The principle of operation of a gaykort with a fixed torque moment

Compact and light tools working from compressed air. Gained immense popularity in car services, industry and everyday life. Able to give out an impressive torque compared to electric counterparts, and at the same time is less susceptible to breakdowns, thanks to a simple, monolithic mechanism. In this article, we will tell you how the pneumatic gaykort works, what is tightening tightening, and we will also tell you what to pay attention to when choosing this tool.

Like any pneumatic instrument, pneumonskiword works for compressed air supplied from the compressor. Bypassing the hose connected to the Gaikovert, the air enters the device and begins to spin the rotor blades, which transfers rotation to the spindle (emphasis), the nozzle and finally on the fasteners. The reverse function changes the direction of the air flow in the instrument, as a result of which the direction of rotation of the rotor changes, and the nut is unscrewed in a few seconds.

By the type of work, pneumatic nuts are shock and unstressed. The presence of the shock mechanism in the Gaikovert increases its torque, but at the same time the risk of breaking the thread or hat of the bolt increases with this. Shock-revolutionary movement is created using a special hammer mechanism located in front of the spindle. Devices without shock function often give out less rotation strength, and are used mainly when working with fasteners up to 12 mm.

Deepening into the details, you can outline the device of the pneumatic gaykowert as follows. The back panel, a cylinder with a rotor and blades, a shock mechanism, and an emphasis are located inside the tool body. On the outer part of the housing is the launch button, a fitting for connecting a compressor, a reverse and a regulator (on most models).

Real or future owners, with the material where we tell and show how to conduct maintenance and repair of a pneumatic gaykort.


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The device and principle of operation of the pneumatic gaykort, the choice of compressor, hose, oil

Any master knows that the most time.Consuming process when installing structures or repair of mechanisms is unscrewing and twisting of threaded joints. But if for these purposes to use pneumatic nuts, then such work turns into an ordinary formality. This convenient tool has many advantages, but it is worth learning about the nuances of its operation in more detail.

The device and principle of operation of the pneumatic gaykort

In the figure below, you can consider the device of the pneumatic gaykorte in the details. The unit consists of the following elements placed in a durable metal case.

Harbor Freight Portable Air Compressor Review

  • High.Performance pneumatic motor.
  • Shock mechanism.
  • Cartridge made of alloy steel (emphasis).
  • Torque regulator, and reverse.
  • Start button.
  • A fitting to connect the hose from the compressor.
  • Air valve.

This unit due to the absence of a motor is much lighter than its electric fellow. Yes, and the torque of the Gaykowert has high indicators. From 300 to 2200 nm (Newtons per meter).

Inside the unit, 2 basic power blocks can be distinguished, each of which is designed to work in different modes.

The first block is a pneumatic engine that transfers rotational movement to the instrument head. The second block is a knot that creates shock loads.

The pneumatic drive rotates due to the passage of compressed air through it, coming by means of a high pressure hose from the compressor.

There are 2 channels in the apparatus case. For each of them, air is sent in different directions relative to the turbine. In the first case, the air pushes the turbine on h. Arrow, that is, for twisting, and in the second. Against h. Arrows for unscrewing fasteners. Air flows are distributed with a special switch.

The principle of operation of the pneumatic gaykorta looks as follows.

  • After pressing the start button, the valve opens, and the air flow from the hose apparatus connected to the case begins to move through the turbine, rotating it.
  • From the turbine, the rotational movement is transmitted to the shock mechanism, which, according to the principle of action, resembles a clutch clutch. The mechanism contains 2 cams of a complex configuration. The shock effort is formed by fists at the moment when the fastener is not enough for the moment.
  • Further, the rotational movement is transmitted to the stop (cartridge), on which the nozzle is put on to a certain size of the nut. As a result, twisting or unscrewing the fasteners occurs. Some air gayworms when twisting do not use the shock mechanism, the process takes place in unstressed mode.
  • If the nut was boiled, then to unscrew it, it will take more efforts, and at that moment the rotation of the stop stops.
  • Hams begin to deviate back, simultaneously turning.
  • At the next stage, fists pass the gearing with emphasis and, continuing to move, gain inertia.
  • Continuing to turn out, the fists again enter into the hook with emphasis and strike on it (in the direction of movement).
  • Shock impulses continue until the fasteners “break” from the place.
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Thus, with the help of a shock pneumatic tool, the process of unscrewing tight bolts and nuts occurs easily and quickly.

Selection of compressor for pneumons

Many motorists, buying a pneumatic gaykowert, are wondering what compressor is needed for this unit. First of all, you should pay attention to its performance by passport.

There is one nuance here: some companies producing compressors to increase sales indicate productivity not at the output, but at the entrance. For example, the documentation for the unit indicates its performance of 210 liters per minute.

This means that this indicator must be interpreted as the speed of air injection by the compressor into itself, that is, in the receiver. At the exit, the performance can fall by approximately 30-40%. And it turns out that the unit actually gives out only 146-127 l/min.

Based on the foregoing, it can be understood that if the compressor indicates a productivity of 210 l/min, then you need to choose a gaykowert with significantly smaller indicators of the air stream velocity.

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For example, if the operating speed of the air flow in the tool is 200 l/min, and the compressor according to the documentation is 210 l/min (really-146-127 l/min), then this tool will neither unscrew or efficiently tighten you.

In addition, the volume of the receiver also plays an important role. In household units, the cylinder can have a volume of only 24-50 liters. Under such conditions, the Gaikovert will not be able to work normally.

Even with the volume of the receiver 50 liters after several seconds of the tool, the pressure in it is significantly reduced, and to continue the work you have to wait until it recovers.

Therefore, the compressor receiver should have a volume of more than 50 liters, and the unit itself create pressure in it at least 6.2 kg/cm². Otherwise, the device will not be able to develop the necessary power.

But it is impossible to allow too high pressure in the system. Exceeding the recommended pressure indicator adversely affects the main nodes of the instrument, leads them to rapid wear and, as a result, the exit of the GaikoVERT.

The result of the above is as follows: if the tool is designed for the working speed of the air 119 l/min, and the compressor for the GaikoVERT gives 135 l/min in reality, then with its help you can unscrew and tighten the fasteners on wheels without problems. But do not forget that the tool should have a torque of at least 550 nm.

Choosing a hose

You should know that the hose that is equipped with a compressor, especially Chinese production, is not suitable for the effective operation of the GaikoVERT. Most often, these hoses have an internal section of about 6 mm.

The principle of work of the Gaykowert

The shank with the wiper head is driven by the engine through the gearbox, which are installed inside the gaycorta case.


Some models of gaykortes twist only in one direction. For screwing, t.E. They have no reverse function (return).

On universal models, a reverse move (on the unscrewing) is activated by the switch on the case.

The tool can be powerful from a household power supply or battery.

Pneumatic options use the energy of compressed air, and hydraulic. Fluid energy under pressure.

The tool can be of various sizes, which is due to what fasteners it is intended. Standard household gaycroverts have a spindle with a diameter of 1/2 inch. Equipment used for the installation of a large.Sized fastener used in construction has a 3/4 or 1 inch spindle.

Shock heads are planted on the spindle. Which allow you to join the nuts. Bolts and anchors. On the device case there is a rotation switch and a rattle to adjust the clamping force.

Types of nuts

Gaikwortes can be divided into straight and corner.

Direct pneumatic gaykoVert usually has a pistol shape, it is convenient to hold it in his hands in a horizontal position. The axis of rotation of the cartridge is parallel to the axis of the motor movement, which provides a high value of the torque.

In corner gaywortes The spindle rotation axis is perpendicular to the engine axis, which allows you to use it when unscrewing the problem or highly contaminated nut. Such models are especially in demand for working in close and inaccessible places. As a rule, such gaykortes have a small torque.

Types are distinguished by wardy and unstressed.

Unstressed pneumons Great for assembly and disassembly of fasteners, where there is no large effort or for sensitive fasteners that require accuracy and accuracy. Such a tool will not allow a thread breakdown.

Shock pneumon carpert produces a series of frequent strokes aimed at the tangent. He begins work on long blows, but closer to tightening goes to shorter. The maximum impact force is ensured precisely at the end, when the final force is necessary for the greater reliability of the connection.

A stroke gaykoVERT is chosen when unscrewing old and rusted connections, when assembling the disassembly of large bolted joints.

Important! It is precisely shock heads that should be used for shock nuts (usually they are black), t.To. Ordinary can simply break.

Types of shock mechanisms

When choosing a shock gaykowert, it is important to understand what types of various shock mechanisms are and how they differ.

The most common types of garage and car service garage and car service mechanisms Twin Hammer, Rocking Dog and Single Ratchet.

The Twin Hammer mechanism, or the “double hammer” provides torque not at a time, but with pulses (two blows per 1 turnover) and a high torque at the start. The mechanism simple in its device perfectly withstands heavy mode of operation.

Rocking Dog and transfers one powerful blow in one revolution and develops not as much torque as a double hammer, it is good for medium loads. It is easy to recognize him. He does not have the front front.

Single Ratchet system is a simple ratchet mechanism. Optimal for small loads. They equip corner gayworms.

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There are several main parameters that determine the choice of a suitable tool.

The main thing that we pay attention to when choosing a pneumatic gayvert for garage:

Maximum torque . The main parameter that determines the power of the tool is the power of twisting and unscrewing. Measured in Newton/meters.

This parameter is the main one for the gaykort and the more powerful the tool, the more powerful the compressor will be required for full operation.

To approach the choice of a gaykort on this parameter you need to very carefully t.To. With a too strong moment of tightening in the thread, an overvoltage occurs, which under load will lead to a rapid destruction. Too weak will lead to the fact that the threaded connection will be “shaken”.

The range of the torque on the market is currently about 30-3000 nm. If the tool is needed to tighten bulk fasteners, then we need gaywo versions with a high torque from one and a half to 3 thousand nm.

When installing and removing the wheel discs in tire fitting, a tool with a torque of at least 100 nm is popular.

If you need a tool to retrain your car, then the Gaikover with a torque of 500-700 nm is enough IW 580.Such a “baby” can easily cope with your horse and will work from a compressor of small performance.

The torque should correspond to the size of the spindle, the landing square.

The higher the torque of the tool, the largest the fasteners it works, the larger the spindle diameter has. To work with cars, the thread in which does not exceed 18 mm (show the diameter of the thread live), a semi.Inch (½ ”) spindle is used.

With a fastener diameter up to 25 mm, you need to choose a spindle of three quarters (planting square 3/4). If it is planned to tighten larger bolts with a thread from 25 to 32mm, then an inch spindle is already needed, and for a thread up to 50 mm a spindle with a diameter of one and a half inches.

Passenger transport, tire fitting, car service yes

A very important parameter “The weight of the instrument”. It directly affects performance.

When working with a heavy tool, the hand gets tired very quickly. On the other hand, if the weight is small, then with significant effort the head will be worse to clamp the nut. Optimal. Medium.Weight tool.

What is important when choosing a compressor?

When choosing a compressor for all tasks, to fundamentally direct attention to subsequent aspects:

  • Engine. To work in the workshop criteria, it makes sense to receive devices with an electric motor because they are more economical. If it is possible to connect to a three.Phase mowing fishing line 380 V, it is better to use specifically to it, because with the highest power of the equipment, this will allow to lower the load on the network as a whole. Such compressors are already related to the professional class, which is reflected in their prices. For household works and small workshops, options for 220 in.

It makes sense to choose a gasoline apparatus only for often use in field criteria, t.E. Where there is no electricity.

  • Power. Is the general potential of the compressor, which is directly dependent on the power of the motor. Due to the friction and loads arising during operation, part of the power disappears, because the real operating value in reality will be higher than indicated in the passport.
  • Pressure. Indicated in atmospheres or bars. One of the main values ​​on the basis of which the choice of the apparatus is under a specific consumer (tool). For options with receivers, the largest pressure and launch pressure, which is below the upper, usually by 2 atm, is valid. Focus should specifically on him.
  • Productivity. A value indicating the volume of air that the compressor is able to serve at a minute. The indicator is very depending on the temperature of the air mass, so the equipment should be selected with a supplies by approximately 50% of the required.

The passport of the compressor unit indicates the productivity at the entrance, in other words the volume of the absorbed air, while frozen is carried out at a temperature of 20 ° C.

  • Receiver. Not only accumulates the air mass under pressure, and significantly reduces fluctuations in the output pressure, allows the engine and at times the pump itself is stopped “to rest”. The larger its volume, the better, but the receiver itself is not always needed.
  • Time of continuous operation. Practically shows how much equipment is capable of working before overheating. It is very depending on the design and the availability of cooling. For example, smoked piston coaxial options at the physical level are unable to work for a long time, so they are not enough for professional activities.
  • Noise level. Measured in decibels, in some cases it does not matter, in others this is one of the main characteristics according to which the equipment is selected.
  • Dimensions. Determine the convenience of equipment movement. The dimensions are growing with the presence of a built.In receiver. Auto compressors are always small.
  • .
  • Warranty. Will allow to solve the problems arising with the compressor for free, but everything is depending on the type of equipment and the manufacturer itself. So, for example, Assure offers a warranty for 6 years or 44 thousand for its devices. Development hours, depending on the fact that earlier.
  • Service. During the use of equipment, breakdowns are likely, and therefore you need to make sure that the service center is available.

When buying a compressor, you should definitely make sure its completeness. We are talking about the presence of all adapters, nozzles, rubber legs, if any are provided by the equipment itself.

For cargo tire fitting

Cargo transport is characterized by an overstated mass, thickened metal in the structure and unchanged high load on the base. Due to these features of the nut and bolts on trucks, they are twisted to a maximum and without special equipment to unscrew them unrealistic.

Not counting that during the long.Term operation of the transport, rust appears on threaded joints, which makes additional difficulties in repair.

To work with truck details, you need to purchase a shock type tool with the highest power indicators and a rotating moment. Due to force exposure, the equipment will allow to unscrew the elements with a small time and effort to corrosion. The introduction of professional equipment eliminates the risk of damage to the thread, regardless of the difficulty of the work carried out.

Compressor for the Gaikovert. Choice and Operation

Before selecting an industrial compressor for a gaykowert, it is necessary to decide on the pneumatic gaycortic itself. The most important technical characteristic of the pneumatic gaykowert is the torque. The value of the torque directly affects the nature of those operations that can be performed using this GaikoVERT, as well as for the duration of their implementation. It is obvious that the higher the torque, the stronger you can tighten the threaded connection (or, conversely, unscrew the “accusited” nut). But on the other hand, the use of an excessively powerful gaykowert can lead to spoilage of the threaded connection (thread breakdown). Therefore, it is very important that the torque corresponds to the specifics of the tasks to be solved.

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If you give a numerical assessment of the parameters of the torque, then in pneumatic nuts it lies in the range from several tens to several thousand nm. The Gaikovert, designed to solve household and semi.Professional problems, should have a torque from 200 nm to 600 nm. For more serious work, gaykortes that have a torque from 1000 nm and above are needed.

The second important technical characteristic of the Gaikovert is also dependent on the size of the torque. The planting size of the square (spindle). Everything is simple here: the higher the torque, the greater the size of the square. The standard range of sizes of shank squares is measured in inches. The most common spindles with the size of ½, ¾ and 1 inch are. As a rule, to solve household and semi.Professional problems, gaywortens with a square of ½ inch are used, and in industry with squares ¾ and 1 inch.

You can consider the issue of choosing the size of the spindle square and on the other hand. According to the company’s manufacturers, the size of the square is associated with the size of the nut (bolt head), which must be unscrewed/wrap:. If the size of the “turnkey” nut is from 10 to 21 mm, then a gaykowert with a square of ½ inch is suitable;. If the size of the “turnkey” nut is from 24 to 36 mm, then a gaykowert with a square ¾ inch is suitable;. If the size of the “turnkey” nut from 41 mm, then a gaykowert with a square of 1 inch is suitable.

The third important technical characteristic of the Gaykowert is the air consumption. It also largely depends on the torque: the higher the moment, the greater the air consumption. In the gaycroverts with the size of the square ½ inch, the air consumption is 150-250 l/min; in more powerful gaywortes from 300 l/min and above.

As an example, we give the summary table of the basic technical characteristics of the gaykortes of one of the famous world manufacturers of these products.

Name of production Torque, NM Air consumption, l/min
Gaykowert ½ “ 270. 810 170. 230
Gaykowert ¾ “ 680. 1600 270. 340
Gaykowert 1 “ 1630. 4070 800. 1130

General approaches to the choice of compressor

After choosing a gaykort, they start choosing an air compressor. The compressor to which the Gaikovert will be connected must meet the two requirements:. Provide the required working pressure of compressed air;. Ensure the required consumption of compressed air.

The standard operating pressure required for most of the gaykortes presented on the market is 6.2-6.5 bar. Therefore, the compressor, which is planned to be used for work, must have a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar (or, in other words, work in the pressure range of 8-10 bar).

How to choose a compressor for a service station according to performance? The Gaykowert passport indicates its air consumption. However, in practical work, the Gaikovert is not used constantly, but with certain interruptions. Therefore, each pneumatic instrument (and the Gaykowert as well) has its own so.Called use coefficient. In our case, it is 0.2-0.25. Therefore, if the passport of the GaikoVERT indicates that its air consumption is 300 l/min, then for real calculations it is necessary to take into account the value of 60-75 l/min.

If it is planned to use several nuts, then it is necessary to take into account the probability of their simultaneous work. It is determined by the coefficient of synchronism of the equipment, the values ​​of which are given in the table.

The number of consumers of compressed air one 2 3 4 5
The coefficient of synchronism of the equipment 1.0 0.95 0.91 0.87 0.84

Thus, the previously calculated value of the total consumption of compressed air must be multiplied by the corresponding synchronization coefficient. And already on the basis of the resulting value, choose an production air compressor.

The further procedure for choosing a compressor is exactly the same as when choosing it for connecting any other equipment. There are two types of compressors: piston and screw. If the air flow rate is up to 1000-1200 l/min, then you can use the piston compressor; if higher, it is better to use a screw compressor.

On the other hand, the choice of the type of compressor also depends on the nature of the work: if it is one.I-two, then the piston compressor is quite suitable; If the operating mode is around the clock, then a screw compressor is needed.

Practical exploitation of the GaikoVERT

Features of choice

Depending on what tasks it is planned to be solved, decide on the maximum torque (with hard work). It depends on him how quickly the fasteners will be spinning, with which diameter nuts the tool can cope. If you most often deal with fasteners up to m 12, 105 nm is enough, to m 16-135-180 nm, to m 30-1000 nm.

The weight of the tool is important. To work with one hand, you can choose a gaykortes up to 3 kg. To perform complex operations (for example, to install large screws), devices with a large weight are suitable.

Of particular popularity is the battery gaykoVERT, which is designed to screw the nuts or weakening of the existing mount. The tool is used in construction and repair, as well as simply indispensable in locksmithing and in car repair shops. The lack of binding to the power source allows you to use it in the garage, at the country, remote construction facility and in other places where there is no electricity.

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