Drill chucks

Tapered sleeves are very rare, but if you have one of these, you probably want to know how to remove it. Often old electric drills and drilling machines have a taper type mount, so if a chuck has failed on the tool, you will need to do the following to replace it:

  • Spread the jaws apart and unscrew the locking screw with the right thread (the tapered ones have screws with regular threads)
  • Secure the tool, and taking a hammer in hand, apply light blows to the back of the unit
  • After each impact, turn the male coupling clockwise
  • If the inner mechanism is rusted, you should use WD-40 grease before you work on it
  • There are cases when even the grease does not allow you to solve the problem, so you should use a blowtorch, warming the part to red
  • If even in this case, the chuck can not be disassembled, then the last option remains. is to disassemble the drill, and grind the sides of the device on an emery. Some craftsmen prefer to saw with an angle grinder the actuator right on the tool

With a barbaric approach to disassembly, the element is no longer repairable, and after disassembly, it is necessary to install a chuck of similar design. To put a threaded chuck on the drill, you will need to make changes in the design of the drill, which is also quite realistic to do with their own hands.

Now let’s consider the method of disassembly of the part in order to repair it later. The method of disassembly is simple, and does not require the use of a sledgehammer or angle grinder. The main condition must be met. the absence of corrosion on the threads. The principle of dismantling the tapered chuck from an impact drill is as follows:

  • Bring the jaws inside the workpiece
  • Place the tool on a flat surface (table)
  • Press a piece of styrofoam (high density foam can be used) to the end of the tool
  • Press a piece of dense material such as a board or metal against the styrofoam
  • Set the impact mode on the drill. If the drill does not have an impact mode, then to disassemble the chuck, it must first be secured to the torch
  • Firmly press the construction against the chuck, and press the start button
  • In about 10 seconds the chuck with cone-type mount will unscrew and unscrew the chuck by itself

Drill chucks with Morse taper are collapsible, so if one of the jaws fails, they can be replaced. This is the only type of chuck on a drill that can be disassembled, and if the cams or locking sleeve fail, it can be repaired. If the chuck has to be reassembled, it is just as easy to do. To do this, it is necessary to press the outer cage on the clamping sleeve, and then install it on the tool axle. The video below shows how a drill chuck can be disassembled with a hammer.

What it is for?

The drill chuck is an important part that is responsible for securing the tooling. It is designed to hold the drill firmly without releasing it, even at high torque. The chuck can be used to turn a screwdriver or any other tool.

The keyed element assumes that an additional component is used for replacement. The key is made in a T-shape and is located near the chuck. When turned, it moves the gear, which causes the collar to rotate around the lock responsible for opening or closing.

Sometimes in the chuck design, the user turns the sleeve at the end of the drill to open and close the lock cams. This type of attachment holds the work tool better and is easier to tighten by hand, using less force.

On some locks, the chuck design has up to six cams, and the more there are, the tighter the drill sits in its place. Of these, 4 are needed to hold the square bit. If the tool is used for household tasks, then there are 3 cams, and they’re self-centering.

Rating of the best drills

Rated place product name price
Best inexpensive impact drills 1 Hammer UDD950D 2 899 ₽
2 Makita HP1640 3 999 ₽
3 Zubr ZDU-680ERKM2 2 499 ₽
The best impact drill for value for money 1 Makita HP2051F 7 908 ₽
2 Bosch GSB 1600 RE (BZP) 4 463 ₽
3 Hammer UDD1100B 3 900 ₽
4 DeWALT D21805 9 482 ₽
5 Metabo SBE 650 Impuls Case 4 032 ₽
The best professional impact drills 1 Bosch GSB 162-2 RE Case (VVP) 33 189 ₽
2 DeWALT DWD530KS 18 551 ₽
3 Bosch GSB 21-2 RCT Case (BZP) 14 299 ₽
The best impact drills 1 DeWALT DWD115KS 5 518 ₽
2 Interskol D-16/1050P 3 410 ₽
3 Makita DP4011 7 768 ₽
4 Bosch GBM 10 RE 2009 3 590 ₽
5 Zubr ZDM-820 PM 3 870 ₽

Makita HP1640K 680 Watt

Let’s start the review with the percussion model, which is able to cope with bricks and concrete. Compact dimensions for comfortable work in hard-to-reach places. Optimized power won’t create high stress on your home power grid. Handy wrench with an exclusive tooth shape quickly and reliably tightens the chuck. The reversing switch is located on the housing. convenient, functional, durable. Speed regulation electronic. Can be used as a screwdriver when working with long roofing screws for installation of sandwich panels.

  • low vibration level in percussion mode;
  • The cams hold small drills perfectly;
  • high build quality;
  • fits comfortably in your hand;
  • Handy reversing switch.

Interskol DU-13/780ER 421.1.0.00 780 W

Thanks to its small size and weight of only 2.2 kg, including the presence of an additional handle allows for comfortable continuous work. Good drilling in fragile materials, especially noticeable on ceramic tile or brick. hammer function makes it easy to work in concrete. Changing direction of rotation helps to pull out jammed drill bit. electronically adjustable speed. The accessory is clamped with a compact wrench. The drill delicately stresses the home power grid, thanks to carefully selected power parameters.

  • low price;
  • Good accessory kit;
  • built-in horizontal level;
  • little vibration;
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty;
  • low-noise.

Bosch GSB 1600 RE (BZP) box 700 W

German quality at all times. The model stands out with its classic design and modern ergonomics. Lightweight tool for regular housework. Low power ratings help prevent overloading the power grid. Versatility is ensured not only by the changeover mode but also by the quick-action chuck. If you have to work long hours, you can use the auxiliary handle. The 4-tooth gearbox ensures reliability and a long service life. RPM control is on the trigger, which is useful for drilling in different material densities.

  • attractive price;
  • lightweight;
  • Long cord with elastic sheath;
  • Stable operation of the electric motor;
  • Quick change of nozzles and drills.

Metabo SBE 650 (BZP) Case 650W

Stylish design emphasizes professionalism of the tool. Compact size and good scope of delivery for this drill. Quick-change chuck allows to spend less time on the tool change. Power rating is relevant for facilities with unreliable electrical wiring. old apartments, cottages and small stores. Spindle lock, easy speed adjustment makes this model attractive for those who forget to buy a screwdriver. Simple, ball bearing design extends equipment life, which is a definite plus.

  • build quality on highest level;
  • large carrying case;
  • low noise level in all modes;
  • additional accessories;
  • bits can be used without a chuck.

DeWALT DWD112S 701 W

Presented shockless model has a powerful and reliable motor, which will undoubtedly please the future owner. Quick-action metal chuck can easily be removed with an Allen key. Self-shutoff brushes extend product life. Soft start system makes work more precise. The manufacturer has paid increased attention to ergonomics, the drill does not overload the hands when working throughout the day. Comfortable reversal and speed adjustment in the button makes a good impression. 4 m cord lets you forget about extension cords. The design includes a belt holder. durable and effective.

  • lightweight, no hand fatigue;
  • long service life;
  • higher reliability;
  • Optimum performance;
  • clamps the drills well;
  • smart ventilation system for intensive use.

Zubr ZDM-820 PM 820 W

Russian manufacturers have never let us down, including the Zubr. The design provides for active use of impact-free drill as a construction mixer. Additional handle makes it easy to mix mixtures. Key chuck securely clamps the tool. Small dimensions make the work most comfortable. Metal gearbox underlines professional requirements. High torque allows you to easily cope with drilling and stirring cement-sand mortars. Good power output compensates for the low RPM.

Impact drills are designed to work with wood, metal, plastic, concrete and stone. Note that you can make holes in dense materials with small diameter (up to 13 mm) and a limited amount of. The experts liked several inexpensive percussion models.

Hammer UDD950D

The Hammer UDD950D impact drill has received many compliments from users. And it’s not only affordable price and high power (950 watts). Owners of this tool note that even under heavy load, the motor does not overheat. Experts explain this feature of the drill by its high quality construction and excellent centering. The rating winner has smooth adjustment of rotation speed, a long reliable cord, a handy chuck. The first time you can make a hole in concrete with a diameter of 13 mm. The tool copes without problems with wood (25 mm) and metal (10 mm).

The model is well-equipped, there is an additional handle, a key for the chuck, a drill depth limiter. Comfortable handle and low weight for long hours of work, even your hands are not tired.

Makita HP1640

The strong point of the Makita HP1640 impact drill is the possibility to drill 16 mm diameter holes in concrete. Outperforms competitor model in maximum thickness of holes in wood (30 mm) and metal (13 mm). The chuck can be fitted with accessories from 1.5 to 13 mm in diameter, and is done with a standard spanner. The drill is in the second place of the rating because of higher price than the leader, and a smaller motor power (650 watts). Users consider this model to be an excellent tool for home use. In addition to drilling, you can also mix mortars, installing the whisk in the chuck.

There are some shortcomings of the drill, as indicated by the owners in the reviews. It has a bad backlight, as well as “Chinese quality” of assembling.

Zubr ZDU-680ERKM2

The Zubr ZDU-680ERKM2 impact drill looks on the background of well-known competitors. It is sold at the lowest price without compromising technical characteristics. Power of the device (680 W) is enough for drilling 13 mm diameter holes in concrete, somewhat more modest than the leaders rating model drills wood (20 mm). The tool also has a carrying case, which makes it easy to transport the drill. Owners are flattered by the workmanship, balance and lightness. Customers are pleased with the five-year warranty. The tool has proven itself in drilling holes, as well as in work with various attachments.

On the one hand the case is convenient for storage of the drill and accessories, but the manufacturer has saved on plastic. The hinges and clasps are very thin, so the durability of the case is questionable.

Types of chucks

Let’s start with the fact that the peorator in its essence is a percussion machine that does not drill, but punches holes with the cutting part of the nozzle with simultaneous turning it. The collet locking mechanism used in drill clamping devices is not suitable in this case because of the very high loads. Therefore, in order to securely fasten the accessories of this power tool, we had to develop a unique chuck with a special shank, which has special grooves for centering and preventing twisting of the bits.

The evolution of this design element of peorator has been quite active, but to date, the most reliable are considered SDS (steck-dreh-sitzt) clamps, developed by “Bosch. If translated from German, this phrase sounds like “insert-turn-sewer”.

It is this expression that almost completely describes the principle of operation of a modern chuck for a peorator:

  • press the protective cover to release the locking elements in the form of slots and locking balls/rollers, and then insert the shank of the tool with special slots into the hole of the clamping device;
  • release the cover and slightly rotate the tool until a slight click is heard, which “informs” the owner of the power tool that the device mechanism has successfully locked (the slots and balls are in the grooves on the shank) the drill, drill bit, etc.д.;
  • try to remove the bit from the chuck to make sure it is locked in place correctly;
  • To remove the tooling from the tool is carried out in the reverse order (we press the protective cover and take out the nozzle).

the most common type of chuck that today’s torches are equipped with is not only a quick-action chuck but also a quick-release chuck for work with the bit. At the moment there are several varieties of SDS clamps, each of which has its own characteristics.

In addition to this, all existing clips for torches can be divided into two large groups. Non-removable cartridges are considered to be the most reliable. But the removable clamping devices can be quickly exchanged for the combined toothed-ring (key) or collet-type quick-action chucks, if the owner intends to use the tool as a drill.

Attachment methods

The chuck on the shaft of an electric or manual drill is fastened in two ways. cone connection and thread, so there are a minimum of varieties. In practice, there are devices with metric or inch threads, and on the body of the product, even the smallest is necessarily present marking.

For example, the designation of this type 1,5-15M13x1,2 is deciphered as follows:

When using an inch thread. UNF and indicates the diameter: 1/2″. This type of connection is considered international and is used in all tools of foreign manufacturers. For extra security, a stopper is put on the shaft, in the form of a screw on the left thread. this should be considered when confused, how to disassemble the chuck of an imported drill. It should be unscrewed only clockwise.

The second method uses a Morse cone, which today is more commonly referred to as a tool cone. The shaft has a tapered part at the end, on which the device is mounted, with a small amount of force to be applied for a tight connection. The marking is as follows: B10, where the letter indicates the use of the cone, and the number. the diameter of the tail of the cutting tool. This type of fastener is common in screwdrivers.

Some drills are equipped with an adapter (adapter) for the clamping mechanism, which allows you to drill with maximum accuracy.

Bosch (Germany)

The company gives preference to modern SDS-plus type quick-clamping devices. The company clearly divides its products according to the type of intended use. for wooden, concrete, stone and brick surfaces.

Accordingly, each type of chuck for Bosch rotary tools is made of special alloys and has a specific size. In addition, all the tooling supports the reversing option. Other advantages. ergonomics, low weight, long service life, impact mode.

which, chuck, best, impact

About the attachments for the peorator

In theory it is possible to fit an SDS-max chuck with a tool shank for SDS-plus chucks and even tools with an even smaller shank diameter. To solve this problem, a special nozzle (adapter) is used, which can be purchased at almost any construction market today. Meanwhile it is categorically not recommended to use such adapters for peorator as using a smaller diameter tool on heavy class peorators will quickly lead to its uselessness.

As a rule, the tool is sold in packages at once and can not be recovered after failure. It should not be confused with conventional drills, which differ from it in the shape of the sharpening and the structure of the spiral.

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