Which battery is better for electric screwdriver

Capable of maintaining performance from approximately.50 to 40 degrees Celsius, there is the possibility of charging, at negative temperatures.

The number of reloading cycles from 100. 900 to 2000, depending on the manufacturer’s technology

They have a memory effect, as a result, it is recommended to conduct training, after acquisition or long.Term storage, from 3 to 5 cycles, completely discharging and charging batteries (the manufacturer should adhere to), subsequent compliance with the cycles will allow the best way to maintain working parameters.

The level of self.Discharge can reach 8. 10%, for more modern or 20.30%, for older versions, from the initial capacity.

Can be stored discharged, in this case they will be “immediately” ready for operation, after charging.

Larger weight, with relatively identical sizes with Ni –MH

which, battery, better, electric, screwdriver

How To. Electric screwdriver repair

Since it does not make sense when fully inhibiting the torque, and the requirement is made to ensure the necessary current on the maximum (or, at least, on the average) load. Therefore, the result of 12 amperes will be good, and minimally acceptable. In 6 amperes.

For professional power tools used in construction work, currents will be many times higher (except, maybe idle current). So, there is information about the throws of current with full braking up to 80 a.

Is it necessary to purchase high.Precision batteries

It is not necessary to purchase high.Precision batteries. They are more expensive than ordinary elements. But, as shown above, it is the level of current transfer that the possibilities of electrical screwdriver are limited. If the power tool is designed to tighten short screws into plastic or soft wood or drill light materials, you can do with conventional batteries. If you need to perform more serious work. You can not do without high.Voltage batteries.

The video is tested by 8 high.Current battery with AliExpress.

Which container is better

This issue is regulated by common sense. On the one hand, the larger the container, the longer the work from recharge to recharge. On the other hand, with an increase in the container, the time of replenishment of energy grows (with equal charging current), and the dimensions also increase (although in this case they are set by a size) and the weight of the battery. Therefore, you need to find a reasonable compromise. It should also be understood that physics cannot be deceived. High.Precision batteries under equal conditions will have a lower capacity than ordinary.

Typically, 18650 batteries, suitable for the goals considered, have a capacity of 1000-2600 mAh. It is better to choose products with the value of this parameter closer to the upper limit. The negative aspects of choice with such containers will not create problems. Sometimes declared by manufacturers from Southeast Asia, the numbers of 15,000-20000 mAh are crafty and make them doubt in other characteristics of the batteries.

Replace Battery Refresh Screwdriver | Makita M640D

The degree of protection of cells

Elements can be equipped with a protection board. Her tasks:

which, battery, better, electric, screwdriver

  • Limit the level of charging, avoiding super.Charge;
  • Scream the level of discharge, avoiding a deep discharge;
  • Short.Circuit protection.

Such elements are approximately 1.5 mm longer than ordinary. Another difference. On the case there may be a marking Protected. Such batteries cannot be high.Current, since they must give a current from 10 A and higher, and the board turns off the element at 5.6 amperes. Therefore, High Drain elements are available in unprotected form. When operating as part of the battery, it is necessary to apply the balance of balancing. With solitary use, monitor the regime yourself, avoiding reloading and deep discharge mode.

Selection of the battery depending on the scope of application

So, having dismantled all the key factors thoroughly, we will discuss with which battery to choose an electric screwdriver for home and professional activities. This will help not overpay and have a reliable tool at hand.

For home use

To quickly disassemble household appliances, a knot in a car or fasten a couple of sheets of drywall at a house of a small container of 1.5-2.0 Ach and voltages in 12 V. By type of battery, for domestic use, Li-Ion is suitable, which holds a charge better and is always ready to work? Even after long storage. It is optimal to have two batteries and alternately install them on an electric screwdriver, it will increase the autonomy time.

which, battery, better, electric, screwdriver

For daily use in production or repair work

In the case of professional everyday use, you need a powerful 18-36 V battery with a capacity of 4.0-5.0 ah. To work with solid materials or frequent activities in cold conditions, choose the type of nicd. But if the work is always carried out in warmth and the tool is needed to screw the fasteners into medium density materials, then Li-Ion is also suitable.

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