The rotary mower is what every farmer needs

The rotary mower is used in combination with a tractor to mow crops over large areas. The unit is effective when working on high-yield fields and the surface heavily overgrown with small bushes and grass. The angle of the machine can be changed, so it can be used on inclined areas. The haymower can be installed on tractor MTZ-82 and other models.

  • The tool is equipped with circular blades of discs, allowing to mow the plants evenly and lay them on the ground surface gently.
  • The machine can be operated by 1 person.
  • The cutting element is protected, what reduces the possibility of its damage.
  • Blades can adjust to changes in terrain.
  • Lower output than segment mowers.
  • At low speeds the quality of work is reduced.
  • It can only be used with tractors.

The cutting system is based on 4 rotors. The drive consists of a toothed and V-belt drive. It is powered by the tractor’s PTO. In addition to the mower, there is a gritter.

The principle of operation is that the tool rotates as the tractor engine revolves. The mower uses the tractor’s power to drive the machine. Several ways of transmitting power are used during operation: bevel, cardan, V-belt, toothed.

Rotary cutter is a device, to the upper part of which the rotors are attached, equipped with moving blades for cutting the plants. Rotary machines use about 60% of the tractor’s power, while other types of mowers use only 30%.

How they work?

There are two main types of non-industrial lawnmowers: cylindrical (drum) and rotary. Both can leave stripes in the grass if they have a large rear roller.

Cylindrical lawnmowers

This is the best choice if you want an elite parterre lawn. Cylindrical mowers cut the grass like a pair of scissors. Several rotating blades are spirally mounted on a horizontal shaft; in addition, there is a fixed blade at the bottom; as the cylinder rotates, the grass gets into the slot between the rotating and fixed part and is cut.

The number of rotating blades varies from three to twelve, depending on the quality of the mower. The more blades, the smoother your lawn will be.

Most cylinder lawnmowers have two rollers: a small roller at the front and a big one at the back. The rear roller often rotates the cylinder with knives. The front roller in front of the cylinder supports the mower housing and enables the height of the cut to be adjusted.

Most cylindrical lawnmowers have a collector to collect the cut grass. It is usually located at the front: the blades attached to the cylinder, rotating, throw the clippings into it.

Rotary mowers

Rotary lawnmowers work on the principle of a grass cutter. Several blades rotate at high speed in a horizontal plane and cut the grass. The number of blades depends on the manufacturer, but usually there are two or four. They are made of hardened steel and must always be very sharp, otherwise the grass will not be cut, but pulled out of the lawn.

After mowing, the lawn will not be as smooth as with a cylindrical mower with many blades, but it can be compared to the results of a cylindrical mower with four or six blades.

regular, lawnmower, rotary, mower

Rotary mowers are good for cutting grass in the garden among the trees or for grass borders at flowerbeds, where an even pile is less important. They are also indispensable for mowing overgrown grass and uneven lawns.

Small rotary lawnmowers do not have a scraper on the back of the mower, but larger ones have a special drawer on the back.

Air cushion lawn mowers are a popular variety of rotary lawn mowers. They also work on the principle of a grass cutter, but do not need wheels. During operation, a powerful fan creates an air cushion and the mower moves on it without touching the ground. This makes it very manoeuvrable and allows you to mow grass on banks, slopes, uneven areas as well as tall or wet grass.

How to choose a lawn mower

A rational choice of lawn mower involves linking its technical and functional characteristics with the features of the area to be mowed, and user preferences. For this purpose it is recommended to make a table in which one column will contain the criteria established by you (personal preferences and site conditions), in the second. the correspondence of mower characteristics to these parameters, for example, “1. yes” and “0. no”, in the third. their weight characterizing the individual importance for you. The most significant factors will have the maximum weight. the multiplication factor of the points.

You can use our test, which will greatly simplify the choice of the type of mower (Table 2). To calculate the result, add up the points corresponding to your answers and compare the obtained value to the nominal values (given at the end of the table).

Rating of top-10 according to KP

Bosch ARM 37

The budget model of a well-known brand opens our rating. This model runs on electricity, which limits its use at long distances from the outlet. However, it allows you not to worry about the availability of gasoline or the completeness of the charge.Robust plastic body, cutting height adjustment, 40L grass catcher box make this mower one of the best choices for taking care of small areas around the house.


Lightweight and compact lawn mower ideal for a small area. Manoeuvrability is one of its main assets: it can mow lawns of all shapes effectively. This model is equipped with a rechargeable battery, so it doesn’t require a permanent connection to the mains.An additional advantage can be called a mulching function: grass cuttings can be immediately shredded inside the device and distributed over the lawn as a natural fertilizer. Edge combs allow it to grab grass from the edges of the lawn and mow it efficiently.


Champion brand gasoline lawn mower with a wide grip. Powerful and efficient option for medium grass mowing. Does not require access to electricity.With its power, this lawnmower mows rough grass and uneven surfaces effectively. Can get anthills out of the way and won’t break when it hits the ground or rocks. The mulching function will help recycle grass into a natural fertilizer and distribute it over the area. No additional collection container for the cuttings, however.


Handy cordless lawnmower for smaller spaces. The battery charge can be insufficient for larger areas. the stated mowing area is 250 square metres, but in practice this depends on the grass length and succulence, as well as the battery status at the given moment.Very lightweight model with solid grass catcher box, good for smaller areas. Easy battery change and inexpensive batteries lets you swap batteries as needed while mowing.


This model is well suited for uneven terrain. Self-propelled, with a powerful enough motor and wheels, it goes over any rough terrain. But it can be difficult to mow on soft ground: Its weight may cause wheel marks on the grass.

regular, lawnmower, rotary, mower

This model is easy to assemble and start, the initial assembly does not take more than 20 minutes. However, it is difficult to maneuver because of its weight, so it is not suitable for owners of complex shaped terrains.


The model of domestic manufacturer is cheaper than many of its analogs, but it can mow the grass well. Might have some problems with especially thick grass or uneven terrain, but overall it is an excellent choice for small, flat areas.

AC power means you don’t have to worry about recharging the battery, but you don’t have to look far from the power source. In addition, the cable must be watched at all times to prevent the cable from getting caught in the blade of the lawnmower.

The features

The stylish-looking mains-powered model. Lawn mower with large and robust collecting tank and mulching attachments.

It is a maneuverable device, with which anyone can cope, but it is heavy to use on a bumpy surface. Stones and tough twigs can easily dull the blade and damage the plastic housing.


Another Champion brand in our selection. It is a self-propelled model with soft grass catcher box. The mower is easy to drive and requires little effort to roll forward. However, maneuverability is lower than other models, so it is not convenient for difficult lawns.

Handles thick grass and weeds. Two ways to dispose of grass: to the side or into the grass catcher box. A separate advantage is the self-wash function, it is enough to connect a hose and switch the mower on for a few minutes, after that it is clean and ready for storage.


Petrol lawnmower has a metal housing. It can mow on uneven ground and its big wheels let it go over nearly every bump. Although it is hard to push because of its heavy weight on a bumpy surface. The Makita PLM4626N is a good choice for a medium-sized area. The brand is known for its reliability and rare failures.

The features

The self-propelled lawnmower allows mowing a medium-sized area without effort. The great weight pays off by the fact that you do not have to push it yourself, just control the direction of travel. Large wheels make it easy to negotiate obstacles and uneven terrain.No mulching tool is included, but it can be bought and installed separately. Several ejection options let you choose the one you want for each application.

The grass trimmer

Lawn trimmers are not for pussies. After all, the user will have to carry a 5-7-kilogram device mounted on a strap, or hold (and actively wield) a 3-kilogram device.

Trimmers have a clear advantage over wheel mowers: they can mow grass up to waist height, while wheel mowers are better suited for regular turf maintenance: if the grass has grown to a certain height, the “cart” will not be able to cope. In addition, the grass trimmer is always maneuverability and the ability to neatly bypass obstacles: bushes, trees, flowers, garden decor. Lawn trimmers. if their power allows. cut young bushes and weeds, and do not need to adapt to difficult terrain.

regular, lawnmower, rotary, mower

Getting ready to mow the lawn, how to choose the right lawn trimmer

Lawn mowers also cause noise pollution, which can cause hearing loss if you work with a lawn mower without special equipment.

  • This type of mower has no wheels, it is impossible to set the mowing height. The movement of these lawnmowers is carried out by the air flow created by the motor and the blade. The principle and quality of mowing of air-cushion lawnmowers is similar to that of rotary lawnmowers. This type of lawnmower is extremely convenient on sites with many slopes, hills and the presence of other uneven terrain. The only disadvantage of such mowers is the fact that the mowed grass is scattered to the sides, making it difficult to care for the lawn.

How to choose a lawn mower

Riders are an alternative to rotary mowers. In design, they are similar to a tractor

Also, internal combustion engines are equipped with air filters. After intensive use, such a filter can get very clogged, and it noticeably worsens the cooling of the engine. It is not a good idea to use an air filter like this as it can cause damage to the engine of your lawnmower.

It’s not even the price, they say, but the fact that when you’re dealing with petrol lawnmowers, you have to put up with deafening noise, headaches, nausea-inducing exhaust fumes and a lot of smoke. And a mechanic lawn mower lets you enjoy the singing birds and the smell of freshly cut grass. On top of that, mechanical lawn mowers. they are usually a type of spindle mowers, so they have the advantage of cutting the grass accurately. However, they also have inherent disadvantages of spindle mowers, and in particular. The lawn must be sufficiently manicured.

Grass trimmer or lawnmower

As a rule, electric lawnmowers are used to treat small lawns that are close to the house, and therefore, to the power source. One of the prerequisites for these mowers. an extension cord, capable of delivering current to a distance of 40-50 m. The power consumption of the units ranges from 0.9 to 1.4 kW.

When we don’t have access to a power outlet, we can still use an electric motor mower, but it’s wireless. The cordless lawnmower runs on battery power without a power cable. The mower is easy to move, there is no fear that the cable will get tangled or the blades will damage it.

Drum or rotary mower

Most grass bins are removable. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to collect the cuttings and compost them or just leave them on the lawn to be absorbed into the soil. Obviously, the bigger the grass container, the fewer times you have to stop and empty it.

Well, if you have a big lawn and you want to mow it well and as quickly as possible, that’s when a more powerful petrol lawnmower really comes into its own. It copes very well with large expanses of grass without overheating.

The mechanical lawnmower

Lawn mowers with this type of cutting surface provide the best grass mowing. Thanks to the blades attached to the horizontal shaft, it’s as if the grass is being cut with scissors. It provides a neat cut, so the grass recovers quickly after mowing with little or no loss of its ornamental qualities. The cutting quality of a cylinder lawnmower depends on the number of blades on the shaft. Depending on the model, the number of cords varies from five to ten. Cylindrical lawnmowers have mechanical (cuts by human movement), electric and gasoline versions.

The electric lawnmower

If you have a lawn mower with an electric motor, watch out for the power cord. After years of intensive use it becomes brittle. And if it has been stored in the wrong place or not carefully coiled up, its sheath can be damaged and this can be fatal. So before the new season, don’t forget to check the condition of the power cord and, if necessary, insulate it or replace it with a new one.

Cordless lawnmower

Modern hand lawnmowers. this is nothing like it was 20 or 30 years ago. Now they’re light, quiet, cheap to run, non-polluting and much better for your grass: rotary mowers tear up the grass, while mechanical ones cut like scissors, making your lawn look straight and tidy.

Cordless models do not depend on a fixed power source, but their battery capacity is enough to handle about a hundred acres of land, after which it takes a long time to recharge.

Gasoline lawnmower

Considering the many advantages, it begs the question. Why aren’t cordless mowers as widely used as electric ones?? Cordless mowers are unfortunately more expensive. Charging the battery takes up to 16 hours, mowing width is not great, as is the power of the engine. While mowing large areas, the cordless mower takes more time, despite the ease of maneuvering.

Automatic lawnmower. robot

Gasoline lawnmowers can save you time in other ways too. You will appreciate their wider grip and larger grass containers! Many of them are self-propelled. Is a huge help if you have a large mowing area.

This is the most popular lawn mower type. Most rotary lawnmowers are equipped with a two- or four-stroke internal combustion engine, usually single-cylinder and running on gasoline or other liquid fuel. Power range of rotary lawnmowers is 2-7 liters.с. (1,5-5KW). The engine can be started manually or electrically. Lawn mower manual start with a starter rope, while electric start models start by simply pressing a button, requiring no physical effort on the part of the operator.

Features of gasoline mower

These units have an engine that operates on a mixture of oil and gasoline. They have higher efficiency, but their operating requirements are higher than those of electric models. Gasoline mowers can work in wet weather, wet grass they are not afraid of.

Mowers with gasoline mowers are designed for a long life.

But high power can cause breakdowns. If a stone is hit during work, the engine power will allow to turn it several times, in this case the mower will seriously jam. Therefore, the operation requires attention and care so that the device does not fail. Gasoline lawnmowers are quite heavy, and emits exhaust when working. These lawnmowers make the most noise, so they usually come with a set of headphones.

The petrol lawnmower can mow large areas without interruption of work, providing a good quality of mowing. The engine is taken off and canned for the winter. Check the oil and gasoline levels at all times.

When choosing a petrol mower, pay attention to the diameter and width of the wheels. As the unit is quite heavy, during operation it can leave dents in the lawn. Give preference to models with an aluminum deck, folding rubberized handles and wide knives.

Automatic lawn mower. robot

An automatic lawn mower, this is a unique invention of recent years. “Thinking” of this tool is fully automated, runs on rechargeable powerful batteries, has many sensitive sensors (obstacle, rain, etc.д.). The robot determines the mowing area by means of a laid cable and when its charging comes to the end, the mower returns to its station.

Robot. The robot lawnmower is very useful for gardeners who often lack time, but despite its many advantages, it cannot guarantee a perfect mowing. Mowing will prove inaccurate on lawn edges and in tight places, the grass it mows stays on the lawn, suggesting mulching, which is not always necessary.

With proper care, a lawn can be a cozy place for the whole family or a decorative addition to the garden. It is necessary to invest in a good lawnmower, otherwise the result of care, will not bring a positive result. We wish you a good purchase!

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