Best cordless grass trimmers of 2020 rating

We have prepared a review of battery-powered grass trimmers that have proven themselves in operation and received the highest ratings from the experts.

Patriot TR 230M

This trimmer is built for accurate and precise work. It’s perfect for cutting and trimming in hard-to-reach places. Low weight. 2.6 kg provides comfortable, handsfree operation. A teenager or an elderly person can easily handle such a device.

This trimmer is equipped with a semi-automatic spool with a fishing line 1.6 mm. When mowing long edges, you can use the wheels on the housing to take some of the weight.

Straight, extendable boom with D-shaped ergonomic handle. The battery is designed for 30 minutes of autonomous operation, after which it needs to be recharged for 1 to 1.5 hours. Bottom part can change the angle.

Ryobi RLT36C3325

Handy folding model with detachable, curved boom and D-shaped ergonomic handle. On the protective hood, the cutting width can be adjusted. Battery has indicators that show the level of charge. LED indicators on battery charger are also included. Rechargeable battery lasts up to 40 minutes of uninterrupted operation.

Comes with a shoulder strap, which makes operating the device comfortable and non-tiring. Reel is equipped with an automatic line feed system. Various pressures on starter button adjusts engine speed.

Patriot TR 340XL

Top-mounted trimmer with straight, telescopic boom that is made of corrugated aluminum and is adjustable in length. The mower is well balanced. Axial boom tilt rotates through 90 degrees with a convenient lock. Edge mowing is easy in this mode.

Runs for about 30 minutes, takes an hour to charge. Rechargeable cells from Samsung. A wheel can be attached to the trimmer. Includes shoulder strap. No need to remove spool from mower to change lines.

Makita DUR181RF

This model can easily mow grass around trees, bushes, flower beds, but it does not mow the whole area. The working surface can be easily rotated 90 degrees, so you can shape the edges of paths or remove grass that has sprouted through the paving slabs. This trimmer is the best friend of the landscaper.

The boom is straight, the design of the protective casing will not let the grass and earth get dirty on your clothes. Additionally included are a shoulder strap and goggles. Users have tested the trimmer’s ability to work off-line for about 20 minutes.

Black Decker MTC220 12 Inch Lithium Cordless 3 in 1 Trimmer Edger and Mower, 20 volt Review

Bosch ART 26-18 LI

Trimmer with a straight boom and motor at the bottom. In this trimmer the cutting element is not a fishing line, but a plastic blade. Buyers note that they quickly blunt, so it’s necessary to worry about an additional kit. Device is lightweight, maneuverable, cutting part swivel.

Trimmer works 20-30 minutes, it takes an hour to charge it. You must hold down the button at all times to operate, which does not allow for extended use.

Powerful model that can cope not only with delicate vegetation, but also with weeds and young bushes. Brushless motor sits at the bottom of the straight telescopic rod and provides long working time. Trimmer has torque boost system, which allows to mow hard types of grass.

Battery power is enough for 20 minutes of continuous work with thick-stemmed plants, while work with delicate grass extends up to 40-50 minutes. But it is not possible to charge it at once. The battery must cool down completely.

Husqvarna 536LiRX

Good, reliable, quality trimmer with three-blade grass knife option. In terms of power this technique is suitable for professional use.

On a handle of bicycle type is a convenient and clear digital panel. Battery with charge indicator. The trimmer head can be turned in either direction. Mower has SaveTM mode to increase operating time.

Grass blade, strap, universal guards are included, but no battery and charger.

  • Power;
  • A knife for grass;
  • Autonomous work up to 60 minutes;
  • Savetm mode;
  • Excellent balance;
  • Handy belt attachment.

We propose to consider the most popular models of trimmers with a battery. This list will help to make the right choice.

Patriot TR 340 XL

This model is manufactured in China. The factory is engaged in creation of technics for Swedish brand Husqvarna and takes one of leading positions for today. Medium

  • Ability to adjust the length of the pipe, slope angle and lock the head in position.
  • Complete set with wheels for edging.
  • Material, from which the boom is made. Aluminum with high rigidity.


This model is represented by the German brand. Users appreciated the quality and functionality of this sample, so it entered the rating of the best devices.

Of the best electric trimmers

Many owners of private houses and dachas take care of the garden plot. When active grass growth begins, there is a need for special equipment. The modern market offers a choice of lawn mowers, lawn mowers, electric trimmers for grass. The latter are advantageously distinguished by their affordable price, so there is a steady demand for them. Especially effective electric trimmers for grass in small areas, where it is not difficult to pull the extension cord. But difficulties also arise at the purchase stage. The range of electric tools is very diverse, so a few tips from the experts will be relevant and appropriate. What parameters should be paid closest attention to?

  • First of all it is necessary to determine the capacity. It depends on the power and the speed of the motor. For well-maintained areas where you have to mow growing grass, a power of up to 1,000 watts will be sufficient. Do not chase a high output also for another reason. The stronger the motor, the greater the weight of the grass trimmer.
  • The price and usability is affected by the location of the engine. Cheap low-power models have bottom-mounted electric motor. But there are serious disadvantages to this design, such as clogging with grass and poor cooling.
  • Shoulder straps are necessary for top-mounted models. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers complete grass trimmers with these accessories.
  • Electric grass mowers differ also in the shape of the handle. Lightweight devices are equipped with D-shaped holders, which give maneuverability to the trimmer. And the more powerful units are controlled with a handlebar in the shape of a bicycle handlebar.

In our review hit the best electric trimmers for grass. When compiling the rating, such criteria were taken into account as:

How to get a message mentioning an outside ditch in Elden Ring

To get the message that mentions the outer ditch, players must complete the Scavenger Eater quest chain in Elden Ring. As at a certain point in his quest, he will ask the Faded One to meet him, leaving a message in the Round Table Fortress. Here are the steps needed to get the message:

find, trimmer, grass, light-bearing, crystal

  • Unlock the Plateau of Altus
  • Return to the Round Table Fortress
  • Enter the previously locked room next to the Old Maids.
  • Talk to the Scavenger Eater.
  • Get the curse of seeding.
  • Show the item to the Dump Eater.
  • Accept the key to the sewer prison.
  • Unlock the Scum Eater’s chamber in the Dungeon of Exclusion in Laindell, the Royal Capital.
  • Talk to the NPC to free him.
  • Return to the Round Table.
  • Make your way to the Scum Eater’s room to find a message that says, “Next I will defile you. Go to the outer moat,” which is an obvious invitation to battle. All that’s left is to go to the outer moat and defeat the Dump Eater.

Keep in mind that if players are also trying to complete the Black Guardian quest, they may end up encountering him in the outer ditch in front of the Scavenger Eater.

It is recommended to talk to the thief and buy as much boiled shrimp and crabs as possible, as the Black Guardian will die when you reload the area. The next time the Faded One meets him, he will be tied to a chair and defiled. You can also get his armor set from Elden Ring and an extra sixth seeding curse from his corpse.

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This cordless grass trimmer makes a big impression. Makes it easy to remove grass, weeds, and unwanted vegetation, even in hard-to-reach places. Thanks to the LTR 36-33 battery pack, working around trees, hedges and aisles is now easier than ever before. Pay attention to the range of trimmers for dacha. It is a convenient and practical technique that provides high quality processing of lawns. In the catalog you can find suitable devices at an attractive price. All models have excellent technical characteristics and are ideal for private use.

Cordless grass trimmers do not depend on lead length: you can cut the grass at any distance from your home. However, it is important to consider a few nuances that will provide you with the maximum comfort of interaction with the technique. Before you start, it is recommended to check the area for dangerous debris that can damage the blade of the device: large stones and snags. In addition, we recommend making sure that there are no live electrical wires or cables in the grass. It is also advisable to temporarily isolate pets, and people should not come closer than 10 m to the working operator. Be sure to check the attachment strength of the attachment before each use of the equipment. Remember, following instructions ensures maximum uptime and reduces the risk of personal injury.

Gtech Cordless Grass Trimmer (GT4.0 and GT50). How To Video Guide


The grass trimmer‘s spiral branch ensures a precise cut.

Buying Trimmers

Cutting the grass in a small area is made easier and faster manual grass trimmer, which is an elongated part. Rod, one end of which is a gasoline or electric motor, and at the other end. Rotating cutting head with a line or knife.

Cutting attachments from reputable manufacturers can be expensive. To buy a gasoline grass trimmer or a unit of another type advantageously, it is better to immediately refer to the services of https://osnova.Market/catalogue/sadovaya-tehnika/trimmery/oleo-mac, which will provide ample opportunities for choosing the most suitable unit. These include the company “OSNOVA.MARKET”.

In order not to overpay and be satisfied with your purchase, you should clearly determine the type of the unit that best meets your needs. For example, lawn mowers gasoline grass trimmers are powerful and suitable for working large areas. However, their weight will require considerable effort from the operator, and they cost sometimes much more than electric counterparts.

The lighter versions (either hand-held or with wheels) are usually powered by electricity. Such units perfectly cope with the mowing of small well-maintained lawns. If you’re worried about being tied to a power socket all the time, a cordless mower is the right choice for you.

Where you can buy a grass trimmer for grass?

Natalia Ivanovna Help Desk Operator

find, trimmer, grass, light-bearing, crystal

Natalia Yurievna Help Desk Operator

Actual and availability at the moment will tell you the specialists of the companies:

Benzoinstrument: chainsaws, power tillers, motor cultivators, lawnmowers, trimmers for grass, car washes and much more. Spare parts for tools, spare parts for.

TRADING HOUSE SHOPS NETWORK STROYBATA Address: Pugacheva, 1Telephone: 560-560Site: www.Stroybatinfo.E-mail: mail@stroybat.Kirov.Ru

STROYBAT PRODUCTION SHOP NETWORK Address: Pugacheva, 1Telephone: 560-560Site: www.Stroybatinfo.E-mail: mail@stroybat.Kirov.Ru

One of the largest stores in Kirov on the sale of power and gasoline tools from leading manufacturers: chainsaws, power saws, power tillers, motor cultivators, peorator, grass trimmers, screwdrivers, drills, much more. All tools are provided with warranty and post-warranty service in our own service center.

All for finishing and construction of domestic and imported production. Finishing mixes, paint, varnishes, glues, putty, foams, sealants. Wallpaper

Official dealer of Makita, Maktec. Dolmar in Kirov. Sale, repair, service tools Makita.

STROYBAT SHOP NETWORK OF TRADING HOUSE Address: Pugachev, 1Telephone: 560-560Site: www.Stroybatinfo.E-mail: mail@stroybat.Kirov.Ru

Wholesale and retail trade: metal rolling, hardware products, building materials, goods for interior and exterior decoration, paint products, plumbing fixtures, gas equipment (boilers, columns, etc.), water heaters, etc.), ovens, fireplaces, chimneys, tools (hand tools), stoves, fireplaces, chimneys

Natalia Yurievna Help Desk Operator

Natalia Yurievna Help Desk Operator

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Addresses and phone numbers involved in the response were selected by the operator from the directory. If the contacts have changed, let us know and we will check and correct them. So you’ll help the community and make information more accessible.

Luminous Passages

The map above shows the approximate location of all luminous crystals in the areas indicated. The following is a more detailed look at all the steps to find them.

Light-Bearing Crystal 69

At the highest level of the location, on top of a collapsed column. You can get here from the teleportation point of the Underground Waters.

Light-bearing crystal 71

Located at the top of the reservoir, at the foot of the cliff. This is where the Hydro Slimes will appear.

Light-bearing Crystal 72

Hanging over the roots that have wrapped around the rock. Look up as you walk down the main path.

Light-bearing crystal 73

Located near crystal debris, right at the foot of a small waterfall.

Light-Bearing Crystal 74

Hanging over a huge glowing mushroom. You can get there by climbing on the side of a cliff.

Light-bearing Crystal 76

Walk into the passageway leading to the last Rift location, and you will see an oculus right in your path.

Lightbearing Crystal 77

Open the gate by interacting with the cube on the quest “Where did the soulstone come from??” and then walk forward and jump down. The oculus will hang next to the knight.

Light-bearing Crystal 78

Located at the end of the long tunnel, not far from the flowers.

Luminous Crystal 80

Hanging over another stone bridge in the final Rift location. The easiest way to get here is to use the south teleporter.

find, trimmer, grass, light-bearing, crystal

Light-bearing Crystal 81

Located right next to the south teleportation point.

Light-Bearing Crystal 82

Located on the upper level. You can get there by the stone bridge.

These are the Light Bearer Crystals that can be found in the Rift at Genshin Impact. We hope this information will help you fully improve your Adjuvant Lightstone.

Bo Lai. Where to find it, how to find it, what he gives for the ring

Bo Lai is a merchant who runs a lucrative business in the north of Li Yue harbor, right by the dock. He has the items for sale:

This character is especially interesting during the “Nine World Columns” quest. At the end of this quest, you will have a ring in your hands that can only be sold to two NPCs, Bo Lai and Lin Lan. At first glance, the highest price will be offered by Ling Lan. For the ring he will pay as much as 200,000 mora. But in the pursuit of money, you will miss an excellent chance to.

Bo Lai will only offer 180,000 Mora, but along with that he will give you the recipe for the five-star dish “Temptation of the Adept”. It increases the attack power of the character by 260-372 units (depends on the quality of the dish) and increases the critical hit chance of all squad members by 8-12% (both effects last 300 seconds). Considering the difference of 20 000 mora, it is much more profitable to accept Bo Lai’s offer, though you will have to get very rare ingredients (ham, crab, shrimp meat and matsutake) after that.

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