What oil to put in your lawnmower

Oil is a lubricant that is used in all internal combustion engines. Including those installed on the lawnmower. It is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of this product, because it forms a fouling and affects the duration of operation of the garden tool. And the price is not always a guarantee of high quality. Our rating includes only the best options for 2 and 4-stroke lawnmowers from top and little-known manufacturers, but with guaranteed high quality.

Almost every modern manufacturer of garden tools also produces oil for it. It comes under the same brand and it is recommended to use. Here it should be understood that it is not the brand itself that produces the grease, but a third-party company, but according to studies and tests, it is the product that fully meets the requirements of the company that makes the tool. The problem is that such oil tends to be more expensive than conventional oil, but in terms of composition and quality it is easy to find an analogue, if you know what nuances to look for.

The most important aspect is the set of additives used. it varies depending on the type of engine, but with a few exceptions, the composition of the oils is the same.

It is much more important not to get a counterfeit, which, unfortunately, on the modern market, a lot. Here already depends on the brand. Top companies pay a lot of attention to the protection of their product. It can be holograms, complex texture of containers and so on.

As for the question of how much oil to pour into the engine, relevant only for 2-stroke models, you should always follow the manufacturer’s advice. He specifies them in the instructions. But it often happens that the information on the mower’s data sheet and the oil bottle is different. In this case, the priority will be the information from the bottle. On average, the ratio of gasoline to oil is 1:50.

The role of oil in internal combustion engines

The energy that the motor shaft transmits to the rotating mechanisms is derived from the adiabatic expansion of gases at the moment of explosion in the combustion chamber. Through the movement of the piston in the combustion chamber, the gases are compressed. This means the system works with minimum clearances, there is abrasion on the mating parts. The gap between the parts increases, and the compression compression decreases, the necessary pressure for ignition of the fuel-air mixture is not reached.

that’s what would happen if the lapped parts worked without lubrication. lawnmower engine oil added to the petrol or sump oil puts a thin film between the parts to prevent wear, scuffing and seizure. Since absolutely no wear can be eliminated, oil washes out the micro particles in the gaps, preventing them from destroying the surface.

The prepared fuel-air mixture must be used within two weeks, stored in a metal or polypropylene container. gasoline compound should not be stored in polyethylene bottles. The decomposition products will get into the mixture, the soot in the combustion chamber will increase.

The device of 2 and 4-stroke types is different and therefore the consistency of the lubricant, additives in it are different. Each type of mating parts in the mechanisms requires types of lubricant that corresponds to the nature of the movement of the node. What oil to put in the lawnmower is recommended by the manufacturer in the instruction manual.

You can not pour oil, guided by the more expensive, the better. Ingredient usage depends on the class of equipment, the degree of grinding of connected assemblies, operating conditions. The composition of the combustible mixture for two-stroke engines depends on how the sliding compound is formulated. Oil for lawn mower with 2-stroke engine has a special composition. All oils are divided by the method of production:

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This determines their lubricating qualities, their ability to remain liquid at lower temperatures. But 5-15% in each formulation is given to additives. They are the ones that create an effective compound that prevents:

  • corrosion of surfaces;
  • thermal stability;
  • resistance to decomposition;
  • Increased alkalinity that prevents oxidation;
  • stabilize viscosity.
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Used with a 4-stroke engine, lawnmower oil has different additives, viscosity. It also serves to wash moving surfaces, but is not mixed with gasoline. The oil oxidizes, becomes contaminated with scale particles and has to be changed every 50 operating hours.

top 5. LIQUI MOLY 2-Takt-Motoroil

26 reviews from the following resources: Yandex.Market, All Tools, Ozone, Ozovik

LIQUI MOLY is one of the best known engine oil manufacturers in the world. Often called the best and also has a range of products for two-stroke engines. An interesting feature of this product is that it can be poured into any engine up to 100cc. It’s very wide spread. To put it simply, the grease is not only suitable for a chainsaw or lawnmower, but also for a moped and even a motorcycle. That’s why the oil comes in a variety of containers ranging from 0.5 to 5 liters. If the manufacturer paid more attention to anti-counterfeiting, the product could take a much higher position in the rating. But because of the huge number of fakes on the market, customers treat it with distrust.

Pros and cons

  • Used in engines up to 100cc
  • Many types of containers of different volume
  • Bottle with a convenient dispenser
  • The most counterfeit product
  • Virtually no copy protection

Top 5. Motul Garden 4T SAE 30

Accounted for 12 reviews from resources: Yandex.Market, All Tools, Otsovik

Motul is one of the top producers of motor oils, but when it comes to 4-stroke engines, it does not have the most honorable place in this ranking. It’s hard to say what this is due to, but customers don’t rate the quality of the product very highly. This is strange, because the oil has a balanced set of additives designed specifically for lawn mowers. There is no universality, that is, the oil is not recommended for use in generators or motor blocks. This restriction is, however, rather arbitrary, since the lubricant is suitable for diesel engines, while hand-held lawnmowers with such engines are not common. But the brand paid very little attention to copy protection. This may be one of the reasons for its low popularity among customers.

Pros and cons

  • Available in different containers
  • Compatible with small diesel engines
  • Practically no copy protection
  • Only recommended for lawnmowers

Requirements for lawnmower oil

Engines in small agricultural machinery are different from those in cars, so the lubricant must also be different. Filling a mixture designed for cars or motorcycles into the mower is not possible: it can lead to breakdown. Even if you get by without malfunctions, your lawnmower will likely start to perform worse: A fluid not designed for this type of equipment can’t perform its function well. That is why it is recommended to use special oils designed for gardening equipment.

Change of engine oil in lawn mowers with two-stroke engines

Two-stroke engine is usually installed on trimmers for grass (hand-held machines for grass cutting). These machines have small dimensions and weight, so the number of parts in them is minimized. They do not have a separate oil tank and you have to prepare a mix of petrol and oil. Here already amateurish is not appropriate. it is necessary to use only special oil for two-stroke engines and mix it with gasoline in the proportions specified in the instruction manual of trimmer for grass.

It is necessary to pay attention to the type of oil to determine the correct mixing ratio: for mineral oils the oil to gasoline ratio should be from 1:32 to 1:35, and for semi-synthetic oils it should be 1:50.

Once again, please note that two-stroke oil cans MUST be labeled “2T”!

Fuel mixture for two-stroke engines is prepared as follows:

  • Pour the exact amount of gasoline into the canister (e.g., for a grass trimmer, 5 liters),
  • Then add oil (semi-synthetic oil. 100 millilitres) using a dispenser
  • Close with the lid and mix well

The ready fuel mixture can be stored for no more than two weeks in a metal or polypropylene container.

How much oil to put in your lawnmower??

Everyone knows that a car engine requires special care to give the engine a long, trouble-free life. The same rule applies to the gasoline lawnmower motor: no matter whether you have a grass trimmer or a large four-wheeled mower, you will face the problem of choosing oil. So what are the basic requirements for lawnmower engine oil??

As with any appliance, the lawnmower comes with a manual, which describes not only the tool’s basic characteristics but also how to take care of it. So, it will be written in the instruction manual that you should only use specialized oil for lawn mowers. And some manufacturers even insist on using the same brand of oil as the lawnmower itself.

In fact, this fact is just a marketing ploy by manufacturers, and both car and motorcycle engine oil for four-stroke engines may be suitable for lawnmowers. It is enough just to follow the basic rules:

Oil should be mineral or semi-synthetic. Fully synthetic oil can burn the motor, so it is best not to use it at all. A lawn mower works on mineral oil produces a lot of sludge, so we advise you to opt for semi-synthetic oil. In addition, mineral oil is quite difficult to find today.

The oil viscosity should not exceed SAE 30 or 10w30, and the quality category may vary between SE and SJ. Viscosity of oil can impair engine operation, even if less viscous. These qualities are written on the packaging.

Always choose oil depending on temperature conditions. If you mow in cold weather, the oil viscosity may be higher than the above mentioned, but you will have to change the oil the next time you use it.

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In four-stroke mowers oil is poured into a special crankcase and never mixed with petrol, as this lawnmower is not designed for mixing oil and fuel. On the contrary, it can cause engine damage. It is sufficient to change oil at least once a season, as the sump can usually hold 450 to 600 ml of oil. enough to cover a large area. However, don’t be lazy to check the oil level before each use.

How oil is used in lawn mowers with two-stroke engines?

As a rule, a two-stroke engine is installed on grass trimmers, and since their design does not imply the presence of extra parts, a separate oil tank is not provided. How to proceed in this case? Prepare a fuel mixture.The same rules apply to lawnmowers with two-stroke engines as to their larger counterparts, with one exception. you have to buy oil for units with a two-stroke engine.

On each trimmer (or in its manual) there are proportions of mixing fuel and oil: from 1:32 to 1:35. This rule is only valid for mineral oil! Since it is now difficult to find, and can discourage the cost, most often used semi-synthetic or even synthetic oil. Please note that the mixing ratio in this case changes and becomes 1:50. If in doubt, look carefully at the oil packaging, which usually shows these data. This should be the guideline. To prepare the mixture it is enough to pour 100 ml of oil into five liters of gasoline, this should be enough for a whole season of regular mowing. If not, repeat the procedure.

Best Lawnmower Oils for 2022

Oils for four-stroke engines

This lubricant has several degrees of protection, so if you buy it in almost any store, you can be sure of the quality. Judging by the feedback, this liquid is characterized by high quality and can be successfully used on appropriate motors. It contains a balanced set of additives that provide high efficiency, and medium consistency significantly extends the temperature range of application. Installed

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