Where should the disk on the corner grinder spin

Typically, the disk rotates counterclockwise (if you look from the disk side), the sparks fly forward, but recently, in a warehouse for the sale of pipes, I saw that the carrier rotates in the opposite direction, sparks fly under the feet. He has to cut a lot and daily. Therefore, the question arose. How correctly?

Right on security, when sparks fly to an employee working with a corner grinder, on their feet. Why? With the clamping of a corner grinder, it flies forward. Without causing harm. (Sparks fly, pants are not taken on the expense). When turned over, sparks fly forward. Usually during cutting, the right elbow lies on the right lower leg. And with a clamp, a corner grinder flies over the lower leg. The consequences are better not to describe, I think it’s clear. At least a month of the hospital. The bulk of professionals cut “on pants.

That’s exactly the right thing (as you saw)- when the sparks fly to the cutter, and the traction force of the centrifugal force “captivates” the angular grinder from the carrier, and not on it. What you saw, sparks flying on the cutter, this is the right choice of installation of the position of the corner grinding, and it is the installation of the body, handle and casing, because the direction of rotation of the shaft does not change. You can change the handle in places (depending on the model of the angular grinder, it can be installed in three or two positions by 180 degrees and 180 degrees in a step of 90) you can turn the casing within its adjustment. But not all corner grinders allow you to “twist” the casing as you like. Some can also change the position of the gearbox.

An angle.Grinding machine (in the colloquial of the “corner grinder”) is a rather dangerous tool, although very effective in many locksmith operations.

Having the experience of robots with all the running grinders, from 115 to 230 (this is the diameter of the circle, and accordingly the power of the unit) I can say that the devices up to 150 of the disk can still be confidently kept in the case of an unreasonable “return” then above this diameter, it is very difficult, and is fraught with serious injuries (!) That’s why you should not tempt fate, and regardless of the power of the unit, and the diameter of the disk, direct its rotation always from yourself (if you look at its upper part) and the sparks are flying into the legs, but this is one hundred percent guarantee that you will keep the corner Grinding in the case of a snack and throwing.

Again, from personal experience, I can conclude that the muscles of the hands are much more difficult to reflexively react to extension than to bending (IMHO!) The “pulling” the cutter is less dangerous than. In extreme cases, the corner grinder will simply jump out of your hands rushing from you and not on you. Of course, you will release the latch and it will just fall without harming you.

Well, let the sparks fly, only always saw on yourself. And for this you need a good suit (pants and a suit made of dense fabric) from sparks of flying pants (in total. This is not scary) but from a corner grinder flying on you. Perhaps anything!

I came to this conviction exclusively from my experience, and this experience was not without some “losses”. However, it is confirmed by others.

Safety precautions when working with a corner grinder

“Corner grinder” is a simplified, long.Term name for an angular grinding machine. It is used everywhere: in construction, and in agriculture, and in private household works. Designed for grinding and stripping surfaces of various kinds, for cutting metals of any thickness, stones and other materials. This power tool received its unofficial name thanks to the country of origin. Bulgaria.

The working element of the corner grinder is a special disk, the configuration of which is selected depending on the processed material. The disk-rope moving with a high speed of rotation at the slightest inaccurate movement of the master is able to lead to at least wounds or cuts, and in more serious cases-to severe injuries.

Inappropriate safety precautions makes an angular grinding of a extremely dangerous tool, so the rules certainly for working with it should always be strictly executed.

Before work

Before moving on to direct work with the tool, some preliminary preparations should be performed:

  • You should not work with any power tool (not only with a corner grinding) being unhealthy, tired or intoxicated. The loss of clear control over the body leads to negligence in actions, the lack of the desired reaction rate and the disposable of movements.
  • Mandatory components of safe work with a corner grinding are closed protective glasses (preferably reinforced) for reliable protection of the organs of vision from entering the unpredictable trajectory of sparks or scale, as well as a protective casing that guarantees non.Confusion in the working fragments of the processed material and sparks.
  • You should definitely put on gloves or working mittens made of dense leather on your hands.
  • Workwear should not be wide and at the same time should not constrain movements. Its parts should be neatly seasoned and excluded by hanging or dangling elements: ties, fringe, etc.D., which could drag out to a moving tool disk. When working with rocky materials without organized suction of stone dust, you should use an anti.Fry respirator to avoid problems with the respiratory system.
  • The tool should be completely efficient, it is forbidden to use a deformed or damaged working disk, the use of which could cause a reverse blow.
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How to keep a corner grinder while working

The correct grip of corner grinder will largely provide competent and safe work with the tool:

  • The handles of the grinding machine must be held tight with both hands, without tolerating its center of gravity to any one. With reliable capture, even in the case of a reverse blow, there will not be a serious shift in the tool, and even more so it is torn out of the hands.
  • The power cord should be located away from the rotating disk: its capture will create a risk of short circuit and a sharp stopping of the tool with the possible occurrence of a reverse impact.
  • A cutting line for a cutting cut should be placed in such a way that the corner grinder goes to the master, in addition, a person should not be in the plane of the likely dispersal of the disk. The direction of sparks at the same time is possible both aside from the master, and for it. Everyone decides for himself. There are no options for left.Handed options. When grabbing a corner grinder, the only convenient sparks for left.Handed will go “for themselves”. And a mandatory rule. There should always be a bucket of water for extinguishing possible from the sparks of the fire.
  • It is forbidden to postpone somewhere a tool until the rotation of the working disc is completely stopped, otherwise objects that are not intended for processing may be hooked for processing.
  • If it is necessary to move the corner grinder from one place of work to another, it should be turned off, since any careless movement of the master (stumbled, swayed, fell) can lead to unpleasant consequences: injuries, seize foreign objects, clothes, etc.D.
  • The working disk is significantly warmed up during work, and, of course, you should not touch it until it cools completely.

Why break discs and how to avoid this ? Sometimes, as mentioned above, the abrasive disk breaks into pieces in the process. As a rule, this happens so quickly that the worker notices the gap only after he has already occurred. Over, the disk can break the whole from the spindle (the middle breaks out), and it, like a flying saucer, rushes upward !

Why is this happening and how to avoid ruptures of disks on grinds ?

One. Discoing in the cut is one of the most common causes of disk torn. Most often, the worker himself inadvertently translates the tool, or the disk clamps in the metal (this can happen if it can be sawed in the direction opposite to the direction of rotation, as well as if you make a cut on compression instead of a fault).

Unjustifiably prolonged operation. In fact, there are not so many wheels for corner grinder, but some work as they work for the purposes of penny saving until almost one spindle remains. In such cases, discs are also torn.

Use for other purposes. The fulfillment of grinding with the help of cutting circles leads to their rapid thinning, as a result of which the strength of the ligament is lost and the circle is torn apart. Below you can see such an thinned circle:


As I said above, everyone must choose which way to cut. There are no certain rules here and if one is convenient from yourself, then this does not mean that the other should also be so convenient. To impose on others to impose very wrong and selfishly. In general, I think I conveyed the thought, it is very interesting to listen to your opinion on this matter, so write Комментарии и мнения владельцев! ))

One of the main power tools available in the home arsenal of many men can be called a “angular grinder” (or angular grinding machine). This is a great multifunctional device, supplemented by a large number of nozzles, can be used in almost any field. However, the main purpose of the corner grinder is the function of cutting. Next, we figure out what kind of tool this is, how to work correctly with a corner grinder, which method of cutting is the most true and what safety standards should adhere to at the same time.

How to cut a corner grinding of a corner for yourself: from yourself or to yourself?

I would recommend that such “craftsmen” to substitute my own hand for half a minute under the sheaf of the corner grinder for half a minute. I assure that in this case the theory of cold sparks will almost completely dissipate during this time, and possibly even faster.

It is necessary to cut in the direction of the “sparks”, from the far edge of the workpiece from the corner. However, for reasons described above, it would be better to put on a leather apron, otherwise burn your pants. Of course, it should be cut so that the flow of sparks is not directed to unprotected parts of the body, and even more so in the face.

In general, it is better to work with a corner grinder in clothing for electric welding or in another thick, durable and fire resistant clothes, and wear military boots on your feet. It is reliable and convenient. Yes, never saw a metal profile with angles (especially profile pipes and a channel) from the middle, only from the edge or from the corner. The corner can be turned and sawed from the middle (where the “shelves” converge), but at the same time you need to make sure that the cut zone will not be squeezed, and the disk will not hold.

Do not use a wire less in cross.Section as an extension cable than a corner grinder cable, or a very long wire. This can lead to a large loss of power and a disk clamp. Similarly, you should not cut a corner grinder when it eats from a diesel generator, and at this moment the electric welding process occurs.

Before you start working, turn on the machine and keep idle with half a minute. If you hear any extraneous sound, rattle, hissing, etc. P., Turn off the tool immediately and find out the source of this sound. Sometimes strong noises emit almost torn particles of paper and or petals of the petal disk, as well as damaged (broken) 1 mm. Abrasive discs.

Never launch a corner grinder again if an emergency lock has worked, and the disk is clamped in the cut. It is very dangerous ! You should pull the fork out of the outlet, carefully pull the disk out of the cut, change it (since it is almost certainly damaged), test the tool and only then start working, ensuring the compression of the cut.

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Under no circumstances, do not allow people and animals in the plane of rotation of the disk. You should always use protective glasses and working gloves (best leather or any gloves for welding).

When processing concrete, stone, etc. P. Also, it is necessary to use dust protection products without fail. Do not work a corner grinder with taken additional handles and casings, and also do not put discs on it that are not suitable in size.

Well, of course, it is always necessary to monitor the corner grinder so that the tool is completely efficient to be a whole network cable, brushes work normally and so on. By the way, I recommend that abrasive discs do not throw in bulk in a bag, but transferred in a special box so that they do not shake and do not crack.

In which direction the disk should rotate when the corner grinder is working

Question about corner grinder.Tangential backlash (in the course of rotation).

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Which way should sparks fly from corner grinder?. Youtube

In other words, how to properly “configure” an angular grinder to work with it is simple, convenient and safe!

In which direction should the disk of corner grinder spin. On yourself or from yourself? Or depends on the material? Natalia | Topica author: Lydia

Raisa from herself.Strictly.Sparks and sawdust should fly down.

Cyril on the corner grinder of the shooter is indicated

Eugene needs that when biting out the corner grinder, it is thrown out of your hands, and not in you

Andrei should spin so that the nut that extends the disk when turning on the corner grinder worked for a delay, if on the contrary, then the nut is unscrewed and you get the answers with the disk, it seems that the advisers have never held an angular grinder in their hands if the corner grinder is turned over by 180, Around the case, the disk, relative to you, will spin the other way

Vyacheslav on himself, so that the corner grinder would bounce off what they cut and from a person in case of something

Daria Planting Val must “look” in the right. The rotation of the disk, respectively, will be on the worker, and the sheaf of sparks and fragments from, God forbid, the scattering disk will be in the opposite direction. The casing protects in the upper plane.

Katya’s disk must cut off the corner grinder to the material

Vadim drank as you want? But if the sparks fly on you, then you can catch fire, if the sparks fly from you, then be ready to hold the “corner grinder” when “snacking”, and do not forget about glasses.

Valentine is purely spinning for a tile, but everything flies badly in the face of the face, but the cut is visible, well, this is purely mine, put on the shield and all things, and yes, except for the tile, this corner grinder is not cut, there is nothing for the metal others where the disk is closed and all fly from me

corner, grinder, spin, change

Alla in general, small corner grinder. Better to make you. And big. The reason is simple. Engine power does not mean that it is used completely. As a rule, all 20-30% of the face value. In other words, the angular grinder of 500 watts is easier to keep in your hands when biting a disk than a flex for 2 kilowatts.

Olesya physiologically angular grinder is easier to keep if the circle rotates as shown in the photo. And the cutting line for the cutting of the cut does not fall asleep with dust. The surprising minus is that chipai dust sucies with a turbine and beat on the brushes and winding of the anchor and stator.

Alexey I have sparks on a large corner grinder fly away from me, and on a small Mariyanaverno everything is calculated.

Nikita on the corner grinding is an arrow that denotes the direction of rotation of the shaft, do not fuck your brains

The direction of rotation of the corner grinder. Metal shipbuilding. Cabin.

15 Mar. 2012 when biting a disk, an angular grinder flies from itself even the rotation of the disk in the other direction from the need to put on the glasses does not eliminate not the fire of this corner grinder along the face in the first second of the sparks should fly down, only I am left.Handed, I don’t even fall on me. 0.

How much does it cost to customize the car in Ukraine 2019 from Russia to Ukraine how to make a potato.Cutter for a minister with your own hands

How to install it correctly?

Setting a disk on a cradle is not so complicated. You can change it, just following the instructions, although there are your nuances here.

corner, grinder, spin, change

First of all, you need to install the disk with the right side. This is especially important if it is detached. Typically, the side of the disk with the label, on which the marking is indicated and, accordingly, the scope of its application, is somewhat different from the opposite side. This may not be revealed immediately, but with prolonged intensive work, the difference will not only be noticeable. It will be obvious.

On the side on which the label is glued, a wide clamping washer is placed, it is affected by a movable nut when twisting (disk installation). The nut glides on the polished surface of the washer, it will become more difficult to twist or unscrew it, since the abrasive will firmly hold the nut and a greater effort will be required. This is especially important if a fast disk replacement is required or its breakdown (jamming) occurred.

There is always a chance of destruction of the disk, but established correctly, breaks only at large loads, the structure of the disks takes into account the difference in loads on both its sides.

With disk saws or other products that have teeth or a significant difference of two sides, how to put, usually does not arise. For example, a grinding disk on the contrary will not work: it will simply be impossible for them to work.

Stone discs, including diamonds, have a special indicator of rotation in the form of an arrow: by installing them, you need to fix them given where the stem will rotate.

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When installing, it is also important to consider the size of the disk. In no case should you neglect safety and remove the protective casing. It is better to choose a disk of the corresponding diameter. Sometimes on a “corner grinder” of smaller dimensions put a worked disk from a large unit. However, the worked disk, as a rule, cuts worse, the working surface is limited to about half the radius of the disk, the structure is slightly different. The disk “burns” faster, and it performs less work. This operation can be justified if the diameter of the rod coincides. But it will not be possible to change back.

When installing under the disk, garbage should not fall. Of course, the clamping nut of small objects may well be squeezed, something will be crushed into the surface of the circle. But the bias invisible to the eye will cause the displacement of the plane of rotation and, as a result, a strong vibration of the entire mechanism, it can cause the disk destruction and, of course, hope for an accurate cut in this case in this case.

Before installing the “corner grinding” disc, you need to turn off the network. This is the main security requirement, since sudden inclusion at this time is fraught with serious injuries.

The clamping nut must be unscrewed by the key attached to the tool. So that the rod does not scroll, it must be stained by pressing a special button. You need to turn the nut with simultaneously holding the button in the pressed state.

After twisting the nut, a disk is put on the freed stem, the front side is, and you need to make sure that it is installed exactly on the seat.

The set of the new “corner grinding” always includes a certain number of cardboard gaskets. When installing the disk, they need to be laid so that they are between the disk and the clamping elements. Such gaskets will help unscrew the broken or jammed disk.

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Next, the nut is manually twisted to the stop and delayed by a special key. Everything, the “corner grinder” is ready for work.

Basic rules when working with corner grinding

Remember, the corner grinder does not forgive errors! Here is a list of basic rules that will come in handy for a beginner when working with a corner grinder:

  • Do not turn on the tool with severe fatigue and painful condition.
  • Make sure the workpiece is well fixed.
  • Do not use cheap discs from unverified manufacturers, they can fly up at any time.
  • When changing equipment and disks, turn off the tool from the electric network.
  • Hold the tool using an additional handle.
  • When working with a corner grinder, you do not need to press the tool much and excessively press on the disk.
  • After working with a corner grinder, before putting the tool on the table, wait until the disk of corner grinder stops rotating.

How to work properly a corner grinder? Where are the sparks?

The question of how to work properly a corner grinder occurs quite often. In particular, where sparks actually are directed. On the Internet, many answers. How true they are to say. But we have our own opinion, which we are ready to explain!

corner, grinder, spin, change

If you are a welder, you should read an article about the eyes of the eyes with welding.

Question: Where are the sparks, when working with a corner grinder?

A dispute arose with a colleague in production. He, therefore, claims to me that it is correct to expand the corps of the corner grinder so that the sparks flew from the worker. But I don’t think so. I think that it is right to work with a corner grinder with sparks! Help solve the dispute!

Answer: Correctly and safely sparks on yourself

In our opinion, the right option for working with a corner grinder is sparks for yourself!

Why does our opinion boil down to the fact that the corner grinding is correctly working for ourselves? The answer is quite simple. It’s all about the safety and convenience of work. First of all, of course. Security. Everyone knows that safety precautions are written in blood. It is not the time to explain the statement, it is better to explain why it is safer to work with a corner grinder with sparks.

Мало кто знает об этой функции БОЛГАРКИ !!!

Why is it safe for yourself?

It’s all likely to eat a circle. At the time of bite, the circle scattered and causes damage to the worker. Over, the corner grinder can be pulled out of the hands and, if sparks from itself, the corner grinder falls straight into the body of the worker.

A good example of how to work properly a corner grinder. Sparks on yourself!Demonstration of the work with corner grinders sparse from yourself

If you perform the work correctly and work with a corner grinding with sparks on itself, then when tearing out a corner grinder from the hands, it will rush from the worker. Which significantly minimizes the chances of gaining heavy injuries and injuries. Visual animated manuals for a better understanding!

Cons when working with corner grinding with sparks

Of course, with the method of operation, the corner grinding is present. One of which is the most noticeable is the defeat of the sparks of the special. Clothes. Yes, the minus is significant and unpleasant, but, health is much more important than the next overall. In addition, damage can be excluded, or at least minimalize.

You can familiarize yourself with the of such aprons

How to exclude special damage. Clothing when working with a corner grinder? Purchase a specialized apron, best from leather. This apron will protect special. Clothing and increase her service life. The cost of such aprons, in comparison with the cost of a good overalls, is much lower, which indicates the benefit of this purchase!

You can ask your specialist a question right now. We will notify you to the email you specified about the answer.

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