Hitachi trimmer does not develop a moment

I want to share my experience to restore the necessary power of a trimmer for grass with a gasoline engine.

Once in early June, I began to notice that my trimmer for the grass of the GT22GES model (manufacturer “ECHO”) began to lose its former power.

In the process of working with the grass, even with a slight increase in the load (grass higher and thoroughly), the turnover fell and the efficiency of the work was not the same as it was previously.

Previously, a trimmer for the grass did not notice such obstacles at all. With a sharp press on the “gashter” without load, the turnover increased slowly, as if reluctantly.

I took the user guide for a trimmer for the grass, found in it the section “malfunctions and their elimination”. I chose a suitable malfunction in the table, which is described something like this: “The engine is poorly accelerated or fades”.

Among the possible causes are pollution of the air filter, fuel filter, clogging of the drainage opening of the fuel tank, the spark plug, carburetor, clogging of the cooling system, clogging of the exhaust channel or silencer.

As it turned out, the list of possible reasons is extensive. where to start?

First, the air filter, a drainage hole, an air radiator looked visually, all this was in normal condition.

Then I decided to look from the end of the list, that is, check the exhaust system. the exhaust channel and muffler.

To do this, he took off the candle tip, unscrewed 3 screws and removed the plastic protective lid of the muffler (in the drawing in the manual under 5)

Then unscrewing two long screws, he carefully removed the muffler, so as not to damage the two gaskets that are present there

The foreboding did not deceive me. The output channel of the engine cylinder (through which exhaust gases emerge from the cylinder) was 30. 40 percent by a pledged.

So this is the reason for the disorder of the work of my trimmer for the grass!

Caution, so as not to damage the piston surface and prevent foreign products from entering the cylinder (in other words, the same carrier), I completely cleaned the exhaust channel from the carrier, carefully blew the channel using the pump. I used a knife as a tool (but only with the edge of the channel), and in the depths of the channel a wooden and plastic spatula of a suitable size


I used a knife as a tool (but only with the edge of the channel), and in the depths of the channel a wooden and plastic spatula of a suitable size.

The muffler was quite pure and inside and outside.

After the assembly, he started a trimmer for the grass, warmed up a little and tried to mow-the engine earned like new, the power increased noticeably, the grass does not mow, but cuts (fishing line for 3 mm trimmer).

stalls, trimmer, hitachi, grass

It’s nice that the device began to work excellent and is doubly pleased that he himself was able to find a malfunction and eliminate it.

It is likely that such a problem can arise in other models of trimmers, because their design is approximately similar and all trimmers for grass have a graduation channel and muffler.

The lineup

The Hitachi trimmers line are constantly replenished with new modifications that are popular in many countries of the world. Trimmer for grass gasoline Hitachi is highly performance and long.term operation.


Hitachi CG22EAS-NB is designed to mow grass in a small area. You can install different types of cutting tools (fishing line for a trimmer, knife), this makes it possible to download both young grass and dry shrub. The device is equipped with a New Purefire exhaust cleaning system, which increases the environmental friendliness of the model. Low fuel consumption makes it possible to work for a long time without adding fuel.

  • Engine power. 0.86 liters.With.
  • Engine volume. 21 cm³.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 0.44 liters.
  • The drive shaft is hard.
  • Carburetor. Walbro.

The handle has a convenient shape. The engine is located on top, which allows you to work even after rain, when the grass has increased humidity. The device is equipped with a S-START launch system, so that the start of work occurs smoothly, without jerking. The device has a small weight of 4.4 kg, which allows you to control the device even to the child. Reliable casing protects the driver from injuries. The model is equipped with a removable gearbox.

stalls, trimmer, hitachi, grass


Hitachi CG27EJ-S mower is characterized by compact dimensions, small weight. The device has a comfortable bicycle handle designed for cutting grass. This model is equipped with a 1.1 liter gasoline engine with a capacity of.With. The movement of the braid is not limited to the length of the wire, so the device can work on a large section. The lawn mower can overcome areas with an uneven surface.

  • Engine power. 0.88 kW.
  • Engine volume. 27 cm³.
  • The engine is two.stroke gasoline.
  • Cutting element: knife, fishing line for trimmer.
  • Field diameter. 2.4 mm.
  • Tank capacity. 0.67 l.
  • Cycling peak type U-shaped.
  • Hard drive shaft.
  • The width of the grass mowing is 46 cm.
  • Landing diameter. 25.4 mm.
  • Dimensions of pigtails. 726x650x600 mm.


The Hitachi CG27EAS-NB gasoline trimmer is used in areas with a small area. The device is equipped with a disk and a trimmer head. The NEW Purefire Innovative system reduces toxic exhausts to 50% and saves fuel. The kit has a convenient belt.

  • Field diameter. 2.4 mm.
  • Engine power. 1.1 kW, engine volume. 27 cm³.
  • The engine is two.stroke gasoline.
  • Fuel tank capacity. 0.53 liters.
  • The weight of the unit is 5.1 kg.

The kit has protective glasses, a knife and a cutting element with a cord. Spare parts for these mowers are available in all workshops, due to which units are popular with customers.

The lawn mower stall when you press the gas, how to eliminate the breakdown

The reasons why the lawn mower stalls is a huge number, we offer the most common of them, and we hope that you will find your own, and, of course, eliminate it. So, one of the situations is to clog the air damper, then the hole behind which the fuel is sprayed. If something got into it, then it can most often be quickly and easy to remove. This is the simplest reason, like a clogged filter. It needs to be washed in the solvent, and then get it well with compressed air. If it is not subject to repair, then order a new one in spare parts from the Kosikos store.

When a braid for grass stalls at high speeds, this is due to the following problems:

  • clogging or clutching a valve located on the gas tank lid;
  • The carburetor was diluted under the influence of vibrations arising during the operation of the mechanism;
  • problems with the circulation of the fuel mixture;
  • atmospheric air
  • The hose intended for fuel fuel cracked or slightly connected.

The carburetor is regulated by relying on the operational instruction to the trimmer. For configuration, it is often enough to weaken the tightening of its body. If there are problematic issues with the circulation of the fuel mixture, then it can gradually enter the carburetor. After its production, the engine stalls at high speeds.

The causes of the malfunction and their elimination

In order to most accurately determine the cause of the trimmer malfunction for grass of any brand (for example, echo) and find out the possibility of eliminating it, you need to install, when performing what action the device stalls. The engine can turn off both at idle and at high speeds, heated under load or immediately after starting and t.D.

If you stalled after gas supply

Owners of gasoline braids often mention that the lawn mower stalls when you press the gas. Usually such a breakdown occurs due to problems in the carburetor. A failure in his work can occur due to long-term storage, use in difficult conditions, significant overload of the motor. The symptom of such a breakdown will be vibrating movements of the device during operation.

On a note! Users familiar with the repair of a car carburetor can try to restore this important node of the trimmer for the grass on their own, using the instructions for operating. Otherwise, the correct decision will be to seek help from the service center representatives.

Sometimes a trimmer for grass stalls when you give gas because the fuel valve is clogged. This interferes with the supply of gasoline. To eliminate the problem, it is enough to loosen the valve. Thus, normal supply of carburetor fuel will be restored.

Proper care for the chainsaw

There are no unnecessary phrases in the operating instructions, everything that is proposed is aimed at uninterrupted operation of the gasoline pump. Cleaning all parts after each cycle of work facilitates the removal of unexplored residues and dirt. Clean only chilled nodes. This method contributes to the quality of the air cooling of the engine and the gearbox.

When saving the equipment for the winter, inspect, lubricate the gearbox and the piston system, wrap the entire saw in a lubricated rag and store it in a dry place.

This is impossible, dangerous for the instrument and health of the mower, use a metal cable instead of fishing line. It cuts more efficiently, but the load on the gear and the engine increases. A worn piece of wire flies at the speed of a bullet during disconnection. Effective mowing can lead to the rapid wear of the piston group of the engine. For greater efficiency of the mowing, it is proposed to use the profile of the “Asterisk” line.

While leaving the personal plot, sometimes people have to face the fact that their lawn mower is not started. There are several reasons for the refusal of this tool.

The lawn mower will not start. the reasons

Incorrect storage, a long break in extreme, untimely maintenance and other factors lead to the fact that the lawn mower may stop starting.

Diagnostics of the reasons should be started with checking the main nodes. fuel tank, candles and candle canal, air and fuel filters, saopan, graduation channel. Most often, problems are associated with one of these nodes, and their thorough inspection will help to decide why the lawn mower will not start.

If you use low-quality fuel (below AI-92), this can lead to a breakdown of the cylinder-piston system, the repair of which will result in about a third of the cost

In addition, it is important to observe the correct ratio of gasoline and oil specified in the operating guide to your specific model

The operation of the engine can also prevent fuel filter pollution. If this problem is detected, you need to replace the filter. Air filter also does not hurt to check also. When contaminating it, it is necessary to dismantle it, rinse in water with detergents, dry, grease in oil and put in place. Spark plugs that do not show signs of life must be replaced with new.

Sometimes the lawn mower starts up normally, but then stalls. This is mainly due to incorrect tuning the carburetor or its reservation. Determine that the reason is precisely in this, you can by vibration that are noticeable during operation. You need to configure the fuel supply adjustment, following the instrumentation instructions.

The lawn mower is poorly started on hot

When the lawn mower worked properly, and after a short break does not want to start again, you need to press the gas trigger and sharply pull the starter cord several times in a row, until the engine starts and only then release the gas trigger.

The lawn mower is not started on a cold

At the factory, cold motorcycles are pressed for gas, on the contrary, is not recommended. It is necessary to tilt the lawn mower so that the air filter is at the top and click on the leak button 5-6 times, then install the function of switching the functions to the Start position and pull over the cord several times before the engine factory. After a few seconds of operation, braids for the grass, the start system can be turned off.

What to do if the lawn mower does not start ? In this article we will consider the main reasons for this breakdown.

Most often, the lawn mower refuses to start because the fuel fills the candle. This can happen due to the fact that worn nozzles serve too much fuel in the combustion chamber, and its excess flies a candle, which is why it cannot generate a spark. If the candle is always wet, then this may indicate the wear of the gaskets, which is why the flowing oil prevents the formation of a spark. If the candle is dry, and the lawn mower still does not start, then, first you should replace the candle itself.

Another common reason-a 4-step lawn mower refuses. Here you can recommend a simple test: by clicking on the trigger, twitch the launch cord several times. If after that the engine has not started, then your tool needs a more detailed diagnosis with subsequent specialized repair.

Check the fuel supply

In order to check if gasoline enters the cylinder, you need to unscrew the candle and look at its electrodes. If the candle is dry, then petrol

Apparently does not act, but if it is wet, it means acting.

Sometimes it happens that the candle “throws” the fuel during the factory. That is, there seems to be a spark, but for some reason it was not possible to immediately start the engine, and at the same time petrol

I acted during the twitching by the starter, the candle became raw and through the fuel on the electrode the spark no longer breaks through. In this case, the electrodes can simply be wiped.

Why and what to do if a trimmer stalls for grass

There are several reasons why the trimmer for grass stalls when the grass. Usually the problem is provoked:

  • wear of engine elements. piston, bearings, crankcase;
  • malfunctions with fuel supply. a carburetor can fail in the device, sometimes a malfunction causes a clogged filter;
  • mechanical damage to hoses, tubes and cables;
  • disobedience with the ignition chain.

Most often, under a load for one reason or another, an old trimmer for grass, which has long been in operation, stalls for a particular reason. But sometimes the owners of new gasoline devices face problems.

Why is a trimmer for grass stalling when pressing gas, increasing speed

If the trimmer for the grass stalls when you give gas, then the problem is usually a malfunction of the carburetor adjustment. The malfunction often occurs if the device was inaction for a long time, and then received a significant load. Sometimes the unit stalls immediately after increasing speed, if before that it was operated in difficult conditions with violation of the rules.

The following reasons are also leading to problems with the performance of the device:

With stretching or rupture of the fuel hose in the gasoline trimmer, the elements that have become unusable must be changed. If the reason is in the clogged valves and filters in the unit, they are quite simple to clean.

If the reason that the trimmer stalls for the grass is caused by problems with the carburetor, the problems are accompanied by vibrations

Another common problem is that the trimmer for grass stalls with increasing speed due. In this case, you need to find the instructions for the device and carry out the reconfiguration of the unit. Often it is enough to weaken the tightening of the carburetor body.

stalls, trimmer, hitachi, grass

Why does a trimmer for grass stall at idle

Garden trimmer for grass often stalls even at idle. The reasons for the malfunction are usually simple. First of all, the improper adjustment of the carburetor affects performance. it leads to problems both at high speeds and in idle mode. Turning off the device can provoke clogging of an air filter or throttle.

Sometimes a trimmer for grass stalls if incorrect fuel is used for it. The gearbox for this reason overheats and reduces momentum.

If a malfunction occurs, it is necessary, first of all, to inspect the carburetor unit and perform mechanical repair or configuration. If the cause is of poor.quality fuel, you need to replace the mixture with a more suitable.

What to do if the trimmer for the grass starts and immediately stalls

If the trimmer for the grass does not gain momentum and stalls immediately after starting, the problem usually consists in improper tuning the carburetor. In this case, fuel in the system comes unevenly, the gasoline unit vibrates and cannot work normally. Repair consists in reconfiguring a carburetor unit according to the instructions from the manufacturer.

Engine stop causes fuel supply valve. The element must be carefully cleaned, and then installed back in place. If the lawn mower still stalls immediately after starting, perhaps the valve is too tight and it needs to be loosened. In this case, the fuel mixture will begin to circulate through the system freely, and problems with the performance of the unit will disappear.

In some cases, a gasoline trimmer for grass stalls due to the fact that the hose contains damage that pass the air. During the repair, you need to replace the fuel tube with a new.

Attention! If the damage in the hose is insignificant, it is allowed to simply add a revolution drive. This will allow you to drive out air bubbles from the fuel system.

What to do if the trimmer works and stalls for the grass

Owners of garden gasoline units are faced with the fact that a trimmer for grass stalls at large speeds after a short work. First, the device begins to function with jerks, and then gradually stops.

Typically, the reason is the overheating of the system. gasoline in the carburetor simply boils. A trimmer for grass can heat up if the ignition circuit coil or wire is damaged. There is no point in repairing worn details, they are simply changed to new working.

The use of a trimmer for the grass does not lead the use of not disk, but rotary damper in a carburetor

What to do if the trimmer for the grass overheats and stalls

If a hot trimmer stalls for grass, the situation is a great danger to the performance of the unit. Repair should be carried out immediately, otherwise the device will be completely unusable, and it will be more difficult to restore it.

Overheating of the unit usually cause the following reasons:

  • The use of inalitions. pour fuel into the tank with precisely with such an octane number that is recommended by the manufacturer;
  • a large amount of air in the system. for this reason, the enriched mixture releases an excess of heat;
  • non.compliance with the proportions of oil and gasoline in the preparation of fuel;
  • The thick layer of soot on the muffler. soot is a good heat.insulating material, the gasoline braid for the grass during operation is very hot and stalls;
  • The displacement of the axis of the spit.headed head inside the bar. for this reason, the rotation slows down, and the load on the engine increases.

If the gasoline unit stalls, you need to carefully examine it and eliminate first of all possible deformations of the structure. Then it is necessary to study the fuel parameters. If they do not correspond to the recommended, gasoline is replaced with a more suitable. If unnecessary air gets into the system, it is necessary to independently or with the involvement of specialists to adjust the position of the carburetor damper.

Sometimes a gasoline trimmer for the grass overheats and stalls because there is too old fuel in the tank. Use a fresh mixture for the unit, which was stored no longer than two weeks.

Attention! A trimmer for grass will overheat if you use it for too long, or mow with a weak device hard thick grass.

How to avoid breakdowns

Many breakdowns of a gasoline trimmer for grass can really be eliminated if you remove the causes, but if possible, it is recommended to, in principle, avoid faults. Simple measures allow to maintain the unit in a working state:

  • You need to use a trimmer for grass in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. It is impossible to use a weak device for removing hard weeds on the site, it is also not recommended to use motorcycles in excess of the due time. The gasoline unit needs to be turned off regularly and allow it to cool down.
  • During the operation of the device, it is necessary to monitor the state of the cooling system. To maintain performance, the channels in the case are regularly cleaned, like the starter’s ribs. The clogging of the system often becomes the reason that the unit stalls from overheating.
  • After using the gasoline trimmer for the grass, too, you need to clean. In this case, the procedure is not carried out for a hot unit, at first it must completely cool. For cleaning, use solvents, kerosene and other products allowed for use by the manufacturer.
  • Before cleaning, the motorcycles for storage must be drained from the tank, the remains of unused fuel. If this is not done, the gasoline mixture will fall into heavy components and will clog the channels of the carburetor, which will subsequently cause malfunctions. After draining the fuel, the device is launched at idle and waited for it to turn off.

Trimmer starts and dies. Quick fix.

With the onset of autumn, a gasoline trimmer for grass must be correctly removed for storage. First, the residues of the fuel mixture are drained from the device, and then the unit is disassembled, rinse and clean all removable components.

Before cleaning gasoline motorcycles for storage, you need to evaluate the condition of its parts, carry out the necessary repair and replacement of nodes. Air filter needs to be cleaned. The engine is partially disassembled, rinsed and blown by moving elements, and then applied a new grease. To maintain the piston part, the candle is unscrewed and the piston itself is lifted to the top point, and a little oil is poured into the opening opening and the crankshaft is twisted several times.

Store a gasoline trimmer for grass in winter is necessary in a warm room

Frequent malfunction: the engine is not gaining momentum and what to do to the driver

revolutions, then the 1st step. analyze when and how it manifested itself. In other words, the device finished spin suddenly, or the inconsistent with a set of revolutions evenly progressed. You should also direct attention to the presence or absence of other symptoms.

The fact is that the motor failure that previously worked did not gain speed after at least any repair or other manipulations, it may simply be the result of the assembly errors, unconnected by the sensor and that is similar. In such cases, the malfunction can be found more frequent and more precisely after an ignorant review or immediate return of the vehicle to the service, where the car was previously repaired.

Diagnosis and elimination of electric motor problems

Electrimmer malfunctions can be as follows:

To cope with these breakdowns, you do not need to disassemble the entire device.

On a note! Before you start repairs, it is important to prepare the necessary tool: a set of screwdrivers, a tester, a soldering iron, indicator, a set of keys.

With serious engine failures, you will have to disassemble it. To do this, you need to unscrew a few screws. Having gained access to the motor details, you need to carry out the following actions:

  • Checking the degree of wear of brushes. unsuitable details will need to be replaced with new ones;
  • Rall the engine winding. the resistance should be high;
  • Check the stator and rotor. to test the rotor winding with a multimeter, measure the resistance: large deviations from the norm indicate a malfunction, the absence of resistance on the stator winding also indicates a breakdown (the same way is diagnosed with the stator case).

Advice! The solution to problems associated with faulty electric nodes are associated with great difficulties. Often it is easier to replace them with new details than to take time for rewinds.

Low.speed problems are a common phenomenon for cheap trimmers. However, with improper maintenance, such manual mowers as Huter, Patriot 3055, Echo also suffer from this.

Top Motokos Hitachi Top Models

The Hitachi gas station lineup consists of a variety of models that differ in technical characteristics, application sphere and structural properties. Among the entire line of benzocosyles, the following models are the most popular in the market:

Of course, the most powerful trimmer for the grass of Hitachi CG47EY-T can be called the most popular benzoca. This lawn mower has excellent characteristics, and unlike previous options can be used in industry. As for the shortcomings of this device, buyers highlight the high cost.

Why does the lawn mower stall after starting?

After starting, the motor may stall if the carburetor is incorrectly configured or it has been resolved. On what signs can be understood that the reason really lies in this? Very simple, by vibrations that will be clearly felt during the work of a gas station. You can adjust the fuel supply with your own hands by completing everything that is written in the instrument operation instructions.

The motor can stall due to clogged fuel valve. The reason is eliminated by cleaning it. If the lawn mower started up, and then stalled sharply, then it is difficult to supply fuel to the carburetor. Weaken the valves of the carburetor to ensure the free approach of the fuel to it in the right amount.

With excessive air leaks, the engine may also stall. Add the engine speed so that air bubbles come out faster from the fuel system of the unit. Be sure to check the integrity of the fuel hose. In case of mechanical damage (cracks, punctures, etc.P.), replace the part.

Ways to eliminate problems

The first three reasons are quite simple to eliminate. If the matter is the mixture, it is necessary to pour old fuel from the tank, prepare a new emulsion from high.quality gasoline and engine oil (if your motor requires a mixture) and pour it into a fuel tank. If a trimmer for grass works on clean gasoline, it’s still easier.

In the second case, it is necessary to carefully release the details of the trimmer for grass from the wound grass. If the filter is clogged, you can try to rinse it

If this procedure has not brought the effect, replace it with a new

If the filter is clogged, you can try to rinse it. If this procedure has not brought the effect, replace it with a new.

The last reason why the lawn mower does not work properly will require you a little more knowledge and skills.

In order to properly adjust the carburetor of the lawn mower, it is necessary to observe a certain procedure. First of all, carefully clean the air filter. The easiest way to rinse it (it is advisable to carry out the filter with water regularly after 9-10 hours of operation).

After that, in the diagram of your trimmer for grass, which is in the instructions for the operation of the device, find the adjustment screws. Usually there are three of them: the first is responsible for the supply of fuel, the second. for idle, but the third is designed to limit the number of maximum engine speeds.

Next, you should turn on the unit and wait for the engine to warm up.

Slowly twist the first adjusting screw (fuel mixture). Catch the moment when the motor begins to stall, and turn the screw in the opposite direction 45 degrees. If you did not have time and the motor stalled, the screw should be turned 90 degrees. Open the throttle and see how the speed is going. Next, you should slowly unscrew the screw (each turn. the same 45 degrees) until the moment when, with full gas, the motor begins to firmly issue maximum revolutions.

The second screw, as mentioned above, controls the engine speed at idle. Weakening it, you reduce the number of revolutions, tighten. increase. The screw must be adjusted so as to ensure confident operation of the motor at small speeds. Accelerate the engine for better starting a little. At the same time, make sure that before the movement of the knives/coil with the fishing line, the motor makes several dozen revolutions. With poor starting the engine, screw the screw slightly.

After you have adjusted the first two screws, test the operation of the device at the maximum engine speed. If necessary, you can limit it (maximum). this will serve as protecting the motor from “boiling”. To do this, you need to do the third screw. Unscrew the fixation nut until the moment when the control screw can be calmly turned. To increase the maximum speed, the screw must be loosened to reduce. on the contrary, tighten. Fix the screw position with a nut. Test the work of the motor again.

Spend the position of the screws regularly. a high level of vibration characteristic of benzocoses can cause their involuntary shift.

Remember that carburetor adjustment is not the final procedure. During operation, Motokos, most likely, you will have to mess with it more than once, because an unbalanced carburetor is both an increased fuel consumption and a quick failure of the candles, not to mention reducing the power and productivity of the device.

External factors

Several factors that are not related to its breakdown affect the reduction of revolutions:

  • filter pollution due to the hit of particles of dirt and dust in it;
  • use of poor.quality fuel;
  • incorrectly prepared mixture (relevant for trimmers with two.stroke gasoline engines);
  • pollution of the muffle of muffler particles of vegetation, soil elements and other objects.

In this case, in the second and third cases, the formation of a soil in the combustion chamber is formed, and the elements of the carburetor are clogged.

The trimmer is not gaining momentum. what to do

Any person owning a country or land plot is well aware of the problems of the fight against excess vegetation. Now a trimmer for the grass has come to the rescue, which successfully replaced the usual braid in this field. This unit is very convenient in work, but it, like any mechanism, also, due to difficult working conditions or incorrect operation, is characterized by failing. Situations are quite common when a trimmer for grass does not gain momentum. To understand this problem, it is necessary to understand some aspects related to the functioning of the device.

Fuel system

For non.precise operation of the benzotrimer, the functioning of the fuel system is of great importance. Gasoline passes through all its nodes and details, so they should be regularly cleaned. In addition, it is necessary to use only high.quality fuel. To prepare a combustible mixture, motor oil can not be used on a two.stroke engine, as it has insufficient qualities.

technical issues

The technical problems of the lawn mower mainly occur in the fuel and ignition system. You can cope with them yourself.

  • Когда ручная косилка не заводится или глохнет, проблема может быть связана со свечой. The dark cargo speaks of poor carburetor adjustment and low gasoline quality.
  • The reason for the incorrect operation of the trimmer for the grass may be clogged fuel hose. Filters are also often clogged.
  • Another internal problem. the muffler is covered with soot. From this, the turnover of the grass for the grass falls strongly. Output. you need to clean the muffler.

Important! If the unit does not work due to breaking up the engine, serious problems may occur. In this case, the malfunctions that can be eliminated with your own hands include only the destruction of piston rings

With more serious problems with the motor, if there is no warranty, you should be prepared to visit the workshop.

External factors

Several factors that are not related to its breakdown affect the reduction of revolutions:

  • filter pollution due to the hit of particles of dirt and dust in it;
  • use of poor.quality fuel;
  • incorrectly prepared mixture (relevant for trimmers with two.stroke gasoline engines);
  • pollution of the muffle of muffler particles of vegetation, soil elements and other objects.

In this case, in the second and third cases, the formation of a soil in the combustion chamber is formed, and the elements of the carburetor are clogged.

Immediately after you started

The unit may stall immediately after starting, if the carburetor is shifted or incorrectly adjusted. This causes an uneven supply of fuel. As a result, the device vibrates clearly. To eliminate defects, the carburetor is reconfigured, following the annotations to the mechanism.

Apart from that, the engine stops when clogging the fuel supply valve. In such cases, it is quite easy to clean it. If the bureau at first earned, but later stalled immediately, then maybe the fuel with some difficulty falls into the carburetor knot. Weakening of the valve helps to solve the issue, which ensures free circulation of the consistency in the system.

The stop can also be caused by air leaks in the presence of mechanical damage to the hose (holes, cracks), taking fuel. In this case, increase the speed of the drive in order to resign more air from the system from the system.

Where to look for a reason or where to start checking

All chainsaws have the same design, and work according to one principle. The device of the chainsaw can be found in this material. It does not play much meaning which brand of the tool. Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Champion, Partner, Sturm and others. A malfunction manifested in the form when a chainsaw is stalling when pressed on gas can arise the same both on expensive and high.quality tools and on budget Chinese devices. If the problem has arisen, then it needs to be solved.

A chainsaw is a system of mechanisms consisting of details. Any detail in the mechanism can fail, which will lead to a partial or complete failure of the tool. If the tool engine starts, then this does not mean that the chainsaw is completely serviceable. Когда при повышении оборотов происходит прекращение работы двигателя, значит на то имеются соответствующие причины. With this malfunction, you need to pay attention initially to a number of the following tool mechanisms:

  • Gas tank. make sure of the presence of fuel. If fuel is in sufficient quantity, you should also check the serviceability of the fuel filter, the presence of a connection of the supply hose with the carburetor, and also make sure that the operability

These are the main details and mechanisms that should be checked first if there is a malfunction when the chainsaw stalls when the accelerator is pressed. There are other reasons why the chainsaw engine stall when the gas trigger presses. What else can contribute to this malfunction, as well as features of elimination of breakdowns, we will find out later.

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