Circular saw blades

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Circular saw blades are accessories for circular saws, mitre saws, combination saws and slitting saws.


Depending on the type of disc can be processed:

  • wood of different species;
  • Wood based materials. chipboard, OSB, plywood, laminated flooring and other similar materials
  • polymeric substances and products made of them, for example, organic glass, polystyrene;
  • natural stone material, such as marble;
  • Soft metals. aluminum, copper alloys;
  • Products based on iron alloys, such as pipes, corrugated sheeting, etc. п.

Cutting tool has certain characteristics, parameters, dimensions, purpose, properties of the material from which it is made.

Such tooling is used for cutting small wooden materials. boards and beams with a height of up to 75 mm. The small size of the blade allows it to be used on compact manual circular saws. Here is a rating of wood saw blades for circular saws with this diameter, which are characterized by fast cutting, clean and thin kerf, and are also suitable for chipboard and fiberboard.

Bosch 2.608.640.633 190×30 mm. quick cut

When speed is the priority, discs with fewer teeth are the right choice. Such design has less resistance during rotation and promotes fast cutting of material. But the large spacing between the cutting elements results in coarse cuts, which require grinding for finishing.

This saw blade by a German brand has 12 teeth with a tungsten carbide facing and additional reinforcement on the back side. Leaves a 2 kerf.6 mm in width.

  • Suitable not only for wood, but also for aerated concrete, cement-based fiberboard.
  • Even cuts boards with nails.
  • Very low price and proven brand.
  • Operates with tools with a speed of up to 4900 rpm.
  • Can distort metal if you saw for too long. the blade has no notches for thermal expansion.
  • The cut is not clean and needs follow-up processing.
  • suitable for longitudinal cutting. cuts across more fibers, which spoils the quality.
  • Over time, begins to cut more slowly. estimated life of 4 years.
  • The sharpening seems blunt (peculiarity of shape and technology), so it is not possible to determine the quality in the store. only put it on the saw and try it out.
which, circular, disc, choose

Conclusion. This inexpensive blade is good for quick wood cuts for roughing work.

CMT 272.190.42M (190×30/20/16×1,7/1,1 mm; Z42). a clean and thin cut

Thin blades with high numbers of teeth are needed for very fine cuts with clean edges. Such a tool is used in furniture production, where accurate accurate cuts and rational use of material are required. But the price to pay is a thin metal cross-section and the resulting bite or deformation. This blade should be handled more gently than others.

CMT 272.190.42M (190×30/20/16×1.7/1.1 mm; Z42). especially thin saw blade with a thickness of 1 mm.1 mm. With 42 teeth and a kerf of 1.7 mm. Directly manufactured in Italy and designed for finish cuts.

Advantages of the CMT 272.190.42M (190×30/20/16×1.7/1.1 mm; Z42)

  • Suitable for circular saws up to 8000 rpm.
  • Very quiet operation.
  • Makes it easy to make cross and rip cuts in different material densities.
  • Leaves no fibers sticking out at the edges.
  • Priced much higher than competitive products.
  • Difficult sharpening that is not easy to restore at home.
  • Some circular saws require an adapter ring to fit them. the ones supplied are thicker than the blade itself, so the latter does not clamp all the way.
  • Must not be in too great a hurry when making cuts, otherwise it will be chipped.

Conclusion. Ideal for the furniture shop. Maximum cleanness and precision when cutting OSB and similar materials. The eight slots inside the blade provide good vibration damping and contribute to a quiet operation.

Main technical characteristics

Here we get to the heart of the matter, the choice of circular saw.

It affects the thickness and density of cut parts. The power of the saw should be chosen very carefully. For example you have bought low-powered saw for work with wooden parts. But you did not take into account that knots are denser than the trunk, and a saw with low power will simply stall at this operation. But let’s not forget the other side of the coin: buying a saw that is too powerful for a single operation can cost you a pretty penny and it is almost a waste of power because you will not use it to its full potential. For infrequent jobs around the house, you should choose a household grade circular saw with about 1000 to 1200 watts of power.

Related to the speed of cutting blanks and the ability to work with different materials. The more RPM a saw can produce, the easier it is to cut through tough materials, such as wood. Also a faster RPM saw has less chance of jamming in the workpiece.

It should be noted that some low power circular saws can have a high RPM, such as the Bosch PKS 16 Multi 0.603.3B3.020. This 400 watt model has a blade speed of 6,500 rpm. So a large number of revolutions will not be an obstacle when choosing.

This is directly related to the diameter of the circular saw blade. Both of these factors should be selected according to the thickness of the part you have to saw. To make it clear: models with cutting depths of 40 to 45 mm are good enough for everyday use. It can handle plywood, particleboard, fiberboard and other woodworking materials with no problem. Boards and other workpieces between 50 and 55mm thick require a more powerful saw with a deeper cut. often such models are chosen by dachnikov for repair and construction out of town.

Most circular saw models can cut not only straight but also at a 45° angle. However, now there are models available that can cut at angles up to 60°. Also worth looking at is the maximum cutting depth at 90°. This feature indicates how deep the cutting blade can enter the workpiece material by driving perpendicularly to the workpiece surface. If you work mainly with thin workpieces up to 40 mm thick, then you should choose a circular saw model with the same value of cutting depth at 90° angle. 40 mm.

Additional features

Today manufacturers equip their models with an additional set of features. Read them all to decide which ones are important to you and which are not worth the extra money.

  • Sawdust collection. there is a special spigot in the design of such saws, to which a vacuum cleaner or a dust collector can be connected. That way all the dirt and filings that accumulate while working go straight into the trash and do not get into the room.
  • Laser marking. clearly calculated trajectory along which the workpiece is to be cut. This is a useful feature, as the accuracy and precision of the cut is greatly improved.
  • the body material is mostly high-strength plastic, which is used in tool construction. However, there are professional models with metal housing. Of course, its durability is higher than plastic, but the saws weigh much more, which affects the intensity of their work.
  • Accidental start lock. protects the operator from injury if the tool is started accidentally.
  • Soft start function. enables cutting of workpieces without harsh cutting into materials. Also, the soft start significantly increases the life of the motor.


The basic material is tool steel. Such discs are strengthened by a soldering layer. It contains two components. Cobalt and tungsten carbides. The popularity of the inventory is due to many factors:

  • possibility of processing a variety of materials;
  • reliability and increased strength;
  • long period between sharpening;
  • No need to set the teeth;
  • high cutting quality;
  • fast cutting;
  • wide assortment.

However, these are expensive models of discs that will create problems when deciding how to sharpen a disc for a circular saw. Since additional sharpening equipment will be required.

Teeth are a criterion for selecting a blade

First of all, when selecting, pay attention to the number of teeth. That indicates what you want to do with the tool. Carbide discs with a low number of teeth are perfect for making coarse, longitudinal cuts in all types of wood or for cutting pressed sheets. If you cut across the fibers with them, the trimmer line will be sloppy.

Carbide-tipped discs with medium tooth count can also be used for longitudinal cutting. They can make cuts in solid materials, soft alloys, cross-cuts.

Selection parameters

Disc diameters can be from 130 mm to 500 mm. The higher this value, the larger workpieces can be processed by the circular saw with this disc, the same condition also applies to the tooling for the face saw.

Face diameter in millimeters, matched to the circular saw blade. The most common are disc diameters 16, 20, 22, for face saws. 20, 22, 24, 30, for angle grinders. 22.2.

The number of teeth can be from 10 to 150. The more of them, the more accurate the cut. For coarse cuts, for example, tools with up to 20 segments are usually used.

If you are looking for quality saw blades, you can buy them in our online store. We offer brand-name products from leading tool manufacturers: Bosch, Metabo, DeWALT, JET and others. In the catalog there are more than 1900 items of equipment for circular, face saws, machines and angle grinder.

The sawing equipment is an expendable material and should be replaced when it is very worn out. But you can postpone its purchase by sharpening the blunt teeth of the existing saw blade. How to do it? No special skills or equipment are needed. Here is a simple guide on how to do it.

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