TOP-10 of the most powerful screwdrivers

Network and battery screwdrivers differ not only in power sources. Cost, functionality is understandable. But there are parameters that divide them into household and professional. We will tell you what the most powerful electric screwdriver should be and how to determine the power of an electric screwdriver in a particular type of tool.

Place Model
one. WHICH SS-550/1, 550 W Prices Review
2. Makita FS4000, 570 W Prices Review
3. Resanta SS-550-1, 550 W Prices Review
4. Fiolent SHV2-6-RE, 520 W Prices Review
5. Zubrov ZSSh-550, 550 W Prices Review
6. WHILE DA-24L-2K Prices Review
7. BORT BAB-24UX2LI-FDK Li-Ion 2.0 A 24 in x2 bag Prices Review
eight. Resanta Da-24-2LK Prices Review
nine. Sturm! CD3224L Prices Review
ten. WHICH DA-24L-2K/B Prices Review

Why do you need an electric screwdriver?

Initially, choose what function this device will perform in your house or at work:

  • For screwing or unscrewing a variety of fasteners;
  • A more powerful puff of dowels or anchor, cutting a screw, etc.D.;
  • Drilling soft or solid material;
  • Thread cuts;
  • Stirring building mixtures.

power, choose, electric, screwdriver

Based on the above tasks, study the most relevant technical characteristics and differences between screwdrivers for your needs.

Household and professional screwdrivers

Before choosing a drill electric screwdriver of a particular model, you need to determine the volume of work. If you need a tool for constant work for several hours, it is better to pay attention to the professional option, and for small homework (hang a shelf, collect new furniture) you can purchase an inexpensive household version.

Used to wrap screws, bolts and screws. It has modest technical indicators: low torque, relatively small battery capacity, while affordable. Found use in home fine repairs or as a spare tool in addition to the main.

Professional screwdrivers

Productive and powerful. Tighten fasteners and can drill holes in wood, plastic, thin and soft metal. Usually have a 2 or 3-speed gearbox to select optimal working conditions, the torque of such models reaches values ​​of 130 N ∙ m. As a rule, there is a quick replacement system for equipment (bit). Also, professional models may contain a bronnote engine that has higher efficiency and small dimensions. Expensive, compared to domestic, but pays for itself due to constant operation.

How to choose battery screwdrivers: we study the technical characteristics

To know which electric screwdriver to choose, it is also necessary to own knowledge of the technical parameters of each category of power tools. Before choosing a battery electric screwdriver, you need to pay attention to the type of battery. The duration of the device from one charge and the total battery life will depend on this.

The following types are distinguished: Ni-MH (nickel-metal-hydride), Ni-CD (nickel-cadmium), as well as Li-Ion and lithium-polymer (Li-Pol). In the first case, a large current can be supplied, but the resource of the device is less than that of other batteries. NI-CD battery devices have greater energy intensity than in the aforementioned version.

Nickel batteries are used less often, since in terms of physical properties they are prone to discharge if they do not use them for several weeks. Lithium batteries are more practical, but they are not deprived of shortcomings. For example, in a strong cold, the battery resource is reduced by 30-50%. The optimal capacity parameter is 2 ah. Pay attention to this indicator when choosing to provide yourself with a stable operation of the device for several hours.

In the description, the operating mode is most often found as “unstressed and reverse”. This means that electric screwdriver can only be used in the standard rotation mode of the nozzle in one or inverse. The minimum power indicator is 400-800 watts. For professional use, it will take from 1000 watts to ensure stable and smooth operation even with high loads. Low values ​​are relevant for battery screwdrivers, which are designed for simple tasks.

How to choose an electric screwdriver for home

So, what kind of electric screwdriver to choose for home, or rather, how to choose the right electric screwdriver for the house.

It is worth noting that for the domestic use of an electric screwdriver, some technical parameters are important, and for professional. More powerful and expensive.

At the same time, you do not need to choose the cheapest and weak model for the house, since any intensive work for several hours can lead to burnout of electronics in versions weak in terms of power. Therefore, which budget electric screwdriver to choose, it is difficult to answer here.

For example, how to choose an electric screwdriver for assembling furniture, so that it is convenient to use even a beginner. Firstly, it is important that it is convenient for you to hold an electric screwdriver in your hand and it weighs a little.

In another case, how to choose an electric screwdriver for building a house. Here we need a professional approach and a more powerful tool.

In order to immediately know which electric screwdriver for home or work, you need to study the working conditions described above, as well as the factors in choosing a tool. The following is an objective list of advantages and disadvantages of each type of device.

Based on the list of advantages and disadvantages, it is relevant to say that a network electric screwdriver is an optimal solution for an apartment or a private house. In this case, it is necessary to stock up on an extension cord by 5-20 meters to ensure freedom of movement with a power tool in hands.

The average resource of such devices is not limited. According to users, on average one model can withstand 2-4 years of active operation.

Of the disadvantages, you can distinguish a limited working hours, a limited battery capacity and poor power of cheap models.

If for work or at home you need a device without a network wire, it is more relevant to take high.Quality, expensive options for a battery electric screwdriver. This will reduce the time required for charging and will provide stable power when working even with solid materials.

The most powerful batteries

The screws of screws will help you choose the right tool among the variety of models and find out which screwdriver is more powerful.

Battering Drill Electric screwdriver Makita DDF481RF Li-Ion 3.0 A h 18 in x1 case

The most powerful screwdriver of those presented in the top. Designed for construction, repair and finishes. High working resource and durability are guaranteed thanks. The cartridge is fast.Sounding. A coupling of a moment of force is provided for a certain material is provided. Moment of power. 115 nm. Diameter of drilling: 76 mm. On wood and 13 mm. On metal. Battery voltage. 18 volts.

Protection against moisture and dust;

2-speed gearbox with metal gears;

Reverse function for twisting the drill;

Waist clip for wearing a belt;

power, choose, electric, screwdriver

Additional handle;

LED background for work in poor lighting;

Engine brake function.

Bathabo-electrical screwdriver Metabo BS 18 LTX Quick 2013 5.2ah X2 Case

Powerful professional drill for drilling and twisting screws. The pulse mode allows you to twist a firmly populated screw. The cartridge is fast.Sounding. A bit holder and an additional handle are provided. Twisting. 110 nm. Diameter of drilling: 65 mm (wood), 13 mm (metal). Battery voltage. 18 volts.

4-pole engine that increases power and performance;

Capacious battery (5.2 Ah), increasing the time of autonomous work;

Aluminum case to ensure optimal heat voltage;

Clutch for wearing on a belt;

Department for nozzles;

LED Fund;

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Spare battery included.

Stanley SBI201D2K Battery Electric Battle

Professional screwdriver for complex operations with fasteners. Torque is quite high. 160 nm. Shock frequency. Up to 3100 beats/min.

Ideal for twisting screws in solid wood;

Increased performance thanks to a beast engine;

Compact dimensions;

Spare battery in the kit;

There is a battery charge indicator;

LED Fund.

Battery shock drill-electrical screwdriver Makita DHP481Z, without a battery

This screwdriver from the Japanese brand is popular with furniture workers and repairmen. The moment of force is regulated by a special coupling for working with a certain surface. The speed of rotation is regulated by pressing the trigger, as well as a 2-speed gearbox. Moment of power. 115 nm. Diameter of drilling: wood. 76 mm, metal. 13 mm, concrete. 16 mm. Shock frequency. 31500 beats/min.

Durability and increased productivity thanks to the beastal engine and a reliable gearbox with metal gears;

Engine brake function for instant rotation;

Reverse function;

LED backing;

Metal bracket for wearing on the belt;

Protection against dust, moisture and garbage using XPT technology;

Drilling depth limiter included.

Bosch GSB 18V-110 C 0 L-BOXX BOSCH BUSTRUAL Electric BESCH BESCH Electric screwdriver, without a battery

Screwdriver with a shock mechanism for professional use. The whole.Metal cartridge shows that the tool is designed for complex operations. Twisting. 110 nm. Diameter of drilling: wood. 82 mm, metal. 13 mm, concrete. 16 mm. Shock frequency. 31500 beats/min. The function of blocking the inclusion.

Brighting motor and technology Precision Clutch guarantee increased power and durability;

Protection against overload and overheating;

Kickback Control function to reduce the risk of sudden jerks when jamming.

Types and areas of use of screwdrivers

Before taking the tool, you need to decide on which work it will be used. It depends on what power the electric screwdriver needs.

The device can be used for:

  • A more powerful puff of dowels or anchor;
  • Cutting of self.Tapping screws;
  • Thread cuts;
  • Drilling solid or soft material;
  • Screwing or unscrewing various fasteners;
  • Stirring building mixtures and so on.

Based on these tasks, it is worth studying what power of the screwdriver engine and other most important characteristics. There are household and professional models. The first are intended for home use. They have a fast.Packed cartridge, so in addition to the bit you can use small drill. Household models are inexpensive. They are light, compact and low.Power.

Universal professional screwdrivers are distinguished by a high maximum spinning moment. They are used at construction sites for the assembly of metal structures and profiled sheets. Designed for unscrewing and twisting of screws in hard.To.Reach places, where you can’t get with a conventional electric screwdriver.

Powerful professional are often used by winter fishing lovers as an ice discovery for drilling holes. With the help of a drill, you can drill thick and strong ice. Drilling is faster than hand.

Warling screws for drywall are also distinguished depending on the purpose. They are used for finishing work, when it is necessary to install plasterboard sheets to a metal profile. Twisting on such models is often not regulated, which reduces their versatility.

Shock screwdrivers are equipped with a cartridge under the bit

Shock screwdrivers are equipped with a cartridge under the bit. They are designed to work with metric fasteners. Such a tool is useful in assembly workshops and repair workshops.

Dref-shuruvrets due to a high torque, holes in the metal are quickly drilled.

There are models that have a shock function, so they can drill such strong materials as concrete and brick.

The most powerful battery screwdrivers

Wireless screwdriver rating with better power.


Domestic instrument for its price. In 2019, in the top of domestic construction instruments. Convenient, light, good cartridge centering. Can act as a small boat. The restriction on the effort works, the concrete drill. Fast.Packed cartridge, point lighting lamp, button on the power button. Case.

Type of tool-shock drill-electrical screwdriver;

The number of speed speeds is 2;

Max. The number of revolutions of the idle. 1350 rpm;

The maximum torque is 40 N m;

Max. Drilling diameter (wood). 30 mm;

Max. Diameter of drilling (metal). 12 mm.

BORT BAB-24UX2LI-FDK Li-Ion 2.0 A 24 in x2 bag

Electric screwdriver for homework. Powerful, compact, two batteries. Pleasant design and ergonomics. Charges quickly, reverse. To increase the service life, the engine brake is provided. Blocking button on, adjustment of speed, pulse charger, bag.

Type of tool-drill-electrical screwdriver;

The number of speed speeds is 2;

Max. The number of revolutions of the idle. 1350 rpm;

The maximum torque is 35 N m;

Max. Drilling diameter (wood). 25 mm;

Max. Drilling diameter (metal). 10 mm;

Battery type-Li-Ion.

Resanta Da-24-2LK

A multifunctional tool is drilling any material, there is a shift battery. High.Quality assembly, high torque. Metal gearbox, ventilation and engine brake, impact function. Battery protection system from overload. Spindle blocking. Suitable for drilling holes in ice as an ice discovery, fishing. Two batteries, charger, set of bit, case.

Type of tool-drill-electrical screwdriver;

The number of speed speeds is 2;

Max. The number of revolutions of the idle. 1400 rpm;

The maximum torque is 60 N m;

Max. Drilling diameter (wood). 30 mm;

Max. Drilling diameter (metal). 12 mm;

Battery type-Li-Ion.

Sturm! CD3224L

Time.Tested electric screwdriver. For home repair it is better to take this model. A large supply of power, a narrowed cartridge, charging is enough for 40 hours of work. Two batteries, pulsed charger, suspension mount. Carabiner. Set bit, case.

Type of tool-drill-electrical screwdriver;

The number of speed speeds is 2;

Max. The number of revolutions of the idle. 1650 rpm;

The maximum torque is 35 N m;

Max. Drilling diameter (wood). 20 mm;

Max. Drilling diameter (metal). 10 mm;

Battery type-Li-Ion.


Functional tool, powerful, convenient and reliable. When used does not heat up, there is no vibration. Used for different types of materials. Brighting option, motor cooling system. Removable battery, pulsed charger.

Type of tool-drill-electrical screwdriver;

the number of speed speeds is 2;

Max. The number of revolutions of the idle. 1400 rpm;

The maximum torque is 50 N m;

Max. Drilling diameter (wood). 30 mm;

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Max. Drilling diameter (metal). 12 mm;

Battery type-Li-Ion.

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