Which is better: saber or chain saw?

Modern technologies offer summer residents and gardeners a large selection of power tools. If plums, apple trees, cherries and other fruit crops are planted on your site, you will have to regularly take care of them, cut and file. An electric device is suitable for this, but which is chain or saber, we’ll figure it out in the material.

In each article, we say that you need to choose a tool for a garden site based on the tasks that are solved using the device. One gardener has only a few trees in the site, they are small and do not require careful care. And the other prefers diverse fruit plants, scrupulously cares for them and is engaged in breeding.

In this case, the power tool will require a different one, which differs in power, productivity and strength of the batteries.

Overhaul OH6274. The most inexpensive

Inexpensive, with a 24V NI-CD battery, a saber saw will perfectly cope with a small amount of work on the cut of wooden blanks, branches. Will help cut the thin trunks of trees into churochki for firewood. Cope with a metal or plastic pipe. The principle of action is based on the reciprocating movements of the saw blade.

  • Very cheap.
  • Useful as an auxiliary tool when working at heights.
  • Convenient in the garden in the absence of electricity.

Rating of the best electric saber saws of 2022

The rating of network saber saws included universal units with numerous good reviews. With sufficient power, they differ in an affordable price and are suitable for most homework.

Bosch PSA 700E

An electric universal saw for metal, wood and other materials with a capacity of 710 W supports a quick replacement of hacksaw paintings. It works not only with branded, but also with analog hacksaws, has a rubberized handle. The mass is 3 kg, the tool is quite heavy.

Makita JR3070CT

Popular electric saw with a cut height of 255 mm is characterized by quick work and versatility. The pendulum course of the canvases and the system of reduction of vibration are provided, the device is supplied in dust and moisture-proof housing. It is little warming in the process of use, allows you to adjust the frequency.

Dewalt DW311K

A popular network tool is protected from overheating, has a speed of speed and a quick.Shift system system. Drinks wood and metal to a depth of 300 and 130 mm, respectively. Allows you to configure the angle of the sole, protected from overheating and random launch into operation.

Rating 5 best battery saber saws

Battery saws are light and mobility. Electric power is required only for charging the battery, but if you were worried about it in advance, you are provided with a good workflow, the duration of which depends only on the power of the battery.

Below are the following models in detail:

Ryobi RRS1801M

RYOBI RRS1801M. Compact Japanese submarine saber.Type for sawing wood, plastic, drywall and metal. The speed is regulated by a smooth press of the trigger. There are rubber gaskets between the handle and the housing, which serve to extinguish vibration. Two canvases are delivered in the kit, on wood and metal, and a hexagonal key to adjust the support sole.

Type of battery Li-lon
Battery voltage (c) eighteen
Battery capacity (Ach) 4
Frequency of file movements (stroke \ min) 3100
The length of the hodo (mm) 22
The depth of the cut of wood (mm) 180
The depth of the cut of metal (mm) 6
Weight, kg) 2.3

I bought a saw saw to dismantle the roof. I doubted for a long time, but, having decided, I did not regret. Very light, mobile and charge is enough for a long time. And on the picnic came in handy. A friend wants this too. We’ll give it for a day.

Bosch Keo

Amateur Bosch Keo Garden Saw with a SDS replacement system has an ergonomic shape, and a soft lining on the handle is working fast and comfortable. A-shaped lock is designed to cut down hanging branches. A special stopper blocks the saw blade and eliminates the accidental inclusion of the tool.

Type of battery Li-lon
Battery voltage (c) 10.8
Battery capacity (Ach) 1.4
Frequency of file movements (stroke \ min) 1600
Stroke length (mm) 20
The depth of the cut of wood (mm) 80
The depth of the cut of metal (mm) 7
Weight, kg) 0.9

Bought a garden saw. Very light and comfortable to work. I tried to cut the metal. I managed to five plus. Many write that this model has a weak battery, but it depends on the scope of use. If you have a large garden, it is better to choose another saw, but for a small one, it is simply indispensable.

Einhell TE-AP 18 Li

Very light and comfortable Battery saber saw. The powerful Trithlon Motor engine and light replacement of the canvas contribute to light and long work without stopping. Absolutely universal in use. The sole is regulated without additional tools.

Type of battery Li-lon
Battery voltage (c) eighteen
Battery capacity (Ach) 4
Frequency of file movements (stroke \ min) 2600
Stroke length (mm) 22
The depth of the cut of wood (mm) 100
The depth of the cut of metal (mm) 6
Weight, kg) 1.62

Saw very convenient to work. And cut off the branches and cut the pipe. Pleasantly lies in the hand, vibration is not felt. Great amateur household instrument. The absence of a battery was upset, but otherwise everything is fine.

Encor Accumaster AKM1832

Productive submissive saber saw for direct and curly cuts. Revolutions are regulated by pressing the launch trigger. The motor is equipped with a system of protection against overload. On the case there are holes, thanks to which the tool is protected from overheating, which significantly extends the operation process.

which, battery, saber, better, replacement, canvas

Type of battery Li-lon
Battery voltage (c) eighteen
Battery capacity (Ach) 4
Frequency of file movements (stroke \ min) 3000
Stroke length (mm) 22
The depth of the cut of wood (mm) 100
The depth of the cut of metal (mm) 6
Weight, kg) 2.1

I work in a carpentry workshop. The battery saw Encor Accumaster AKM1832 was a real discovery. Since I acquired this tool, the work has gone much easier and faster. With a beam, boards, plywood and, even metal tubes, copes with ease.

Makita BJR181 RFE

Reliable 18-volt saber saw Electric saw with reinforced battery. Stop button for saws, light adjustment of the stop and replacement of the canvas provide comfort and safety. The tool is equipped with a system of protection against vibration and electronic adjustment of the number of revolutions.

Type of battery Li-lon
Battery voltage (c) eighteen
Battery capacity (Ach) 4
Frequency of file movements (stroke \ min) 3000
Stroke length (mm) 22
The depth of the cut of wood (mm) 100
Weight, kg) 2.1
The depth of the cut of metal (mm) 6

I doubted for a long time whether it was worth buying such an expensive saw, but after reading user reviews, I still decided. I began to use and realized that it is worth the money invested. Powerful and safe, like all tools from Makita. Good thing, both in the household and in work will come in handy.

What to look for when choosing a saber saw

The main advice of professionals, as well as those who constantly use a similar tool on how to choose a saber’s saw:

  • Type of equipment. There are 2 varieties. Household and professional. The first is much cheaper, but at the same time, not rare use is calculated for a short time. The professional line is intended for constant operation, but it is also expensive.
  • The power of the electric motor. Varies in a large range. For use of the house and at the dance, models with indicators from 0.9 to 1.2 kW are optimal. It will be a fairly compact tool with good working indicators.
  • Working characteristics. This includes the number of movements per minute (should be from 2500 to 3000), the depth of the cut for certain materials and the amplitude of the canvas (from 16 to 32 mm).
  • Speed ​​adjustment. Allows you to choose the optimal mode for different materials to ensure high.Quality sawing and reduce the load on the equipment.
  • Pendulum. Provides a slight deviation of the canvas to facilitate cutting and remove sawdust. It should be disconnected, since during figure cutting this function is not needed.
  • Supported shoe. Simplifies work and increases the accuracy of sawing.
  • Surprising coupling. Disconnects the electronics when blocking the canvas, and the system of protection against overloads will stop the operation when overheating, preventing the failure of the electrical components.
  • The canvas replacement system. The easier it is. The better. It is desirable that you do not need to use any tool, in modern models a simple fixation system is usually used.
  • Smooth launch. Allows you to comfortably start work, and the electrodynamic brake quickly stops the canvas after turning off, excluding the risk of injuries.
  • Blocking random launch. Will not worry that the child will accidentally turn on the saber’s saw.
  • Ergonomics. It is extremely important, so you should definitely pick up each of the options you like and choose exactly the one that is most convenient.

When buying battery equipment, it is necessary to clarify how much it works on a charged battery and what time is required for complete charging.

Average segment (from 4000 to 10,000)

Bosch GSA 1100 E

The GSA 1100 E model, made by a German manufacturer, is reliable and functional. High power combined with a small weight (3.6 kg), the possibility of smooth speed adjustment, LED backlighting of the working area. The advantage of this tool. There is no pendulum course in the model, which is inconvenient when working with a tree. But if they plan to cut metal, it is advisable to choose a saber plate of the brand Bosch GSA 1100.

Ryobi R18RS-0

Ryobi’s Saber saw from the Japanese company works on the battery. Cuts quickly and powerfully, often used to dismantle wooden, metal or plastic structures. Anti-Vibe handle extinguishes vibration, doing work with a comfortable tool. The sawing canvas for the tree and Nah NOC in the kit supplements the device.

Top 10 best battery saws rating

Having carefully analyzed the market of products of this type, we compiled the appropriate most objective rating:

  • Greenworks G40CS30 0 40 V.
  • Makita DUC302Z 18 in.
  • Bosch Universalchain 18 0 18 V.
  • Husqvarna 120i-12 36.5th century.
  • Makita DUC353Z 36 in.
  • Husqvarna 436 Li 36 V/3 A h.
  • Worx WG322E.9 0 box 20 in.
  • Stihl MSA 140 C-BQ-AK30-L101 36 V/5 A h.
  • Worx WG384E.9 0 box 40 in.
  • Greenworks G24CS25 2.0ah × 1 24 V/2 A h.

Consider each of the presented models in more detail, paying attention to individual technical parameters.

Greenworks G40CS30 0 40 V

The GreenWorks G40CS30K2 battery saw is powered by a 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery, which provides an output voltage of 40 V. Charging the battery is carried out using the network cable included with the tool.

Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw In 2022. Top 10 Cordless Reciprocating Saws Review

This model, optimal for garden work, is equipped with a 30 cm long tire and a sawing chain of the Oregon brand with 45 links. You can tighten the chain of this light tool manually, without the help of the key.

Automatic oil supply system lubricates it during operation. The tank capacity for oil used in the automatic lubrication system of the circuit is 50 ml. Electric garden chain saw is characterized by a low level of noise and vibrations and can work autonomously for a long time. For convenient and reliable holding of the tool in the process of working in the saw design, two rubberized handles are provided.

Voltage 40th century
Battery 2 ah
Noise 97 dB
The weight 3.6 kg

which, battery, saber, better, replacement, canvas


This is a modern light garden saw, which is perfect for cutting branches, as well as sawing small logs. Over, thanks to a powerful motor, it can also cope with more difficult tasks. This model has compact dimensions, a small weight and a long autonomous time (up to 60 minutes from 2 Ah batteries), which makes it an excellent choice if you are a hunter, fisherman or just like hiking. The saw is equipped with a 30 cm long tire from Silicon Steel and the Oregon production chain. Also, the device is quite light and easy to use due to the rubberized handle, without key tension and replacement of the chain, I recommend to purchase.

Makita DUC302Z 18 in

Makita DUC302Z chain battery saw is a comfortable tool weighing only 4.1 kg and dimensions 270 × 215 × 415 mm, complemented by comfortable non.Losing handles. The equipment is equipped with a saw chain with 46 links, step 9.3 mm and operating speed 8.3 m/s.

The tension setup is carried out without tools, and lubrication is carried out automatically. Also, the device is equipped with a powerful transverse engine with a thrust lock that protects against accidental inclusion.

The design is supplemented with an oil tank by 85 ml, a 12-inch guide with a groove 1.1 mm, as well as a lithium-ion battery with an output voltage of 18 b. The tool is equipped with an engine braking system that simplifies and the operation of the device is safer.

Voltage 18th century
Battery 2 ah
Noise 82 dB
The weight 4.1 kg


A similar small.Sized tool copes with its direct responsibilities. Sharp branches and a roll of small trees. The unit, judging by the description of his work in the instructions, is able to steadily work on one charge for more than an hour. The only thing I want to warn a novice user about-be sure to hold the device with both hands, otherwise it will slip out due to too large vibrations and troubles cannot be avoided. And so, if we talk about the performance in general, then I drank really good and invested funds excuses with interest, I advise.

which, battery, saber, better, replacement, canvas

Bosch Universalchain 18 0 18 V

Bosch Universalchain 18 battery saw is equipped with a guide tire 20 cm long and is a compact portable tool for sawing wooden blanks, cutting vegetables of garden trees and the like. The absence of exhaust allows you to use the device with convenience in the rooms.

As a tool for a tool, a saw chain with a link step 6 is used.35 mm. The unit received a system of automatic lubrication of a saw chain, which uses oil bacon oil with a volume of 80 ml.

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In this battery saw, a chain tension mechanism is implemented, which allows you to give it the optimal tension without using an additional tool. In the diet of the instrument, a lithium-ion battery is involved. The delivery kit presents both one compatible battery and the network charger adapter for it.

How To Use A Reciprocating Saw. Ace Hardware

Voltage 18th century
Battery 2.5 ah
Noise 87 dB
The weight 2.7 kg


  • Spacious oil tank (80 ml);
  • Stabilization of the input voltage that allows you to connect even a 12-volt battery;
  • High speed speed (4.5 m/s).

The value of technical characteristics

The average weight of the electroplays operating from the battery is in the range from 1 to 3.5 kg. Typically, professional class models have greater weight than compact household tools. In expensive high.Quality units, strong materials are used, as well as various additions to expand functionality. All this, of course, increases the mass of saber saw.

Modern high.Quality models from reliable manufacturers can hold out on one charge for up to 5 hours. But you should always remember that the battery charge can end at the most inopportune moment. It will not be superfluous to take up spare batteries for a saber saw, especially if a lot of work is foreseen. For ease of use, some batteries of the battery electrons are equipped with a charging indicator. It can be placed either on the battery itself or right on the tool case.

The best batteries include lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries that do not have a “memory effect”. You can charge them in any condition. In addition, such batteries have protection against reloading and overheating. Lithium-ion batteries 10.8 B are charged from minimum to the maximum level in about 3.5 hours. The operating time of the tool with such a battery will be about 2 hours. During this time, you can have time to cut from 30 to 190 branches with a diameter of up to 60 mm. Budget saber saw on the 3 Ach battery is capable of working for about 1 hour. Accurate values ​​are indicated in the instructions for each specific model.

TOP-10 best models rating

Place name price
TOP-10 Best Sable batteries
one Makita JR105DZ 5 000 ₽
2 Makita DJR187Z 12 000 ₽
3 Bosch AdvancedRecip 18 0 6 000 ₽
4 Bosch Keo 5 000 ₽
5 Makita DJR185Z 6 000 ₽
6 Bosch GSA 18 V-Li C 0 L-BOXX 9 000 ₽
7 Metado ase 10.8 2.0ah X2 Case 11 000 ₽
eight Bort BRS-18LI-FD 6 000 ₽
nine DEWALT DCS397N 30 000 ₽
ten Bosch GSA 12V-14 0 7 000 ₽

Makita JR105DZ

Comfortable for using a saw suitable for sawing materials of any hardness. Has compact dimensions and light weight.

Rubbed coating of the handle increases the safety of work.

The saw works for a battery with a voltage of 10.8 V and a capacity of 4 A h. The saw makes up to 3300 cuts per minute with a move of 13 mm.

These parameters are enough for sawing wood up to 50 mm.

The device operates from the 220 V network when connecting using a 2.5-meter network cord.

There is a backlighting of the working area, due to which you can work in any illumination. There are 2 saw canvases per 100 mm in the set.

  • Drill height. 50 mm;
  • Walk size. 13 mm;
  • Revolutions. 3300;
  • Battery voltage. 10.8 c;
  • Cable length. 2.5 m;
  • Pilage weight. 1.3 kg.

Makita DJR187Z

The device is equipped with a rapidly causing file mount, due to which the change of equipment takes only a few seconds.

With a stroke length of 32 mm, an effective cut of wood (up to 255 mm) and metal (130 mm) occurs effective. It is convenient to move with a saw due to the power supply from the battery.

There is a speed adjustment, an ergonomic rubberized handle and a protective casing on a file for safe operation.

With low light, you can turn on the LED backlighting of the working area.

  • Power. 670 watts;
  • Drill height. 255 mm;
  • Walk size. 13 mm;
  • Revolutions. 3000;
  • Battery voltage. 18 V;
  • Size. 439x230x83 mm;
  • Pilage weight. 3.7 kg.
  • Low weight;
  • Quick cut of metal sheets;
  • Works from the battery;
  • Minimum vibration;
  • Does not heat up with long work.

Bosch AdvancedRecip 18 0

With the help of this saber saw, you can cut a large number of wooden bars, metal sheets, plywood, concrete blocks and bricks in a short time in a short time.

The model has a well.Thought.Out design, due to which vibration is significantly reduced during operation. Capture from several provisions is possible.

The saw is suitable for cutting up to 100 mm deep. Due to the fast.Packed cartridge, you can quickly change the working equipment. The saw weighs only 2.5 kg, so the hands do not get tired for a long time.

Bosch Keo

Effective and high.Performance saw. Designed for domestic use. It is indispensable in construction and when performing work on a garden plot.

Works on a battery with a capacity of 1.3 Ah and a voltage of 18 V.

In the set there is a saw canvas made of high.Quality material, which at a speed of 1600 cuts per minute and an amplitude of 20 mm makes a cut up to 80 mm deep.

The saw weighs only 1 kg, so it can be used for a long time without interruptions.

Makita DJR185Z

An indispensable device in the process of construction and work on a garden plot. Suitable for sawing materials of any density.

It is convenient to use and is highly performance due to a powerful engine that is launched from a 5 Ah battery.

The tool does not slip out in the process thanks to the rubberized coating. Smooth start significantly reduces the load on the engine at start.

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