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Grass trimmer with an engine of sufficient power and torque can be a reliable basis for self-assembly of two-wheeled vehicles. mopeds and scooters. They can be completed with different parts. it all depends on the needs and preferences of the manufacturer. In any case, properly assembled unit will stand out economically, unpretentious in service and ease of self-repair.

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Outboard motor

Assembling this device requires a strong welded frame, in the middle part of which there should be a steel all-metal plate. On it should be installed the motor along with the ignition, clutch, gearbox and fuel tank from the grass trimmer. On top of the power unit used will need to install a cover, which will protect the engine from splashing water and particles of small debris. In order to ventilate the motor it is necessary to make several through-holes in the front wall of the housing.

To work a boat motor from a grass trimmer requires a propeller, which you can make yourself. To do this, it is necessary to cut 3 or 4 identical pieces from steel and bend them in a spiral. After that you need to install the screw on the shaft and connect it to the gearbox.


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Lawn mower greatly simplifies the care of the grass in the countryside. Now there is a huge variety of models of lawn mowers, but they can all be too expensive. Unlike a lawnmower, which you can assemble yourself. To do this, you will need:

  • Petrol or electric motor (basis of the mower’s mechanism)
  • Frame
  • Protective shroud
  • Cutting elements
  • Handles
  • The wheels
  • Control box for the lawnmower

The most common lawn trimmer is the frame version. You will need additional tools to assemble this type of lawnmower:

An angle is needed to weld a frame of 50 by 60 centimeters. At the corners of the base, install wheels of the right size. Then attach a sheet of metal or plywood of the same size on top of the base. Make a hole for the brushcutter bar and fasteners. Install cutting element. Fasten the brushcutter to the cart. While working on assembling the lawn mower, always work carefully and follow safety procedures !

What you can make from a grass trimmer?

If you have an old unwanted grass trimmer in working order, you can begin to make one of the technical devices. Use ready-made drawings and connect your own imagination.

Handicrafts, which can be made from brushcutsa:

  • Boat motor. It is realistic to make it from the engine from a trimmer for grass, it is enough to prepare the necessary tools and parts beforehand. The ready-made device should not damage the watercraft, as well as be completely safe;
  • Snowblower. Can be made according to many schemes. The easiest. replace the blade with a homemade impeller. The number of blades determines the productivity of homemade snow blower;
  • Drill (Summer, motor). A gasoline-powered machine is much more complex and powerful than an electric one. This is an auger that attaches to the drive of the installed motor. One-speed and two-speed drills make neat holes in the surface (you can drill ice and soil). Such a homemade from a lawnmower is very relevant. An ice drill for fishing enthusiasts is not an inexpensive device, so the best option would be to redo the old unit. The hardest part to attach the working part to the trimmer, so it is worth using the recommendations of craftsmen;
  • A chainsaw. It is necessary to use old models of devices, from which all elements are taken. The essence of selfmade in the installation on the gasoline saw motor brushcutter;
  • Grass trimmer for bike/scooter (scooter). To create such equipment you need to acquire a bicycle (can be old, but running), the engine from a chainsaw, homemade sprocket, exhaust pipe, bracket, fuel tank, braking device on the back wheel. Motor is mounted with a bracket on the frame. The design itself is not very complicated;
  • Snowmobile. The engine of the brushcutter is placed on the construction with a track. The motor is relatively small power, so the finished equipment will be able to carry only a small weight. Such a makeshift is suitable for a child.

The list of self-made trimmers from a brushcutter is quite large. In fact, it is possible to install the motor from the grass trimmer on a variety of technical devices. It is important to preliminarily estimate the power of lawn mower, with what tasks will be able to cope with the finished homemade unit.

Homemade TRIMMER Scooter / DIY

Bicycle and scooter from a grass trimmer

It is not uncommon for owners of trimmers to assemble a scooter or bicycle on the basis of a garden tool. These samodelok of brushcutter capable of speeds in the region of 20 km / h, while consuming a minimal amount of fuel.

The scooter or bike will need to be equipped with a solid platform on which to install the motor. It is best to weld a mount from a metal plate and some steel angles.

To transmit the force from the motor to the drive wheel of the homemade bike, you will need to install a driving gear on it. In this case, the transmission of torque is done using a belt.

As a result, the manufacturer will get a self-propelled 2-wheeled vehicle, which will stand out for the simplicity of the device, as well as unpretentiousness to service and fuel quality.

Self-Made Gasoline Generator from the trimmer for grass

A simple homemade gasoline generator made with my own hands from the lawnmower engine.

Hello all! I had lying around, the engine from a grass trimmer. Thought about where it can be used, and decided to make myself a gasoline generator at 12 volts. In the dacha has no electricity, so this samodel comes in handy.

The design is simple self-made, originally on the shaft of the engine trimmer for grass, put the rotor and spools from the scooter engine.

A home-made generator worked, but the power was weak.

In this version, it is very difficult to make the rotor was evenly seated on the shaft, and I do not have a lathe.

Then put the tractor generator, it is self-excited and is ideal for this home-made. This version has already turned out more powerful.

On the shaft of the engine trimmer for grass put a pulley, made a belt drive on the pulley of the tractor generator. All this mounted on a frame welded from pieces of pipe and angle.

Makeshift gas generator, will be useful, for example, in the country house, or in a garage where there is no electricity, with its help you can charge the car battery or make backup lighting on LEDs. Also note that all the materials I already had available and did not have to buy anything. So if you have, lying idle engine trimmer for grass, you can use it to make a homemade generator.


A lawn mower is a garden tool that is powered by an internal combustion engine. This technique is designed for mowing weeds and soft grass, small bushes and pruning limbs of trees. However, there are still self-made trimmers from brushcuts, created with their own hands of craftsmen. Despite the fact that grass trimmers are the second most in-demand tools, after lawnmowers, they are in high demand among amateur gardeners and professional landscapers. Today, many people are interested in what you can make from a brushcutter or trimmer for grass, but the imagination is not developed by all. In particular, an old grass trimmer can be used to create a snow blower, boat motor, motorcycle, scooter, drill and much more.

To make a motor for a paddle boat is not too difficult, the main thing is to prepare all the necessary tools and components. Then you need to assemble a reliable device, eliminating the possibility of damage to the watercraft. The motor must also be safe for people. How to properly make it and what you need to do it can be read here.

What can be made of the trimmer engine for grass

Dacha season is about to begin. Prepare the equipment for the season.

Properly kneaded mixture, will ensure the smooth operation of the engine, the complete combustion of fuel without the formation of soot, smoke or scuffing.

You must use 92 gasoline and two-stroke engine oil (synthetic) for the mix.

Fuel below 92, with a lower octane number is not suitable. 95 is not recommended, t.к. It contains a lot of different additives which can adversely affect the operation of gasoline equipment.

Mix the mixture before each use. Don’t mix too much.

It is impossible to store the oil-fuel mixture more than 2 weeks, further there are irreversible processes of oxidation and changes in the composition of the mixture.

i.e. per 1 liter of gasoline. 20 milliliters of oil.

( Or this proportion 100 ml of oil for 5 liters of petrol).

A full tank with a full load lasts only 30 to 45 minutes, if you do not plan to use the machine that long, do not fill the tank full.

Do not use old gasoline, it wears off over time and changes the octane number.

Never fill 2-stroke power tools with pure gasoline, because you risk serious and costly repairs.

you can refuel only with oil and petrol mix.

Why the wrong proportions can put the technique out of operation?

The thing is that unlike 4-stroke engines, 2-stroke engines do not have an external lubrication system for the internal parts of the engine, and a properly prepared fuel mixture is very important for them. If you add not enough oil then the lubricating properties of the mixture will be reduced, this will lead to rapid wear of the equipment. If too much oil is added to the mix, it impairs the combustibility of the mixture and greatly reduces the horsepower of the machine. that would spoil the combustion properties of the mixture and drastically reduce the machine’s horsepower.

The two-stroke engine does not have a separate oil sump, so all the engine’s moving parts are lubricated by oil. which is contained in the fuel mixture.

Oil should lubricate all rubbing surfaces inside the engine and should burn without formation of soot. This is the fundamental difference between 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines.

In addition to the above functions, oil should:

  • to seal the gaps, first of all, between the parts of the cylinder and piston groups, preventing and minimizing the bursting of gases from the combustion chamber.
  • to dissipate the heat generated by fuel combustion and friction.
  • prevent corrosion of the engine parts.

Mix the ingredients in gasoline-resistant containers, not in the tank itself! Pour petrol into a clean and dry canister and add oil.

In the reverse order it is not necessary t.к. the oil poured in first will stick to the bottom and is hard to mix then, it will take more effort. After adding both ingredients, close the container tightly, and shake thoroughly, actively mixing the components.

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