Saws with ergonomics. Comparing Husqvarna and STIHL chainsaws

STIHL and Husqvarna chainsaws have deservedly been among the most popular chainsaws for years. Choosing between these brands can be a tough decision, even for the experienced chain saw user. Well, let’s see which chainsaws are better: STIHL or Husqvarna.

STIHL chain saw features

STIHL chain saws have been in production for almost a hundred years. and during this time they have become the best-selling chainsaws in the world. There is no secret here:

  • STIHL chain saws with ElastoStart are easy to start and prevent jerky starting. A damper is responsible for this, absorbing any excessive force. This almost halves the effort required for starting;
  • The two-stroke 2-mix engines consume 20% less fuel than comparable models and at the same time exhaust emissions are twice as low;
  • The polymer housing of STIHL chain saws weighs less than comparable models, which makes them easier to handle, even if that means they are less rugged;
  • STIHL chain saws have an effective anti-vibration system. The problem of vibration is taken care of by rubber buffers in amateur models and steel springs in professional models;
  • The keyless locking system makes it very easy to change the chain;
  • STIHL chain saws have a gas tank lid with special holders;
  • The air filters in these chainsaws are particularly efficient compared to those of competitors;
  • The Quick Stop Super chain braking system immediately stops the saw if you are in danger;
  • M-Tronic electronic engine management system regulates all STIHL chain saw systems and makes them work efficiently at all times.

Husqvarna chainsaws features

Husqvarna chainsaws can easily compete with STIHL products in terms of sales. The fact is that the saws produced in Sweden of this brand are also notable for their advantages:

  • Husqvarna saws are adapted to work in northern climate, including Russian climate, which means they are more reliable and last longer than competitors;
  • Quick start with Smart Start technology;
  • Operation with different types of fuel is provided by automatic adjustment function;
  • Efficient two-stage air filters do not require frequent changes, which greatly reduces the operating costs of Husqvarna chain saws;
  • The unique vibration damping system effectively prevents shaking, and the comfort grips won’t slip from your hands;
  • Husqvarna chain saws exhaust fumes from two-stroke internal combustion engines are afterburned, so their emissions are lower and they are even more environmentally friendly than most competitors;
  • powerful and compact high-speed engines provide high performance and long hours of continuous operation;
  • metal enclosures weigh quite a lot, but they are not afraid of impact or rough handling;
  • several lines of Husqvarna chain saws allow everyone, both amateur and professional, to choose a tool for their personal needs.

Let’s consider that we’re done with theory. Let’s take a closer look at the STIHL and Husqvarna chainsaws.

STIHL MS 180-14

The lightweight, compact, easy-to-use chainsaw is priced at just under 12,000. 2 horsepower (1500 watts) is powerful enough for everything from trimming shrubs to cutting down trees.

This saw has enough power to cut firewood for a bathhouse and even to build a bathhouse, but probably not enough for professional needs.

In order to ensure that the saw serves you for a long time and that you always enjoy its efficient and trouble-free operation, it is worth keeping the chain sharpened and using only brand-name oil from the manufacturer.

Husqvarna 135

This manual chainsaw is more expensive than the competitor above. almost 14,000. At the same time the 1,500 watt tool from Husqvarna has its own advantages.

Thanks to the long 40 cm and the productive internal combustion engine with a capacity of 50.9 cc, the manufacturer classifies this chainsaw as a professional tool.

However, you should not take such claims seriously: this is clearly a chainsaw for household use. Nevertheless, its functionality is enough for absolutely any domestic task with a large margin.

It weighs relatively little (for a chainsaw), can work for a long time without stopping, giving high performance. In addition to a fairly high price, you must be prepared for the fact that the weak point of this model. the starter coil. Otherwise, it is a very worthy option, capable of long, trouble-free service.

Popular Questions

What chainsaws have a longer service life?? There is no definite answer to this question: both STIHL and Husqvarna make very reliable chain saws, which, with proper maintenance, will serve their careful owner for many years.

Which manufacturer’s chainsaws are less demanding to maintain and repair? A chainsaw is a chainsaw, and you should pay attention to the condition of any chain saw, be it STIHL or Husqvarna: in this regard they are almost identical. Remember, though, that STIHL chain saws generally have polymer bodies: they are lighter than metal Husqvarna bodies but require more gentle handling.

which, chainsaw, better, husqvarna, stihl

As you can see, the choice between Husqvarna and STIHL chainsaws is primarily a matter of taste, because both manufacturers have excellent models. On the pros and cons of both brands of saws, we told you, but then the choice is yours.

Rating of the 5 best

1 place in the top. Partner P350 S chainsaw

This chainsaw is designed for household needs, work in the garden or in the cottage. Also great for people who like hunting or fishing, in some cases travelers need.

This unit is easy to transport, as a rather large 40 cm long bar is easily detached from the body and placed parallel to the main unit.

The engine has a volume of 40 cc³, and the power is 1.52 kW. To start the work is an electronic ignition of the engine. Fuel goes out quickly and safely, following a predetermined pattern: the carburetor automatically flushes out the remaining gasoline and accumulated air, which takes up a certain amount of space in the carburetor.

The starter rope resistance in this unit is 40% lower compared to popular pre-optimized models. These features help you get up and running faster.

Which chainsaw to choose: STIHL or Husqvarna??

When you want to buy a chain saw you often have to make a long choice between the models on the market. Conflicting marketing slogans and obsessive sales pitches leave your head jumbled. In such a case you should use your common sense and compare the real advantages of the product. This article looks at two leading manufacturers that have distinguished themselves in the design, manufacture, and sale of professional gardening and forestry motorized equipment.

Technical details of Husqvarna and STIHL saws

Often popular chainsaw models are carefully studied before going to the store. Based on the information received from technical descriptions and user reviews on forums, each person is wondering what equipment to buy, if the parameters of designs are similar to each other. This is the situation between STIHL and Husqvarna saws. By analyzing the technical data, as well as examining the advantages and disadvantages of the models compared, you can find important differences.

Comparativeanalysisshorttechnicalcharacteristicschain saws
Criteria/model STIHL MS 180 Partner P 340 Husqvarna 236
Manufacturer STIHL Husqvarna Husqvarna
Countrymanufacturer China China China
Powermotor,л.с. 2 1,93 1,9
Powermotor,kW 1,5 1,45 1,42
Volumecylinder,cube.See 31,8 35 38,2
Indicatorlengthtires 35cm, 14″ 35cm, 14″ 35cm, 14″
Weightsaws,kg 3,9 4,5 4,7

Analysis of the basic parameters of chain saws reflects the close equivalence of all three models, but the manufacturer STIHL was able to create a lightweight design, which in the work is a significant plus.

Comparison of major assemblies

Despite their apparent similarities, both manufacturers’ chainsaws have design features that affect performance and service life. Only a detailed analysis will help you decide which brand to choose.

Engine type

Conventional two-stroke engine on both Partner and STIHL models. The disadvantage of this type of engine is the output of up to 20% of the combustible mixture through the muffler, which is caused by a weak blowing system of the chamber where the fuel burns. When the tank is exhausted, so it loses quite a lot of gasoline. It results not only in economic dissonance, but also in environmental pollution caused by toxic mixture and exhaust gases.

Husqvarna 236 chain saw is equipped with a state-of-the-art 2-stroke motor. The X-Torq technology used in developing the model ensures near-100-percent fuel combustion. Innovative emissions contain up to 70% fewer harmful components than a conventional two-stroke engine. Thanks to the productive combustion of the combustible mixture, a high torque effect is created at maximum speeds.

No better model than the Husqvarna 236 if you intend to work in heavy-duty wood. This saw allows you to work quickly without tiring the operator and consumes less fuel.

Air filtration system

STIHL saws use an ordinary plate made of felt fabric as a filtering device. The air flows to it from the environment through rectangular holes (these are made right in the cylinder head). To keep the machine running reliably for years, the air filter needs to be cleaned every 1 to 2 hours while the machine is in operation.

Husqvarna chain saws have a dual-stage air filtration system. Its function is to suck air masses with dust and sawdust by means of the impeller and further redirect the mud stream through a spiral channel to the upper part of the cylinder. Thanks to the impact of centrifugal particles, all debris flies away on the sides, and already purified air makes its way to the filter. Such system enables long cycle of operation without necessity to stop for filter maintenance.

The air filters of both chainsaw manufacturers also differ structurally. The filter on the STIHL is a molded piece of felt of synthetic origin. It is pressed around the edges by the cylinder head. When the cover latch wears down, the tightness of the sealing decreases.

This is not a problem with the filters on the Partner P 340. They are made in the form of a plastic housing with felt gaps, through which the air flow passes.

The snug fit on the special tab is retained over the entire service life of the filter unit regardless of the degree of wear on the engine cover.

Cold engine start features

To start a cold engine it is necessary to pump the fuel mixture from the tank into the carburettor. On the STIHL MS 180, as on most other models, this is done by pulling the starter rope. Much easier to start a cold engine on a Partner or Husqvarna. This is made possible by a fuel injection pump.

Anti-vibration system

All of the Husqvarna Group’s saws are equipped with effective anti-vibration devices. It is a metal springs, which absorb the translational impact. Vibration is barely transmitted to human hands when operating the tool.

Features of different chain saw brands

To make starting easier, most chain saws are equipped with a primer that pump gasoline into the carburetor and you only have to pull the starter motor a couple of times to get the chainsaw going. But STIHL has gone out of its way to make a priming system by jerking the starter handle. That requires 10-15 pulls before the machine can be started. Consequently, it wears out the starter cord faster, and the starter itself. It is also more difficult for women to cope with such a system. and some of them also buy chain saws for themselves.

STIHL goes out of its way not only to start, but also to fit the bar. For example, let’s take household saws with a 35 cm long bar. Most of them have 52-link chains, but Stihl’s are 50-link. And the bars have a different fit. For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that this does not affect the search time Stihl tires, as the saw itself is popular, so it and accessories are sold in most stores. over, STIHL tires do not need to add lubricant to the drive sprocket, whereas other manufacturers have a hole for this purpose and it is necessary to remember to do this.

The next feature is again about the Stihl. On the 170 and 180 models, they use felt air filters, whereas their classmates have nylon ones. The felt ones need to be replaced with a new one when dirty, but the nylon ones can be washed and used again. Again, to be fair, I will note that the new felt filters are inexpensive and are sold in almost all stores that sell Stihl.

But one good thing about felt filters is that they do provide good protection from soot when you’re sawing burnt trees. So they come in handy when working in the woods, where there was a fire, or when dismantling burnt-out houses. Nylon filters don’t handle soot very well.

Next on the Husqvarna. All of their chainsaws are equipped with the X-torq system, which performs a complete afterburning of the fuel, which means it saves money. Stihl has a similar system, called 2-MIX, but it is not on all saws, and if it is, it leads to higher prices. Other companies do not boast of such systems, so I conclude that they do not have them.

And finally, I would like to point out the Есhо, whose saws have a “winter-summer” switch that makes them easier to start in winter.

This is my view on the question of choosing a chainsaw brand. In the article I noted the best manufacturers, as well as their positive and negative sides. Which ones are important for you and which ones are not, is up to you to decide. And this is the end of the article. see you soon!

Husqvarna 353 chainsaw is a professional tool from Swedish company Husqvarna registered in 1689. Husqvarna has been engaged in development of gasoline power tools, gardening and park equipment, construction equipment and tools for 48 years since 1970, before that the company specialized in the manufacture of weapons for military service.

Production expansion has benefited the company’s development, taking it to a global level. Today Husqvarna leads the world in the number of machines sold.

Husqvarna 240 petrol saw

If you’re a homeowner looking for a Husqvarna chainsaw for lighter tasks like tree trimming and gardening, the Husqvarna 240 is the perfect model for you. This is the cheapest model in our Husqvarna chainsaw ranking, but it still has most of the features that make Husqvarna chainsaws great woodworking appliances.

It has an X-Torq engine feature that saves fuel and reduces emissions, and a LowVib system that reduces vibration. Also has a smart start system and optional air purification system.

STIHL and Husqvarna chainsaws on the market

If you compare popular STIHL and Husqvarna tools in terms of power, Husqvarna’s main competitor to the STIHL 180 is the Husqvarna 135.

The STIHL MS 180 chainsaw exterior

Both have a power output of 1.5 kW. At the moment, Husqvarna loses not only in cost, t. к. Its price is slightly higher, but so is its cylinder volume, which is 40.9 cm³, while the Stihl has 31.8 cm³. If we consider this difference from a technical point of view, we can conclude that the Husqvarna engine, with its volume, should consume more fuel, t. к. Fuel consumption is closely linked to cylinder capacity.

The second point where the Husqvarna loses to the STIHL 180 is weight. The STIHL weighs 3,9 kg and the Husqvarna weighs half a pound more. Not much difference, but still.

The advantage of the Husqvarna 135 over the STIHL 180 is that it has a quick-release filter that can be washed and used after repeated cleaning. Stihl has no such thing, but you can choose additional equipment tools, such as STIHL 180C or 180C-VE, which have easy start, and the ability to adjust the chain tension, without the use of additional tools.

For clarity, we suggest you look at the comparison table, it shows the strengths and weaknesses of each saw.

STIHL MS 180 Husqvarna 135
Bar length, cm/inch. 35 cm / 14″ 40 cm / 16″
Engine power, W/l.с. 1500 W / 2 L.с. 1500 W / 2 L.с.
Engine displacement 31,8 40.9cc.see
Maximum chain speed 9,000 rpm 9,000 rpm
Weight 3.9 kg 4,4 kg
Fuel tank capacity, l. 0,25 0,37
Oil tank capacity, l. 0,15 0,25
Country of production China China
Home of the brand Germany Sweden
Warranty 12 mo 12 months
Price, 2021 13 500 14 500
Price, 2021 Check price See price

So when choosing between the STIHL 180 or the Husqvarna 135, the STIHL 180 is the smartest and most economical choice. к. it has long been the most popular chainsaw in. unlike the Husqvarna.

If you live in a rural area and don’t have access to a service center, the STIHL 180 is a bargain, because it can be repaired yourself.

Now let’s compare the 180 with the budget version of the Husqvarna, model 236.

Its power is 1.4 kW, which is already lower than that of the STIHL 180 chain saw, but the displacement is higher. 38.2 cm³. The price is slightly lower than the STIHL 180, but is it worth the trade-off in terms of power and performance?

Another Husqvarna model that can be compared to the 180 is the Husqvarna 240.

Their price and engine power are the same, but Husqvarna loses in weight and cylinder volume. It weighs 4.7 kg, which is almost a kilo more than a STIHL 180, and has a cubic capacity of 38.2 cm³.

Popular questions

Which manufacturers’ chainsaws have a longer service life? There is no definite answer to this question: both STIHL and Husqvarna make very reliable chainsaws that, with proper maintenance, will serve the careful owner for many years.

Which producer’s chainsaws are less fastidious in service and repair?? A chainsaw is a chainsaw, so you should service any chain saw, be it STIHL or Husqvarna: they are almost exactly the same. Please note, however, that STIHL chain saws are usually equipped with plastic frames. lighter than the metal frames of Husqvarna machines but with a higher maintenance standard.

Features of STIHL chain saws

All STIHL petrol mower models are powered by a 1:50 mix of petrol and motor oil (oil:petrol).

Gasoline with an octane rating of at least 90 and special engine oil from STIHL should be mixed.

The mixture is then mixed thoroughly and poured into the tank.

The resulting liquid can be stored for a maximum of 3 months. For more details on the dilution method, composition and maintenance please refer to the user manual.

It is recommended to have regular maintenance, which is the key to long and effective use of a brushcutter without breakage. Particular attention must be paid to the spark plug, which must be replaced after 100 hours.

which, chainsaw, better, husqvarna, stihl

Advantages and disadvantages of STIHL chain saws

A gasoline lawnmower has several advantages that differentiate it from electric models:

  • The dependence of the lawnmower in the work only on the availability of fuel;
  • The insignificant weight of the grass trimmer;
  • Easy operation;
  • Gasoline engine adapted to mowing even dense thickets of grass;
  • Much more economical, maneuverable and functional than a lawn mower.
  • It is necessary to prepare the fuel mixture, taking into account the recommended proportions;
  • Using gasoline of poor quality can cause the engine to break down;
  • Regular maintenance must be performed;
  • Despite the desire of the manufacturer to reduce the noise of the engine, you can not completely eliminate it.

The lawnmower’s running-in period

Gasoline-powered devices require a running-in period. It is not a complicated set of measures that will positively affect the operation of the motor in the future and extend its service life.

  • Pour the fuel mixture;
  • Lubricate the reducer;
  • Start the engine and let it run for 5 minutes, then start the engine. Perform actions for 15 minutes;
  • Turn off the engine and take a break for 20 minutes;
  • You can mow for 5 minutes, then rest for 5 minutes. Perform 4 approaches.
  • If there are no problems, you can consider the gasoline mower ready to use.

In order not to overheat the motor should adhere to the rules of mowing, where the working mode is the ratio of 15×15 minutes. If it’s hot outside, work less and rest more.

Important! Observe the safety precautions during the operation of the cutting part of the lawnmower.

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