies were involved.

lubricant, needed, perforator, lubricate

  • It is difficult to unscrew the cap with sweaty hands.
  • It quickly becomes liquid.
  • Flies out onto the wall from the cartridge.
  • It is difficult to wipe off from wallpapers.

Conclusion. This lubrication has a wide temperature range. It does not thickeen at a negative temperature before.50 degrees, and remains to the best of the fluid when reaching 130 degrees. If you work as a peorator in the cold or in open space in the summer, then this product will be the best.

Elitech 2006.000100

Another domestic lubricant on a semi.Synthetic basis completes this category. It is produced in a soft tube with a capacity of 60 g. The substance is designed to reduce the friction of equipment and protection against corrosion. The temperature range allows you to use the remedy for.55 to 140 degrees.

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  • No strong spraying when overheating.
  • Affordable price.
  • Does not turn into oil.
  • The tube has a hole for the suspension.
  • Suitable for all types of shanks and types of working equipment (chisel, chisel, crown, drill).
  • It gets very dark with prolonged drilling.
  • If it is stored for a long time in a warehouse or in a garage, then it may dry or delay.
  • The capacity of the tube is less than that of other brands.

Conclusion. This lubrication best prevents metal corrosion. With her, your drill and elements of the cartridge will remain intact without traces of rust. If you prefer to use expensive drills and crowns of domestic manufacturers, then this lubricant is perfect.

For what parts the lubricant is suitable?

Each lubricant has its own characteristic features. They must be taken into account. Therefore, we choose a lubricant for the penetrator consciously. For each type, the component of the mechanism selects their variety of substance.

The lubricant for the gearbox cannot be used for drill. Therefore, before purchasing lubricating materials, it is necessary to carefully study the manufacturer’s instructions. It clearly indicates that from components and mechanisms it requires processing, how often it is necessary to do it.

Also, the manufacturer must also indicate what substances it is allowed to care for the tool. If you find the tool recommended by the manufacturer is not possible, it is necessary to be guided by the general rules of oil change on different mechanisms of the peorator.

What lubricant is needed for a peorator

In order to reduce the wear of internal details in the ashorator, and a good peorator costs good money, you need to choose the type of lubricant in which this wear can be maximally reduced.

Lubrication can be in liquid form, which is used in those peorators in which the gearbox is in a fully closed case. The oil is kept using special stuffing box seals and poured through special holes, which are then tightly closed.

Before replacing the oil, we must wash the internal parts or gasoline or machine oil. This is if the body is unlimited. The amount of oil is indicated in the instructions for the tool.

The lubricant works great for cooling, the gears seem to bathe in oil, lubricated from all sides. But there is one drawback. Since this is a closed space, when heated, which inevitably during the work of this tools, the oil expands and increases the pressure in the body.

lubricant, needed, perforator, lubricate

Another type of grease is a consistent lubricant. Its use is more common.

Lubrication Engineers Gear Box Demo

It is much more convenient when used, due to density it better sticks to the details. In order to lubricate the peorator gearbox with your own hands, it needs to be disassembled in detail using the instructions for disassembling. This can be read in detail in the article “Lubrication for the peorater gearbox”. In order to decide what lubricant should be in the gearbox of your infantry, you must also consider whether your tool is under warranty.

If the warranty period has not expired, we use the lubricant that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Companies such as Makita and Bosch release their lubricant, which protects the tool from premature wear.

Which lubricant to choose for Makita gearbox

For these manufacturers, lubricant is also produced by liquid or consistent. For a 30 gram tube and can be used for other brands. According to reviews, very good quality.

After the end of the guarantee for the tool, the owner himself decides what lubricant to lubricate his peorator, look for his own option or use a lubricant recommended by the company.

I would like to return to Litol. Users having a Chinese instrument or Chinese. Russian, note the fact that when using lithola in these tools, increases the impact of the penetrator and at the same time decreases noisiness in the operation of the tool. Just when it is used, you need to make a lubricant 1, 5 times more often.

In addition, lithols when heated faster liquefies and follows. But this lubricant does not spoil the tool, although in other models of the tool it can cause severe heating of parts, as well as additional braking.

What manufacturers produce lubricant for the gearbox?

General.Purpose brands such as Castrol, XADO, Ravenol, Shell, etc. Of course, the admission of the manufacturer of the peorators, on these products there is no. But the description must have information that this is a lubricant for the electric tool gearbox. You just have to choose the right consistency. Information about this is in the technical documentation of the tool.

  • Profile brands: Bosch, Makita, Lubcon, Aeg. This is a more correct choice, but when buying you should be more careful. In the documentation for lubrication, there may be a list of specific models of the manufacturer of the peorators. Compatibility with instruments of different brands is determined by consistency and similar characteristics.
  • Interesting product: semi.Liquid lubricant for Ultra gearboxes. This is a compromise between the consistent composition and liquid oils.

The lubricant easily goes into a liquid state with a slight heating, at the same time it has excellent adhesion. Thus, this product can be used both in crankcase and leaky gearboxes.

Proper care for a drill with the function of the peorator

The function of the penetrator is a hybrid of two types of equipment used to create holes in various materials. Unlike a classic peorator, such a drill has some constructive disadvantages, which makes its maintenance more complex and not too comfortable. Such disadvantages, in particular, include:

The main care of the drill with the functions of the penetrator is that after each use of the drill of such equipment (including the tail part), it is necessary to clean well of the drilling waste, and before inserting such a tool into the drill, a small amount should be applied to its shank. Lubrication (you can use ordinary solidol). If the amount of lubricant on the shank is excessive, this will not harm the tool and the equipment used, but can negatively affect the appearance of the surface that you are drilling, since the excess lubricant will be sprayed from the rotating cartridge.

As a rule, drills with the functions of the penetrator are purchased for domestic use, since their price is quite affordable, and with their functions when performing simple repair work in the house, they cope quite well. Despite the fact that these power tools are distinguished by the features mentioned above, caring for a poorator drill does not take much time and does not cause problems even not too experienced users.

A few more recommendations on the lubrication of the peorator

The question of how often the lubrication of the peorater should be performed, users of such equipment often occur quite often. There can be no unequivocal answer to this question, since the regularity of the lubrication depends on the intensity of the use of the peorator, as well as on what loads the equipment perceives. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the recommendations of the manufacturer, necessarily indicated in the technical passport, as well as whether the warranty period has ended for the device you use.

Hidden surfaces of the parts of the gearbox must be lubricated before assembling mechanisms

lubricant, needed, perforator, lubricate

To the question of how to lubricate the peorator of one of modern models, it is much easier to answer, since the advantageous majority of these devices already have a special container in their equipment, in which you just need to fill the lubricant, unscrewing the drain cover and drain the old lubricant. Before pouring a new lubricant, the level of which should not exceed the control mark, it is better to blow the container using any compressor suitable for this, and then rinse using spindle oil or ordinary gasoline.

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