What kind of oil can be poured into a power plant

The oil lubrication oil performs its main purpose. Lubricates the guide links of the chain guides in the tire and the driven star. The lubricant should slowly, in the ideal case, is adjustable, supplied through the channel intended for this in the tire groove. Further, the oil for the chain is captured by guide links and distributed over the entire surface of the grooves, delivered to the teeth of the driven sprocket, reducing the effect of friction forces between moving elements and guiding surfaces.

The oil lubrication oils are no different from those that are used in mechanisms with a gasoline power plant. The only difference is that not all models with an electric drive are equipped with a built.In lubrication system of a saw tool. The lubricant in such modifications is delivered to the tire with a syringe, brush or dipping the saw element in the oil bath.

Some of the models of branded saw units of Stihl or Makita, having electric drive, are equipped with oil pumps with the ability to adjust the supply of lubricants. An increase or decrease in the amount of lubricant can be carried out in two ways: changing diameter to pass it or changing the course of the oil pump plunger, for example, in professional saws of Stihl. The screw for changing the supply is usually located in the lower or side of the case, close to the tire attachment site. The adjustment of the Plunger stroke is more reliable in a specialized workshop.

In most electric chain saws, such an adjustment is not provided for by the design and the oil is supplied in the amount provided by the manufacturer. The oil pump, if available, has a direct connection with the engine: the engine works. The oil comes to the circuit. Stopping the engine rotation automatically stops the supply of lubricants. The oil supply in such saws can be changed in one way. Using lubricants with invariant viscosity.

Not enough oil

The lack of lubrication naturally leads to local overheating of the rubbing surfaces. The consequences of overheating and dry friction can lead to very sad consequences:

poured, electric, choice

  • Tire deformation;
  • Premature wear of the guide tire groove;
  • Jamming and wear of the led star;
  • Jamming or cliff of chain.

All this can not only disable the electric saw, but also fraught with injuries.

Excess oil

Excessive supply of lubrication does not lead to critical disorders in the pair of the chain-nine. If you do not pay attention to the increased consumption of lubricant and pollution of the saw case with oil soaked with oil, then you can follow the rule “Porridge” oil “. Meter emissions of oil spray from the chain at large and medium engine speeds is another inevitable consequence of excessive supply of lubrication to the chain saw.

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Which oil can be used for a chain electric saw? How to fill it? Why it does not enter the chain?

Oil for an electric saw is perhaps the most important and necessary consumable. It is he who positively affects the work of the tool. Good oil significantly simplifies the process of operating this device. With it, the cutting canvas is better in contact with materials that have a different structure. In addition, thanks to this consumable, the tool can last much longer.

We will figure out how to choose the right oil for an electric saw.

What is needed for?

Many electric saw owners are asking a reasonable question why this tool needs oil. The answer is simple. This tool is used as a lubricant for the chain to level the impressive force of friction between individual details. Due to the presence of oil, important elements of the device do not suffer from excess heating, in contact with each other.

Sometimes there are cases in which additional efforts have to be made for cutting. This fact signals an insufficient amount of grease or its dubious quality. In such a situation, experts advise you to look at the level of oil in the unit tank as soon as possible. You can immediately add a chain in addition to complete the work already begun.

When using a good and timely infused oil, the saw will work not only more efficiently and easier, but also longer. The technique deprived of such maintenance is subject to very serious breakdowns. For a long time it will hardly last.

The modern market presents several options for oil designed to process chain electric saws. These compounds can have a mineral, synthetic or semi.Synthetic basis. It should be borne in mind that the latter contains both synthetic and mineral components. Another category of modern chain oils for electric saws of different companies represent products, which are based on raw materials of plant origin. Of course, each group of oils has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If we consider the properties of all oils in terms of stability and opportunities to act effectively in rather difficult conditions, then, of course, synthetic products come first in the first place. They are able to ensure the operation of electric saws even if the weather is very cold (before.40 degrees). However, these types of oils have one important drawback that needs to be taken into account. They are expensive. That is why many consumers refuse to purchase them in favor of more affordable options.

As for popular mineral oils, they are many times cheaper than synthetic options. However, their operational characteristics are greatly inferior to the characteristics of the above compositions.

Lion’s share of mineral oils in temperature conditions.25 degrees simply stops going to the site where destructive friction of the details of the saw occurs, that is, it ceases to fulfill its main function. Such oil should not be used in the cold winter. In the cold it will be ineffective or even completely useless.

Semi.Synthetic oils are a cross between synthetic and mineral products. Release such types of oils for both electrical and gasoline devices.

Today to choose a grease for the saw chain is not difficult. Such products are produced by many well.Known brands. The main thing is to choose the right composition, knowing about the optimal performance characteristics.

Popular brands

As mentioned above, modern saw oils are producing a large number of brands. Among them there are also little.Known and very popular. If you decide to purchase high.Quality and reliable oil for a saw, then you should familiarize yourself with the list of the most popular models.

Forest Plus

This oil is in enviable demand and has excellent adhesive properties. Forest Plus is characterized by the fact that it can be operated if the window is not lower than.15 degrees.

If all the storage and operation conditions of this product are observed, it may remain high.Quality for 3 years.

Bio Plus

Firm products called Bio Plus are made on a plant basis. The oils of this company, when penetrating into the soil, very soon begin to decompose. Not all oil can boast of such a difference. Use this product is permissible at temperatures before.15 degrees, like the previous option.

Sunth Plus

This is no less popular oil based on synthetic components. It easily takes out quite serious equipment loads.

You can use it in more stringent conditions. The surrounding temperature can reach.25 degrees.

Because of this, the oil will not cease to act and enter the right nodes.

poured, electric, choice


The adhesive type of Champion is customary to use for work with a rather large temperature range. This lubrication is sold in a container of 3 and 10 liters. The product is inexpensive, it is also convenient to use.


The name of this world.Famous brand is confident. Husqvarna saw oil is the most profitable and economical solution for missing the mechanism of an electric saw. Such products are characterized by moderate consumption and high efficiency.

Titan Electric Chain Saw Review

Is it possible to use motor oil?

Is the use of motor oil as a lubricant for a saw is another common question of the owners of the tool.

In fact, transmission and motor compounds can be used to lubricate the chain of individual models, but it should be borne in mind that such mineral compositions are best avoided.

It should be borne in mind that such compounds are suitable exclusively for specific saw models. The fact that the tool can be lubricated with motor or transmission oils should be indicated in the technical documentation attached to the technique.

In no case do not lubricate the chain with such means, if there is no permission from the manufacturer. Do not forget that such compounds are not designed for the conditions of the circuit functioning. They simply cannot fully protect the equipment. Therefore, it is better not to take risks and not resort to the use of these types of oils.

KIA Rio 2017: what kind of oil to pour into the engine and automatic transmission?

Any car that is equipped with a gasoline or diesel engine of internal combustion needs to be careful. Oil replacement is considered one of the main procedures that can extend the life of the motor. For Kia Rio 2017 with a 1.4 or 1.6 engine, this process is quite simple.

When to change oil in Kia Rio 2017?

The manufacturer regulates the replacement of oil with Kia RIA every 15 thousand kilometers of mileage. However, many owners can judge from their own experience that this should be done much more often. Given the operating conditions of the car in Russia, you need to change oil in the engine after about 8-10 thousand kilometers of mileage. This is explained, first of all, by city operation, when the driver has to stand in traffic jams and riding low.Quality roads for a long time, which accelerate the wear of the car components. It is equally important to use high.Quality fuel, because low.Quality gasoline also negatively affects the condition of the machine as a whole.

What oil to fill in the automatic transmission Kia Rio 2017?

The main certified oil for the new KIA Rio 2017 is Hyundai ATF SP III. Product Article. 0450000400. The fact is that automatic transmission requires a special lubrication. The transmission will serve for a long time and will not let you down if you use Diamond ATF SP III. It is best to select ZIC “ATF SP 3” or Mitsubishi “Diaqueen Atf SP III” for the machine, with articles 167123 and 4024610V, respectively. These are the oils of third.Party manufacturers that are quite suitable for the new Kia Rio.

What oil to pour into the KIA Rio 2017 engine? Tolerances, classes and viscosity of oil

Dealers use Shell Helix API classification- SM and ILSAC-GF-4, ACEA- A5/B5. As for viscosity, the ideal option will be 5W20 or 5W30 oil. In hot regions, owners recommend choosing exactly 5W30. 5W40 is better not to use, because modern cars are made in such a way that very small gaps remain between the rubbing pairs. Both 20 and 30 oil can be used for gasoline and diesel engines.

How much oil is pour into the KIA Rio 2017 engine?

A complete replacement of the lubricant will require about 3.5 liters of liquid, that is, you will have to buy one 4 liter canister. The remaining half of the liter is poured if part of the lubricant was spent on the cargo. To change the oil to Kia Rio, you need:

  • 17 wrench for 17, which is needed in order to unscrew the drain plug,
  • Metal brush and rags,
  • Free container for draining the exhaust lubrication,
  • A syringe for pumping excess oil from a crankcase.

As a rule, an oil filter is also subject to replacement. For Kia Rio, Mobis is perfect, code 2600 35503.

Neglect the replacement of the lubricating liquid of the car engine is not worth. To do this, you can contact a car service, or handle it on your own. If it was decided to use the services of a service station, only trusted masters should be chosen.

How to lubricate the electric saw chain

Modern power plants are equipped with special tanks. The liquid is poured into a container, then the lubricant passes automatically.

Outdated structures require forced maintenance. To do this, prepare a container with butter (bucket or pelvis), during operation periodically dip the working part of the tool in the liquid. The disadvantage of the technology is a strong spraying of the formula from the tire during sawing, increased oil consumption.

Note! It is forbidden to use mineral.Based lubricants. This base clogs filters, highways or nozzles, which leads to interruptions in the design.

Why do you need a lubricant for electric saw

The lubricant is submitted to the working part of the tool to ensure optimal cooling, increase the efficiency of cut, prevent accelerated wear. In the absence of a lubricant, overheating of the chain may occur, a decrease in the pace of the tool.

All these factors affect the durability of the cutting mechanism, gearbox, motor.


The process of lubrication of the electric saw circuit

In addition to the right choice, it is also important to know how to fill the oil into the electric saw. Modern models have special reservoirs for lubricants. It is easy to fill them with oil

Then, within a few seconds, you need to start the unit so that it works idle. The purpose of this action is that the lubrication will be distributed along the entire length of the chain and grease it evenly. After that you can start work

It is easy to fill them with oil. Then, within a few seconds, you need to start the unit so that it works idle. The purpose of this action is that the lubrication will be distributed along the entire length of the chain and grease it evenly. After that you can start work.
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However, the old models of chain electric saws do not have a system for lubricating the circuit. But at the same time, they also need lubrication. It will have to be implemented in a different way. The chain should just be dipped in a container with a lubricant. Or use a special syringe, or a brush with which you can lubricate the details of the device. It is most convenient to use aerosol packaging for this, which allows you to apply a lubricant carefully and evenly. In the process, you will have to make lubrication repeatedly.

Proper treatment and care for equipment allows you to extend its use. The use of lubricating materials helps to work with an electric saw for a long time and effectively, protecting the mechanism from premature erasing parts. Working with the unit will go uninterrupted and does not require repair costs.

Monitoring the serviceability of the oil system

Lack or absence of lubrication in the tandem “Tire-Pip chain” is manifested by an additional load on the electric motor and a characteristic smell of burning wood. In this case, the work should be stopped to determine the cause of the refusal and eliminate the malfunction.

To check the system of standard or automatic supply of lubrication, it is enough for a short time to hold the headset of the saw with the engine on over the sheet of paper. By the size and density of the oil spot, it is possible to judge the real productivity of the oil pump and the serviceability of the system as a whole.

Criterias of choice

Motor oils and their chain analogues are not interchangeable. The composition for lubrication of the chain has a number of characteristic differences, in particular, an increased level of adhesion with metal.

  • The saw settings of all types of hand saws have the same design, so chain oil for electric saws is identical to the composition that is used in sawing mechanisms of gasoline models.
  • When choosing chain lubrication for a particular model, it is recommended to prefer varieties and brands specified in the instructions for operating. As a rule. These are proprietary developments created taking into account many factors.

In the absence of a recommended consumable, it is better to use the oil of a well.Known brand. The branded products of these manufacturers are characterized by universal lubricants, stable working parameters in a wide range of temperature influences.

Oil addach system. Nuances of care and maintenance

The oil rotary part of the structure of the electric saw, as well as the whole unit, needs to comply with all the requirements prescribed by each manufacturers individually for a particular series and its modification.

Often during the use of electroplays you can encounter a problem when oil does not enter the electric saw chain, which can significantly affect the condition of the working elements that are rubbing against each other. This can be due to several reasons, such as:

  • The failure of the oil pump and its gears;
  • The moves in the oil filter are clogged, along which lubricant acts;
  • A hole in the tire was clogged;
  • Depressurization of the most oil capacity.

poured, electric, choice

As you can see, versions, because of which the oil is not supplied to the electric saw chain, may be a lot, which can be understood on your own, but it is much better to resort to the help of experienced specialists.

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