What to cut the laminate flooring: what can be used for cutting the laminate flooring at home.

One of the popular types of flooring in living quarters is laminate. This material is made up of several layers, each for a specific function. When installing such a coating is necessary to make fit and trim panels to qualitatively and technologically perform the installation.

Mounting a laminate board involves its fixation to the floor with glue or special self-tapping screws. But many novice craftsmen do not know what to cut laminate in order to get a high-quality and even joint.

To cut vinyl or cork laminate at home you can use several tools:

  • Cutter. This design resembles a guillotine. To cut a board, it must be placed under the knife along the cutting line. After that with a certain force the cutter is pressed, which produces a rubber. With some skill, this tool can be used to cut laminate even lengthwise.
  • Jigsaw. Cutting with this machine is one of the fastest and most accessible. But it is important to use only special saws for processing laminate. To cut the desired piece, you should measure the required dimensions and draw a straight line for the trimmer. After that, the board is moved slightly off the table so that the saw moves in the air and the cutting begins.

What to cut laminate flooring with: What you can use to cut laminate flooring at home

  • Hacksaw. Cutting laminate with it can be done both on the floor and on a certain elevation. To do this, it is also necessary to mark the line for the trimmer and carefully start sawing. Here it is important to take the saw’s pitch into account, as it can take up a lot of laminate. This, in turn, can lead to inconsistencies.
  • The knife. The upper layer of the laminate is a thin film that can easily be damaged with an ordinary box cutter. The technology of working with this tool is quite simple. Along the marked line it is necessary to draw the tip of the knife in such a way as to cut through the top layer. If you want a straight line for your trimmer then the board should also be properly secured.

When you have cut through the top layer, you need to break off the extra piece. To do this, the laminate is placed on the edge of the table along the gum and pressed down sharply on one side. This approach is similar to breaking ceramic tile or glass after working with a glass cutter.

  • Circular saw. Cutting with this tool is considerably faster. To cut a piece of laminate, you should also make a marking. After that the board is fixed on the bed along the plane of the saw’s movement. Place the product to the top with the laminated layer. In doing so, the saw blades will enter the material, which will reduce the formation of chips and cracks. When everything is aligned, you must slowly guide the board along the cutting line with the circular saw turned on.
  • angle grinder. This tool resembles a circular saw in principle. Similar types of cutting blades are also used here. But the cut can already be made almost anywhere. But to get an even cut, you need to get a hand that controls the angle grinder during processing.

General information

If you choose the floor covering based on wood, people often give their preference to natural parquet or a cheaper, but no less visually pleasing option. laminate. This material is characterized by increased resistance and features that will even surpass natural solutions in terms of operation.

In construction stores you can find different laminate designs. World-class companies can offer end users a wide variety of textures that will imitate natural surfaces, such as trees of various kinds.

This coating has become popular largely due to the fact that the laminate is very easy to install with a system of locks. Also, such coatings are quite easy to dismantle and reinstall.

Laminate is quite easy to install and, if necessary, to cut, armed with special tools

The flooring is installed in rooms with high passability. This is largely due to the fact that the laminate flooring has a high resistance to wear and tear, and it is not afraid of stress. If you install it in the bedroom or living room, the warm colors of wood will create a cozy atmosphere, and thanks to resistance to water you can not fear that fungus or bacteria will develop in the kitchen.

Sawing equipment

Almost every material corresponds to a specific group of tools for processing. It’s hard to imagine the result of the idea of sawing ceramic floor tiles with an electric jigsaw and metal tiles with a box cutter. The most expensive diamond glass cutter is useless for cutting an ordinary sheet of paper.

Everyone who has faced such a problem, it is clear that to cut a laminate board, you need to use a special tool that preserves the internal structure of the material.

Such tools include:

How a laminate flooring is constructed

Laying laminate in one piece only is almost impossible. Laminate laminates are most often made rectangular in shape. On the surface of the boards there is a thin film of resin, which protects the laminate from various kinds of influences and damage. Underneath the tread layer there is a layer with a shade, where the pattern is formed, which looks like wood of various kinds.

Next comes the chipboard layer, which increases the rigidity. The last is a layer of melamine, which makes laminate laminate resistant to moisture. As a result, it turns out that the thickness of such a coating will be about six to twelve centimeters. If sawing such products, it is very important to do edging carefully. Otherwise, warped chips can form, which will need to be compensated for with valuable centimeters of coverage. You may also need to replace defective elements with new ones.

To avoid throwing away valuable pieces of pavement, which is rather expensive, it is better to prepare in advance the tools that will allow you to make even cuts. That way you can protect yourself and get the job done straight away, without wasting additional resources.

It is important to make only straight cuts. otherwise you can severely damage the coating, which will affect the cost

What is the best way to cut a laminate flooring?

Correctly to cut the laminate flooring to the required size. this is one of the positions in the technology of installation of this flooring in home conditions. After all, it is no secret that the laminate flooring is laid according to the type of brickwork, and, therefore, some of the panels will be cut in half. In addition, not all of the last panels in a row fit in one piece. And then you have to cut them again.

Many ordinary people who are trying to tiling laminate with their own hands, there is a legitimate question, what are the tools for cutting and which of them is better? To answer these questions, we need to consider all kinds.

Tools for cutting laminate flooring

First of all, I would like to note the requirements that the tools have.

  • They should be easy to use.
  • Have a small mass and size.
  • The main requirement, however, is to obtain an even cut on the edge of the laminate without defects.

This simple tool is used by the majority of consumers, when they face the question of how to cut such a floor covering as laminate? When a small amount of work is carried out in home conditions. this is the best solution. Professionals, however, do not use it, because when using a hacksaw you have to spend a lot of effort. Yes, and it takes a lot of time to cut.There is information that laminate can be cut with a wood saw. Do not even think about it, the saw has large teeth, so that you can not talk about the quality of the edges of the cut.

Electric jigsaw

And this electric tool is ideal for cutting laminate.

  • First, the jigsaw has a high RPM, which allows you to cut the material without chipping or cracking.
  • Secondly, it is a lightweight and very handy tool that even a beginner can use.
  • Thirdly, the cut turns out flat, almost perfect.

Tip! In order to cut laminate, it is best to use special saws that are made for this operation. They have a smaller tooth pitch and the teeth are set in a different way. And the shape of the saw blade is completely different.

Angular angle grinder

Probably every home craftsman has a small-sized angle grinder in his arsenal. For cutting, it is best to use its angular model. It’s just more convenient. To cut the laminate, you can use different discs:

Tip! It is best to work with an angle grinder outdoors (for example, on an open balcony). The thing is that when you cut laminate, as well as any other material, a lot of dust is generated. And the smell of burning will fill the room.

This tool can be used as a back-up. Suddenly the angle grinder or jigsaw stops working, all the saws break, and so on. With a good construction knife you can cut the laminate, but here has its own technology.

  • A metal ruler is laid over the place of the cut.
  • Use a sharp knife to make a deep cut along the line. The deeper, the better.
  • The ruler and knife are set aside.
  • Lay the laminate panel so that the notch trimmer line exactly aligns with the edge of the table.
  • Now press the half of the panel lying on the table with the palm of your hand. And the hanging one is pressed with your free hand. The laminate should break exactly along the cut.
  • The edges can be trimmed.

Professional tools

Masters usually use more powerful tools:

Both tools give you a clean edge after cutting. Under the circular cutter you have to install a table with a special through groove. Working with this electric tool is more difficult, you need skill. It’s important to drive the disk carefully along the planned line of cut, not to brake on one place. If your hand shakes, it is immediately dislodged. The disadvantage of the circular saw is a big noise and a lot of dust.

The cutter is the most professional modern device. It works on the principle of the guillotine. Simply lay the panel along the cutting line under the knife. Then the handle is pressed by hand.

No dust, no noise, perfect cut without defects. This equipment costs a lot, so there is no point in using it at home. But brigades that professionally install laminate flooring simply can’t do without it today.

As you can see, there are several tools with which you can cut laminate. Which one is better?? This question is difficult to answer, because much will depend on who will use them.

If it is a home craftsman, then we advise not to splurge. You can use a hacksaw for metal. If you are a professional, then buy a cutter. Of course, you can use power tools, but they make a lot of noise and dust. And, therefore, you have to do all the work outside.

Features of cutting vinyl laminate

If commercial panels are characterized by high strength, the vinyl material, on the contrary, is made with the expectation of creating an original decorative effect. In addition, vinyl simplifies floor cleaning, which is why it is valued by housewives. Convenient such lamella and in terms of cutting. As a rule, it is a relatively soft material that can be cut with a hand tool.

So what to cut the vinyl laminate? To use the above mentioned tools is probably not worth it. It is advisable to use a stationery knife, which has a high cutting ability, almost like a blade. Soft vinyl panels are sensitive to mechanical stresses, so a sharp knife is a better choice than a rough angle grinder or hacksaw.

If with an angle grinder to achieve the cleanest result it is still necessary to resort to some tricks, in the case of this is not necessary. Even with a piece cut, this tool will produce impressive results. Example of work with a jigsaw also shows the depth of the question about what to cut the laminate, if you need to get a curved cut.

Of course, making a straight cut is the most common operation. But non-standard laying, involving installation with curved panels, is also practiced. Another thing is that the implementation of this method can be trusted to a professional parquet layer. The advantage of the electric jigsaw is just that the model suitable for the characteristics, even in the hands of a novice in such works can provide a very decent result.

Electric jigsaw refers to the most preferred type of tool, as with it you can get a high-quality smooth cut that does not have on its surface chips, burrs and other damage.

A jigsaw allows you to quickly and efficiently cut laminate

If this kind of work is performed on a regular basis, it is better to buy a more expensive, but reliable tool at once. The table below shows the average cost for jigsaws as of July 2018.

Choice of saw

To get an even and smooth cut on the end face of the laminate laminate is not enough to buy a quality tool. the result depends on the right saw. Some manufacturers complete the tool with several kinds of saws. It may happen that to acquire additional saw for working with laminate is not required. it will be included with the tool.

The laminate saw blade is distinguished from the others by characteristic features. Saw blade shape, pitch, teeth set and material should be taken into account when buying a saw blade. For example, laminate saws from the well-known tool manufacturer Bosch are flexible and durable because they use a bimetal blade.

Bosch “Special for laminate” laminate files

By and large, if for some reason it did not work out to find a saw with a marking saying that it is designed to work directly with laminate, you can pick up another one that has fine teeth and a thin blade. It is possible to get different results:

  • A saw with a wide blade allows to get a good straight cut.
  • For shaped or curved cuts choose a thin saw blade.
  • A neat edge on the front side of the laminate is achieved if the cut is made from the outside.
  • To make an even cut on the front side of the floor, choose a saw with backward-toothed saw blade.

Laminate backsplash saw set

The following rules will allow you to get a quality cut when cutting laminate and simplify the trimming process itself:

  • When sawing the laminate boards the tool must be at its maximum rpm.
  • The cut is made along the marked line at a time. If you slow down or pause the cutting element, small irregularities, chips and other damage can occur on the surface of the cut.
  • When cutting laminate, the pendulum mechanism of the tool is disabled.
  • For cutting laminate boards use specialized saws or other saws that have fine teeth and a wide blade to obtain a quality rectangular cut.
  • It is also recommended that the lamellas be properly secured.
  • To avoid damaging the face layer of the lamella, lay it with the back side upwards. The front side of the lamella is placed if the teeth on the saw have a backward stroke.
  • If you press the laminate along the cut line, you will get a better result.
  • Cut the board should be fast and confidently. only in this case, the quality result and the speed of the work carried out is guaranteed.

Cutting technology depends not only on the tool, but also on the correct approach to the processing of this substance.

Therefore, such operations should be performed, guided by a few simple recommendations:

  • All cutting tools should be equipped with a saw with very fine teeth. This applies to both an ordinary hacksaw and a jigsaw. Such an approach will prevent the appearance of chips and ugly ends. Many experts recommend to use metal saws for manual work.
  • If you get an ugly cut, then try to hide this board under the baseboard. Sometimes it can be trimmed again, but it is important that the length of the element after that was suitable for a certain row.
  • Try to measure several times. This way you get a more accurate reading, and this will not damage the laminate.
  • Depending on the tool chosen, the boards should be laid either up or down with a decorative layer. This helps to avoid big splinters.
  • If you need to get a shaped cut, then the best option would be to use special templates. To make this process easier, you can glue construction adhesive tape all along the length of the rubber. The optimum tool for such processing is a jigsaw.

Cutting laminate is a simple operation that requires only the selection of quality tools. Carry out it should adhere to the basic rules of safety, as the work is performed with very sharp blades and saws.

What to cut laminate: choosing the right tool for cutting

In order to properly install laminate on the floor, you need to be able not only to connect the laminate panels, but also to cut them correctly. Otherwise, it will be impossible to “fit” in the area of the room, as well as to comply with the traditional checkerboard pattern of coverage. Since you can’t pick up laminate boards with your bare hands, you can trust one of the hand or electric tools to cut them.

The main characteristics that a home laminate cutting tool should have are:

The last point, the meaning of which is not to spoil the appearance of the laminate board after cutting, for most home craftsmen is decisive. However, its value is still exaggerated. In any case, chips up to 5 mm in size on the finished flooring will not be noticeable. defects on the edges of the panels will be covered by skirting boards.

So what are the most suitable tools for cutting laminate?

Tool An electric jigsaw

The best result in cutting laminate can be achieved by using an electric jigsaw for this purpose. It is a lightweight, very easy-to-use tool that any novice craftsman will quickly find a way to. Even a woman or a teenager. The jigsaw is made with high rpm so as not to damage the structure of the laminated fibreboard. If you’re quick and confident, you get a nearly perfect cut.

The main thing in using the electronic jigsaw is the choice of the saw blade. Modern tools are usually initially equipped with special saws for cutting laminate. They differ in special shape, pitch and the way the teeth are set. However, ordinary metal saws, narrow and fine-toothed, will do the job just as well.

In order not to damage the decorative surface, the cutting line for the trimmer is applied (with a pencil or chalk) to the underside of the laminate board. It is laid on a table (chair) with the back side up so that the part to be cut is suspended. One hand fixes the laminate lying on the table, and the other hand quickly cuts the excess part.

Circular saw

A clean cut along the edge of a laminate can be achieved with a circular saw with a metal blade. Working with a circular saw is more difficult than with an electric jigsaw, so it requires some skill. If you have them, you can cut laminate flooring quickly, evenly and with almost no chips.

The laminate board is laid on a hard surface with the pattern upward, fasten. It is necessary to cut accurately, with a small pressure advancing a disk on the drawn line, trying not to slow down on one place.

Tool Angle grinder (angle grinder)

Angle grinder. a handy tool, indispensable in the drawer of the home craftsman. Almost everything can be cut with it, including laminate. For a beautiful edge, without cracks and chips, when sawing it is necessary to turn the laminate board with the front surface. You use discs for metal, concrete or ceramic tile.

The disadvantage of using an angle grinder (and a circular saw, too)!) can be called a large amount of dust that will be released when cutting the laminate. This action can also be accompanied by a smell of burning wood. This is why you should only cut on an open balcony or outside.

Hacksaw tool

Laminate can be successfully cut with an ordinary wood saw. But this will have to expend effort, because its teeth are quite large and will gnaw into the laminate, but not cut it. Metal hacksaws have finer teeth and should be used for cutting.

The hacksaw is very often used for cutting small amounts of work. This method is not used in construction teams, because it is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

The tool Laminate Cutter

A laminate flooring cutter, on the other hand, allows you to cut the laminate at a professional level. Most often this tool works like a guillotine. a knife that, with the help of a handle, is lowered onto the surface of the laminate and cuts it. The cutter operates easily, without chipping or noise. No force or skill is needed to use it. It is probably the easiest tool to use, allowing you to get excellent results in any conditions.

As this cutter is used exclusively for laminate, it makes sense to buy it only for professional installation. This is not a viable option for finishing off several rooms in an apartment.

Tool Construction knife

An ordinary construction knife can also be used to cut a laminate flooring. For example, if you are almost finished with the flooring, you have one board to cut, but suddenly the angle grinder breaks. You have no other tools at hand, but need to cut quickly. Then a utility knife will come in handy. Put a ruler on the face of the laminate board and make a deep cut with the knife. Holding the board on one side of the cut, push down the other side. The laminate flooring should break just like a ceramic tile would break when cut with a tile cutter.

Tips from the trade

Of all the models listed, the Renovator looks the most attractive. It can be seen as a real alternative to a hacksaw or cutter. If we are talking about cutting a laminate flooring of 50-80 m2, the power of the tool will obviously not be enough. For laying flooring in an ordinary one-room apartment, a conventional hacksaw is sufficient. If you want to install laminate flooring professionally, the best option would be to buy a bench machine with a set of circular saws of different cross section. For repairing the flooring it will be enough to make a cutter knife.

Vinyl tiles should only be cut with a table saw. You can’t cut it off smoothly and accurately by hand or any other method. Plastic is quite ductile, and a high-speed tool will simply melt it and deform it.

Advice from! When selecting a tool does not need to experiment, remove protective parts, casings and guards. It won’t make it easy to cut the material, but it can dramatically increase the injury hazard of the process.

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