Do-it-yourself mower repair. How to repair a lawn mower when the engine won’t start

In this case you need to check that there is fuel in the tank. Always use only high-quality A-92 petrol for your appliance so that it doesn’t break down and doesn’t run out of gas for a long time. You can buy fuel at any gas station. In the same place where you fill up your car, for example. If you cut corners and buy cheap fuel, it can break the cylinder-piston assembly, but its repair is very expensive! It can be as much as a third of the total price of the machine. It is also very important that the mixture of oil and gasoline, be properly prepared. The owner’s manual of the machine is sure to indicate the proportions in which the mixture should be prepared. Do not make too much of the fuel mix. The thing is that if you store it for a long time in this form, it will lose most of its properties. That’s why you should fill your petrol brush with fresh mixes.

Gasoline mower repair may be necessary if the fuel filter becomes clogged, making it difficult for the engine to run. If you find problems with starting, check the condition of the fuel filter. If necessary, it should be changed. The fuel inlet pipes should never be without a fuel filter!

MTD Lawn Mower Disassembly – Lawn Mower Repair Help

The air filter also has to be checked. If it is too dirty, it must be removed, washed with fuel and installed back. If you are at home or in your own cottage, this filter is of course washed with water, you can even use detergents. Then the filter should be rinsed well, squeezed and dried. When it is dry, you should moisten it just a little bit with the oil you use to make the fuel mixture. If you put too much oil on, that’s okay, the excess can be removed by squeezing the filter well with your hands, as if to squeeze. It is necessary to put the removed cover back in place and reattach.

How to find the cause of failure?

Repair should be started with the principle “from the simple to the complex”, ie.Е. It is recommended to start the repair by checking the presence of gasoline in the tank. If the gasoline apparatus has stopped to start after the winter, it is necessary to change the fuel.

After all, the fuel, unfortunately, is not always of decent quality. If the spark plug has been left unused for some time, it can cause a leakage or scale to form. And motors are sometimes very sensitive to fuel quality.

If there is no doubt about the quality of the latter, but the mower does not start, you need to check the spark by removing the wire with the cap from the spark plug, unscrewing it with the wrench provided.

Put a candle to a clean metal surface (without paint) of the engine, having previously put a cap on it, and ask someone to pull the starter.

If an unstable and weak spark appears, the spark plug needs to be cleaned with a file or emery cloth.

Another problem that is easy to fix is a clogged fuel hose. Check it by disconnecting it: if the fuel does not flow, it means that the filter or the saloon is clogged. The filter has to be replaced and the spark plug can be cleaned with a needle.

It is good if the machine works after that. But in 90% of the cases the reason is something else. A carburetor malfunction that will need repair. You can handle the repair if you have enough experience. Lack of power leads to need for service.

Restoring electrical equipment operability

Mowers, which have electric motors inside, most often begin to be capricious due to oxidation of contacts. The terminals are covered with a layer of scale from excessive moisture in the room or other places of storage. It is also worth checking for broken wires in problem areas. For this operation use a multimeter or other type of tester.

When a set of gardening equipment contains a brush motor, then we identify the serviceability of the moving node. Brushes may wear down quickly, causing no contact. Repair kits are relatively cheap and can be easily found at specialized stores where they sell spare parts for such equipment.

Faults can also occur in asynchronous motors. Failure of phase shifting capacitors occurs in them. This situation is difficult to diagnose at home. It can be identified by indirect symptoms:

  • A humming sound is heard;
  • The housing jerks slightly when starting;
  • There is a significant heating of the motor, even with a small load;
  • Revolutions decrease.

It’s worth checking the condition of the toggle switch/button and the voltage to the electric motor. When the testing of the described nodes has been carried out, and no malfunctions are detected, then it is unlikely that you can fix the breakdown of the lawnmower with your own hands. Then you will have to use the services of a company service.

Problematic issues with the carburetor and fuel system

Before you begin to repair the lawnmower engine, it is worth checking whether the pistons are lagging. It is necessary to carry out the dismantling of the motor. Also remove the carburetor from the structure and conduct a visual inspection for possible defects. Usually a special TOREX screwdriver with nozzle is needed for disassembly.

TOREX reverse combination screwdriver with bits

Inspect the gaskets for tears or burning. If any are found, it is necessary to ensure the tightness of the structure by replacing them with new ones. The air damper may contain a layer of soot, which reduces the quality of the fuel-air mixture. Get rid of it by cleaning the carburetor by washing the assembly in solvent or kerosene.

The jets are the cause of such events during the operation or absence of their set to enter the working mode together with the overheating of the power unit:

  • Idle speed regulation violation. You can unscrew the jets in the correct position with a screwdriver yourself. Do it even by ear, so that the engine runs smoothly. The blades do not need to be removed, but they must not rotate.
  • The air filter is fouled. It is enough to take it out and clean it, wash it. Dry naturally in the wind without putting it near the stove or fireplace.

Use a flat screwdriver to remove the air filter cover

After removing the cover, also carefully remove the air hose

Remove the carburetor fuel cap and clean it. For this purpose you may use common WD-40, but it is also possible to buy special liquid

To clean the fuel cell firstly wipe it with WD-40, then soak for 15-20 min, wipe again. This should be repeated 3-4 times to completely clean the chamber and channels

How to repair a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower fuel problem diaphragm lawn mower carburetor rebuild

After blowing, the carburetor is assembled and returned to its place

Clogging of the exhaust leads to narrowing of the outlet flow of the exhaust pipe. Resins appear on the inner surface due to the incorrect mixture ratio of fuel and oil. Turn the crankshaft up so that the piston reaches maximum upward and clean its surface with a wooden stick.

In more serious cases, it is recommended to contact the service warranty. Otherwise unprofessionalism will cause more damage. Over, if you find faults and repairs on your own during the warranty period, the warranty expires.

Reliable and simple tool for mowing grass on the garden plot. Lawn mower, is unusually in demand. However, it may be broken. Will need repair. As a rule, the repair of electric lawnmowers is carried out in service centers.

In order not to transport a rather voluminous machine to a workshop, a number of malfunctions can be eliminated with your own hands.

The main problems with gasoline machines

Primary diagnostics is carried out from the stage of elimination of the most evident breakages. When the engine does not start, it is worth checking the presence of fuel in the tank. If there are leftovers from last season, it is worth replacing it. Low-quality gasoline after wintering can lose its characteristics, give an undesirable sediment or even split into fractions in density. In this form, it is not able to start the engine, but only clogs the system.

In the second step, find out why there is no spark. Its loss will not allow the fuel to ignite. Remove the cap from the spark plug and unscrew it from its seating with the special key that came with the mower. Then put the cap on the spark plug, bring it close to the threaded part or metal part of the engine, while your partner pulls the starter.

With such manipulation, a blue powerful spark must appear in the work unit. It can be noticed even in daylight

It is important to test it near unpainted metal part of the motor that can conduct current

When there is no spark, you need to go to the store for a new spark plug. You should not return to the motor even if the spark is weak or unstable. Beforehand it is better to clean working contacts on the head from carbon deposits.

Rattling in the structure may occur during operation. It does not affect the operability of the mechanism as a whole at first. However, is capable of leading to imbalance and increased noise during operation. It is worth retightening the fixing bolts on the frame in time.

Tightening the mounting screws on the frame

Uneven cutting of the grass is a sign that the mower blade needs sharpening

Getting to them is not that difficult, but it is important to completely disconnect the equipment from the power supply. Working on your own can be done with a vice and file or with a sharpening stone

It is important to ensure a uniform cutting angle of 30 degrees across the entire line. If there are chipped areas in the surface, it is an indication of hitting a hard surface. Replacing them will be quite expensive.

A whistling noise occurs when switched on. An unpleasant acoustic effect is caused by foreign bodies penetrating the construction. They can block the roller in the aerator. The problem can be solved by disconnecting the blocked roller and then removing the foreign object.

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The motor of the gasoline equipment becomes almost immediately after the start of a short run. The culprits are a jammed crankshaft or piston. Check the oil level in the crankcase at the same time. With the engine off, manually start the rotation or refill oil as needed. However, in such a situation, more often than not we have to turn to a specialist for recovery.

petrol, mower, repaired, cutting

When the mower won’t start

Depending on the area of the lawn and the growth of grass on it, the owners choose the optimal technique in terms of characteristics. It comes in several types:

You’ll also need to rebuild lawn mowers with your own hands if the winter storage conditions were improper. For example, the working surfaces were not cleaned after use or there was no off-season preventive maintenance. As a result, a variety of problems appear:

  • Frequent sharpening of the mower blades is required;
  • The lawnmower simply will not start;
  • The engine starts, but after a short period of time the lawnmower shuts down;
  • There are malfunctions in the carburetor, which requires not only disassembly, but also cleaning with repair;
  • Lawnmower repair with their own hands is required in case of a significant decrease in power during operation.

It is not necessary to go to an expensive service center. Many problems can be solved with minimal cost and do the repair yourself.

The chainsaw engine won’t start

If the mechanism does not start, immediately stalls, consistently check:

  • Whether there is fuel in the tank;
  • Serviceability of the spark plug;
  • Cleanliness of the air and fuel filter;
  • Cleanliness of breather and exhaust duct.

It is necessary to refuel with a freshly made mixture on the basis of АI-92, oil is introduced for exact dosage with a medical syringe. This will help to avoid expensive chainsaw repairs.

It is necessary to make sure that the spark plug works, it gives a spark when it contacts the body. In this case it is necessary to dry the spark plug channel, clean and dry the part itself. You can change the plug, but the channel still need to dry for 40 minutes. Check if the high voltage wire is in good condition, maybe there is not always contact. Failure in the ignition unit when repairing a lawnmower, with your own hands do not eliminate.

If the air filter is removed and the engine does not stall, the cause is in it. It needs to be replaced or cleaned. Replace the fuel filter with great care. After checking the cleanliness of the breather, remove the muffler mesh and clean the exhaust duct.

The next step will be the repair of the carburetor, where you will have to find the fault and fix it, taking into account the tiny size of the parts. If the simplest operations do not bring results, in order not to disturb the fine-tuning of the system, it is better to entrust the repair to a specialist. With what to start diagnosing and how to properly conduct lawn mower repair with your own hands, read on

Starter for lawnmowers: device, assembly, repair

When buying a gasoline trimmer for the grass, you need to be prepared for the fact that it, like any other similar device, is subject to various kinds of breakdowns and malfunctions. They can be associated with the failure of any part. To understand the mechanism of the mechanism to repair the starter, or to make a starter for a lawn mower with their own hands, you need to know what it consists of. The main component of the gasoline grass mower is a two-stroke internal combustion engine, power from 0.5 to 2.5 liters.С., with a volume of 30-40 cm3. It drives the cutting attachment with the shaft in the hollow shaft through a gearbox. The gearbox consists of two bevel gears which transmit the torque to the tool. Which is used as a cutter or cord. The device of the lawnmower provides for the following: a protective casing of the arc-shaped handle of the shoulder or backpack belt for the convenience of control and movement of the device. It is for starting the internal combustion engine and applies the starter. It is an indispensable part of the engine, without it it is not possible to put the mechanism into operation. The starter motor of different lawnmower models does not differ much from each other. When starting the engine, the lugs (1) are engaged with the pawls (3), after the engine has started under the action of centrifugal force they diverge. This is also the function of the wires (2). The cost of starter motors for lawnmowers is not cheap, so before we go to a spare parts store or repair shop, we should sort out the problem ourselves. To determine the cause of the failure of the starter mechanism is not a difficult task. Of course, no one is immune to the fact that when starting the rope breaks and winds on the flywheel of an already running engine. Then the consequences are deplorable: the pulley is torn, the spring bursts. Accordingly, the repair consists in the complete replacement of the starter. But it is usually an isolated case. Most of the gasoline mower starter failure is a breakage of the rope or spring disengagement, its breakage. In case of breakage of the schmork, the issue of repair is solved very easily, by replacing the rope. The old piece is removed and a new piece of clothesline of the appropriate size is installed. To do this, it is necessary to put it through the hole of the spool and tie. To wind the spring for the required number of revolutions, after installing the handle similarly make a knot on the other end, as shown in the photo above. Such an unpretentious repair is performed in case of failure of the schmork. If the spring is broken or its meshing inside the starter, you need to disassemble the device and make a replacement of the destroyed part or restore the meshing. It should be noted that the cost of the spring is much less than the starter assembly. So do not be afraid, and after reading our instructions, you with your own hands will make repairs, without resorting to unnecessary costs. Let’s begin by disassembling the starter. As an example, we use the starter, with a pulley with two metal tendrils on two hooks. Other starters used for starting engines chain saws, trimmers and power drills are repaired similarly, taking into account minor nuances in design.

Disassembly and reassembly starter is not a serious problem, just requires a little skill in handling a screwdriver, and most importantly, compliance with some security measures:

Loosen the screw that secures the pulley to the starter cover. Remove the two tabs and spring, then extremely carefully, turning the head to the other side, remove the pulley. The specifics of this operation are such that even when the roller is carefully removed, the spring instantly pops out of the coil turning into a sharp metal strip that can injure the repairman. Analyze the nature of the breakage. If the spring is completely destroyed, the only solution is to replace it. The failed part can be easily purchased at online stores that sell starters and spare parts. If the spring is simply disengaged you need to reinsert it by bending the tendon. This should be done carefully, because it is a glazed spring, and if not handled carefully, it can break at any time. 2. With the spring back in its groove, take your time and hold it with your finger and start twisting. Pay close attention to safety, because if the metal washer comes off, it may cause injury. It is not easy to prime the spring the first time, it takes some experience, so if it fails, it must be repeated more than once. 3. After the spring is wound, continue assembling the starter. Carefully turn the coil and insert it so that the spring bend fits firmly into the special groove in the housing. 4. Install the washer under the screw. The spring and again the washer. After that insert the cup with the tendons and tighten everything with the screw. The starter is assembled. It is necessary to pay attention to such a nuance as the installation of the washer. It must not be missed in any way. If this happens, the spring will scratch the plastic cup on which over time there will be a notch and it will begin to tighten the screw and wedge. As a result there will be a feeling that the spring has come off and needs to be repaired. This defect can easily be corrected by replacing the spring with a longer one or by installing an additional washer. If at hand is not a spring or washer, you can loosen a little screw and the starter will work without jamming. But this is a temporary measure, with prolonged use, the screw will unscrew and lose, which is fraught with the risk of loss of spring and failure of the starter as a whole. The next step is to tighten the spring. To do this, you must remove the handle from the starter rope. Next, without coiling up, insert the rope into the groove in the coil designed for it. Directly tension the spring. To do this, rotate the spool counterclockwise. In the opposite direction of rotation of the spool when the rope. The number of turns should correspond to the value specified in the starter model and the length of the rope. After making the required number of turns, pass the end of the rope through the opening in the starter motor cover, install the handle and secure it with the knot. It is better to do this with two helpers so that the edge of the rope does not wind up inside the starter. If after the repair the spring came off again and the chain saw can not be started, it will have to repeat the repair procedure. But at the same time to immediately carry out modernization of the starter. To get rid of flying spring you can use two ways. The first one is to use additional metal strip, the second one is to drill a coil (photo) and fix the spring edge with a wire

Complex works and repair of gasoline mowers, trimmers, brush cutters and lawn mowers

By contacting our service center, you get the following types of repair work:

  • At the first stage our specialists conduct a complete diagnosis to identify all the causes of the malfunction, then proceed directly to the repair work with the lawnmower. Perform a partial or complete disassembly of the failed unit, a complete cleaning of all necessary parts, conduct defektovku necessary units and parts, we determine all the causes that led to the failure of the tool. We make the complete list of spare parts and works necessary for mowers, petrol and lawn mowers, trimmers and brushcutters repair. We repair gasoline mowers Husqvarna, Makita, Mega, Metabo, Meteor, MTD, AL-KO, Alpina, Champion, DAEWOO, ECO, Efco and other producers.
  • We carry out repair work of the engine lawnmowers, trimmers and chain saws of any manufacturer. This work involves replacing some parts. In some cases we replace the whole piston group of the mower. Amount and cost of works to be carried out is determined during checkup.
  • We carry out disassembling and diagnose the lawn mower carburetor. The first thing to do is to remove the assembly and completely disassemble it. Then we make a quality cleaning, we determine all the existing failures. After cost and deadline approval we repair your mower or if necessary replace the entire carburettor. When you have installed the carburetor on the gasoline mower make a professional adjustment and adjustment of the lawnmower carburetor.
  • We repair the defective starter motor in the lawnmower. If you find different seizures in the starter motor of your lawnmower or lawn mower, this can be caused by a number of faults with the starter spring. The cause can also be trivial wear or breakage of the starter cord.
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