As you can see, each of the devices presented in the rating of screwdrivers is distinguished by its functionality and high quality of work. Well, now let’s go over each individual model in more detail:

How to choose a screwdriver, which one is better to buy

Choosing an inexpensive screwdriver as well as a screwdriver drill is pretty straightforward. Concentrate on a few criteria:

Battery or power cord

The vast majority of today’s screwdrivers have lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries. They charge quickly, are lightweight and do not suffer from memory effects (i.e., do not require a complete discharge).

Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries. Heavy, bulky and suffering from memory effects. Slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Any battery will come with its own charger.

An electric screwdriver with a power cord is easier to maintain than a cordless one. The battery needs to be recharged periodically, and the corded tool can be used at any time. However, it is less mobile than a cordless tool because it is “tied” to a power outlet.

Battery capacity and power

Power tools are often classified by the functions they can handle, not by the strength of their motor or the longevity of their power source. Nevertheless, a powerful motor is necessary for the tool to work properly and prevent it from overheating.

If you buy a corded screwdriver, make sure it has a powerful enough motor for the task at hand. A 400 to 800 watt is good enough for a home screwdriver.

If you want a battery-powered model, consider that a screwdriver with a 2 or 3 Ah battery will take longer to charge. But it will also give you longer battery life than a 1 Ah electric screwdriver.3A⋅h battery.


The high torque makes it easy to use and securely screw into even hard materials.

Purpose of use

If you need to assemble five pieces of furniture a year, or to tighten a few screws quickly, it will cope well with an inexpensive screwdriver with 10-20 N / m of torque.

If you intend to use an electric screwdriver extensively, you should look for a reliable and powerful self-sufficient device with a minimum torque of 20 N/m and a battery pack of 18 V.

Features and options that make it easy to use the screwdriver

LED-lighting: useful for those who use a screwdriver in dark corners.

High no-load speed: measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). The faster the speed, the more convenient it is to use an electric screwdriver for drilling.

screwdrivers, most, reliable, inexpensive

Pouch and wrist strap: practical and prevents the screwdriver from getting lost.

The lighter model: you can work longer without getting tired.

the manufacturing company

What is the best cordless screwdriver manufacturer to choose?? The best-known companies that produce quality and inexpensive screwdrivers are Hitachi, Interskol, Zubr, Metabo, Makita, DeWALT and Bosch.

The leading screwdriver companies

For a long time, almost the same brands prevail among the screwdrivers. Here is a small list of the most famous names:

  • Bosch. The company not only manufactures screwdrivers, but also other construction and household appliances. Typically, the company divides construction tools into two types: professional and consumer. It is easy to distinguish them: the first one is colored blue, the second one is colored green. Accordingly, the characteristics of both types are different;
  • Makita. The company has established itself as a manufacturer of reliable and powerful wrenches. The screwdrivers are famous for their excellent ergonomics, long-lasting batteries and their long service life;
  • Hitachi. Less common in both professional and domestic applications. Although the quality of the tool is on par. However, it should be noted that there are assemblies from China, the characteristics of which are slightly worse;
  • DeWALT. Many believe that this is a German brand. In fact, the company from the U.S. Correspondingly, the name reads “DeWALT” in English. Begins as far back as 1922. Excellent professional tools with the right quality and price;
  • Interskol. Domestic brand. Inexpensive and reliable. The quality of the housing is not always pleasing to the eye, but for domestic needs Interskol screwdrivers. the ideal solution;
  • Hilti. This is a class of professional tools. Characterized by high quality and high price. Use for home purposes occasionally impractical.

Best Screwdriver Set? Craftsman, Milwaukee, Wera, Wiha, Klein Tools, Felo, PB Swiss, Tekton

Hi guys! No household tool kit today would be complete without a high-quality electric screwdriver. And if you have not bought a tool yet, our top list will help you make the right choice. When choosing an electric screwdriver for home use, many buyers are guided not only and not so much by the functionality, but also by the price. Despite the fact that the presented devices cost in the range of 5 thousand, they are suitable for working with different materials and have useful accessories in the kit.

Impact-free electric drill driver VICHR DA-12-1 can work in one speed mode. The maximum torque is 16 Nm, and the number of permissible turns per minute is 550. In the process of working with drilling and fastening the device does not overheat: the manufacturer has equipped the body with small ventilation grates on the housing.

The device works on a Li-Cd battery. Its capacity is equal to 1.5 Ah, but if desired, the user can buy a similar electric screwdriver with a slightly smaller battery, but greater power.

Hammer inexpensive electric screwdriver is worth choosing for people who appreciate comfort and convenience in use. The compact device fits perfectly in your hand, has excellent balance and almost invisible weight. Among other advantages is the battery: although the lithium-ion battery has a relatively low capacity (1.3 Ah), but does not have the memory effect, self-discharge. With moderate use, the electric screwdriver should be charged rarely.

The device offers only one mode of operation. drilling, with a rotational speed of 550 rpm. Functional features include a reversing function, safety clutch, and a bright backlight for the working area.

This budget Russian-made tool is well thought-out in every detail. Users of an electric screwdriver like the excellent weight distribution and the presence of rubber inserts on the handle. No battery. the work is done through the socket. The cable length is 5 meters, which means it is easy to connect the device to the mains.

Unlike its counterparts in the top budget screwdrivers, ZSSh-300-2 boasts a high torque of 35 Nm. It is equipped with two operating speeds of 400 or 1400 rpm.

The MILITARY CD12 electric screwdriver is perfect for household chores and for working with wood, metal or plastic. Maximum torque of 13 Nm and you can choose from 16 different rotational speeds according to the density of the material. Reverse direction of rotation possible.

Cordless operation. Even in winter, there is no need to worry about using the tool in cold weather. the 1.3 Ah NiCad battery is resistant to frost and discharges slowly.

The Chinese company Bort is known to Russian consumers as a manufacturer of repair products at record low prices

The removable lithium-ion battery has a medium capacity (only 1.3 Ah) and a rather small voltage of 10.8 V. This is quite enough for domestic use. But the charging time of the removable battery is not good enough. you can forget about it for 3 hours.

Maximum torque of 18 Nm is suitable for common household repairs. The number of revolutions per minute (550) is sufficient for metal and woodworking

Top 10 list by KP

DeWALT DCD771D2 (medium )

An electric screwdriver from the famous American manufacturer of repair equipment in the corporate yellow color. Its price is considerable, but it can be considered a benchmark in its own right. It has a quick-action chuck adapted to work with bits or drills up to 13 mm in diameter. The electric motor generates 1500 rpm, which allows the screwdriver to develop a maximum torque of 42 Nm. Engine brake instantly stops work just by releasing the trigger.

By the way, it comes with two batteries, which dramatically increases the autonomy of one of the best screwdrivers for the home. However, there are also remarks to the model. For example, for some reason the body does not provide even an elementary additional attachment for bits, and the built-in LED, which should illuminate the place of work, does not do a good job with this.

Pros and cons

Excellent workmanship, additional (and not cheap separately) battery included, motor brake

Metabo PowerMaxx BS 2014 Basic 2.0Ah (medium )

An extremely popular model from the German company Metabo. The origin of this popular love lies in the fact that the creators managed to maintain a balance of performance, quality and cost, which is difficult to compete with competitors. The electric screwdriver is very compact and its weight is only 800 grams. For the small size, of course, you have to pay somehow. But not in this case. the electric motor allows the screwdriver to develop torque of 34 Nm.

If this “kid” is too load, then an electronic protection will be triggered, which will not allow the device to break. Not only that, the chuck is removable and the hex bits can be used with or without an electric screwdriver. Finally, it comes with two batteries, which are relatively quick to charge. The only thing that is puzzling is the huge case in which it is easy to lose a small electric screwdriver.

Pros and cons

Great value for money, weighs only 800g, hexagonal bits can be used without a chuck

Hammer ACD12LE (medium )

A single-speed electric screwdriver at a reasonable price that is not without compromise. The maximum diameter of bits or drills is 10 mm, but this is not the main problem. But the electric motor, running at 550 rpm and the maximum torque of 18 Nm, greatly limits the scope of the device. In other words, the Hammer ACD12LE is unlikely to cope with anything other than minor domestic work. But here they did not save on reverse, the engine brake and run time. It really reaches 3 hours on a single charge. True, as long as the battery is fresh enough. And, of course, there’s only one.

Makita DF333DWAE (medium )

A well known model from the Japanese company Makita, loved by the Russians. The relative freshness of the screwdriver has been made famous by its numerous predecessors, but it does not fail on its own, either. At a weight of 1.1 kg, the electric motor model produces a torque of 30 Nm at 1700 rpm. The quick-action chuck is capable of handling bits or drills up to 10 mm in diameter. The ergonomics of the electric screwdriver itself is almost perfect, and the storage case is well thought out. Two batteries can be found in the kit. By the way, they are assembled from batteries format 18650, which gives “hobbyists” a huge scope for modifications with their own hands. The model has practically no drawbacks. The only complaint is the absence of a holder for additional bits on the body, and not too convenient backlighting.

Pros and cons

Lightweight and comfortable to work with, two batteries of batteries 18650, the reputation of a reliable tool

Bosch GSR 120-LI (medium )

Well what rating of the best screwdrivers for the house without products of the German firm Bosch? This model belongs to the “blue” professional line, and therefore should be able to do a lot. Weighing in at 800 grams, the electric motor of the tool is capable of 30 Nm of torque, which is good. Batteries are inserted into the handle and do not protrude beyond the handle, which is also good. As well as the fact that there are two of them in the kit.

Here is used rather advanced electronic protection from overload, but its work can be annoying. it does not allow to work the screwdriver at the limit. Of course, this also affects operation in drill mode. metal or concrete GSR 120-LI can not drill to your heart’s content. There are questions and to the quality of the tool. One has the problem that the quick-action chuck can unscrew itself. And someone complains about the burned out electric motor after three months of work. However, the problems are isolated.

Zubr DSHL-121 (medium )

The Russian electric screwdriver of Chinese manufacture at once bribes us with its 2021 full-fledged cordless tool. Speaking of batteries. Only one lithium-ion battery is included here. But it charges rather quickly. in 45 minutes. An electric screwdriver is quite robust and not afraid of hard work, despite the torque of 25 Nm. All in all, not a bad budget option, which is not a pity to use at the limit of possibilities.

Hanskonner HCD1838R (medium)

Powerful electric screwdriver from a brand with a very confusing origin. The official website speaks about the experience of Russian craftsmen and German engineers, which does not add clarity. Actually the pretentious name hides a Chinese manufacturer. An electric screwdriver is not cheap, but it pretends to be a professional tool. The chuck diameter of up to 13 mm, the maximum torque of 55 Nm and the two speeds are proof of that. The weight is not insignificant. a complete electric screwdriver weighs 1.7 kg.

Bosch EasyDrill 1200 06039A210A

Bosch offers a quality cordless electric screwdriver up to 5000 with a modest size and a low weight of 1 kg. Suitable for the DIYer, because you can make a 20 mm hole in wood and only 6 mm in metal.

The Bosch EasyDrill 1200 differs from professional tools in the necessity to take breaks for long loads and the more modest torque. But that is enough for most of the fixing, installation, assembly and other construction work that everyone faces at some point. Speed is limited to 450 rpm with a torque of up to 20 Nm (29 for the first speed. That’s enough to enable you to easily unscrew or tighten any screws up to 6×50. Second speed allows the bit to be spun up to 1650 rpm. Includes battery, battery charger, storage case and double bit.

  • Lightweight;
  • Robust Design;
  • Roomy case that even holds extra bits;
  • 3 years warranty from the manufacturer;
  • The battery lasts for a long time;
  • Functional.

Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic (600080500)

The best electric screwdriver from the German brand Metabo impresses with its power and performance. Despite its small size, the degree of engagement is impressive. It is equal to 36 Nm. The mini-tool is capable of working long hours per day, like a true professional. This is due to the modern lithium-ion battery with 10.8 volt and 2 Ah. You can keep track of the battery’s state of charge at all times thanks to the battery indicator. The manufacturer has also equipped the device with a spare battery, which is very relevant if you need a long, continuous operation. Quick-action keyless chuck, single-slide chuck. It is possible to drill without a chuck because the spindle is equipped with a magnetic bit holder. It is made of stainless steel, complete with additional plastic skirt, which protects from ingress of trash into the mechanism. When replacing consumables, the electric screwdriver shaft is blocked. The tool lies very comfortably in your hands, does not slip out. Body is made of special reinforced carbon fiber. Torque control is adjustable in 21 positions. That makes it possible to drill in different hard materials. Pros:

Top 11 cordless screwdrivers

Cordless cordless drill/driver designed for work with fasteners and drilling without connecting to mains power. It is a handy and high-performance tool, but such features are not common to all models. That’s why when choosing a suitable electric screwdriver it is necessary to carefully study the functionality and parameters, which differ between different models.

We present the rating of cordless screwdrivers 2017 “11 best”. It includes models that, according to 2017 statistics, distinguished by the highest number of sales. Customer reviews indicate that this product is characterized by high quality, not overpriced and has a good set of working parameters.

screwdrivers, most, reliable, inexpensive

(quick-release chuck, hexagonal spindle with magnet remains)

The leader of the rating is the model of the popular worldwide brand. Outstanding ruggedness and wear resistance of parts and components. Ideal for those looking for the best screwdrivers in terms of reliability for professional use. At an affordable price (at a cost of 5-th place among the samples presented, if you place them in ascending order of price) is equipped with an excellent set of features.

  • high power (battery voltage 18 V);
  • high battery capacity (1.5 Ah);
  • The presence of a protection system of the tool and the battery
  • replaceable carbon brushes
  • easy and inexpensive maintenance

Second place also for the German, but by a different brand. Small in size, impressive torque to top any home screwdriver rating. Equipped with a removable drill chuck.

The perfect choice for tight spaces with difficult access. Electric screwdriver comes with a belt clip that can be mounted on both sides. There is a LED backlight.

New for 2017. Represents an excellent choice for budget-priced impact wrenches. Long battery life thanks to the overload, deep-discharge and overheat protection mechanism. Has a soft grip on the handle.

Powered by two high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. Weight of the tool is only 800 grams. Comfortable operation thanks to ergonomic housing. Built-in magnetic bit holder.

  • compact housing
  • Adjustable eccentric
  • Extensive package (bit and chuck adapters, angled nozzle and angle adapter, quick-release device, 2 batteries, battery charger, carrying case, carrying case inserts).

Fully functional, ready to use tool. Optimised power-to-weight ratio. Equipped with brushless motor, built-in LED lighting. Battery charge indicator.

electric screwdriver with a powerful, dust-proof gearbox and variable speed capability. Equipped with a powerful chuck and overload protection function. Automatically shuts off for battery recovery after long periods of uninterrupted work.

Compact electric screwdriver drill with 18 torque settings. Equipped with gear box with two speeds. Productive and comfortable operation of the tool is ensured by a motor stop system. Features include backlight and reverse rotation.

Productive and reliable, lightweight and compact electric screwdriver. Features “Impulse” mode for drilling on smooth surfaces and removing jammed screws. Equipped with aluminum gearbox, battery packs with capacity indicator, additional handle.

  • overload protection
  • 4-pole motor for fast screwing and drilling
  • Hexagonal accessory spindle for screwdriver bits makes it possible to do without a chuck

The electric screwdriver has an ergonomic design. Mechanical transmission eliminates friction wear. The easy chuck and accessory exchange system makes the tool easy to use. Provides illuminated working area.

Closes the top, based on the choice of the best screwdrivers, the most expensive among the listed models. Brushless motor of the tool has the latest electronic protection against overheating and overload, the battery. increased service life and capacity (5 Ah). the short head of the drill enables high-precision machining. Includes color-coded clips for easy tool marking, mountable bit holder.

  • compact design
  • batteries with heat dissipation system, which increases the service life up to 100%;
  • motor and battery protection systems
  • extended package
  • motor brake
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