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This morning, on the wall of the group, the girl wrote a request for help! Https: // vk.COM/Wall-80491605_148037 On Almaty lay a cat in a terrible state: the eye is in the blood with pus, the cat was in a state of shock!

Yana Kruglova responded to the call by offering to bring the cat to the hospital and Elena Kalyagin, who came for the poor fellow and took him to the Felix clinic for the operation!

We really hope that the girl, what SOS wrote, will take over the curator and pay expenses! The cat was removed and the treatment was spelled out, the cat has so far in an aggressive state, broke 3 teeth, when I escaped in pain, bit the doctors 🙁 is very exhausted, apparently life on the street was very chopped 🙁

Now an unpleasant situation is being obtained at the moment! Cat without eye Nobody! Debts on it in the clinic (3300 ₽ Operation) hung on Elena Kalyagina! And the hospital agreed to accept it on a preferential basis only for a week!

You yourself understand that both Yana and the hospital have a full of their wards! It will turn out, it is better to remain silent when you see a post on the wall and turn a blind eye to the suffering of the animal? It is simply dishonest that the same people help animals, although just opportunities not that at the limit, but they are not!

Please let us help the whole group “Fox” pull out this poor fellow and pay for its treatment and ! He is so unhappy, so much suffered 🙁

If you help the cat, we will be immensely grateful!

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SB map: 676196000493796297 tied to tel 8 927 00 44 350C marked “Cat without eye”

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Elena (Dulcie) Maria, thank you very much for the help!

Parish: 28.04 Testyana Vitalievna L 3500 r. For the operation for Kottyatyana Anatolyevna to 500 r. For Kotikarina Valerievna to 200 r. Kotulyubov Vladimirovna A 500 r. Natalia Alexandrovna F 300 r. For a cat with a stabbed glazed Aleksandrovna f 300 r. For a cat with a stabbed Glazuyuli Viktorovna L 150 r. Kotu! Lyudmila Viktorovna R 100 r. Ekaterina Vyacheslavovna a 300 r.Marina Anatolyevna R 300 r.Ksenia Dmitrievna L 500 r. Cat without eye Svetlan Vladimirovna m 120 r. Cat without eye Petrovna h 150 r. For a cat without a hack, Samvelovna to 500 r. Kitty without eye.Oiolga Nikolaevna and 100 r. Kitty without glacier Grigoryevna from 170 p. Cat without eye Dmitrievna B. 1500 p. Cat without ledimaxim Aleksandrovich with 100 r. Cat without leward Bakirovna A 300 r. Cat without eyemaria Nikolaevna d 100 r. Cat without eye Valerievna b 200 r. For a cat with an embroidered glazing Vladimirovich in.

Consumption: 28.04 Vetlik Felix. 3300 p.29.04. Payment of the hospital. 4000 p.Total: 7300

Elena (Dulcie) Thank you all for your help! Many people responded! The cat has pain shock, perhaps because of this this behavior. The debt in the clinic is completely repaid (immediately gave 1800 r. And later on the card 1500 r.) I beg you to unsubscribe about the transfers! There are several, and some of the receipts without a note.

Kot (Dipaka) The cat will have to have long treatment and restoration. Health to him and good, good pens.

Svetlana (Jagadamba) 100r on the phone from a 3901 map “Cat without eye”. Elena, how is he doing?

Fox: (Theersia) Svetlana, thanks! A cat in a hospital “ZOO-GUNNIA”

Katerina (Egmond) in the hospital of Yana named the cat Nakhim! It seems to me that this name is very good for him!

Svetlana (jagadamba) Katerina, well, then health is nachima, let him recover more likely. Maybe he still needs something: diapers, food, filler. Write, feel free. There is really no car, I can’t bring it, but the question can always be tried to solve

Darya (Heribert) transferred to Sberblane card 150r. Marked “cat without eye”

Elena (Dulcie) Svetlana, thank you very much for the help! Today I visited the cat, already calm, purr. It is given to treat yourself. Eating. True, feed is needed humid Hills I/D, the doctors in Felix advised such food. Need to find and buy. There is also a stain below on the remaining eye. I think that Nakhim has a concussion for sure.

Elena (dulcie) admission to the card in the topic for 29.04.17:

Daria Puchkova. 211.90 p. Kotikumash Lukyanova. 300 p. For a cat without eye.Eye Gennadievna e 200 r. Nakhimualla Borisovna A 2000 r. Cat without eye Nikolaevna to 150 r. Cat without eye.Based Sergeevna in 150 r. Cat without glaculia Andreevna p 200 r. Nakhima without Glazirina Ivanovna g 300 r. For a cat without the viewerika Vitalievna M 200 r. Kitty without Glavuliy Aleksandrovna to 50 p. Cat without Glavina Sergeevna P 300 r. Cat without eye Svetlan Nikolaevna g 100 r. Cat without eye Lana. 500 p. Anna Viktorovna g 200 r. A cat without an eye

The selection of a coupling device

Any trailed or hinged device for motor vehicles, whether it be a trolley, haymaking, hip, harrow or any other equipment is fixed by means. If the basic element is not suitable, the owner has a choice. Buy a suitable one or make a grip for the unit with your own hands.

Be that as it may, deciding which of the options for the mechanism is able to answer the functions that the unit performs, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors in the list of which:

  • Distinctive features of a cultivator or a walk.Behind tractor;
  • The scope of use of the unit is the responsibilities that he performs;
  • The equipment that will integrate with it;
  • Loads;
  • The need for multifunctionality.

Based on this, it is necessary to carefully familiarize yourself with especially often practiced devices and choose, taking as a basis the properties of what is best suited in this case.

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How to make a clutch with your own hands on a single tractor

Consider how to make a clutch with your own hands. Homemade coupling for a walk.Behind tractor will require to purchase high.Quality metal products that can be trails, they will need to make several holes in them. Either some parts of the car are suitable (the trailer for the trailer can be made from the cardan). If an enhanced mount is needed, then it should be stronger and more than the usual variety.

Different drawings on the Internet are presented, so you need to choose the right one for you. For the manufacture of the coupling, you will also need:

  • Fasteners (steel studs, bolts);
  • Lever that allows you to change the position of the trailer;
  • Metal welding to attach the shaft;
  • Drill and a metal drill;
  • Roulette or ruler;
  • Randies installation keys.

So, a universal coupling for a walk.Behind tractor includes the following components:

  • Two of the P-shaped nodes identical in size, one of which is equipped with 6 holes, and the other 8.
  • Corps (for the creation of which welding is required), having 2 threads: M12 and M16 and a connecting element with one of the nodes.
  • The adjustment lever located in the case and consisting of a screw connected to the bracket and handle. In this case, the bracket should be directed up or down and not create any interference when working the unit.

How to properly place the connecting node, you need to look in the instructions for the unit.

The coupling on the uniform tractor is attached with pins, which are installed in the openings made in the nodes, while in quality they should be the same with the materials from which the clutting itself is made.

With your own hands, the coupling to the walk.Behind tractor is performed to join not only the trailer, but also the plow, the cigarette and other devices. In this case, it can be adjusted by adjusting it to a specific mounting device.

Before starting work, the device should be checked, tighten all the bolts. It should be taken into account that it is not difficult to make clutches of single-do-it-offs independently, but it is better to purchase the unit, choosing the whole set of hinged and additional equipment at once, or at least see the existence of such devices.

Consider how to choose a coupling for a single tractor Neva. Now you can purchase cultivators of various manufacturers that differ in weight, size, quality and operational characteristics. Consider the uniform tractor “Neva”, which was specially popular among gardeners, the production of which was launched in St. Petersburg back in 2002 at a subsidiary of Krasny Oktyabr OJSC, which was engaged in the production of aircraft.

In the manufacture of walk.Behind tracts, Subaru engines, Briggs Stratton, Honda, which have an increased resource and efficiency, which contributes to efficient cultivation of the soil. The device has a fairly simple and understandable even with the first use of the transmission system by the system. For the Neva motornote, you can easily choose various kinds of attachments produced for a specific brand.

The plant produces several models of motoblocks, while dividing them into 2 large groups that differ in the gearbox: classic and multi ago.

The main category of users by motor blocks are pensioners, therefore, one of the inexpensive, but at the same time lightly and high-quality models, MB-B6.5 RS compact, the weight of which is only 70 kg, is most suitable for processing sandy, loamy soils is most often purchased.

Using additional attachments to the unit, you can easily cope with the cleaning of the territory and transportation of goods even over long distances.

It is advisable to additionally purchase the support wheel on the Neva Tractor Tractor of this model, which is useful when installing soil.Bearing on the device, as well as to facilitate the loosening of the soil due to the fact that it will not allow the walk.Behind tractor to “explode” into the ground.

Active cutter for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands

Typically, the active cutter for the walk.Behind tractor is sold complete to the walk.Behind tractor. But sometimes you need to do work using specialized mills that are not sold anywhere. In this case, it is necessary to make cutters for the walk.Behind tractor yourself.

In this case, you can go in two ways: make a cutter yourself or order manufacture from the master. The first option is quite laborious. But a little time and money will be spent on the manufacture of cutters, on the cost of materials.

The second option has a number of advantages: the master has all the necessary tools and materials, and as a result of the milling cutter will be more practical.

First, it is necessary to consider the functionality and design of the cutter. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with the analogues. To achieve maximum functionality and safety, it is necessary to take into account all the details of the structure. If this is not taken into account, then the milling cutter will not do the necessary work, and all the work on its manufacture will be a waste of time. You need to prepare the necessary materials after the drawings are prepared. If the design of the cutter contains curly or winning elements, their manufacture is ordered in the workshop. And other elements are bought in a store or are used by those that are.

After all the parts are made, it is necessary to collect a normally working mill, which is not everyone can do. The assembly should go strictly according to drawings, without any deviations in the design. Otherwise, the milling cutter will constantly go aside, which will greatly complicate the work.

After the cutter is collected, it is necessary to test its work. If a need arises, we redo the cutter so that it performs the desired work.

Clutch drawings for a walk.Behind tractor

Below, the drawings of a universal coupling suitable for most popular brands of motoblocks are presented, such as: virgin lands, hacks, Neva, salute, favorite, etc.D.

The purpose of the universal coupling in conjunction with the motor unit of attachment equipment: harrows, plow, diggers, steamers, etc.

Installation of a coupling on a single tractor

To the brackets of the walk.Behind tractor, the brackets are installed using pins. For a more reliable fastening, it is recommended to fix the bracket using M14 bolts.

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Installation of equipment for the coupling

To install additional equipment, the hitch axis should be installed to the equipment bracket, by the way, it is removable. Then the axis is inserted into the external opening of the clutch. It is necessary to tighten the bolt, combining holes on the housing and a strut of equipment. Further, it remains to fix the contact with the bolt M12 and the corresponding nut.

Why do you need a hitch of a walk.Behind tractor. No need to explain, the same adapter, an indispensable thing, but without a hitch nowhere.

Tips for work

The attachment equipment connected to the walk.Behind tractor through the coupling is easily adjusted to a certain type of work and specifics of the soil. Thanks to the design, the clutting is configured according to various parameters. Using the primary settings, it is necessary to install the grooves of the clutch on the “0” of the transverse angle of the capture, and fix it with a bolt with a nut. Also withdraw the longitudinal angle of capture. The first few meters during work, watch how the same.Based tractor with the gun behaves.

If you need to set a great depth or vice versa to reduce it, stop the one.Axle tractor, and with the help of the screw handle adjust the hitch. After these manipulations, you can continue to work, simultaneously following the work of a walk.Behind tractor and guns.

September collected potatoes

On Saturday September 6, the weather was excellent. Very warm and sunny. Indian summer. Planned to remove potatoes. Since they could not remove on their own. Invited to help his wife’s brother with his son. Parents dug potatoes in the usual way for a week. Very tired.Clear, it was necessary to remove potatoes using a walk.Behind tractor. I had to buy a potato.Cutter. I was tormented by choice all week: which is better. In Vladimir, I watched on tandem what is. Found at a price from 700 to 2200 (probably from platinum with Swarovski crystals). All sellers claimed that it makes no difference what digging. I could not decide on the choice, so I got to Friday, when I had to buy everything. And then a blow of fate befell me: there was no digger in Kovrov stores. I rushed around the city codes that I did not buy in Vladimir. But the Higher Forces have mercy: in TMK there was one at a price of 900, I grabbed it with two hands and did not let go, until I locked the car in the trunk.When I bought a potato.Cuttock, I did not remember what kind of capture I had at the plow and thought that it would be suitable for the plow. When he arrived in the pogost, he was convinced that the plug was absolutely not suitable for the plow. It would be necessary to drive into the store and buy a normal hitch, but I added a digger instead of a pin from the cigarette light and decided that for the first time and so it would go.We started working at eleven hours.Our land turned out to be heavy. Wet from rains.

On iron wheels, the one.Axic tractor immediately fell into the ground and buried the hub.Put on rubber wheels. He stopped failing. It went better.

The joy was short.Lived: the one.Axic tractor constantly bowed. Then I noticed that one wheel was spinning and the other. No. At first I thought: where did the differential come from in the walk.Behind tractor? I looked closely.

It turned out that a nipple for the pump was vomiting with meat and a tire slipped on a rim. Here you have a differential. After all, everyone wrote, said: you will slip on rubber wheels. You will spoil the wheels. Did not believe. Life, as always, dispelled my childhood ideas about the nature of things.

The crop this year is difficult to call the good. The heat could act. However, it is rare in what year can we say that the crop is good. Therefore, what has grown. It has grown up, a sin to complain.

So, at the very least, but the potatoes were collected.Previously, they collected two days. With a motorcycle unit. From 11 to 16 with breaks to rest.Since the one.Axic tractor constantly bowed on the iron wheels, it turned out that I dragged him across the field on his hands. Tired as the barlaks probably tired, the foundation that the earth plowed on me.Until the next spring, you need to digest wheels. I will increase the diameter, make it wider, increase the soils. And then everything will be ok.

How to make a drag from skis

This method of using skis (one of many, by the way) can be useful to everyone who is fond of campaigns and autonomous survival. Sometimes it happens that it is necessary to transport some cargo or injured in the snow. For this purpose, you can make a drag from skiing. Many survival benefits recommend using a wooden frame. We will try to make a drag from other improvised means: plastic bottles of water, hazelnut branches, ropes and tape. The design will require simplicity of manufacture and sufficient for transporting cargo strength.Take ordinary running skis converted to soft mounts. You can take full.Time fishing skis like “taiga”, so it will be even better. But we will experiment with homemade.

Put them in the snow. On top we install a design of walnut sticks and water filled with water 1.5-liter plastic bottles. Sticks are binded by cord and hugged to the bottles with tape, as shown in the photo. Adhesive tape is better to use reinforced. The frame should be the form of a trapezoid so that the skis in front converges at a certain angle. For longitudinal stiffness, a diagonal jumper is included in the structure. Bottles are needed in order to raise the frame above the ski plane. This will reduce the resistance to the passage of drags in snowdrifts. And the supply of water is supposed to be superfluous during the trip. Question: Whether the water will freeze in bottles, and how it will affect the running qualities of the drag? Well, let’s check.

Now very tightly attracted with wide belts of the bottles mounts to the ski plane. The reliability of the structure will depend on the stiffness of the attachment.

Here I must say that in converted skis there is one little secret. In front, on the bending part of the ski, belt loops are installed on the delays of the screws. They were originally conceived as devices for fixing fur linings, like that of fishing skis. But the overlay came out with the overlays))) so the loops found another application.

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We insert a wooden jumper into the loops, after throwing a slope of a skirmish on it. The jumper will maintain the stiffness of the structure from the bow of the drag, and the ski stick will perform the function of a hard towing adhesion. We tighten the screws more so that the jumper does not slide.

We put a backpack on the frame. If necessary, you can sit on it like on a chair. The backpack is also attached to the frame as rigidly as possible.

We put a cape of the backpack on top. The cape is necessary to protect against snow on the backpack and so that the load does not once again cling to the branches of the bushes. In a good way, the cape should be white (for winter disguise), but it was not found.

The result of the test: Dialose has passed without breakdowns about 2 km. Then I had to unload it, tighten all the straps and load it again. After which she made a return trip 2 km also without breakdowns. The tape from the snow did not plunder and did not peel off, the water in the bottles did not freeze (when.11 c). When crossing the crossed terrain, a small side of the throwing moment occurs, but it can be eliminated by attaching not one, but two ski sticks to the front jumper, as close as possible to its ends. It will turn out to be a burning triangular hitch, like auto spaces.

Conclusion: This device is quite suitable for use as a drag with a load up to 20-30 kg. The weight of a person is likely to withstand, but not for long. You can use plastic bottles of water if there are no thick logs at hand to make a frame out of them. Well, or no ax to cut them down 🙂

Drawings of the hitch of a motor block

Consider the drawing of a universal hitch, to the following types of motoblocks: “Pubert Quatro”, “Honda”, “Agro”, “Oka”, “Cascade”, “MB-90”, “Neva”, “Favorite”, “Salute”.

The purpose of the universal coupling in conjunction with the motor unit of attachment equipment: digger, plow, perching of one- and two-row and others.

Establishment of the coupling on a single tractor

The bracket bracket is installed on the bracket bracket, and fastened with pins. It is advisable to fix the bracket brackets with spitting bolts M12x60, the dispatch to the frame of the walk.Behind.

Establishment of the tool for the coupling

On the bracket of the gun rack, you need to install a removable adhesion axis. You need to insert the axis with M16 threads into the opening of the hitch body and wind up the screw into this thread. It is necessary to combine holes for the boltM16x40 on the gun stand and on the hitch body. After that, this connection is fixed by the M12 nut and the bolt m12x40.

Recommendations for work

Hinged tools are set up and adjusted individually, depending on the type of soil, and the power of the walk.Behind tractor. A special clutch design can be adjusted in different ranges. Using the initial settings, you need to install the radius grooves of the coupling on zero transverse capture angle, and fix the m12 with a nut and the bolt M12. Also set the longitudinal angle of capture. The first 3-5 meters of movement carefully observe how the unoic tractor with the gun works.

If you need to deepen or raise the gun, stop the movement of the motor block, and rotate the screw handle adjust the gun. After which you can continue moving and evaluate how the unoic tractor with the gun works. Also, if you need to adjust the transverse angle of capture, you need to loosen the m12 nuts and the Bolts M12.

Tractor pto overrun clutch install how to

Then adjust the angle in the required direction, and tighten the nuts with bolts. Before starting work, all threaded connections, you need to tighten tightly. After the work on the basis is over, daily you need to clean and lubricate threaded joints. To do this, use Litol 24.

How to fix a coup on a single tractor?

Do.It.Yourself universal hitch is attached to the walk.Behind tractor through several pins. For the manufacture of the latter, you should use the most strong as possible or, even better, cast iron, since the reliability of the entire connection depends on the strength of the pins.

When installing the opening of the coupling mechanism, it should definitely coincide with the holes on the connecting element of the walk.Behind tractor, which, in most cases, is attached in the rear or under the wheel of the unit. In each pair of corresponding holes, you need to install one pin.

Immediately before starting work in the garden, you should carefully check the reliability of all fastening, and, if necessary, twist the nuts and bolts available in the structure. Depending on the tasks, you can change the position of the mobile type. For this purpose, you will need to turn the screw handle in the direction of the right direction to work. Thus, the owner of the motoblock will be able to raise or lower the established trailer at any time or change the position of other attachments used for operation. Sometimes for this you will also need to slightly weaken certain fasteners.

It is important to remember that the coupling mechanism of the walk.Behind tractor is not protected from moisture, as a result of which corrosion may form on it. In order to prevent this, the details of the coupling of the walk.Behind tractor need to be cleaned every time from dirt and garbage. It is best to paint the structure immediately after its manufacture, as well as cover the parts of the mechanism with a special anti.Corrosion composition.

The above method of manufacturing and installation of the coupling is useful to owners of Neva MB-1 MB-2, Agro, MTZ, as well as farmers used in the farm, units of other famous brands.

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