How to remove old paint from a concrete surface?

Here you can find an overview of the different accessories for drills and angle grinders that are good for removing old paint from concrete. How to choose the right tools for removing paint? What you need to pay attention to?

If you are faced with finishing work in an old room, it is likely that in order to paint the ceiling or tidy up the walls, the first step is. removing old paint.

Otherwise, the old layer will not allow the wallpaper or new paint to set well, and the work will be done in vain.

Carefully remove the cutting wheel

Before you start removing a worn cutting wheel (or any other wheel), you need to buy a new one. Choosing a new disc is not a difficult task. It depends on the nature of the work to be performed.

According to the functional purpose of the nozzles are divided into:

  • Cutting (there are abrasive and diamond, created for cutting products from various materials);
  • Stripping (used to remove paint and rust);
  • Stripping (used for sanding various surfaces);
  • sharpening discs (these are used for sharpening all kinds of tools);
  • sanding and polishing brushes used for finishing.

Diamond cutting discs have different compositions and hardness, so there are nozzles for metal, brick, wood, slate, concrete, ceramics. They are considerably more expensive than others. The most popular cutting wheels for metal. Steel discs are noticeably different from other discs. Although they can be used to cut other metals, it does reduce the life of the bits considerably.

Deburring nozzles are metal discs that have steel brushes pressed into them. Metal parts of brushes chipping off over time, so wear protective gear for this type of work.

Deburring nozzle consists of a base, to which the sandpaper with large grit is glued: from 0 to 00 for coarse deburring and from 20 to 80 for fine deburring. Such a disc should not be used until the abrasive has worn off. Otherwise it tears up.

Sharpening discs are used for rough tool sharpening. They are much thicker than smooth cut-off wheels. When using an angle grinder for this purpose, it must be firmly secured to avoid injury.

Grinding and polishing wheels are used on machines with variable speed. They can also be used on special grinders.

Such an abundance of different tools can be confusing to inexperienced users, but it is a treasure trove for any professional.

The external diameter of the rod, to which the nozzle is attached by means of a flange and nut, is the same for all lathes and is 22.2 mm. The disc size depends on the construction of the tool and is selected from a range of diameters recommended by the manufacturer.

Discs have a factory marking on which, among other parameters (abrasiveness of the working surface, grit, hardness, accuracy and unbalance classes) indicates the size and maximum rotation speed. It should exceed the similar parameter of the angle grinder. Most of the above characteristics are clear without comment, except for the unbalance class. This parameter characterizes the uneven weight distribution of the material of which it is made. It affects the amplitude of the “beating” of the bit.

The tool must be disconnected from the 220V power supply before beginning work on replacing the nozzle. To remove the wheel, you need to include a lock on the body of the unit, which does not allow the flange of the product to rotate. Using a special wrench or an open-jaw wrench, you can try to unscrew the nut. If unscrewing still fails, it is better to put the tool on a flat surface so that the drive was parallel to it and drop a small amount of WD-40 on the threads of the rod of the nut side. After that you need to wait for about 10-15 minutes. The nut should unscrew easily. The special key tends to get lost. Therefore, it is a good idea to attach it to the body of the angle grinder on a flexible strap of sufficient length so that it does not restrict the freedom of movement of the working.

Paint and rust removal wheel 125 mm

The company carries out return and exchange of such goods in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

Returns possible within 14 days after receipt (for goods of proper quality).

The return delivery of goods is at the expense of the buyer.

According to current legislation, you may return a defective product or exchange it if

  • the product has not been used and has no traces of use by the consumer: scratches, chips, scuffs, stains, etc. п.;
  • Goods are fully complete and factory packaging is preserved;
  • All labels and nameplates are intact;
  • The product retains its appearance and consumer characteristics.

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Paint and rust removal wheel 125 mm

Features:.Great for removing paint or rust from car panels-also great for use on wood or fiberglass surfaces. Ideal for cars, trucks, motorcycles or boats, does not spoil metal at all.Uniform sanding effect, less dust and low noiseFor the use of 125 mm angle grinders.Suitable for surface preparation, conditioning and finishingExtremely quick paint and rust removal without damaging the surface It has a medium-hardness level, which enables it to work in both soft materials (e.g. aluminium) and relatively hard materials (steel)Abrasives for removing paint and rust marks, ideal for auto bodywork, does not clog with paint, does not damage the metal at all Technical data: Material: Stainless steel, aluminium Colour: Violet Grit: 46 grit (approx. RPM: 12200, 80 m/s Quantity: 1 pc.

Paint and Rust Removal Scrubbing Wheel Black 125×22.2 under the angle grinder

Paint and rust removing paint and rust removing wheel black 125×22.2 under the angle grinder is made of non-woven abrasive material and is designed to work with materials such as plastic, wood, metal, etc.д. With this wheel the craftsman can remove paint and rust from the surface of the material, as well as treat burrs, perform polishing and other finishing works. Excellent for removing paint and rust. Used as a working tool on the angle grinder.

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Decided to buy the accessories for angle grinder?

In the online store Epicenter a wide range of accessories for angle grinder. At the search characteristic you will find 72 products, and their number is gradually increasing. Each product card contains quality photos, customer reviews, and all the necessary technical specifications for proper selection. Competitive price on the accessory for angle grinder operates due to the always current promotions and sales, including brand new models 2022. The real cost of 18 to 1 160 UAH. It is also possible to buy on credit or installments. If you have any questions, they will help our qualified specialists. After payment you can pick up the goods free of charge at the customer service center in Kiev or in one of 47 cities of Ukraine. You can also arrange delivery in any city through the company “New Mail” or “Myst Express.

for accessories for angle grinder

Product Price
Grinding nozzle Expert 125 mm h10 mm 52 grn
Polishing wheel A.T.T. 6396022 122.80 UAH
Grinding disc Piranha 125 mm 138.20 grn
SR felted polishing wheel on Velcro d 125 50 UAH
Diamond polishing paste 12 pcs. (137а) 610 UAH

Stripping disc 3M 07527 Bristle with Roloc attachment, yellow, diameter 75 mm, gradation. Medium, disc-brush 80

Cleaning wheels “Roloc” Bristle on a plastic base impregnated with an abrasive compound are made by casting under pressure and allow you to effectively and without risk of injury remove rust, paint, coatings and sealants from metal surfaces.

Rules of circle changing on the tool

Due to the fact that the discs for angle grinder have the status of consumables, then sooner or later have to replace. They are fixed on the spindle of “angle grinder” by means of clamping flange (or nut) with M14 thread. The special open-ended spanner supplied with the tool, equipped with a pin on one side, is the right choice for the fastening operation. Below you will find step-by-step instructions for attaching the wheel:

  • It is necessary to de-energize the tool (by disconnecting the battery pack or unplugging the plug from the outlet);
  • Press the button at the front of the housing to lock the spindle of the angle grinder (the spindle is fixed in the stationary position after the stopper enters the hole of the disc placed in the gearbox, after pressing the button);
  • Next, you need to insert the pins of the wrench into the clamping flange (or rather. in its holes);
  • Hold the locking device with one hand and turn it to the left with the other until the nut is released. Then it can already be unscrewed without the help of a wrench and remove it from the shaft.
  • Then you can replace the tooling, pre-cleaning the old one (if there is dust and dirt accumulated inside the housing, you must remove the bottom flange and clean dirt from all bearing surfaces with a steel brush;)
  • The next step is to put the flange back in place. Fix it properly, all the grooves on the flange and spindle must necessarily coincide;
  • Then you need to put the gasket on top of the (lower) flange. It is not necessary to install it, but it is advisable, because it will help you easily unscrew the clamping nut in the future, when you need to replace the tooling;
  • Secure the new wheel by placing it with the marked side (side with information sticker) facing outwards;
  • Install the gasket over the abrasive wheel (if the gaskets were not immediately supplied with the “angle grinder“, you can buy them in a construction store or you can make them yourself from cardboard or tin);
  • Finally, the flange must be screwed onto the shaft by hand. The nut should be screwed all the way in until it can no longer be turned without a wrench. Then, clamping the stopper, you need to tighten the nut with a wrench, but not more than 1/4 turn, otherwise it may deform the circle.
  • When all of the above steps are done properly and in the correct order, the replacement will be considered successful.

IMPORTANT! The clamping flange must always be unscrewed in the direction opposite to the shaft rotation!

The advantages of using grinding and deburring discs are obvious

  • Removes contaminants WITHOUT damaging the metal
  • Does not clog due to open disc structure
  • Made of fiberglass and silicon carbide for effective surface cleaning and discoloration removal

The manufacturer of discs for grinding metal NOVOABRASIVE offers a wide range of abrasive, grinding discs for metal, stone, including for cleaning old paintwork and rust. Grinding products, stripping discs for metal can be bought in bulk at the best prices. If necessary, we provide free advice from our manager. he will help you select the products for your needs. Contact us today, buy a trimmer blade at affordable wholesale prices.

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