Oils for power tillers: what oils are suitable and how much should be used?

The presence of quality elements in any technique. the key to its safe and smooth operation for a long time. But it is also important to have oil to lubricate parts. Without oil the engine will not last long and soon the entire single axle tractor must be replaced or repaired. You need oil to keep all systems and components working without fraying. It allows you to improve performance and increase service life.

The oil must be chosen according to its intended use. There are different lubricants for the engine, transmission, as well as for the gearbox. Plus, it is necessary to take into account what fuel the engine rides on (gasoline or diesel). Also, some manufacturers immediately specify what oil a person should pour into a single-axle tractor. If you do not follow their recommendations, you can significantly reduce the life of your equipment.

To understand what oil to pour into a single axle tractor, it is necessary to understand their types. The first division of oils is carried out by type of engine. two or four-stroke. Next is the difference in composition. semi-synthetic or synthetic. And they also distinguish oils according to what time of year they will be used. summer, winter and all-season. Only taking all factors into account, you can choose a lubricant that is suitable for your power tiller.

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How much oil is in the gearbox of Cascade motoblock??

For a completely dry gearbox requires 2 liters of oil; with 1.5 liters of oil change in the gearbox of the engine block every 50 hours of operation. Recommended by the manufacturer of oil: transmission TAD-17I, TAP-15B or other GOST 23652-79, allowed to mix these oils in any proportions.

Place a container under the gearbox: at least 2 liters. for MB Compact, MB1 Multi-AGRO, MB2 Multi-AGRO, MB23 Multi-AGRO; at least 3 liters. for MB2 CS: GO, MB2, MB23.

Engine oil and gear oil filling#sparyman

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What oil to lubricate the gearbox of a motorblock?

Gearbox requires a totally different type of oil for active work. transmission. It is often called “gear” oil or graphite oil. Only oil that provides the best degree of lubrication for those parts that are always in motion and in motion and friction. The gearbox must always be filled with oil to the brim of the oil sump and must be changed as specified by the manufacturer. Also necessary to check the level. Always have a dipstick for this.

  • 85w90. transmission, mineral, with EP additives, resistant to temperature effects. The “w” in the name indicates that it is for winter use. Good corrosion protection.
  • TAD 17. Also a special gearbox oil. Excellent for lubricating and protecting gearbox gears, perfect for tractor-block gearboxes.

The of oils are different, if you can not afford to buy good quality and expensive products, you should not buy the cheapest one. The fact that cheap oil needs to be filled frequently and its viscosity is not always the same as reality, and in the end you still spend the same amount of money. It’s better to pay attention to producers with average price and to be sure of its efficiency, than to buy cheap stuff all the time, taking a risk and losing in the fact.

  • Serviced (separable type). They have a special lubrication bolt. It is unscrewed, injected with oil and screwed back in. That is, you can do it all yourself.
  • Maintenance-free, they are not disassembled, as there is no lubrication bolt. Then the gearbox lubrication should only be done by a service technician.

When to change the oil in the engine of a motorblock? Frequency of oil change in a power tiller.

In a new engine of a power tiller the oil should be changed after the first 5 (five) hours of work, and then after every 25 hours of work, but experienced power tiller owners change the oil in the engine every spring, before the start of the season, regardless of the last year’s mileage, which in our opinion is the best and most correct.

Remember that every engine, even the most advanced one, consumes at least 1 gram of oil per hour of work (referred to as per hour oil consumption for burn-out), so you need to watch the oil level carefully!

How to check the oil level in the engine crankcase

You check the oil level with the dipstick, it is easy to check whether you have filled the required quantity of oil. To do this, wipe the dipstick dry, insert the dipstick into the filler neck without screwing it in, remove the dipstick and check that the oil level is no lower than the “minimum” mark and does not exceed the “maximum” mark. After doing this, firmly close the dipstick. The picture below shows the correct way to work with the dipstick.

Changing the oil in your power tiller with your hands

The first oil change in the engine of your power tiller should be done after the running-in period, at idle speed under strict control. The second service after an hour of machine operation under load.

Subsequent maintenance is recommended every 40 hours of use.

  • Warm up the engine.
  • Position the unit on a level, horizontal surface.
  • Put a container under the machine to catch the exhaust.
  • Open the oil filler and drain plug.
  • Drain the oil.
  • Screw in the drain plug.
  • Fill up with new oil.
  • Close the filler plug.
  • Allow to stand.
  • Using a dipstick, measure the lubricant level and top up if necessary.

Start the engine and check for leaks.

Changing the oil in the gearbox is carried out according to the same procedure and in the same sequence.

Changing the oil: How to do it correctly

First of all, you should check the oil level by unscrewing the oil filling plug of the engine crankcase. Important point: between the maximum and minimum marks on the dipstick should be an oil trace, and if it is absent, you should moisten it to the middle.

The change procedure is quite simple:

  • To begin with the single axle tractor should be placed horizontally;
  • Then you need to remove the plug on the drain tank (you can use a screwdriver;)
  • The next step is to patiently drain the entire contents of the tank into a container of at least 2 liters (the process takes 15-20 minutes).) and screw in the plug;
  • You can now very carefully pour in fresh oil up to a certain mark, without spilling it.

Important fact: in newly purchased power tillers, on air-cooled and nonair-cooled engines, it is necessary to change the oil after the first 5 hours of work, thereafter this procedure should be carried out after every 25 hours of work. Experienced owners of these machines perform the process before each spring.

Is it possible to fill a single axle tractor with automobile engine oil??

It is not worth the risk and pour car oils into a single axle tractor, because the engines of cars and motor blocks have different principles of lubrication and temperature modes of operation. Also engines of power tillers have other peculiar qualities (design, material of which it is made, degree of forcing, etc.). ะด.), which may be incompatible with the properties of vehicle oils.

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